Manmarziyan 2 states chap 12


Hloo all first of all sorry sorry sorry . Held up with my office work and continuous stress to finish it on time and because of that could not even comment on any one’s update. sorry for that pls do spare me for that and for the late update. I’ll promise you that i’ll give you all the back to back update of all my ff today and tomo promise. Love you all.

Enjoy the ride…..

Exam leave was declared for 15 days and Radhika said she is going to Chennai but stayed in Arjun’s house. Ardhika and Nesam were studying seriously very seriously. And tha tha was helping Ardhika for their studies but Nesam stll donno that tha tha was also with them. Nandhu , radhu and sam were now became so close and nandhu loved these 2 girls as they were also the part of the family now.
Dilip called and Arjun attended the call.
Dilip ; Hello radhika ?? How are you ??
Arjun ; Hello sir she is in the other room i will call her but dilip cuts arjun.
Dilip ; Just wanted to inform that her that saral may be coming to see her and………
Arjun ; Uncle radhika came.
Arjun(speaking in her ears) ; Radhika your dad and he is saying saral is coming to see you.
Radhika gulped and with confused face took the mobile ; pa ??
radhika ; Haa pa ….. ok pa…… seri (ok) pa…… hmm hmmm hmm ok ok i’l take care.
Arjun finished biting his nails and now started to bite even his fingers because of the tension.
Radhika ; Saral is coming to see me after the exams but should do something that he will not at all see me even in his dreams. Nandhu came from behind and said “We’ll take care of that now you study dear.”
Arjun ; Nandhu i’m scared what if he …..
Radhika ; Ayooo dont worry arjun he cant even think of marrying me as you know (she was meaning tha tha ).
Suddenly there was a sound from Sam’s room. She was hitting Neil badly .
All rushed and found Sam’s hair all messed up and neil was in between the papers.
Arjun ; yaar neil what did you do now to Sam ??
Neil ; you dont even know what ever happened but you are taking her side.
Radhika ; Dont worry neil i’m your side.
Neil ; Thanks chashni.
Arjun (wrapping his hand over sam’s shoulder) ; what happened ??
Sam ; this periodic table is just taking my life. Due to anger i beat him badly. Who asked to give me that periodic table i’m dying because of that.
Arjun ;Thats why i asked you not to take that course i guess you dont have good chemistry with chemistry. Yaar neil teach her na ??
Neil ; Why should i teach and make my hair pulled by her frustration i wont god you take care of your best friend i have my best friend here.
Nandhini ; Guys guys relax it is just a sem now if you get an arrears then can clear them in the next attempt but dont stress out my kids.
Neil ; No way nandhu . Who on earth would study it again i’m studing hard and finishing it this time.
Arjun; But i wish all the kids to get a mom like you nandhu coz we can really relax for the exams.
Nandhu ; it doesnt mean that you are free from studies i’m just asking you to take a break and why cant you go for a movie. All the kids jumped and shouted.
Nandhu ; but what movie ??
All finally decided a scary ghost movie.
Sam ; Yaar last time when we were going for ghost movie you almost finished biting all the people’s nails in the theatre so no dear let us go for some other movie. Neil stood like a superman who saves the world.
All are saying continuously saying something but Neil was so stubborn all accepted and went. All somehow got the ticket and nandhini who was scared of these kinds of movies said no to it and stayed home. The kids got the movies and all packed with the popcorn and coke .
Neil the brave of all was making that much kind of scene that he was not scared of ghosts movies . The seating arrangements was like tha tha in the vaccum then radhika in the corner seat , next Arjun, sam and the other corner seat was Neil next to neil was the wall.
The movie started and slowly the girls started to take their legs and kept it on the seat and were clutching their hands . Arjun saw the girls and when he saw the screen he was also a bit scared but he did not show that out. And when the ghost showed up its face guess who would have shouted the first.
Yup none other than Neil. He imagined the ghost was standing near the wall and he screamed and he ran and sat over arjun’s lap and was holding his collar shaking him shouted “ Let me out now let me out now arjun….” Radhika pulled him and they both sat in a single seat and slowly tha tha was also come near radhika. Sam who was almost leaning over Arjun was scared as Neil was not near her. She woke up and slowly she sat over Arjun . Arjun’s one hand is on Sam and the other is on Radhika which includes Neil in between and in one scene where the heroine will see the mirror and will find a ghost then she will turn back and finds no one.
In that scene tha tha wants to taunt Neil. Neil slowly turned to his right and found some shadow . Neil gulped and saw the screen and again he took to the right and the shadow was a near than the previous time. He turns and the final time when he turns and at the same time the heroiene will also tries to look at the mirror and finds the ghost in real . Neil was also doing the same and finds tha tha and he scremas on top of his voice.
Arjun , Radhika and Sam beats him and he says “ Yaar i found some one there” Arjun and Radhika turned and saw tha tha was making a mischivous smile.
Ardhika ; Tha tha …. dadaji……
Tha tha ; Sorry . Now Nesam was on Arjun’s lap and radhika was holding Arjun’s hands and he was holding her back and was peeping in between Nesam.
Finally all came out and their hairs were all standing in an attention postion. They took the car and they reached home but none spoke because of the movie’ s effect. When Nandhu kept her hand over Neil he screamed and she slapped him.
Nandhini ; I knew you guys are scared of these kinds of movies now come and she asked them to take dinner but all were sitting and slowly Sam was imaginating the ghost and she took her chair and slowly, slowly she moved towards Arjun and Radhika and Neil over the other side were also moving and all the 4 were sitting very close to each other.
Arjun(wiping his sweat) ; Guys nothing to worry . We’ll sleep in the same room and if anyone wants to go to out then all the 4 will go together. At that time babu bhaiyya came from behind and with the milk. They dashed over him and the milk was split over him. All shouted seeing him in the middle of the milk . All shouted and the pairs held the hand and ran away to their room and babu also shouted and ran away to the kitchen. Nandhini was helpless but she burst out the laugh.

