Manmarziyan 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saral bringing Radhika. Sam tells Samrat that she wants to spend her life with Arjun and asks his opinion. Samrat says idea is very bad, marriage way is long, it will hurt a lot, problems will come at every turn, but if life partner is good, then its fun to solve the life problems together. She smiles. Piyali says no relation is easy. Samrat recalls Nandini. Piyali says marriage is relation is two people and even Lord has no permission to come between, I have hurt you a lot and hope Arjun erases all the bad memories. Sam says I love you mum. They cry and hug.

Saral likes the home and smiles. He asks Radhika to come, will she stay here till morning or walk ahead. Arjun feels bad seeing Saral taking arrogantly with Radhika. Piyali asks Arjun to keep Sam happy and remember

she is his boss, and asks his motive. He says to take care your company. She laughs. He says I will get chance to spend time with you and Samrat, this company is lot for me. Piyali says now I see what Sam finds in you, don’t call me mummy, Piyali looks good to hear from you.

Sam introduces Mala to Piyali. Mala says Radhika tells a lot about you. Piyali asks Radhika how is she. Radhika says I m fine. Sam says this is Radhika’s fiancé, Saral. Piyali asks Radhika about her engagement, she did not tell them. Saral looks at her. Saral holds her hand and takes her to side. He says she changed after coming Mumbai. Arjun looks at them. Saral claps for her and taunts her. Radhika goes. Arjun gets heart ache seeing this.

Samrat compliments Mala that she looks Radhika’s elder sister. They smile. Mala says Sam told that Arjun is going to talk tonight, so we make laddoos and Dahi wada at such occasion, you might have made it right, take this laddoo from our side. Samrat and Piyali look at each other. Sam tells them about her best friend Neil. Samrat asks Piyali to enjoy the laddoos. Piyali asks Saral where is his drink and gives him once.

Arjun looks at Samrat’s family pic and Radhika looks at him, recalling Nandini. Samrat comes in between and she stops. Arjun recalls the past and says old memories don’t go anywhere and wait for any life’s turn, when the turn comes infront of us, the past also comes in our sight. Samrat says deep thought. Saral asks Radhika to come to him. Samrat asks Arjun about his family, will no one come here from his family. Arjun says I don’t have any family, I m all alone in this world. Samrat gets stunned. Saral sees Radhika staring at Arjun, and holds her hand tightly twisting. Arjun looks at them and holds anger in his eyes for Saral.

Samrat says I think your family was in London. Saral says I don’t think Arjun is from London, my friend went to London and speaks English fluently. He asks her to have a drink. She refuses and he insists. Arjun stares at them. She says she will get the cold drink. He asks her to try something new and taunts her. Arjun gets Nandini’s call and keeps the phone seeing Samrat. Arjun says the routes which he went through had just darkness and he does not want to recall now, he has grown up in orphanage and got scholarship to study in London. Samrat says its not easy to reach to success on own. Saral touches Radhika and says Arjun Sir is seeing as if I m touching his fiancé. Khwaishon pe likhi……..plays……… Arjun angrily leaves. Radhika asks Saral what is he doing, everyone is here. Saral says let them know how romantic I m.

Sam asks about Neil. Radhika says he might be busy in work. Sam says whats more imp than me. She asks Neil’s mum Prerna. She asks is Neil annoyed with me. Prerna says he won’t come Sam. Arjun talks to Nandini and says he is going to talk to Samrat now. He hears footsteps and ends the call. He turns and sees Radhika. Dastaan ek nayi………plays……….. Arjun asks did she leave her fiancé alone. She says she did not see ghost in hospital, he met someone there, you said Nandini Di, who is she.

Radhika asks why did he lie, she has seen Nandini there. Arjun sees Samrat coming to them and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mira

    I saw fire in arjuns eyes seeing rads with saral.this is a gud sign.
    Saral is just irritating!!!

  2. harsha

    What to say,saral! U idiot don’t bring ur bullshit face hereafter to rad.soon her lover will give U a punch.

  3. ARJUN

    Saral is so bad …. he is troubling our chasni
    love our rads and arjun scenes together
    love arjun’s anger

  4. Nakshatra

    Saral should be there…bcoz of him only arjun will realise his feelings… AHAM……mindblowing yaar….. Today iam very verrryyyy happy by this episode….

  5. rosy

    Saral ur actions wr havng mindblowing reactions on arjun…keep it up as ur actions wl b havng a long term n short term effects on arjun nd may b he gets away frm dat dark path….for da sake of his new found heart beat

  6. raashi

    Loved Arjun today..the jealousy..angry young man was just awesome n i hope he beats that Saral to a pulp someday soon. Saral is fantastically annoying he’s chep, idiot and a creep but keep up the gud work..atleast bcoz of ur presence Arjun is realising his feelings for Rads.

