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Manmarziyan 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam crying. Neil apologizes to guest saying this marriage won’t happen, please you all…. They all leave. He consoles Sam. Nandini tells Arjun that Radhika ended everything today. She says I asked just one thing from you, which you could not give, because of this girl. Radhika says I won’t let you both reach Sam, I will always be infront of her, Arjun told me value of trust again and again, I have paid it all, no one trusts Arjun today, they feel he loves her, and gives him one chance to tell Sam the truth, as she won’t move off his way so easily. She starts leaving.

Arjun angrily holds her hand and stops her. She asks him to leave her hand. He drags her outside to the mandap. He says Sam…. Sam sees Arjun holding Radhika’s hand. Neil holds Sam’s hand and

sticks to support her. Sam asks Radhika to tell Sam that there is nothing between us. Radhika says its all true what I said. Arjun asks is this true that we love each other and want to marry? She asks does he know any other truth. He says then why are we waiting, mandap is ready, lets marry.

Nandini asks Arjun is he mad. Arjun says he is giving one chance to Radhika to tell the truth. Radhika says you say the truth, I won’t let Sam’s life get ruined. Arjun tells pandit that they love each other, and asks him to say mantras. He asks Radhika did her love end, why is she tensed now. He tells Sam that Radhika is lying and wants to break our relation. Nandini smiles. Arjun tells Sam that he loves just her. Sam cries. Arjun holds her hand and asks her to come.

Sam moves Neil’s hand off her shoulder and holds Arjun’s hand. Arjun says before anyone comes in between us, we will marry. Nandini signs relief. Radhika breaks Arjun and Sam, and says I m ready to do this marriage, I m doing this just for Sam, she will not trust her today, the day she understands Arjun is not with her being with her, then she will trust her words.

She says Arjun does not love Sam. She asks Arjun to come and give a name to their love. She asks pandit to start mantras. Sam cries. Everyone look on. Neil cries for Sam and asks her to come. Sam says no, let me see my trust breaking today. Arjun asks Radhika what is she going to do, does she feel she is doing favor on Sam doing this drama, see everyone, they all hate her, she will get insulted after this marriage, there is no way to return.

Radhika asks him to say the truth if he cares for Sam, about why he and his sister has come here, she can’t put her friend in fire. He asks will she put herself in fire, and asks her to think about her family? Radhika asks Dilip not to let his trust break on her. Dilip asks is there anything between you and Arjun. She says Sam… Dilip asks do you realize what you are doing with her? Radhika turns. He says I can fight with whole world for you, but can’t see hatred for her in everyone’s eyes. He holds her hand and asks her to come.

She recalls Nandini’s words and asks him to trust her. Radhika tells Arjun that just the truth can stop this marriage now, its still time. He says this marriage will stop on her saying the truth, he will see till when will she keep this lie. He asks pandit to start mantras. Nandini holds her head. Arjun and Radhika sit in the mandap to marry. Sam cries.

The pandit asks girl’s parents to do kanyadaan. Dilip refuses to take part in this drama and do kanyadaan. The pandit asks whether girl and guy are ready to marry. She says girl is ready and asks him to start the rituals. Mala asks Radhika what is she doing to snatch Sam’s suhaag. She asks Dilip to stop her. Dilip says no, I want to see how my trust breaks. Samrat says I won’t let this happen. Piyali says no, Radhika did favor on us, Sam would never be happy with Arjun, let all misunderstandings in Sam’s heart get burnt in this fire. The pandit asks Radhika to give her hand to Arjun. Dastaan…………..plays…………

Arjun asks Radhika does she feel he will be scared and move back by her drama, he won’t move back, its time to say the truth. She says it will end by your truth, you take your sister away from all of us. He holds her hand. Nandini asks Arjun why is he doing this. He says I m not afraid of Radhika’s warnings, I will see till when will she keep this lie. She says till he goes off Sam’s way, she will not move off his way.

Nandini does the ghatbandhan. Arjun asks Radhika to move back, as she can get trapped in order to save Sam, tell them we don’t have anything. She says we have hatred between us, this is shield for Sam. He asks her to go. She says Sam’s love has tied me in this relation, why don’t you open this ghatbandhan? He stands up and asks her hand.

Arjun tells Radhika about the seventh round, after which she won’t be to return back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Worst episode……. I thought manmarziyan is diffrnt frm others….. But not like that…

    Rad going 2 marry arjun… What abt her ambitions? What abt her values? Finally her family respect ruined….plz dont say she s ding 4 her frindship…. Sam s not worth fr D’s sacrifice….

    Sam going 2 become villain….. They spoil her character…. She can easily manipulate by others…. She never belive her friend.. . always go with arjun who break her heart…. Blindly trust him…. again she ready 2 go wid arjun in mandap…Doesnt have self respect…. Doesn’t care about Neil… Doesn’t see d pain in Neil eyes… Selfish… Forget rads help…. ……………

    They make neil character s useless….. She loves sam blindly….. Always crying… Crying… Doesn’t thing abt other things…… he really cares for sam then y he didn’t support rad… He knows arjun s not gud for sam…. And he doesn’t care abt rad…. Selfish….

    But d title s dosti… Yariyaan.. Manmarziyan…..

