Manmarziyan 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Manmarziyan 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sam taunting Arjun about Radhika leaving him so soon. He stops her and says he is not feeling bad, he is glad that Radhika is not here, there is no one between them. Sam says Radhika is between them. He says she is my helplessness, who will get away from my sign, on divorce papers. He says he could not keep this marriage, he sees her face when he closes eyes. He says I love you very much. Neil comes there and sees them. Arjun gets closer to Sam. Neil stops them and asks whats their plan. He says is there no plan, so sad, I thought you are playing hide and seek with Radhika. He gets angry seeing Sam. Arjun stands away.

Neil sees him trying to remove the ring, and laughs. He says few things get stuck such that it does not get away. Arjun says like me and Sam. He asks Sam

to come for dinner, he wants to play this game just with her, many monkeys are jumping in city these days. He leaves. Neil finds Radhika holding her mangalsutra. He says you play here with mangalsutra, Sam is going with Arjun. Arjun and Sam collide and the files fall. They pick the files and smile seeing each other. Radhika looks on. Samrat comes to his cabin and sees Nanini sitting on Piyali’s chair. Nandini greets him and asks will he have coffee.

She orders coffee for him. He asks what is she doing at Piyali’s place. She says correct, you should ask whats Piyali doing in my place, this were my room, my chair, my right, and you gave it all to Piyali. He says you did not have any right or place, and will never have, do anything, you can’t come in my life again. She says I don’t want to, I want Sam and Arjun to be together. He says congrats for Arjun and Radhika’s marriage, it will be good if you accept it. She says what shall I do of Arjun, he still loves Sam, and Radhika… He says Radhika is hiding something, I will find it.

She says you came in her words, she is a liar, you did not trust me ever, you trust Radhika knowing her for few days. Piyali comes there and sees Nandini. Nandini gets up and says actually my foot was hurt, so I sat here, so sorry. Piyali says its okay, sit. Nandini sits back and says everything is happening wrong, I don’t know whats Radhika doing, she can ruin Arjun’s life, I don’t know how to help him.

Sam calls out idiot and asks can’t he hear her. He says she will get answer if she calls him by his right name Neil. She calls out Neil and comes to him. She asks whats the problem. He asks will you come with me on dinner, say just yes or no. She does not say. He says I understand you won’t come with me on dinner, as you won’t get chance to go for dinner with anyone’s husband, I m proud of you, what did you become, you don’t know, forget what happened, you are getting ruined to ruin Radhika, decide it, you will come with me for dinner, or Arjun, just choose my friendship or revenge with Radhika. He asks her not to say anything and leaves from there angrily.

Arjun starts the car. Radhika comes infront of the car. He recalls the old moment similar and smiles. She asks for lift, as their way is same. He says he has no mood to fee flour to any cow. She says even I don’t have such mood, I gave you time, you can also give me some time. She sits in the car and says drive, do you want to spend whole night here. They leave.

Radhika asks Arjun about going on dinner with Sam. He says yes. She asks why, you are married now. He says you think seven rounds will stop me, I have spent years to reach Sam, small mistake can’t stop me. She asks this marriage is small mistake for you? He says its just a drama, it will be better if you end this, and move from between us. She holds his hand and says now its tough to move back, this marriage is big step of my life, there is no way to move back, you can’t go anywhere leaving your wife. She smiles.

He stops the car and asks it means I can’t go anywhere leaving my wife, fine, who will stop me? She says your wife, I have some rights. He smiles and says then I will also have some rights being your husband, what about it. She leaves his hand.

He holds her hand and says if you like to make me your husband, then you have to become my wife, if you want me not to go to Sam, you have to come close to me, so are you ready. She takes her hand off. He smiles and says I think this husband and wife game will be fun. Sam gets ready and recalls Arjun’s and Neil’s words. Arjun and Radhika come home. Mala asks them to freshen up, she will serve food. Arjun says I have plans to go out, it depends on Radhika can I go or not. Mala goes. Arjun holds Radhika and touches her face. He says he has given his time to her, she will decide if he can go anywhere or not. He asks her to think well, as she can lose much inorder to gain some. He goes.

