Manmarziyan 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika coming to Sam. Sam asks did I ask you to sit. She says I got your mail, that you did this to save me and I will understand, but I did not, tell me why did you marry Arjun, to save me from whom, I know the truth, I know why you have done this, you felt you can hide this from me. Radhika says I m sorry Sam, I did not wish to tell you, but… Sam says but you could not live without igniting fire in my life. She tears the paper and says you fell in love with Arjun, you got jealous of me. Arjun looks at the ring. Neil comes to him and asks is he busy, he wants to talk. Arjun says go ahead.

Neil says you came in Sam’s life, fell n love, broke her heart, and came back in her life again, I did not say anything, then created confusion between Sam and Radhika, your repeat

entry has made me impatient, Sam is my life, my best friend, and Radhika is my Chashni, if they both cry because of you, I won’t leave you, better keep your wife happy and stop seeing Sam’s dreams. Arjun asks why, just you want to dream about Sam. Neil smiles and says don’t change the topic, you got married, learn to keep the relation. Sam says I know to snatch my things back, Arjun still loves me, this bangle is the proof.

Radhika says you may have this bangle, but his name sindoor is in maang. They argue. Arjun says marriage is kept where there is truth, fake relation can just have acting. Neil says you kept the drama ring very safe. Arjun removes the ring and it gets stuck. Neil laughs and says love has a specialty, the more you try to get rid of it, it gets stuck, I hope I don’t need to say anything more. Arjun says Arjun still loves me. Radhika asks really, they why does he stay with me in bedroom and wake me from his snores, if he loves you, why does he have this relation with me. Sam smiles and says relations break. Radhika says relations don’t break, its late for you. Sam says get out. Arjun comes out and sees Sam asking Radhika to get out.

Sam looks at him teary eyed. Radhika says this is Arjun’s cabin, so he has right to say this. Sam says okay then and says Arjun I have to discuss imp pitch, I don’t want junior trainees here. Radhika asks how will trainees learn pitch then. Sam says its Arjun’s choice, me or her… Arjun looks at them. He walks to Sam and asks Radhika to go. Radhika gets stunned. He says I want to discuss imp pitch with Sam. Radhika looks at him and leaves.

Radhika recalls Nandini and Arjun’s words. She cries and sees Samrat. Samrat and Radhika talk in the café. Samrat asks why did she marry Arjun. She recalls Nandini’s revenge. He asks do you love Arjun. She nods. Samrat says you know whats your problem, you can’t lie convincingly, whats the truth. She says that you don’t want to say. He says please tell me, maybe I can help. Radhika says you can just help me one thing, ask your daughter to stay away from my husband. He asks why should I keep two lovers away, if Arjun and Sam love each other, they should be together. She says Arjun does not love Sam. He asks really, does he love you? Till you don’t tell me the truth, I can’t keep them away. She says Arjun is married. He says I can’t see Sam sad, marriages can’t break, tell me the truth, else I will bless Sam and Arjun, choice is yours.

Samrat asks Radhika what is she hiding, she was Sam’s friend, I regarded you as Sam, I promise to save you from problems. She says its good not to say few things, as lives get ruined. He says what is that matter, please tell me, I know you are hiding something, come on. Nandini comes there and says I told you Radhika, you can’t hide it. Samrat gets shocked seeing her.

Sam eats chocolates and Neil comes to her. He asks what is she doing. She asks what. He says I won’t let this happen, don’t plan against Radhika. She says I have to ruin her, like she broke my heart. Neil says this is not done. She asks is this done what she did with me, she snatched Arjun, now its my turn. He says she married Arjun. She says its her problem. He says you can’t do this. She says you have to support me, lets start the new work with sweets. She leaves.

Samrat asks Nandini what is she doing here. Nandini says her brother and Bhabhi work here, so she has come to talk to Radhika. Samrat leaves. Nandini talks to Radhika and scares her about Sam’s happiness, blackmailing her to keep smiling. She says I know Samrat is hiding and seeing you. Samrat looks at them. Nandini says if he feels there is some problem, he will go to its root, then he will tell Sam, Sam lost her family and friend, if she loses her dad, it will look bad, if Piyali knows everything, it will ruin everything, a small truth can end everything. Radhika smiles. Nandini says I knew you are smart girl, remember your smile has Sam’s happiness. Radhika turns and smiles seeing Samrat. He leaves.

