Manmarziyan 2 states chap 11

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Sheetal was in the library when Arjun was waiting for Sheetal. Sam texted from arjun’s mob and asked her to come to the chemistry lab. Sheetal went to the wash room to prepare herself to look good and washed her face. She bend down to wash her face and when she stood up she found some writing in the mirror opposite to her “ I wont spare you” She jerked screamed and ran out. Sam and Rads came outside and gave a hifi and then they ran the other direction and asked Neil to be ready.

Sheetal took the stairs and suddenly she heard someone calling and she looked up. A big bag of plaster of paris with a water ballon straightly hit her face. She jerked and fell down . Her face was coated with white. It was Neil who did that. Sheetal for few minutes did not move. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw here and there and heard a voice “ I wont spare you sheetal” She screamed again and ran from there and entered the biology lab.

Suddenly all the windows started to hit hard and the wind was a bit spooky. Always there was a sound of Oooooooooo Oooooooooo Oooooooooo . She was gulping her saliva. She was wet. Sudenly she heard a spooky laugh. She slowly turned and saw the skeleton in the lab started to dance , it raised its hand and it said “ Come on sheetal lets dance” She made a cry face and dashed on the door and ran away from there .

Tha tha was now happy the way he scared her away. Then slowly she was apporaching the chemistry but suddenly she slipped and fell down again. She found a thin string which made her fall. She slowly raised herself and found someone standing behind her and it said “ You made a wrong mistake sheetal , now you cannot escape from me” She again ran from there and at last reached the chemistry lab. When she opened the door she was invited by a bucket full of Lemon Juice. She was drenched in that. She slowly kept each step and was very cautious in her steps. She heard her name and she turned left then right and here and there and everything stopped after some time .
Sheetal got the confidence and shouted thats it nothing more ?? Haa thats it ?? Suddenly a vessel full of iodine powder was poured over her. She shook her head like a goat and slowly the powder starts to turn violet.

She cleaned her eyes and found 4 ghostly figures and all were approaching her from the 4 directions and at a point sheetal fainted. Immediately all of them took her and cleaned her mess and made her sit in the library the way she was and they made a such a way preparation that it was all her dream. Slowly sheetal opened her eyes and found she was in the library but she was sweating hard. She checked the time it was the same time she was in the library . Arjun came to her . She stood up.

Arjun ; Can you please come to chemistry lab ?? Need to talk to u alone dear.
Sheetal ; Stay away from me and she moved away from him and she shouted stay away from me dont ever come behind me or ask me to come to that chemistry lab.
Arjun ; Ooh come on baby i wanna talk to you all alone. Please come there na ??
Sheetal ; Stay away just stay away and she took the books and ran away from there. The whole library now shouted as all were fed up with the too much behavior of the brother and the sister.
Neil who made a ring around radhika’s neck ; How did you made violet colour hair in the lab.
Radhika ; Simple citric acid with Iodine will turn violet.
Sam ; You got brain .
Radhika ; Cha cha nothing like that . My mom used to prepare me lemon rice for me for school. At that time she would pour the lemon syrup on the area where the salt would be and i found a trick to scare.

Arjun (with a fake proud face with eye brows raised); I’m really proud of you chennai.
Radhika (pressing her lips ); Thank you paints. At last the gang of rowdies scared the electrocuted duo. But for the gang something scared them . Yup EXAMS … The worst part of every student’s life but what to do need to face them (argh even i have faced them just a month back, a night mare for every normal students).

First was the practical exams and Nesam who has taken Chemistry as a major need to do many tests.Neil who saw pipette for the first time took it and was keeping in his eyes to look at it. Sam banged her head and gestured him to take the amount of the chemical liquid for the practicals. He was trying hard to make the liquid come up in the pipette but it went all waste . At last with full energy he made the liquid to come in. Over reaction he drank a mouth full of the chemical liquid and his mouth was full of a kind of brown colour and he ran out to clear his mouth. Sam who saw this was laughing hard. But the lab assistant was watching her like an angry eagle.

Neil came all freshen up and in between Sam took the amount of liquid required and kept it in the conical flash for herself and Neil. The next one is to add certain salt and to show the chemical reaction of that liquid with the salt. All came out perfectly but Neil due to his over anxiety added more than the required amount of salt and ran to the lab assistant to show the result.

She saw that and awarded him the marks , Neil went out as his part was over and slowly all too came out. Then when the examiner came and examined the experiment she came near and slowly she bend down to the conical flask of Neil’s . To her bad luck and by neil’s wonderful science the solution came up and it exploded on her face. She shouted Nnnneeeeiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll………………………….