Nandini shows divorce papers to Arjun. She asks him to get Radhika’s sign on it and kick her out, its very imp for them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Neil has some values..It would be nice when around and sam get jealous by seeing radhika and neil together..may be..

  2. Arjun should have struggle for radhika’s love..not on last episode,if arjun proposes to radhika then she immediately accepts his proposals after what he did infrontof her..

  3. Pls mmz writers..make this last 1 week episodes as wonderful episodes..give us some beautiful purity of love..don’t know y?but I don’t like Sam’s performance..over acting fellow..sam’s character doesn’t deserve neil..why did u introduced manya’s character?for what purpose?where is she?atleast give good climax to this show..

  4. They are spoiling arjun’s character…sam should have realise the importance of neil… now-a-days neil looks like hero.. arjun should run after radhika…sam after neil..

  5. Finally I want to say that….hate u star plus…hate u hate u hate u hate u hate u hate u hate u hate u…..infinite times..

  6. alekhya reddy

    by rushing story they are spoiling the essence of’s losing uniqueness of the concept…star plus never say nayi soch on ur channel it dsnt suit u..

  7. I think arjun distrack rad because of she left him

  8. I like this show very much I feel so sad show going offair

  9. @latha,…thank u dear,…after reading ur comment,…i again watched the episode morning,….

    Friends,…sorry 4 my miss understanding comment about arjun,…i apologise 2 all,…Actually,after reading written update,i was in a mind set of arjun’s misbehavior,,i cant see anything good n analyse the epi in a better way,…this happens in every1 life,…if v ve some bad thots,our vision too turns bad,….where v can find the good things also bad at times,…

    once again,I appologise 2 u all,..friends,…but cvs may avoid some proximity btw sam n arjun,…i request cvs 2 avoid those scenes as it may divert us 4m the actual story line,…

    COming 2 SAM-ARJUN scene,…Sam badmouthted radhika 2 arjun ,…n arjun trying 2 remove the ring cox of neil’s taunting yday,….so,inorder 2 check how far sam ll go 4 her revenge over radhika n 2 make her fall 4 him again,…arjun tries 2 increase their proximity n he dinn seduce her as he did with radhika,….he ll never kiss her even if neil dinn come btw them,…he just checked sam in tis game n its his calcualted move,…nothing else,…n he dinn feel anything,…that’s y he enjoyed radhika’s antics wen she asked lift genuinely,…if he wanna,use sam again,he may not call her 4 dinner b4 neil,…so,as latha said he s provoking neil 2 confess his love 4 sam as he knew already that neil s in love with sam even b4 his marriage,….

    Next coming 2 radhika – arjun convo,…as i said earlier,..arjun thinks radhiak as an angel n he dont want 2 ruin her life n so he said,m very bad person radhika in 18th august episode in office after saving radz 4m humilaiation,….he s very genuine b4 radz,…wen she aske dabout dinner,..he told the truth that he spend several years 2 reach sam n so she can back off, he dinn like radz 2 suffer in his revenge any more,..afterall she dinn deserve this n he thinks that he s not a better person 4 radhika which makes him 2 hide his true feelings 4 her,..remember the store room scene,…he caressed radz while she s sleeping n pretends 2 b in sleep wen she awake,..he knew her goodness nature n he was never behaved rudely with her in all the cases,…he said it normally,….

    but he dinn expect radz pati-patni relatinship,….he knew tat she dinn ve feelings 4 her n at the same time he wanna check how far she ll go 2 save sam mission who s not at all worth of her friendship anymore as he guessed sam s ready 2 patch up with him again,…so,he dinn like radz being suffered always bcox sam n her saving sam mission,,he turns the table n asks her 2 come closer 2 him if she wanna save sam,…on thinking deeper 4m arjun’s side,he dinn like radz playing husband wife relationship 2 save sam,…iwen they entered their hom home,arjun continuously watched radz face arjun continuosly watched radz fac

    1. Renu, Take heart!

      Sam aimed some of the choicest abuses at Radhika and humiliated her publicly one too many times! Her mom also played up that angle. Waiting to see when Arjun dishes back viciously at Sam ..He will say she is no better than Nandini, her own tormentor! And he will contrast Sam with Radhika – show up her kindness, generosity and fairness with everyone who comes into contact with her, especially when she loses her most precious thing – family! And how even without Radhika or Nandini’s revenge plot, he would never have come near her – given her behavior + her close relationship/dependency on Neil. That shaming will end Sam’s careless and thoughtless bullying .. Ex: we saw it in the way she picked on strangers on honeymoon and almost caused an irreparable rift ..