Radhika and Arjun are on the way. Radhika asks Arjun is she going for dinner with Sam. He says you can’t come between me and Sam

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy

    i hate today episode except neil’s speech….how dare u arjun…u asked my chasni to go out…u go out from both girls life…sam u mad…100% true….how long u and arjun r in love……just disgusting while u say my pyaar… much love ll give so much pain….bt this not suitable to u….go to hell….

  2. alley

    We want manmarziyan yaar plsssssssssss some more ardhika moments plsssssssssss ending the show at least now show ardhika scenes…. Neil was cute today he was smiling….arjun tooooooo handsome and rocksss!!!!!

  3. happy

    r u mad chasni….sam doesnt deserve anything…then y u want all this….i am feeling bad….go to ur home town…end this show…..again repeat story start…is there any value for friendship and marriage…..

  4. Annie

    Felt like slapping that idiot sam.. how can she do this??!! Why cant she move on in life??
    Felt nice to see arjun in that dilemma. .. he chose sam over rads. . All these deeds of arjun is provoking sam to do all these.. but sefiously sam has lost hr mind!!!
    Loved neils convo with arjun.. specially meri chasni.. he is a true friend. .. I just love him
    Why the hell rads dont say the truth atleast to samrat.. coz he is the root of all these…
    All the actors were superb.. love dem all..
    Nd hate sp… wish the new show to get lowest trp(less than mmz)…

  5. alley

    We want manmarziyan yaar plsssssssssss some more ardhika scenes now at least the show is ending today’s epi arjun sooo cute as always!!

  6. nish

    Just shut up arjun brainwashed mad man.
    shut up star plus I got mail from star plus confirming of mmz end n that plzz watch a new exiting show sslg just ridiculous star plus is.

  7. happy

    guys…is there any meaning in hindi for chasni….i cant understand neil saying radhika is my chasni….

  8. shalini

    radhika seems so emotionless onscreen. she is not doing justice to her role in manmarziyan. i can’t connect to her. on the other hand sam is doing a good job , she puts all her emotions at the right place .

    • renu

      I dont think so,…i feel so connected 2 this show cox of RAdhika character,…

      m not a fan of monica sehgal,..but she impressed me with her cute expressions at most n she nailed in emotional intense scenes,….

      sry 2 interrupt,…i dinn feel any flaws in her acting she s doing justice 2 her character as i cant imagine any1 other than monica in radhika’s character,…this shows how talented she s,…even i felt sam’s drunken behavior as OTT but dinn find any flaws in monica portraying as radhika,…

      this s purely my POV(point of view)

    • anu

      yeah shalini… i agree with you just for today’s episode.. that too missed some emotion while talking to sam and when arjun asked her to leave… expressions could be much better, as they both can get connected looking into her eyes….arjun should feel that emotional look when he said rad to leave.. he has to struggle and fight with his mind &heart just like yesterday when he took her from sam to staircase… but that emotional bonding part was missed today….. its just okay in that scene…. 🙁

  9. Ireena

    all problems get sort.rad disclose truth in front of all.all will be settled .sam and arjun will believe her.nandini truth will be disclosed. then rad will want to leave arjun thinking for Sam. by this time sam will also starting to love Neil.arjun will be shattered hearing rads decision but won’t commit his love. by that time rad will also feel for arjun
    sameil will plan to closen ardhika.that’s it.journey will be finished with their commitment of love.

  10. happy

    rad dont want to tell truth to anyone…..wats the meaning guys….i hate u chasni today….u insulted by arjun….i cant see u both like this….sam worst girl….arjun u also….i hate all people except neil…i love him…his acting…super….

  11. Manu

    Neillll♥♥evry girl will dream for a guy like you either as a frnd or as a lover.. such an awesome characterization and shravan u nailed it man.. and Arjun, dont want to comment anything abt today’s episode..irritating sam arjun and specially nandhini…

  12. saji

    I ddn like todays epi….y dis rads s nt disclosing d truth to,anyone…wats her plan..
    hw long will she come btn Sam n Arjun…n hw will she bring out truth in front of everyone…

    disgustng sam

    n Arjun you too..all,came to dat same initial point

    Neil superb…

  13. mitty

    Guys Wat is happening yaa? Hardly 10 days to go off air ?where is ardhika moments? Where is friendship? Where is Neil Sam feelings? How they are gonna end this story? Renu come fast and explain me m totally confused