Here it was like this . When it comes to Ardhika , for them it was in the computer lab. For Arjun it was Java codes and for Radhika it was C and C++ . Tha tha who was an expert in codes taught Radhika for the practicals and for Arjun he was trying hard to study but as he was new lover he is lost in Radhika’s thoughts. She called him and shouted him to study as she knew he would be just lying in the bed and staring at the roof and blushing. Everything around him was radhika. At that time Babu entered the room. Arjun jerked and found radhika standing with the dress which babu bhaiyya was wearing. He slowly came near her and she blushed. Arjun was just staring at her .

Radhika / Babu ; Why are you staring at me like that Arjun ??
Arjun ; You look beautiful chennai .
Radhika / Babu ; Chennai ?? I’m babu Arjun .

Arjun ; Oh come on chennai if you wear my babu bhaiyya’s dress should i believe that it was you and came near radhika. He held babu’s hand and made her fall in his hands and they were standing like shah ruck khan and Anushka sharma in rab ne banadhi jodi. Nandhini who came to the house heard a high shouting of Babu . Aahhhhh Arjun no nooooooooo. Nandhini rushed inside the Arjun’s room and found Babu sitting in the corner with hands and legs clutching and was totally frightened. Arjun was now dancing with the towel which Babu used to have and nandhini saw this and burst out the way they were. Slowly babu crawled and reached Nandhini and stood behind her. Nandhini asked him to go out and relax and she was smiling and she slowly came near Arjun. Arjun saw Nandhu as Radhika , pulled her in his embrace and again he held her in his hands in the same way and he kissed her cheeks. Nandhini slaped his cheeks. He came back to normal and found nandhini in his hands . At once he left her and he realised that he was in his house and he was all the time dreaming. He held his cheeks and found nandhini in the floor.

She squeezed his ears and said “ You idiot you know what you have done to babu ??”
Arjun ; What happened to him ?? What did i do to him.
Nanadhini ; You were about to molest him daffer. He will not come to u for some days.
Arjun ; What ?? and banged his head with the pillow.
Nandhini ; Dont use pillow go there go hit your head against the wall, because atleast after that let your brain become normal . Stupid . At that time Arjun’s phone rang and it was radhika. Arjun took the phone and ran away before nandhini would snatch it, he picked up and spoke to her.
Radhika ; Did you read for practicals ??
Arjun ; Was just lost in your thoughts.
Radhika to herself ; Tam – Ayoo kadavuley indha kosu tholla thanga mudiyala.
Eng – God i cant bear this mosquito’s disturbance.
Arjun ; I beg you please dont speak in tamil.
Radhika : seri (ok) Ok ok but pls read for the exam paintu .
Arjun ; it is really hard i’m breaking my head.
Radhika ; Fine i have an idea.
Arjun ; What ??
Radhika ; See i will make certain arrangements and you please whatsapp the portion to me .

Radhika finished her practicals well and for arjun it was in the afternoon. Radhika made tha tha read the portion and Arjun was waiting for radhika . She came and now he doubted it was really radhika or he was dreaming. She came near him and she leaned near the car. He was staring and stddenly he pinched her. She shouted and hit him hard.
Arjun ; Is this really u radhika ??
Radhika ; Then whom are you thinking any ghost ??
Arjun ; noo and said what he did thinking it was radhika. She laughed like anything and tha tha too joined her.
Radhika ; ooh Arjun you love me soo much and she kissed his cheeks and he was lost and was about to faint.
Radhika ; Arjun …. (a little more louder) Arjun…….(a little more louder)
Tam- Dai naaye
Eng- Hey dog. He responded .

Radhika ; See only if i call your name you are responding. Dog.
Arjun ; Leave all i need your help. How to do the practicals ??
Radhika ; Arjun i’m gonna say on thing but for that please dont freak out or shout or faint. I beg you. He nodded. Let me introduce you to my tha tha means my grand father. Tha tha . Tha tha slowly was now visible for Arjun. Arjun was not able to believe his eyes and he was about to run. Radhika held his hand and said “ See he is my tha tha not alive but the one who helps me always.”
Arjun(with full fear) ; Hello sir i’m ……
Tha tha ; Arjun . I know you and you are the perfect one for my radhu. I am visible only for you guys and i will help you in the exam. Are you ok for that ?? Arjun nodded and they started to the lab and radhika waved her hand to them.