      Arjun will make a public confession to elevate the image of his wife – it will be his redemption. He will reveal how he was the one who trapped Radhika into the marriage .. and at least few of the diversionary tactics he used! 🙂

      Look at the back episodes – there are many revealing moments when Radhika shows that she is in love with Arjun. But being the girl she is, she will not put it on display especially when another girl is parading around claiming she loves Arjun. Giving way happily is what is in her nature.

      Nandini will be the one who will feel the biggest impact when Arjun realizes her true nature and how she can ruthlessly destroy so many people – all for her revenge over a failed relationship!

      I am expecting at the end of the show Arjun and Neil will be true friends and of course, Arjun/Radhika love story has become a TV legend already! 🙂

      Keep up your good work – I am reading these daily episodes for your commentary! You make it more entertaining!

      Fans, Pl do the campaign against StarPlus vigorously this week!

      1. agree with u latha,…i wrote the same thing wat u ve said here but my comment dinn get posted due 2 some pblm in my lap n ly half of my comment got posted,….

        so,m not in a mood 2 write those essays again n went off 2 my classes,…but u summarized wat i wanna say dear,…

        I want arjun 2 reveal the truth b4 all n its his duty 2 regret 4 his deeds n v all knew radz ll accept him as now she s affected by him but she ll ly fall 4 him after this incident,…

        btw samrat n neil believed tat radz s not at all being fault,…n yday sam was shocked n she dunno how 2 react wen arjun said that he ll divorce radz n came closer 2 her but i hope she ll never stoop so low 2 snatch arjun back,…she wanna use arjun 4 her revenge over radz like arjun s using her 4 his sis’s revenge over samrat,…

        I think after radz being ready 2 sacrifice herself 4 sam 2 arjun,…he ll change completely n his love 4 radz ll win his donkey years revenge,….but 1 thing crystal clear that v can enjoy the upcoming romance btw them without any tension cox its true 4m arjun’s side,..

        btw,…i hope this soap survives 4 better ending as this couple needed 2 go a long way n showing radz falling 4 arjun in a couple of days ll not b justified,.but v ve 2 bear wat cvs threw at us as time constraints,….Radz s such a gem of this show,…

        Both neil n radhika characters r really heart touching characters in this show,….different concept in the story line,…in both the pairs,…Arjun s a grey character with flaws turns 2 the r8 path by radhika as well as sam s a vulnerable girl with all flaws n ll turns 2 the r8 path by neil,….i loved this story,…n ending this story abruptly ll not b justified,…

        i requested Starplus many times but they r not in a position 2 back off 4m their decision,…i hope ly miracle can save this show as one of hte writer said in twitter that she wrote last episode too n she gonna enjoy vacation after this serial,…

        even contacted Swastik productions too,..they said,..we have nothing in our hands n asked us 2 call starplus n request them,…so,i lost all my hopes, SP ll not consider the huge potential of this story n the leads n also our emotions,…v r wasting our precious time in doing all sort of activities 2 save this show,…i dunno wat 2 say but still hope tat this show ll b saved,….

    2. hi renu very deep analysis yaar…. as usual outstng
      but i don agree wid the fact tat arjun wudnt ve kssd sam evntho neil wudnt ve come thr cox i felt tat he ws in total revenge mode as he tried to remove tat ring evn bfr sam’s arrvl know…just my opinion yaar

      & yah i watched tat link..supr hot ya

      please do watch the link which i provided down here…its like OMG!..heart at mouth

      1. thena,…arjun tries 2 remove tat ring 2 prove neil tat his relationship with radz s fake as yday neil taunted him badly with that ring right,..still he s like a school boy at times,….so he tries 2 remove it but he ll not cross his limit as he ll flirt with hte girls but he ll never cross his border,….

        k leave it the ly satisfactory thing s v can watch the upcoming ardhika romance with popcorns yaar,…

  10. Hi Renu superb…after reading ur first explanatn on yesterday epi..i felt lil down thinkng cvs spoiled arjuns character…now i feel u r correct…

    as im nt able to imagine like how u imagine n connect with each character in depth…thanx for ur explanatn.

    waitng for upcoming episodes..