  14. More of radhika and arjun scenes plz.Gonna miss manmarziyan.I think this couple should act together once more after manmarziyan.Just love radhika and arjun:*

  15. Why is arjun choosing sam over radhika despite his feelings.Arjun should get over his revenge to realize his love for radhika.Need more of arjun-radhika scenes:

  16. susan

    Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz Plzz don’t end the show ….I really really lov arjun and radhika chemistry. …plz plz

  17. anu

    loved NEIL-ARJUN’s convo…
    NEIL is heading to secure sam and radhika from arjun’s( nandini implanted) evil thoughts.. “IF THEY CRY BECAUSE OF YOU, I WONT LEAVE YOU” that shows a lot of care towards his chasini and his life(sam)… its a warning to arjun and he has to understand the inner meaning as NEIL CAN STAND TO ANY EXTENT FOR HIS FREN rad & HIS LIFE sam.. great job neil…
    arjun u wanna ignore the tears and love of radhika just because of revenge.. coming to ring part , it was bonded in hate, but was getting tight in the bond of friendship,love.. ur marriage was done with hatred, but maariage has its own charm that it will turn into life of freindship&love…u will realize the same soon…arjun beta ur ring cannot be easily removed.. 😉 … when u said radhika to leave, look into her eyes, she had lot of trust on your inner heart that u wont betray her at any cost.. but ur mind has done work this time in betraying her just bcoz of nandini di’s selfish motives.. dont worry radhika, arjun will fall in love with you madly… fingers crossed… 😉

  18. Ira afroz

    Today’s episode was good.It’s ok nah…becoz every episode we can’t get Ardhika’s it’s quite fair.
    From today’s epi i got Arjun so confused.Seriously he always get stuck in a dilemma.Hope very soon he get from this dilemma and choose what his heart say.

    And Neil…..u r always stay in right side.such a amazing guy u r.
    Guy about sam….i don’t HATE her .
    Just once time think about her.She is totally broken.From the very starting we all saw hw broken she was becoz of her brother’s death and her own mom’s hated her so much.Then everything was get fixed in a right way becoz of Radhika’s friendship.And again she get cheated by her love Arjun.Not only that her best friend got married to her all things was not too easy to forget.
    ( This is my point of view for sam)

    I guess precap is quite interesting.Let’s see how Radhika stop Arjun to meet sam for their dinner date.

    Hope Neil will do something….

  19. angel

    i guess d tim slot cn b chngd…d show isnt dt mch older to get off air in 10 days…nd yah v luv ardhika moments bt dey dsnt look natural bcz radhika lacks smwht in acting n arjun is nt so cmfrtbl wd her i gues d reasn is dt he s married so…bt i feel radhika should tell samrat abt nandini’s evil plans so dt d show cn go off air…d show started wd a spark of frdshp nd nw nly showing saas bahu drama…ds whole marriage thing ws sch a bullshit…nobdy ds lik dt in real lyf fr frdz…i mean v luv our frdz bt hum unki musibaten apne sar nahi le lete…fr saving her frd she got to d prsn who could b dangerous fr her…hw stupid ws dt…if d show s nt gng off air den it needs to wrk on its script

  20. Sohini

    at the end plz give us some ardhika their consummation scene atleast we vl b happy to see arjun radhika consummation.,

  21. Roselyn Dada

    Pls dont stop this show very intresting we watch only because of Radika and Arjun always amazing Neil is trying but hate Sam who is so insensitive to love. Samran should wake up too is the origin of this problem . from Nigeria

  22. saheen

    i hate u sam get out from arjun and radhika’s life …………. there is always a villain in a cute love story

  23. alekhya reddy

    everyone is doing justice to their roles..neil is too gud..his dailouges are heart touching..but sp if mnz go off air ur channel is definitely going down..hw can u do injustice to such a grt actors and story..pls dnt stop mnz..

