Manmarziyan 2 states chap 10


Yippieeee 10th chap of our damaka journey. Never expected that i will write something that too jolly jolly 10th chap. I’ll stop my blabbering. Thank you all once again. Hope all are fine. Pls do comment your views and thanks to my silent readers, if you wanna say something you can say . Love you all.

Enjoy the ride…….

The party was in full swing and when radhika broke the hug , arjun was in half fainted mode, sliding over radhika. Nandhini who saw this was laughing like hell. Neil held Arjun and they came down the stage. Neil sprinkled some water over Arjun and he woke up and saw his princess.

Arjun ; Do you……. ????
Radhika ; I do…….. again Arjun fainted. Now neil was totally irritated and took a bucket full of water with ice cubes and poured over Arjun and he jerked and woke up. Sam nandhini and Radhika who were standing side to side were laughing at arjun and Neil’s behavior. Just then Dilip calls Radhika. She sees the phones and attends the call and puts the phone in the speaker. Nandhini , Nesam and Arjun along with tha tha were standing and Radhika speaks.
Radhika ; pa…. whats up ??
Dilip ; Up all down radhu . All the people around were giving a confused look.
Radhika ;Tam – Enna achu pa ??
Eng – What happened pa ??
Dilip ; Your mom has finalised the boy for you . Arjun was now sweating. He thought my love started just 5 mins back so soon should this end ??

Radhika (looking at them ) ; Who ??
Dilip ; Saral . Thats it Arjun again fainted.
Neil ; Is he pregnant ??
Sam ; Do boys become pregnant ?? Neil was making an angry face and Radhika was just laughing .
Radhika ; That loosah ?? Oh god pa what happened to mummy ??
Dilip ; I dont know but one thing , never come back to chennai . The day you come you will be get married to that mental case which i hate.But i cannot speak against your mom. I will support you dont ever come here for 2 years .
Radhika ; Done pa. She hears mala’s voice. Appa bye pa

Nandhini ; So what are you gonna do ??
Radhika ; umm…
Nandhini ; Cal me nandhu. Radhika smiles and says, nandhu dont worry my dad is in my side , mom…. she will shout for some time then i know how to tackle that loosu saral is also not a big deal but his mother will create a big scene .That is the only thing which is bothering me. Should think something for that .
Just then Arjun woke up and saw all of them in a portrait form standing surrounding him.
Nandhini asked Neil to have a drive with the other 3 . Arjun was not in mood. She gestured Radhika and she took Arjun’s hands and they walked for there. Nandhini and Babu were standing and nandhini ; She looks cute. Babu too obliged. All the 4 went for a ride .
Radhika ; Wait i still have a confusion whose birthday is today.

Sam ; See i was born at 11.59 PM and he was born in 12.01 AM so we will celebrate our birthday exactly at 12.00 so that both will share a same day . But he is 1 year elder to me.
Neil ; Yaar arjun everything will be alright now dont keep that face looks horrible. Sam giggles.
Radhika held his hand an said ; You know me i will take care of everything . Dont worry paints and i love that song and you sung very well. Hey Arjun pls smile.
Arjun (like a kid); Just now got committed but within 5 minutes heard a news that your alliance is fixed.
Radhika ; Ayoooo he is not at all a matter. I know how to scare him and make him run but for now that kaka (crow) is the only matter.
All the 3 were scratching their head as whom is she meaning.
Radhika ; That crow fellow.

Sam ; Ooh…… ronnieyaa ?
Radhika ; Haa he is the one. He is planning to take revenge on me for insutling his sister, sheetal . Dont worry but i need your guys support to spare no one as he is also planning to insult Sam too.
Neil ; From where do you get these information.
Radhika ; for me everything is direct source(tha tha). They make a plan to make Ronnie’s plan to back fire.

Classes where all going on a full swing and Nesam escapes in the name of culturals. Arjun jumps from the window of his class and Radhika was called for the culturals by Sam . Radhika takes her bag and leaves the class with tha tha.
All was done what ever needs to mixed were mixed.

Sam called Ronnie from her mobile and he was so happy that for the first time some girl is calling. He made an excuse and first rushed to the canteen.
Sam was sitting for him alone in the canteen and Ardhika and Neil were hiding in the table where they wont be visible. Sam ordered 2 sandwiches for herself and Ronnie.
Ronnie ; Hiee sam i never knew you would call me.
Sam ; Oh come on ronnie i was eagerly waiting for the day like this. Neil who was hiding was now crying.

Arjun ; What happened ??
Neil ; Nothing just watching black and white picture. Arjun banged his head with his hand . Radhika was just biting her nails in tension.
Sam ; Here ronnie its for you have it. Ronnie took a piece and started to eat. Each time he chews his eyes were watering.
Sam ; What happened. He gestured super. Radhika was now super happy.
Arjun ; What did you do to his sandwich??

Radhika ; Mixed green chilli chutni instead of pudhena chutni. Arjun who was eating a piece just frowned.
Radhika ; Dont worry nothing for you is mixed. Ronnie started to caugh . Radhika ran from there saying its my turn . Ronnie just stepped stood up to have some water at that time Radhika gave water bottle to him. He drank and now his face turned blue. It was a full 1 liter salt water. Full. He was keeping a mouth full of water and his eyes were now peeping out because of the taste. Radhika gave a cute smile. He with the pot mouth gave a smile and he ran outside the canteen and went inside the washroom and was continuously gaggling his mouth . He took the towel and cleaned his face and saw it in the mirror the face was now double coated with black powder and his teeth too accompanied with that . Suddenly his face started to burn because of powder which had both pepper and chilli sprinkle.

Sam and Radhika were from the distance called ooh ronnie where are you going with a husky voices. He ran away shouting stay away from me you girls. Stay away. Arjun and Neil too came and all the four gave a victory smile and hi fi .

Arjun ; Next ??
Nesam ; Sheetal. Radhika nodded. Arjun ; I wish she is not this bad.
Radhika ; Are you taking her side ?? with a voice a bit commanding and Nesam joining her with hands fold and tha tha too.
Arjun ; No…… i mean never i will join her . Always your side.
Radhika ; Tam – Andha bayam irukattum.
Eng – Let you have that fear.

Thats it guys for today next part sheetal’s revenge plan. Hope i made an enjoyable one. Love you all stay blessed and bear my hugs and kisses too.

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Yaar sv itna chota abhi toh padne ka maza aaya tha but koi nahi next time pakka long karna …as usual here in this update the one who rocked is dilip and me shocked:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Sry sammy love mein teek sey nahi dheka yaar par next one pakka a big update . Love u sammy

  2. Hai darling how are u??? am all mood off n dull here only am feeling happy 😀 😀 each line made me laugh out loud ?? rads plans was superbbbbbbbb ✌? final touch was really fabulous (andha bayam irukatum) ntg less than our comedy legends ✌?? loved it from core ?? am all happy ?? thank u soooooooooo much darling ?? million hugs for u ?

    1. Suga missed u where were u these days ?? The purpose of this ff is met. Just want to make a stress burster. Love u dear.

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  5. sv dr it was superb..i really want Arjun to faint all the time..he is cute lyk that..Ronnie’s part was superb…waiting for nxt update and can u plz tell me tha meaning of tha tha..I m not getting that

    1. Thank you ritu. Well tha tha means Dadaji and n tamil. She is a tamil girl na thats why she is calling him tha tha . Will update soon dear. Love u dear.

  6. As always awesome. Nice prank dear. I was laughing thinking about his face?????? post nxt soon.??

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