    1. thanx saji,…yday i felt sleepy n watched the epi after reading Written update,…so,i came in2 a conclusion tat arjun s a double standard streak,…tat makes me 2 post as such n i gave vent 2 my anger over arjun in my first explanation,…

      but after reading latha’s comment,..i decided 2 watch the epi once again without having any thots about the characters,….to my surprise,i felt i was completely wrong n the epi sounds good which s totally contradict 2 my first explanation, felt bad n i posted the second comment in a hurry as ly half of my comment got posted there,…

      hope upcoming epi ll b a big treat 2 watch,…fingers crossed

  11. I’m going to write a short story, a really different story than the serial one. Kind of a younger versions of them in college. So, here we go…


    He was following her again. Radhika did not know why he did it. He was rich and popular in college and she was new and nobody, he didn’t care to look at her while in the campus but when she crossed his street he followed her. He followed her all along to her house. He watched till her bedroom light illuminated, then he turned and left. She didn’t look back at him for fear that he would leave. She thought maybe he was protective or sorts, the street after his house was dark and mostly alone. Radhika was afraid of dark, like a lot but she has no choice as to walk all along that street.

    She saw through her bedroom window, that he went away. He always wore a hoodie over his head. It was strange, he didn’t know her and she didn’t know him. He was the one guy she stared at most of the time in college, but frankly she knew more about him by observation. He was interesting to watch. He wasn’t like rest of the crowd. He wasn’t a bully. He wasn’t a show off. He wasn’t loud or bratty like his friends. The rich kids. He was silent. Brooding. It was not that he was rude or angry kind. He smiled yeah, easily but very rarely. He has a girlfriend. She was polished, well bred and beautiful. She wore dresses to college. Short. Long and everything that is branded. Purses. Bags. Shoes. Head to toe she covered in expensive.

    Since the first day in college, Radhika’s eyes always strayed to his chair. He sat in a lazy posture. Looked bored as hell but she knew he was very attuned to the class. His grades were good, that means he paid attention. He wasn’t acting as if bored. He wasn’t a hypocrite. He was just silent lile that. She could just admire from distance.

    He was tall, lean, dark brown eyes, hard lines and angles of cheek bones with well defined hard jaw. But most spectacular were his eyes. If he was silent, then his eyes spoke too many things. Filled with mystery. Otherwise than his eyes his face was least expressive. Annoyingly passive.

    Radhika had encountered the full force of his eyes drilling ibto her one day

  12. Hats off to Renu for her fantastic review of the serial!!!!!She has said each and every bit of what I felt and wanted to comment!it is very,very disappointing about Arjun’s yesterday’s behavior !and there is no time to correct it also!Still v.sad i the show is comming to an end.

  13. I ♥ this episode….!
    But I am hating sam and even arjun
    And neil u was awesome td….

  14. I hate Arjun.If he was really in love with rads something should have stopped from getting closer to Sam.but nothing stopped him n didn’t even get some thoughts about rads while trying to kiss Sam.what a man he is he is trying to flirt with Sam as well as his wife rads without any hesitation. If he is flirting with Sam then there should be some hesitation while nearing Sam.but I don’t see such hesitation in him.can’t understand what he is up to.

    I just want this to happen.arjun being d only person who knows all d sacrifices that rads did for Sam’s happiness should lose his temper on seeing Sam humiliating rads n shout at Sam pointing all the sacrifices that rads did for Sam thus revealing the truth to Sam .if this happens at least this will show that arjun loves rads.

  15. Neil i like u man u r awesome in this episode….
    Pls sp don’t end this serial……
    we want manmarzian….

  16. Guys what is arjun doing? Has he gone mad? And sam? Sam’s going dinner with arjun inspite of knowing that arjun is cheating her.