  24. Hrishika

    Sam is doing good, n I mean very good in the villain role. She’s really talented.
    (this is just my POV)

  25. masha.sharma

    i hope this is just gimmick or trick from star plus to get the more attention from viewers when they said this serial will go off air next monday 29 august . however this serial often got the low TRP since the story was changed from (youth drama being family100 drama) .but we begun to love ardhika and nesam pair You know also the story has ruined from the first concept of manmarziyaan .the first promo of dis serial has showed us how to maked our dreams come true by the courage .hard work and never give up . Even the first promo of dis serial .we often watched the good quotes by radhika and samaira to give us spirit in our mind and our heart . . At First time when i saw the scene radhika rejected saral’s family proposed because she wants after her dreams i thought this girl will show us ( the girls) how to catch our dreams and not wasted the whole our life in house .take care our family until we get old .but whats the meaning of that if finally Radhika got married wid arjun , i loved ardhika pair but to married i thought is really soon its like radhika have forgotten her comitment .oke just forget it .but i hope u understand what i mean .
    Come back to the words gimmick or trick .why i said this words .sometimes in the televisions worlds . U need doing gimmick to get the Attention from viewers .sometimes the good gimmick make the channel got the full attention from viewers .
    (what is that gimmick .u can searching on google..they will give the best answer) . This serial often got the low TRP but sometimes it get the high TRP when the story was interesting for us .right ? . And to get our attention the manmarzian team created issue to take dis serial off.but exactly (hope dis true) they won’t ending dis serial. They just want to know how much we loved this serial .and we showed them how much we love dis serial by sent the hastag # Savemanmarzian .tagged starplus and also doing the petition to all network to save dis serial And also please u thinking with logica .how they will ending dis serial so soon when they knowing if we as manmarzian lover begin to love the story althought it was ruined . And how about priya mehra the real arjun sister .when she will appear in this show .oh i thought she will appear to be the hero of radhika . I mean like dis . Ardhika someday go to somewhere for honeymoon then nandini and rana planning to killing radhika without arjun know this .then priya mehra will appear in this show as the savior of radhika . At first time they not recognized one each others until radhika seeing arjun childhood pic in priya rooms .and u la la the real story about arjun and nandini past life will get releaved by priya mehra . dis is my opini guys .but i hope my opinion become true . …and how about the relationship between manya .samaira and neil .we knew if manya fell in love with mr idiot .where is she why we could not saw her again in this serial? I thought it will interesting to seeing the cat fight between Sisters to get the full attentions from the same guy .then watched sam as the bad girl who want to distrubed ardhika life .do you agree with me guys . Wow sorry guys ..i talked to much .just wanna shared my feeling .

  26. jannat

    Pls end this Sam n Arjun drama by revealing Nandhini’s truth n show something like Radhika leaving Arjun as her mission is completed n Arjun trying to bring his ladylove back home .If Arjun confesses his love in last episode n rad accepts it immediately then it’ll be like no importance is given to ardhika love us their love story atleast now as this show is ending now.pls don’t disappoint us by showing scenes like Arjun choosing Sam over Rads (like the one u showed today)

  27. Natasha

    I like the thought of neil 4 his sam & chasni. He is really a true friend. But I’m not happy as the serial is dragging. Come on writters don’t drug. There is only few days to end this show & now at least show the main concept of the show friendship & radhika’s dream to become something.
    Gyus, after this show I will miss commenting here as well as u all. Promise me that u all will never forget me. I don’t know about u all but I consider u as my friend.

    • Natasha

      I have told the writters not to drag the story where I have wrote drug. Sorry guys for the spelling mistake.

  28. SAGA

    Story May be like this ….

    Radhika will make Arjun Realise about Nandhini’s Evil and Arjun will realise his feelings for Radhu.And he will feel bad to see Radhu and Sams Fight because of him.He will accept his mistakes infront of everyone and at the same time sam will fall in love with neil but will not express it to him.Radhu will also started to have feelings for Arjun But she will be in the misconception that Arjun Loves Sam.So she will decide to make them marry and neil will also support her in this.Since Sam loves Neil and Arjun loves Radhu they will not be able to accept each other and in the mandap the Duo will break hte marriage and go back to their Respective Loves …Happy Ending …

  29. nikki

    Pls don’t end the show.It is a light hearted not feel any pressure watching it.we just enjoy.Don’t end this yaar at least for one month.6 PM slot is available for this yaar.

  30. Janvi dey

    It would be convenient if they end tere sheher mein bcoz I guess we ppl enjoy watching manmarziyaan rather than that tere sheher which has all its characters doing overacting and top of the roof drama I wish it happens so

  31. renu

    hiiii friends,….

