Manmarziyan 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Piyali says there is a party for birdsong employees to celebrate success, and this one is for Radhika. Sam hugs Neil and gets away. She sees Arjun, while Arjun is angrily staring at the nuts Radhika has given him back. He sits eating the nuts in his cabin and looks at Radhika. Bonnie comes and panics, as everyone is trying to find about the money, if Chirag takes my name. ….. Arjun asks her to have nuts, Radhika has given him with trust. She asks what will we do now. Arjun sees Radhika happy with everyone.

Neil is playing cricket with some kids. Neil gets Sam’s call and ignores. Sam comes to him and says I need to talk. He says I m playing. Sam hits the wicket and says out. She says come with me, I need to talk. Neil says I don’t want to talk, let me play. She says

she has taught him to play cricket. He says leave me. She pushes him and says she won’t talk to him till he comes after her. She leaves. The kid ask him to play well. Neil gets her call again. Neil says I don’t want to talk. A man says I m sorry, I got this phone with her, the girl fainted on the road and your number was last dialed. Neil rushes to see her.

Sam eats icecream and asks is he done with cricket. He says I will not believe when you are in real problem. She asks him to have icecream. He says you got mad. She says you are my best friend, if I did something which gave you any wrong signal, lets discuss, I love you, you are my life. She says I m sorry, I don’t love you that way, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to lose you, my mind is not working, I love Arjun. Neil cries. She says if you don’t like it then… Katra katra jeena kya re…………….plays……………… Neil wipes his tears.

He asks will you leave Arjun if I say, She says yes. He asks will she do what he says. She says yes. He recalls her and Arjun. He asks sure. She says sure. He asks her to do situps and jokes. She says no Neil. He says I look a idiot, but I m not idiot, don’t get senti, I did not say that love, I was angry, I just showed you how to say I love you to him. She says its written on his face that he is lying. He smiles and pulls her cheeks. He says its better to stay with cockroaches than being with her, and he will see how Arjun will bear her, its not easy.

Teri meri yaariyaan…………….plays…………. He says he has fooled her many times, and asks her to get after Arjun now. He says he will have a good GF than her. She says there can’t be anyone better than me. He says I know, but you are booked, I have to stay without you, come. She asks where. He says lets plan to propose Arjun. She asks you too. He says yes, you get hurt and I too feel the pain. He lifts her and takes her.

The party starts with bollywood theme. Samrat dresses like Gabbar and Piyali dresses like Mumtaz. Samrat says its time to join this link. He ties the bracelet to her hand and says time will end all distance. She asks him to give some time. He says good song does not wait for anyone and asks her for a dance. They dance. Arjun comes and sees them. Radhika talks to Tejh and sees Arjun. The drink falls on her.

Arjun asks Radhika to say sorry. She says I thought you did not know, its easy. He says you made the drink fall on me. She says you blamed me in office, you should say sorry. He asks her to make a drink, he will say sorry then. She asks him to say sorry first. He asks why, don’t you trust me. She says my mum says stranger and monkeys should not be trusted. He says I m your boss, how am I a stranger. She says when did I say you are stranger. She makes the drink and asks for sorry. He says this is not a drink, you should have kept that money, you just know to make words, and useless.

She says I did not take the money. He says she was with Chirag in the video, who took the money, did ghost take the money. She tells Tejh that she has to find that ghost. She sees Bonnie and recalls her recording. Sam and Neil come there. Sam gets teary eyed and Neil asks why is she tensed, shall I go. She asks where. He says to say I love you to Arjun. She says if he says yes. Neil says if he had sense, he would have proposed you. She says if he says no to me. He says I m there, come to me, I will be with you. She smiles and takes his promise. She hugs him and says you will be having first right on me always, no one can come between us, I love you Neil. He asks what will she tell to Arjun and sends her. Sam walks there. Neil asks her not to forget their friendship, first dance will be theirs. She smiles and says she won’t. She goes inside the party hall.

Radhika comes to Bonnie and asks about video shoot. Bonnie says I saw you taking money. Her phone falls. Chirag calls her and the name flashes on the screen. Radhika is stunned.

Radhika tells Tejh that she has seen Chirag’s call on Bonnie’s phone, did she take that money, I need that money to prove it. Neil unites Sam and Arjun. Sam confesses love to Arjun and Neil gets away from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what the hell is happeningin the precap guys

  2. i luv u neil….

  3. Hey hey did amena typed the precap wrongly …

    1. nope!! it was the thing happened!!
      neil joined samarj hands she confessed to arjun nd neil moved out frm there wid teary eyes!!

    2. and she was wearing the same saree which was gifted by arjun…

  4. me first???

    1. sry….. it was by mistek 😉 :)…..

  5. Arjun acting is superb.neil and sam are good pair

  6. i feel very very sad for neil.what kind of a girl is that bonnie see when start fall for rdhika he is going to dump that bonnie

  7. now what arjun is upto…so far neil protected her and now he handed sam to arjun…now again revenge track..and i am out of this serial..and just going to read updates only..

  8. Oh god so sad for u Neil …. But wat to do he as a frnd he wants to give happiness to his frnd …. So just let her go ….. But dam sure arjun can’t at all focus on sam as there is our big obstacle ( chasni) to b overcome first … Lol …. And now our chasni will find out abt bonnie wow it will b good ….

  9. Neil you are simply superb.. I wish If I had a friend like you

  10. now atleast radhika has to find about arjun and bonnie…no other way is there..

  11. Yayyy! Revenge is back, Sam & Neil dosti back and Arjun revenge track back on. Gonna love my SamArj

  12. Finally episode to look forward to. Thank god writers focused back on track to Samaira and Arjun love and hate track

  13. Yes thanks Neil and sam friendship back nd samarjun track in full swing

  14. arjun will utilise sam for revenge.neil left sam becos he loves her more and he just want happiness of his love.if sam cant understand neil and his feelings then what can she understand?she is definitely in the trap.excellent job writers.once arjun shows his true colours then sam is the one who is going to be pathetic.she is so innocent and oneday she she is going to suffer.

  15. Neil is such an idiot, teaching old dog new tricks – here teaching Sam to confess her love for Arjun. Be a man and just move out from Sam’s life. Lovely serial though I love the cast and Neil is my favorite – but an idiot.

    1. neil is doing right & that is what called as true love..

  16. aww so cute!! I wish my life partner to be like neil… I hate arjun…

  17. go to hell arjun radhs is correct you are a monkey ?

  18. I wish arjun is not the man for sam or radhs… I wonder neil will pair up with whom… sam or radhs?

  19. I missed some episodes can anyone tell me why arjun is taking revenge on sam?

  20. tejh likes radhs.. but I dunno whom she will like…

    1. I wish he wont be like monkey arjun

  21. what money were they talking about?

  22. I like radh-neil & sam-arjun pair but the prob is arjun is a big monkey

    1. SamArj no way. It’s gonna be Sam and Neil

      1. hmmm only writers can tell that.. we have to just wait watch & enjoy

  23. I love Sam and Neil pair. I wish they get together at the end.

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