    1. v know tat sam s such a selfish girl who s not worth of radz friendship,….

      but Radz dinn know this fact na,…then how can she keep quiet after knowing all the truth,…..

      she s doing wat atrue friend ll do 2 save her friend its a tirbute 2 friendship yaar,…

  2. I completely agree with you Renu…guyz whoever have questions about the whole episode just see Renu’s detailed explanation…at least that will answer what is what..even then if u have those doubts, then go on voice them of course…but in my opinion although Radhika’s action is impulsive in the situation, there was nothing else she could do with no time to convince people to stop the wedding…with this twist let us see where the drama goes, the track has taken a steep turn so will it fall off the cliff or steady itself let us see… also will this marriage vows get completed at all or is there another twist? the wedding itself is weird but funny at the same time…Arjun is getting what he wants but doesnt seem to be aware of that…hats off to Dilip…if fathers support daughters like that, then world is such a happy place…

    Radhika has a way of correcting things by doing things in an eccentric way…she will definitely find out a way.

    Happy Friendship Day People!!!

    1. thank u dear

      n agree with u,…this major twist decides the whole drama,..

      i hope cvs wont ruin the story by showing radz dumb n tolerating husband’s mental torture,…

      i want her 2 b strong n as u said,…she ll definitely find out a way 2 come out of this pblm,…

      n i like radz more as once she decided 2 1 thing,she ll never back up without completing it,….

      & yday,wen arjun insisted about her parents she left his hand n went 2 them but finally come back 2 arjun,…which s a symbol tat watever makes her 2 distance herself 4m arjun,…she ll finally reach arjun,…these both cannot live without each other,..

      happy friendship day sia,…..

  3. Why does radhika think Sam will die when truth is revealed.if that’s the case she could have spoken to samrat alone.i want this marriage to be stopped by revelation of truth. I don’t like this track.and pls don’t turn Sam negative.

  4. vinu,…she s a true friend of sam,..she knew her friend more than any1 else,…she knew sam ll not hnadle such heart break situation,…rember sam’s break down after piylai’s miss understanding n arjun breakup(b4 lonovla track),….overall she may look like a strong independent character,..but truth s she s really a emotionally weak person tats made arjun easier 2 trap her,…n yes,..she might suicide n blame radz even after knowing this,…tat makes radz 2 take this drastic step,….

  5. luv d epi.. egrly watng fr mndy.. nd oecrs ardhika’s romantic fights..

    btw guys.. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..Sty happy alwz..

  6. Happy friendship day.

  7. Guys I heard some twist gonna happen in Mondays episode. …

  8. Friends,…My small qn 2 arjun n answer 4 my qn,….

    Arjun puthar,…dont challenge Radhika sherni in future too,…she ll never give up so easily,…

    arjun y dinn took saral name,…n he dont want 2 share wat happened 2 her b4 every1,…he s so lost in her as she lied n felt bad tat not ly his revenge got spoiled but radhika’s character got ruined by herself b4 all n her parents lost their trust on her,…n this makes him even anger as she s not thinking about herself n doing all nonsense,…
    So,he wanna save her image inside his heart so,he challenged her 2 marry him if she loves her,..

    His inner thinking may b 1 side of the coin- she may not marry him n spill the truth b4 every1 including samrat n nandhini’s truth as her image ll b saved,..he dinn think about his spoiled revenge,…so,he ll b pleased

    other side of the coin – she ll marry him 2 save sam as he expected n he finally got her himself,…n she bcam his property legally with nandhini’s approval,…this ll not happen ever in his life,…so this s the right chance,…n he succeeded in tat,…he got wat he want.,….naughty boy,….

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      Hahaha renu i am also thinking like this 😉

  9. May be you are right renu.I loved this serial before nandhini’s entry.but the writers can give some importance to Neil and Sam instead of making Sam as nandhini’s pupet like how arjun is.

  10. shifa(shakira)

    i love this serial

  11. Slowly slowly I am losing grip on this serial.
    What’s happening I really don’t get it
    1st of all, it’s not all going with the serial name.
    Then in 21st century do you think u r going to get such friend????
    I don’t think so…. Utter rubbish.

  12. U r truely ri8 renu…. N radhika is very strong girl n she handles everything!!!! Truely fantastic epi!!!

  13. I doesn’t understand that what to write actually about todays episode. ……totally speechless. …….track is going on ryt path mean aradhika marriage happened. But now every budy will heat radhika because she is doing whatever which is against her friendship n her family…..her mother father thinks that she broken their trust also sam’s thinking same .
    But radhika is a strong self-confidence girl whatever she do only her bestie n she believe that one day truth will be come front all of them……..
    apart from that now what will be the reaction of arjun .he will with radhu or hate?? Foolish nandani u r plan had gone super flop. ….in the presence of radhu u can’t reach sam n kill her….
    I really appreciate radhika coz if I want friend that would be like radhu who will doing anything for me……
    cvs team also good job. …
    “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY ” to all my dear friends ♡♡♥♥
    luv you MANMARZIYAN

  14. I think there will be twist inthe last phere arjun my accept the truth bec he can’t heart radhu and her dreams and he is the one who valued for radhus dream before and saved frm saral..

  15. Isse kehte hai, “2 Ki ladayi me teesre ka fayda”
    Aradhika got married and whatever ruckus happened, isme fayada Hua Neil ka. Chalo, at least uske liye line clear Ho gyi. Wo dialogue hai na, “agar kisiko shiddat se chaho to saari qayanat sazishein rachati hai”…

    Anyways, very predictable story. However entertainment comes from those love-hate scenes of a chubby cute middle class girl and her handsome dashing rich hot husband. Aur picture keval 3 chizo se chalti hai: Entertainment entertainment aur entertainment. Trp ke liye hi sahi qki filhal is serial ko trp Ki sakht zaroorat warna serial ko Kisi aur saas-bahu drama se replace Kr denge. And we sure don’t want that. Waiting for Aradhika romance…. Uff Aham you so hot!!!! Every girl of my age has a crush over you!!!

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