Tha tha helped Arjun and his output came very well and even in viva he did well with the help of tha tha. Once they came out radhika was waiting for them and found Arjun and tha tha was talking and coming all laughing and tha tha was wrapping his hands over Arjun’s shoulders. Radhika was happy to see the most important people in her life are now speaking together happily.

Thats it guys . Is it lengthy enough ?? Did you all liked it ?? Pls do comment your views. Love you all take care stay blessed .

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  1. awesome episode dear ……………………..

    1. Thanks priya

  2. awesum episode sv mainly chemistry lab scene it was epic

    1. He he natasha thank you soo much.

  3. Haha Neil part was epic . ..and sheetal aiyoo bechari ..kisi ke saath aisa na ho …tha tha ..and arjun are cute the way what is the meaning of tha tha …:-) 🙂

    1. Sammy meri pyari thank you dear. well tha tha means dadaji in tamil. She is a tamil girl so she calls her dadaji as tha tha. Love you

  4. Meghna shanti

    Really that pipette

    1. Thank you meghna and hifi to u even i see that for 20 times lol . But my friends used to do it fast . We need to hold the liquid after we take that but i used to miss that and again the process starts Lol. Even i wish tha tha was there with me too. Love you

  5. Awesome and funny episode, I really enjoy reading Arjun and Babu part, very funny, well done Sv. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin i’m really happy that you enjoyed it.

  6. Awesome ep. The prank was very nice??? chemistry lab scene with neil was amazing??? . Radhika’s tamil dialogues r awesome. I loved her dialogues. This ep was very funny?????. Post nxt soon dear

    1. Sree my dear thank you soo much dear. Love you. Will post dear but yet to start the next one.

  7. Atlast you updated swthrt nd you know what this z one of the best… much comedy omg m still laughing poor babu m laughing imagining his terrified face….you know what I saw that it got updated at 3 am I was up becoz I had my test today so was studying….. I was dying to read it but mom had kept my phone with her…..Svswthrt you don’t know how much I loved this one…..I m thrilled after reading this….I m reading it again nd again….love you swthrt…. muaaah….. Tc???

    1. supriya yaar sleep well . I donno how u guys are waking up late night but i too used to wake up but on exam days my eyes will shut sharp at 10.30. Love u my lil one. U make me feel special always with ur words. love u for that and all the best for ur exams rock well dear .

  8. Sv darling….amazingly funny 🙂 sheetal part was fun…specially skeleton dancing…and that chem lab part….I still remember our teach made us smell ammonia I almost died of that pungent smell…but it was fun…Please get this Arjun married to Radhika I don’t know how many more he will molest 😛 … loved to the core 😀 stay blessed sweety love you 🙂

    1. didi thank u .ya di ammonia yuck i still remember ammonia salt and copper turning test . that 1 test is enough to make the whole lab to make a kind of a rotten smell. remembered that and wrote here and i guess all have their own experience in chemistry lab. ??. arjun and rads marriage will be a pakka damaka thats for sure. love u di love u lods. bear my hugs and kisses too.

  9. Darling svvvvv muhaaaaa 😀 😀 😀 chem lab he he he super ji super Ji 😀 😀 ll die laughing dear 😀 😀 superbbbbbbbb 😀 arjun oh man he s really superbbbbbbbb in ur ff all fun 😀 😀 enjoyed it so much 😀 awesome darling loved it:D 😀 😀 so finally aradhika alone can c tha that data soooooooo nice 😀 😀 love uuuuuuuuu 😀

    1. oh my suga. im happy that u r happy. thank u dear. love u lods.

  10. Omg twin m happy…dancing with joy now…finally tha tha n Arjun talk….chemistry lab part awesome…from where do u get such iconic funny ideas…i love this ff very much…. I love to laugh always n u make me laugh…..yipeeee

    1. rosie my twin he he he those incidence are taken from my personal experience. lol coz i did all those stupid acts. love u dear and always laugh till ur tummy hurts. i only need that. love u . muhhaaaaa

  11. fabulous epi..a perfect punishment was given to sheetal..loved it..waiting for u..take care

    1. Thank yo soo much ritu. Love you dear.

  12. Hey sv darling m laughing like anything.. it was cute episode.. what prank four played with sheetal was mindblowing..poor girl..haha..nice ..waiting fr u

    1. dipika thanks dear. I”m really happy that youu enjoyed it. Love you lods

  13. I loved it, laughed through out the update. These four scared Sheetal bad, she deserves that. Experiment exploded on the teacher’s face, lol. I remember I had also swallowed a good amount of chemicals in school due to that pipette, u reminded me of my school time. Arjun tried to molest bhabhu bhaiya ??? I laughed so hard now my day is going to be good bcoz I will be laughing everytime I recall ur update. Stay blessed ???