Few days later…..

All started to prepare for the exams and Arjun would help radhika . Suddenly she got a call from Karthik.
Radhika ; Karthik what is the matter ??
Karthik ; Jessie found that i’m karthik and not sachin. Radhika kept her hand over the head .
Radhika ; How did she know that ??
Karthik ; I my self said that .
Radhika ; Tam – Olaritiya ??
Eng – Did you say by yourself ??
Karthik ; Tam – Aama
Eng – Yes.
Radhika ; Tam – Ippo enna pannanum ??
Eng – What should i do now ??
Karthik ; Do something but i cannot live without her . This is a true love radhika.
Radhika ; Does she looks beautiful ??
Karthik ; How do you know that ??
Radhika ; Tam – Illana neengalam thirumbi papingala da ??
Eng – Orelse will you guys will see back ??
Karthik ; No comedy please help me .
Radhika ; pandren (i’ll do it ) but what will i get it in return ??
Karthik ; Anything for my friend. Radhika’s head brightened by a bulb which glowed over her head.
Radhika ; Tam – Oru naaye ennoda uyira vanguran avana mattum seri katanum.
Eng – One dog is taking my life . Just need to make the things right.
Karthik ; (in a commanding voice) Tam – Avan yaaru ??
Eng – Who is that ??
Radhika (with a wicked cunning smile) ; Saral.

Precap – A big drama to make Karthik and Jessie one.

Thats it for today guys . Was it lengthy enough ?? i just typed it in a hurry. Please do spare me with the typos. Love you all and please do comment your views. Bear hugs and stay strong and always smile.

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  1. Sv ponnie im really sry I was out fr week I couldn’t able to read dr so I can’t cmd……..actually I yet to read all ur updates darling once i done reading I’ll cmd darling miss u& FF badly luv u darling muuhhhhhaaaa. ……… 🙂

    1. S.v

      Its ok gayathri dear. Read and comment slowly . Love you too.

