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Manmarziyan 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika waking up and seeing Arjun. Arjun says she looks good is she shuts her mouth, anyone can call her beautiful too. He smiles and says nah, there is no chance with mouth shut, sorry. The house keeping guy rings the bell. She calls out for help. Arjun looks on. She shouts thief, save me. The man opens the door of the balcony. She says Dada ji’s tips always work. She goes to freshen up. Arjun calls up reception and asks did Samaira Khanna come, inform me as soon as she comes. Sam and Neil are also in hotel. Sam orders medicines for cold. Neil sneezes and sits covering himself in blanket.

She says we should have come back soon. He says we would have not see magic. She says its not any magic, just a trick. She says few things are fact in life. He says everything in

life takes romantic spice. She says he has got ill by being there at night. He says life needs partner always and gives examples. He says love gives that partnership. She says friendship also has that partnership. See we are perfect partners and laughs. He looks at her and says we are perfect friends, not partners, I mean I m not the one. She says the one is nonsense part, the one changes in moments. She shows a couple and says look at them, once their honeymoon ends, love will be out of the window.

Neil says they look mad in love types and sings. He says we run from love, love does not run from us, run how much you want, love will be infront of you. She says you say as if you fell in love many times. He says no, just once. She asks what. He runs to bathroom. She says I will win the bet. Arjun asks Radhika to come out soon. Radhika brushes her teeth and asks him to wait. He asks is she mad, who sings while brushing. She says did I ask you why do you pluff your nose when you are angry, everyone has their own habits. Arjun goes and checks in mirror and says nonsense. He checks her phone and messages Sam asking where is she.

Sam gets Radhika’s message and asks why is she sending msg, did she not pay phone bill. Sam calls her and he cuts the call. Radhika hears the ringtone and hurries up to come. Arjun messages saying Arjun is with her, where are they. Sam says khandala hotel and asks is she fine. Arjun smiles getting the address and keeps her phone back, before Radhika comes out. Radhika checks her phone and checks Sam’s missed call. Someone knocks the door. She opens the door. Its Tejh, Zubin and Kritika. Radhika asks are they fine. Tejh says yes, we have walked all night, we will be fine, right Sir?

Arjun asks him to stand up, did they come to work or not, they got the location, they are going to Khandala. Tejh says his car got fine. Arjun asks them to come downstairs. Radhika thinks why did Sir plan to go Khandala, there is something fishy. Sam and Neil come out. She says she will talk to Radhika after some time, its imp to make him lose now. They come in the lawn. She gets ready and does makeup. She sees the couple. Neil asks whats the plan. Samn says she will give madness dose to the mad in love couple.

Arjun, Radhika and group are on the way to Khandala. She asks when did he make the plan. He says just now. She calls Sam. Sam does not see and goes to the couple with a rose. She starts acting to trap the guy, and says he was with her yesterday. The man gets puzzled. The lady says he is not my brother. The man calls Sam behen ji. Sam says he is very romantic type. She says he have me this flower. His wife gets angry. Neil looks on and says she does not have any relation with acting.

Sam says your brother is very charming and says he is calling behen ji to you. She leaves and counts down. The lady scolds him. He says I don’t even know her. The lady beats her husband and leaves. Sam says this is your love. Neil says jealousy lit fire in them, but love will end it. She says love breaks things, its just my heart broken. Teri meri dosti……….plays……… Radhika calls her again. Arjun sees it and takes her phone. He says either he will drive or she will leave the phone. She says she has to talk to mummy. He asks did your mum hear air sound ever and throws the phone on the road. They get shocked. Arjun says it fell.

He takes the car reverse and crushes her phone. He gives her the broken phone. The group looks on stunned. Arjun says I think you can’t talk to your mum now. She says Dada ji gifted her the phone. He says he will buy a new costly one for her. She says you will not understand anyone’s feelings related to gift. She says the thing whose value can be paid by money, it does not have any value, this phone’s price was my Dada ji’s love, you can’t pay it, you broke it. He says no, the car broke it, its car’s fault, not mine. She says I know why you did this, so that I can’t inform Sam. He says Sam told me where is she.