    I think 2day’s epi s ok 4 me n it symbolise many future possibilities,…if the show not gonna end by 10 days,..then i must say its a good episode,….but the feeling of just few days makes it hard 2 say,….

    n friends,…1 good news,…star plus bcomes worried 4 tremondous support 4 manmarziya 4m its fans,…but they r not in a place 2 give up their decision,…but its nice 2 hear,…SO,v can expect mmz season 2 in some other channel,….wat u guys think??? dont give up ur hopes,…please tweet r mail them continuously,…

    2day,I loved AReil First encounter,…..

    friends,…i felt every1 played with truth game,…1.sam-radhika,…2.arjun – neil,….3.samrat – radhika,…4.samrat – nandhini,….5.nandhini-radhika,….

    k coming 2 sam n radhika,….i felt bored with sam’s ideology,..infact i loved sam – radz friendship b4 ardhika,…as they remind me my friendship with my bestie,….but cvs failed 2 prove that sam’s side 4 radhika,…that makes their friendship imbalance,…i already posted about sam’s character in previous epi,…i think so,….She looks like a strong character outside but emotionally she depends on neil n her paa,…so,she cant clear her mom’s mu 4 her bro’s death,…wen radz came in her life,she trusted radz n loved her as a bestie,..even i felt that she dinn consider her as bestie but now on thinking deep,…sam’s anger s justified,…As i said b4,…sam do sth wrong at first n repent 4 her mistakes next,…(i gave some incidents too in my previous comts,..i dont wanna mention here),..So,her anger in showing double standard behavior 2 radz alone s justified,….she s more hurt by the fact tat her bestie backstabbed her than the fact she lost her love(arjun) as she never loves arjun,….So,her act of taking revenge against radz s justified but executing it in this way s not justified,…i felt disgusted that how can she stoop so low by snatching radz’s husband 4m her,…

    Btw,i loved radz confidence in giving back 2 sam yday as i felt some jealous in radz eyes there that makes her 2 over think that arjun ll support her(baby how can u believe ur pati 2 support u wen he s back in revenge mode),…i read some got disappointed by radz expression but i felt its perfect,..nothing needed more than that,…i watched it twice 2 get as such but i dinn find any thing fake,…Arjun choose sam over radz having 2 reasons,,…one s 2 win back sam’s confidence as a loyal nandu’s bro n another s 2 make radz jealous,..(i felt it after watching OLV,…there arjun ready 4 dinner in their bedroom,…radz sitting onthe bed,…arjun came near her n radz distanced herself 4m him n he said if u r not behaving as a wife then i ve 2 go 2 my girl friend n went outside)

    Radz showed overconfident in her expression over sam n wen arjun asked her 2 leave,…she shows disappointment n disgusted look there,…i loved their eyelocks there,…it spoke volumes,…Arjun’s guilt n i found arjun humiliated radz b4 sam 2 get back his lost confidence over him in sam,..he said 2 radz in a soft manner,…n wen he said i wanna discuss some pitch with sam,,…here renu thinks,…wat pitch arjun cricket pitch???,….but the loser in this game s SAM,… anyway,i dont wanna discuss it here

    this scene symbolise that after the truth came out b4 all,…radz ll leave arjun n he left no reason 4 her 2 stay with him,…n wen radz came out,she reminisces the diary scene(i said na it has more impact 4 radz 2 hate arjun),his words of sticking on 2 revenge n removing the hurdles in his way,…so,radz s now not in save hubby mode n she came back 2 square 1 as save sam mission,…

    Next,…AREIL encounter

    MY NEIL stole the show yday,….no words 4 him,…i loved how he took coffee,…i loved all his dialogues yday,…he s such a gem yaar,….btw i think neil guessed that some thing big which makes chasni 2 marry arjun after his encounter with arjun,….i loved how neil taunts arjun 4 the cries shed by both the girls,…1 as his love n another as his friend,…his care 4 both the girls impressed me a lot,…he s the ly sensible person yaar,…even radz too bcome foolish sometimes,….

    Wen neil said,SAM s my soul,my bf n chasni,…she s my chasni,…i loved it man,…arjun dinn take anything seriously on talking about sam but wen he said my chasni,..he looked neil n clever r smart arjun wanna divert neil 4m chasni,…he turned the table against neil by,’y u ly ve 2 dream about sam’,…i know arjun y u said this dialogue cox u want 2 divert neils attention 2wards sam r8 n distance him 4m ur wife,..i want a jealous arjun in the dinner party,….i mean want radz n neil in dinner,…wat say guys….

