Manmarziyan 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Radhika about Samaira’s reply. She gets Saral’s message and says he called me at bakery. Dada ji laughs and teases her. She says maybe Samaira did not check mail. Samaira wakes up and recalls Jai and Piyali, and their happy times. She smiles. Samrat comes to her and asks is she still dreaming. She says dream broke dad, I was making breakfast. He says pan cake, no one likes it except Piyali, she already left for office, sorry.

Samaira says great, and adds egg in it. He says yesterday night… She says I m sorry, it was over, I did not wish to hurt mum. He says I know, she also loves you a lot. Samaira says why does she not say once. He says it needs courage and after Jai went, we are shattered, and when children give hand to parents when they stumble.

She says no use. He says only you can find your mum, talk to her, go office.

Radhika is at bakery and waits for Samaira’s message. Saral asks did she get anyone’s number except her, why is she busy on phone. She says sorry, why did you call me here at this time. He says can’t I talk to you. She sends the mail till he gets busy with guide. He says I m famous and business is set, I m thinking to set my life. She says even I have such plan. He asks really, since when. She says since I met Samaira. He gets angry and she says she is waiting for her mail.

She defends Samaira and says he can’t judge people by their city. He says he was explaining, is this any life changing mail. She says actually, I mean if she gets mail, then her life will surely change. She says she will meet later if its not important. He says fine, I will meet later. She asks sure. He says yes. She says fine and leaves. He calls Ankush and says I m sensing problem.

Birdsong office is shown. Neil makes an entry. He talks to his team and Bony tells her idea. Neil does not like their ideas. He says the product speciality is gold, my maid buys gold every year as she thinks its investment, and this cream will also be investment on themselves, glow queen, as you are not less than gold. They all clap for him calling him brilliant. He asks his staff to prepare for campaign, and asks Bony to do for what she is best, even if its gossip.

She says about a staff member replacement and they think Samaira will get the job. Neil asks did she come. The lady says no, she is ill, she will not come today. Dada ji talks to Radhika. He asks her to call Samaira and ask for a reply. Piyali comes office and says Sam in unwell, and her place will be…. Sam says sorry to come late. Bony taunts her. Samaira also replies her back and smiles. Piyali says Bony or Samaira will take Nik’s place and Neil will head this campaign, and Neil and I will decide who will take her place, give it your best shot, get back to work.

Samaira says I wanted to talk to you. Piyali asks her to say. Samaira says in private, mom. The staff goes. Saral tells Ankush that Radhika made some other plan. Ankush talks to him and says think will I agree or not. Saral says you know benefit is in relations, not friendship. Ankush asks him to use Riddhima and set the marriage, if she takes proposal, Radhika can’t refuse. He says tell her to talk to dad about marriag. Saral thinks.

Saral tells Riddhima about marriage. Radhika tells Dada ji that Riddhima will understand her. Riddhima tells Saral that she will talk about his marriage and he gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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