  7. Abi

    I don’t nd won’t like that stupid,irritating saral…but he helps our ardhika…by making arjun jealous….

    I luv u arjun….nd i expect more good episode….nd pls repeat d show in day time also…

  8. sevens

    Saral is just rads wood-be nd he is torturing her so badly
    nd why rads is bearing all this

    I get angry wen some man torturing a girl or woman weather is on screen or off screen
    nd i wish to beat nd kick him so badly next time he won’t able to think to behave like this

  9. ☆Twinkle05★

    Arjun oda angry and bgm song semma virtual treat ♡♥♡
    No neil scene ;(

    Oh god saral u r tottaly irritating but its gud for ardhika so thats y i seeing u but i am sure u will get punch from arjun . Fiance na torture pannuviya :@ :@

  10. Ufffff I am totally hurt by seeing the way saral is hurting our chasni 🙁
    Was it necessary to bring him as a torture for our chasni …. Let him b her fiance, but tht doesn’t mean our chasni is totally a SLAVE TO HIM … Watevr he does will b tolerated … ???
    Our arjun was also angry annoyed with chasni and he also hurted her but he never twisted her hand or behaved like an animal ….
    ARJUN KNWS IMPORTANCE OF OUR CHASNI …. Still he is away because to fulfil false revenge story without knowing its false … Poor arjun ….
    I was annoyed with arjun in the beginning but not to the end of abusing him like I want to for saral …. Idiot scoundrel does not deserve radhu and he takes the bangle (engagement)for granted …. ???


    Arjun though is acting like annoyed with radhu before her his deep feelings for her is shown unknowingly wen he rages in anger seeing saral’s tortures to radhu …. And he is awesome …. U r meant for radhu arjun and I liked the way his feelings is written in this update ” HEART ACHE “….
    I love this phrase “heart ache”
    Wow I am mesmerized with these songs …. Gone mad on these songs … Listening it nearly 20-30 times a day … ???? ….

    • Wanted

      Hahaha i knew it someone will comment on that (heart ache)and thats u devga!hahaha.anyways it was nice epic

  12. siniha

    Arjun you are superb man. I need this jealousy from you. It should be increased day by day. That idiot Saral should be there to provoke your feelings towards Radhika. You did a superb act Aham Sharma……… Love you a lot….

    Wish your Happy birthday my dear Charu. Let GOD bless you with all the blesssings and Showers full of happiness and joy in your life. Good night da….

  13. nish

    Tdy only my last viva got over n dekhne ko kya mila all the stuff of that stupid saral dissapointing really n my mood is damm too off after all this saral puran n crap. Hate u crappie

    • Sona Mohan

      Hey. r u..missed the episode so I didn’t comment and also got tied up with the work

  14. Ireena

    Saral is a characterless himself.rad always tries 2 fix other’s life,what abt her own?How can she get engaged with that saral?

  15. N tude I saw the fire in rjun eyes wen saral was tochin rads n I want rjun to break his hed wich is good for unytin aradhika

  16. Jayoti Ghosh

    Jat hating saral in bwtween ardhikaqhy did he had to come and interfear in arjun and radhika’s love? Stupid Saral

  17. Nakshatra

    I was remembering ur jealousy face throughtout the night aham…This suits u alot…U r meant for this role… keep it up…..From nowonwards,i think the actual story will start…eagerly waiting for that…

  18. Pathanga

    Ok ok epi… Arjuns jealousy +anger to dekhne ke layak tha.. Ohh!! Tat saral s such a irtng guy… Hw dare he hurt our rads??… Missd neil in d epi…

  19. meetu

    Thank u verymuch saral…for provoking feeling in arjun’s heart for rads.u r irritating but u r needed in this serial bcoz our arjun will not realize his love for chashni without your torturing behaviour with her.keep it up.good work.and after completing ur work plz get out from her life ok.

  20. Sampriti

    Love the epi… arjun/aham is amzg as alyws… now the actual story starts…. cant wait for the nxt epi….

  21. radhu

    Pls….don’t change the timings….its good to see after the rush timings…yha we can ask for more re telecasting..I guess @4.30 it having re teletelecasting

  22. Sona Mohan

    Gud aftn frnds…I couldn’t able to catch up the episode yesterday but by reading the update ..finally arjun started with his anger mode and radhika tolerating saral..and I really want radhika to break her engagement with saral as a highlight of this party…and arjuns revenge has to be stopped in this drama.

  23. Sonia Sharma

    Mnmrziaan is ma fvirte show in star plus…i used wtch this on 4:30 knwdays i’m nt able too wtch…agar telly updates ko show phir se 4:30 ke liye rakh paayengi toh bahut meherbaani hoongi….frm a fan of mnmarziaan

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