    1. Gianna thank you so much dear. Well i guess all have their own experience in chemistry lab. lol. I took that from my school days only. Always be happy and always smile dear. This is what is required for me. I’m in moon for your complement darling. Love you lods.

  14. Arjun- babu bhaiya scenes. Tat was so humorous.. thatha n Arjun bonded!!! Wwow moment ya… Neil practical reminded my chemistry lab experiences too..glad I dint create a blast.Awesome awesome Sv dear.. eager 4 nxt one.. I enjoyed this sheetal part a lot.

    1. Jessie thank you soo much. I guess all have a experience in the chemistry lab. Lol. But I made all mess. Love u dear.

  15. Sv darling..I’m laughing like hell right now..Too good yaar..Arjun’s daydream,Neil’s experiment blast and final introduction of thatha to Arjun..Awesome.. 🙂
    I used to check the pipette for like 100 times to get accurate amount of chemical..And most important we shouldn’t drink it naa..Yucky chemicals..Yeww!!
    I’m a computer science student,so I know the pain of getting an output..Miss one line of code and BOOM..And viva..OMG!!! I used to see Yamadharma Raj seating as an external in the viva..Uff!!Such hard and out of syllabus questions they ask us.. 🙁
    All and all I loved the episode..Thanks for reminding me all my lovely days..Love you dear… 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Sweetie my sweety thanks dear. Jm not thw only one who has messed up with the pipette. Lol. Dear all ur words are seen in my eyes as I have done it. Hey when did in viva they have asked with in the subject. Viva master yama dharmaraj he he he I can sense the face. Omg now im rolling over the floor and laughing.

      Thank u too for reminding me those days . Love u lods.

  16. awesome episode……..interesting.eagerly waiting next one,pls update next one

    1. Thank u subha .

  17. Awesome, wowwww my Sv darling. …mind blowing update. ..Sheetal part was hilaaaaaaarious. .. 😀 ….these 4 scare the hell out of her….lol…n the chemistry lab scene with nesam….rolfing….. 😀 …still laughing at it…welll u were such a trouble maker in your school days….lol… 🙂 loved it very very muchhhh. …arjun dreaming rads everywhere. ..O my goodness….poor babu…lol…nandini slapped him…hehehe….arjun is gone mad i n rads love….lol…..finally rads opened the secret of Tha Tha to arjun…..n both Tha Tha n arjun enjoying each other company. …..wowwww. … 🙂 so lovely n beautiful narration. …I’m totally addicted to it….marvellous story…..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. …muaaaaahhhhhh. ..biiiiiiggggg huuuggggg… ♡♡♡

  18. Thank you soo much Roma . You are always my special. Yup i have made lots of chaos in the school time. All sorts of naughtiness. I’m really happy to have an addict like you. Lol Love you lods and bear my hugs and kisses too.

  19. Guys no article is accepted for 1 to 2 days . Just now checked

    1. Svswthrt m so unhappy I won’t be able to read your’s and guari di’s updates….. I was waiting eagerly for your hak nd Gauri di ka married by fate nd dpo….even I wanted to post hrt ff I hope the site accepts the article soon….m so sad r8 now….

      1. Dont be mad my lil one dont be mad. See i have finished the hak, i will update the next minute the site is accepting the article dear. promise .

      2. Yup I know you will but m just too much impatient swthrt….it z very difficult for me to pass this two days……I wish they open the site soon….m praying here….hey by the way it rained heavily today….did you get drenched????….I got wet nd now m sneezing continuously…. but had fun….waiting for your update swthrt….. Love you…tc?

      3. it there raining there ?? Not here dear. Full of sun Argh super hot here. But pls be patient and im restless too to read the other ffs. u know i am addicted to the mmz ffs all.

      4. It z raining still….first I loved it now m irritated becoz m shivering…… I wanted to go out but its still raining heavily…. Even I want to update hrt ff I wish the site opens by today’s night or atleast tom evening…. By the way where do you live swthrt?????

  20. Nice one so waiting for Nxt one

    1. Thank you nita will update soon.

  21. Hey sv chellam…..first sorry fr late comment…..was quit busy….about this chapter… was sooooo hilarious ….. its very hard to control my laugh ….after reading this story…..each an every scenes are well described…..i loved it to d core…..keep entertaing us ….keep smiling.. ….love u lot….tc….muaaaahhhhh…

    1. Susi thank you soo so much. sry for the tummy hurt dear. Love you lods dear.

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