    and the ring part,…cvs edited those scenes,…its may b after that ring finding rituals r sth but it looks like sam-arjun engagement ring n i dinn find it after their marriage,..(small blooper) i knew cox of time constraints,..they may edited it n it must b after ring finding ceremony,…
    k wat happened arjun u said ur marriage s fake,…then y cant u take that ring away 4m ur hand,…u bcame fat in a couple of days by ur wife’s love r food baby,…if ur mrg s fake then handover ur wife’s hand 2 neil dear,…u ve guts 2 do this???,..i guessed tat u wanna prove ur point by winning back sam’s confidence again,,nothing hard 4 me wen u said radz 2 go out,…. but u ve 2 pay 4 this,wen she left u after the truth revealed 2 all,…

    I found samrat too sensible yday,…he said he wont oppose sam n arjun’s relationship if she dinn say the truth,..bla,..bla,…just 2 get truth 4m radz,…i felt happy that samrat may dig the truth n reveal it sooner,…but i dont wanna 2 reveal 4m samrat’s side cox i want it 4m arjun as he s responsible 4 all n tat’s the ly way 2 make radz feel 4 him,…till now she s affected by his closeness,…nothing more than that,…so,arjun should spill the truth b4 all n should make win his love over his revenge,….overall this episode s a nice trailer 4 the upcoming story,….

    n friends,…i saw tweet 4m jaya mam(1 of the cvs)she said a dance ll b there in dinner n u all ll love it,…..n btw,…monica aka radhika s a national ballroom dancer,…so,i want a passionate dance btw ardhika yaar,…fingers crossed,….

    hope some miracle save this show 4m abrupt ending,…n asusual dinn read wat i wrote,..

    • Thena

      Renu wow ya…hw can u think like this….i read ur comments everyday…sday ur personal advise to radz was absolutely gud cox arjun is in a mode like “nerungadhe penne endhan nenjellam nanjagum”,right?

      • renu

        s dear,…n thanx 4 reading my comts yaar,…

        ve u watched the on location video of dinner date,…

        ardhika s so hot yaar,….

  32. Jenzy

    cannot believe the show is comin to an end, so sad, i love the relationship between Radhika and arjun

  33. Natasha

    Guys do u have watch 2nd promo of sumit samhal lega? If u haven’t then I am telling u. In the promo it is seen that sumit has returned to home after home. His wife told him that she has made his fav dish. He becomes happy. At the same time sumit’s mother come to him and told him that she made his another fav dish. Then sumit’s wife told that she made sumit’s mother that she(sumit’s wife) has made sumit’s fav dish for dinner. Sumit’s mother made some excuse and didnot let sumit to eat his wife’s dish.
    Gyus isn’t it a sign of being saans bahu serial? Sp is just encouraging saans bahu melodrama & discouraging youth show.

  34. Deepa

    Thank u renu ur thoughts are mindblowing……i also wish to see jealous arjun in the party and at the same time sam should be seen jealous towards neil…hope tis come true

  35. anu

    76.94% has voted that they are sad abt ending the show.. this may bring a change in SP’s decision….

  36. Deepa

    Guys…..i think there are many romantic scenes of arjun and radika are on t way to come in upcoming episode….finger crossed

  37. Divya

    Did anyone see the spoilers? Awesome dinner date for ardhika! Radhika looking pretty in tht outfit! For refernce have a look at the page ardhika|ahamica fc

  38. I wanted radhika not to attend the dinner party then only arjun knows the importance our chasni.. always arjun nd rads coming and arjun switching on to revenge mode borring nd someone commented about arjun and radhus comfort level ..and I would ask about this to renu pls anawer this renu …

  39. Ira afroz

    Guys….even i also saw some Spoiler pictures In Telly Express.
    There is uploaded 25 spoiler pictures.

    Guys u should check out those pic.
    Ardhika’s @@@Bedromance @@@.where Arjun pick up Radhika in his arms and laid down her in bed. Arjun was going very close to Radhika.she was telling something to Arjun but Arjun keep his finger on her mouth and make her shut up.He was almost kissed her and rads closed her eyes.

    Just check out those pic in.
    Telly express.

  40. hate todays episode just becoz of sams attitude…….what nonsense yaarrr..there are hardly 10 days are left to end show and cvs shows typical guy attitude only…
    where is manmarziyan ? …please cvs stop this long interval…
    now the days in which radhika has to expose all the truth about nandani n samrat
    hope some miracle is happen through which journey will complete happily
    anyways manmarziyan alway superb n rocking show !! !!!
    all the casts are awesome specially monica. she is really like a chashni..
    luv u manmarziyan [ Unforgettable Show]…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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