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Manmarziyan 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika thinking about Saral’s words. Saral comes and asks for breakfast. He says he will make himself and she goes to him. She says she will make it. He sees her wearing shagun bangle and says he does not need food now. He says we will be marrying today at noon, and he knew she will agree, so he has done all arrangements, and asks her not to tell anyone. He says he kept something for her in room and asks her to go and get ready. Mala comes and asks Saral where is he going. Saral says we have much time, I thought to get something for Radhika. Mala says Radhika is lucky, you care for her happiness. Saral says I love her, who else will care for her. He asks Radhika to be ready and leaves.

Radhika cries seeing the bridal dress. Mala comes to her. Radhika hugs her. Piyali

shows some sarees and jewelries to Sam, and says she has kept those sarees since long time. Sam says she has left this moment behind, and if she recalls, she will get many moments, she will not forget any of the memories. Manya asks Piyali what she bought on her special events, what memories she has. Piyali says Manya…. Manya says its fine, Sam will go and I will get mum’s attention, Sam will be out of my life. Sam says I will never be out of your life, nothing will change. Manya says everything will change, and is jealous of Sam.

Neil comes and talks to Sam. Manya stares at him. Sam asks about Radhika and goes with him. Radhika does not see her phone and talks to Mala. She says she is worried for Dada ji and Ankush. Mala says till Saral is with us, nothing can happen to them. Mala asks whats all this. Radhika says Saral gave this to wear today, and asks Mala to make her ready. Radhika hugs her and cries.

Mala tells her to inform Sam that she won’t be in her marriage, but Sam and Arjun can come in your marriage. Sam asks Neil to call Radhika again and hopes Saral is not giving her tension. Nandini and Arjun come there. Mala makes Radhika ready. Radhika sees Neil’s call and recalls Saral’s words. Mala says I will make you ready like this on your wedding day. Radhika cries. Mala says Dilip is also wishing to see your marriage, we will do it grand after everything gets sorted. Arjun looks around for Radhika. Manya stares at Neil and angrily looks at Sam.

Piyali asks Arjun whom is he finding when Sam is with her. He asks for Manya and Radhika. Sam says Radhika is not taking my call, its my haldi and it looks she is getting ready for her marriage. He asks did you try calling Saral. Sam says no. He says let me try. Nandini says no phone today and asks Piyali to start the ritual. Piyali does Sam and Arjun’s haldi. Sam asks Neil to keep calling Radhika. Arjun worries. Neil calls Radhika. Saral comes home and makes her talk to Neil. Neil asks Radhika to come soon. Saral gets a call and goes out to talk to Nandini. Saral says its like you said. She says good, all the best. He thanks her.

Mala tells Radhika that you are looking pretty, I will take a pic. Saral asks Radhika is she ready. He asks her to think again. He tells Mala that its not necessary to go in Sam’s haldi. Mala says no, Sam is her good friend, let her go. Saral says as you say, come Radhika. He takes Mala’s blessings. Saral takes Radhika. She runs crying to Mala and hugs her. Saral says Radhika is crying for Dada ji and Ankush, I told her not to worry, I m there. Mala worries and asks Radhika is there anything to say, is she hiding anything. Saral asks Radhika to say it. Radhika thinks of his warnings and says she does not wish to leave mum alone. Saral says we will be back in sometime, come, else we will get late.

Neil calls Radhika again, and Mala talks to him, saying Radhika forgot her phone, I will give it to her. Saral tells Radhika that she is crying as if he is forcing her to marry, think again, I will cancel marriage if you have objection. She says please think again Saral. He says no time to think, Dada ji and Ankush’s life is linked to this marriage, come. He holds her hand and they get down stairs. He says she looks beautiful today and makes her wear the chunri over her head. Mala comes there and looks on shocked. Saral says now you look to be bride, and smile now, don’t cry. Mala fumes.

Saral and Radhika come to temple. He warns her about her Dada ji and Ankush, and they sit for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lakshmikiranmayi

    Hiii i am new 4 this

    Ohh god pls make this marriage date 4 Radhika and arjun not saral and radhu

  2. Arjun plzzzz marry radhu and save her frm idiot saral……..

  3. radhika wedding will not happen

  4. Jst read the spoiler which said radhu’s friends wll stop her marriage with saral and got releived….i’m vry hpy knowing that arjun ll get to know its all nandini’s plan to fire shop….hope he himself stops the marriage!!

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