  17. Hey it’s me again, I kind of started a story here. I had been rudely interrupted while I was typing. I had to come here for a haldi function, which I’m not really interested to attend, but family compulsions.

    About the story, it has Radhika, Arjun, Sam, Neil and four other main leads. I had to say only Ardhika’s are paired together and all other characters have their own individual stories.

    I have to keep this because here I’m in the

  18. hello guys do watch this

  19. fashiony abony

    I like neil’s attitude

  20. frineds do you know manmarziyan will go off on this august due to low

    ans of Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan are deeply affected by the recent news that you are pulling the plug on this show later this month. We were taken back by the sudden sad news.

    Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan Offscreen Photos

    This show has great potential and is a fresh concept. I think even you must have realized by now, the audience of Manmarzian is the younger crowd. There is incredible support online, on social media and now a petition has been put forward against the cancellation.

    This may be a small step and may not affect your management decision, however it is our responsibility to keep supporting our favourite show regardless of the situation at the moment.

    So please, we ask you to consider your decision again, after reading the petition. We will send it to you once we reach the decided signatures on it are comments shared by fans.

    We really hope you will be favourable in your response. We also hope to receive a personal response to this mail instead of an automated email.

    Soon she received a mail from Star TV confirming the end.


    detailed in this wikipedia
    this show replace new show SUMIT SAMBHAL LEGA

    why management has taken this hasty decision.?
    why they don’t air off this saas bahu serial.. YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI & this type of boring family drama..

  22. <3 u renu ur amazing

  23. Cool guys ur thoughts thru cmnts !!!!
    Tnx 4 d details evry1 n espcialy long writers !!!!!

    1. Thx 4 d video honey !!!

  24. N yeah thanx espcialy renu ur just amazin I don’t have words to describ u !!!!! AWSOM !!!!!!

  25. Sam has gone mad today. Arjun is making radhika jealous.

  26. @mandy,tiya,….

    Thanx 4 ur compliments dear,…

    i really gonna miss all ur love friends,…

    i love u all n cox of this serial,i got many friends,….i want manmarziyan 2 continue,….please god save this show,…


    1. Hey ur welcome renu !!!

  27. friends,..

    please trend as much as possible with hash tag #savemanmarziyan n #wewantmanmarziyan

    @starplus @StarAniljha,…soon ppl come on we ve no time,…

    post ur tweets there with above said hashtag,…

    2day sbs wale showed kaise ye yaariyan wrap up as it gonna end on august 27,…but still v dinn get any such last epi on location videos,…

    & in one OLV,…monica said she still affected by arjun n it takes time 2 realize their love,…so after getting this week trp,…they gonna end it by next week n rush everything within a week,…so,come on friends,..lets join our hands n save our show,…hum sab milke andhere ko kaa jayenge,…

    1. Of course renu. We will do everything possible 4 us to save mmz.

  28. Cv’s plz dont mislead the lead character arjun… i know he will overcome out of his dilemma soon and chooses RAD over sam… dont let him supress his hidden feelings just for the sake of nandini’s revenge..

    i dont know why starplus is not considering fans requests…
    HELLO STARPLUS, KINDLY RENAME UR CHANNEL AS SAAS BAHU BETA ACT, it will be apt for u.. DYM has many hidden links to show up, give them one more chance.. we are pleading you just one chance makes evrythng fine even your trps.. change the timeslot.. this show is giving a good message to youth abt frenship,love, ambitions, hearts desires…
    plzz only one chance… they didnt do any crime, then y u r keeping our request aside..

    u r not atleast interested to listen to us.. hate u sp…

  29. I hope that even if the show ends the site shouldn’t end here:(

    So, I’m back from the sangeet function, it was excrutiating, very much. As it had previously dirupted my story writing I’m going to continue from where I have left off…So, here we go…


    She had encountered the full force of his eyes drilling into her one day. That day was the most frightening and also the most sensational in her life. She had been working in the library one evening and Mrs. Rosa asked her to bring the four Management books she had missed in the store room in the back wing of the college. Radhika did as she was told, if she missed working in the library and additional hours jn the cafe her tuition fee was hard to be paid. She had no parents and she was adopted. It was not like her adopted parents were mean or bad. They were good to her and she was lucky to have them. The problem was with Nisha and Viren. They were her step siblings. Nisha despised her, she didn’t like Radhika at all, that pained her to no end. Viren behaved as if she was invisible.