Arjun says he will reach Sam in 5mins and she can’t do anything. Arjun comes to Sam and Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks amena…

  2. Thank u amena …..

  3. It’s too much Arjun , U will pay for this U want to give pain to sam nah our rad will give U a pain.

    1. No harsha he has already bore some lots of pain….. Thts y he ccame to take revenge frm Sam .. And radhu wil show him tht by revenge pain wil not b less rather it becomes more ….

  4. rude man arjun

    blo*dy hell he broke somebodyz heartily given gift . In ur revenge will u kill her also like this. Mad dog arjun even its an insult to the most faithful animal . Juz blo*dy hell u don have emotions at least care for otherse emotions this is what nanadini taught u . U spoilt harsh foolish brat. Poor rads her dadajis gift. Just give him a nice punch on his face rads

  5. Hey Arjun I was happy by urs and chasni ‘s nok joke but at last u again came back to ur original ….. Buti still hope u will b mixed with more sweetness one day and it is not far …. Neil do something so tht ur saminder Singh will believe in live again ….. I am sure she is hurt but she did not throw the love part fully from her heart …. Its just Tht the hatred is covering the love to come out … And once tht cover is broken by u …. U will get ur sammy

  6. Soo….cute ….

  7. 1st half was rocking bcoz ardhika only but later arjun spoils the mood

  8. Varshu PRI Sonamohan Sukriti ireena Nish wer r uall ??

  9. Arjun back in his revenge mode…..

  10. First half seems to be as always rocking………chubby cute radhika……

  11. It is too bad to see Arjun broking someone’s heartily feelings. Soon Arjun you are going to love Radhika but she will be going to marry her fiancé Saral leaving you in hell. That time you will understand what is ones heartily personal feelings.

  12. Today chasni is hurt soooo much as her dadaji’s lovable gift ? is broken..
    Arjun u too have tht ring precious As it is nandini’s.. Wat will bb ur state wen u loose it ….the sAme way cchaasni is feeling ……

  13. Arjun back to sunky mode!but first half was gud.Feeling sorry 4 rads n sam.

  14. Gud nyt nd lovly drms… my swt devu dr 🙂 🙂
    TC nd sleep well
    c u soon nd luv u 🙂

    1. gud nigt varshu sweet drmzzz….

  15. Good episode…arjun b4 mirror checking his nose…very funny nice scene….soon he will fall for her…but today he behaved soooo badly …..getting angry on u arjun..
    But anyway ahem’s acting is tooooo good…luv u arjun:*
    i know..if u understands,revenge doesn’t give anything to a person….then u ll become normal…:D

  16. Really! Arjun U may make sam to fall for U again with ur magic words but at that time U will also be in luv with rad and that time her duration of 6 months of working is going to be finished and her father and fiance will take her back to home.for marriage then U have to go for ur lover marriage.

    1. agree yaar

    2. for once i really wnted this to happen harsha ..

  17. Radhika is awesome

  18. Radhika is really sweet like chasni… she is so adorable!!!!
    First part was awesome as always. . But hated the second half because of that arjun…
    Ahem is acting really well… hats off…
    manmarziyan rocks!! Just love watching it . 🙂

  19. feeling bad 4 radhika,….

    y she dinn shout at him,….

    i think arjun ll trap sam again,…

    but in this revenge,..he is hurting radhika too much,…

    1. poor radhika …if sam is again going for arjun and this time i really want her to go get destroyed and then she comes to reality…

  20. todays episode first part is good…what arjun did to radhika in the car scene in horrible and what sam did to the couple is purely nonsense…and the precap is beyond my words of hatred…so apart from first 10 minutes i didnt any enjoy any part of the episode today..

  21. Amazing radarjun you rocks…………

  22. 1st half was very nice

  23. luv manmarziyan

    Love u Ardhika…Smashing Rads Ph was really bad Arjun..but I love Ahams acting..he can make us love his character or hate it at his own will..

  24. blo*dy dog arjun stupid

  25. Sam-neil luv u both

  26. Sam and neil acting is vry boring
    .i hope in next episode we will cing arjun n radhu more than stupid neil n sam.

  27. checking on site for 20 th june episode….

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