  2. Mindblowing 🙂 that was awesome

    1. S.v

      Thank you soo much Emz

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    1. S.v

      Suga u did not get hurt na ?? Lol. Thank you so much dear. Love you soo much dear.

  4. Sammy

    Yaar maza aa gya sv kasam se …movie time pe Neil was awesome …or ghar pe nandini when slapped Neil ..oh god I was on floor ….I want ghost like tha tha …and bechare babu bhaiya ….humesha in logo ke chakkar me pagal ho jaate hai …lol you are too good sv god bless you million times more for writing such a funny ff …iam going gaga for it …totally stress reliever 🙂 🙂

    1. S.v

      Sammy meri pyar eeh hai mujeh bhi chahiye….. thumari maza . Even i want some one like tha tha . U know some one would be odd one out made like babu bhaiyya lol. Thats what i wanted a stress reliever. Love you sammy

  5. superb part was just amazing.. Neil is the real star..he always steal the scene..waiting for nxt..plz post

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      Ritu thank you . Yup neil is the star. Love you dear.

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    1. S.v

      Rosie i never thought that line. Jaan jane ke bhat bhi …. i’m laughing now. Thats what i wanted always smile my elder twin. I’m happy that you are mad with this ff. Love you lods and bear my hugs too.

  7. Sv superb 🙂 Radhika has an amazing frind in tha tha..and this Neil why is he being beaten all the time pityhim 😉 cutie pie I love this story of yours hope you write a million more 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. S.v

      Oh didi aap mere paas tho mujse kuch nahi chahiye di. Neil is the one who can everyone beat him .Lol Love you di always bear my hugs.

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      Gianna thanks a ton my friend. Always smile and be strong and bear hugs and kisses too.

  9. haha……… part was really funny…………I too am not a fan of scary movies…………….

    1. S.v

      Aastha thanks you so much dear. But actually i’m a crazy fan of horror movies. I love them . Love you dear

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      Deiva omg thank you so much. Sure dear will update soon once i finish them. Love you

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      Thank you subha

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    Anyways comedy n waiting 4 plan 2 make saral run…..
    Love u lots…..hugs….pecks????

    1. S.v

      Dev he he he kandu puduchita ?? I have not watched that yaar , wanna see it eagerly waiting for that soo much. All the best for the movie yup a big plan for Saral they are planning. lol . Love you lods and bear my hugs too

      1. Dev

        Lets c d movie……

      2. S.v

        Rock it dev

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      Supriya my lil one you make me go on top of the world. Thank you soo much dear and now i’m gulping as i donno whether i met your expectation. Love you lods for the love you have for me. Hug you tight . Love you dear

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        I meant HAK

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      Brin thank you so much . I got ur comment . Thank you soo soo much

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    Sv my dear..Episode is super hilarious especially the scene where Thatha frightened our cute Neil..Hehe..I literally fell off my bed laughing while reading this update.. 🙂 The names Karthik and Jessi remind me of the film ‘Vinnaithaandi varuvaaya’.. 😀 I watched the movie in telugu (which is ‘ye maaya chesave’ in telugu) but I know it was made in tamil too.. 🙂 I had a hard core crush on the name ‘Karthik’ because of this movie,crazy right but can’t help it.. 😀 I loved the entire episode BTW.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Sweetie my sweety thanks a lot dear. Thank god some one found the reason for the names. Yup i took that from that movie only. But in hindi it is sachin . Love you lods and always smile.

  20. Shree

    Sv ponne!! Yammadi!! Semma update!! Loved it… Thatha scaring Neil!! Lmao rotfl.. hahahahaha i still can’t stop laughing… Omg!! Craziness overloaded… Karthik taking Radhika’s help.. She wants Saral out!! Wow!! I’m waiting for the drama

    Post soon. Love you ??

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      He he he shree thanks darling. Yup wanna make saral go mad . Love you dear bear hugs and always smile

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