    Radhika’s step parents weren’t rich enough to afford her college fee, they could, of Nisha’s and Viren’s but not Radhika’s. As she already had scholarship, though for college tuition fees she had to work extra hours.

    So, that day she was working late, it was already 6:30 in the evening, she was afraid, she had to walk home all alone. Cursing heavily over her fate, Radhika walked downstairs, well past the empty corridors. The storeroom was dark, she gulped hard. God help her, she prayed. The door closed behind her with a click.

    She turned around with a gasp. The door locked itself. She shook the door knob again and again. God, she had locked herself in, how stupid was she.

    “Somebody help!” She yelled, and beat at the door

    1. Hi kfar I m not new but now I juz read d story n I lovd it !!! I wanna no d name of dis story ?? N what type of story ??? Fiction or horror ???

  30. There wasn’t anyone outside. College hours were done and there wasn’t a soul around the campus. The darkness was getting to her, the feeling of oppression was too mich, like something was there around her. It seem to envelope her mind.

    Pure sheer terror struck her, it heightened her senses, making it worse to breath. Her breathing turned into short pants. No, she was not going to break down after all these years. Never. With renewed energy she beat more and more.

    She took a deep breath in and let out a scream at the top of her lungs.

    “Help!” She screamed with everything she has got.

    She screamed and screamed but the door did not budge nor it opened from outside. Her energy seem to dwindle, screams turned soudless, but she continued beating at the door.

    She slid down on the floor, counting minutes, hours. This was not going to happen again. She was not going to be weak, Somebody has to find out. The librarian will come looking for her. The old woman will surely come, she is not going to leave her here and go now, will she?

    All night long in darkness. She drew her knees together. Tears spilled from her eyes. God, please help. Please help, she prayed silently. Her body went high alert when she heard a scratching sound, her eyes darted all around. She peered, there were old wooden racks and some equipments but other than that she couldn’t decipher a thing. A new shiver raked her skin, the scratching sound stopped then started again.

    Something moved, under the cloth of the rack. It grew in size. Her eyes went wide and she let out a blood curdling scream.

    As soon as her scream resounded, the store and as she was ready to faint, the door burst open abruptly. Her stooping eyes flew open when magically a bright light flooded into the room. She scrambled up so fast, all the blood rushed to her brain and her feet went unsteady and rubbery, but Radhika didn’t care, she wad already running out of the vile place but not before she collided hard with a wall of a chest.

    Thank god, somebody opened the door. The warmth of the person’s body reassured her that she was alive. She hugged tight, thanking hoarsely, murmuring words she didn’t know. The shivering in her body and shake in her voice did noy leave. It told her how much scared she had been. Still was.

    “It’s s s s so d..dark.” Radhika sobbed, and clutched tightly to the comfortong warmth of another person.

    1. hi kfar,…

      ur story s really superb n i loved it,…please continue ur update dear,…..

  31. Hello, Mandy:)
    Thank you so much for loving my story. You’re the first to comment on it. Yes, it’s fiction. No, it’s not horror. It’s pure romance, as I’m a huge fan of romance. Will be kind of funny too. Title to the story, haven’t yet decided. Although, it may come along the lines of ‘Drawn Together’, but I still thinking. I would love some suggestions though:)

    There will be Sam, Neil and other two characters in the next episode but first chapter is totally dedicated Ardhika obviously.

    The next scene when Radhika gets scared will be when Arjun sees her. For now I kind have to stop typing, because my 11month old niece wants my phone. She wants to chew on it. Until and unless I don’t surrender it, she won’t stop pulling at my hair. She sleeps at whenever she gets tired of playing. Next part after tonights episode.

    And thank you Mandy for commenting on the story:) It keeps me going.

    :)))):) HoPE FoR CoMmEnt AnD LoVE on my story of romance.

    Till den LoVE u All, KeeP rocking:)

  32. Lovely episode. I am going to miss this show.

  33. aham i m going to mis u so much

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