Manmarziyan 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika thanking Arjun for making her understand that she has control on her life, and so she has refused to Saral. Nandini comes and taunts Radhika that she is making Arjun dance. Radhika says Jimmy Sir asked me to teach some steps to Arjun. Nandini says I could not make Arjun dance till now, and says about her dance Tandav. She smiles and says she kept puja at home. Radhika says she has to go home. Arjun says he will drop her. Nandini reminds their ways are different and Radhika says I will go myself, I will teach you dance tomorrow and not leave you easily. She smiles and leaves.

Nandini gets her anklet and leaves. Arjun looks on. Manya asks Neil his plan. Neil says he is running. Manya asks shall I come along. Neil says I m not interested in becoming Papa, you kiddo.

Sam comes to them. Neil and Manya argue. Manya says she will not lose and they play a stare game. Sam takes coffee and it slips. Neil worries for her and holds her hand. Manya gets angry. Sam asks Neil to come and rehearse. Neil says it was imp for me to be saved of your sister and leaves with Sam.

Mala cries at home. Saral calls his dad and asks him to give money to Dilip. Mala says how can they take money from him. Saral acts sweet and says I m part of your family, Dilip is like my dad. Mala asks him to call Sam, Radhika is not taking call. Saral says not needed. Radhika comes home. Saral asks her to see Radhika has come. Radhika asks Mala what happened. Saral says a lot has happened, where were you. Radhika says I was in Sam’s sangeet practice.

Saral says here our world was burning, and your dance practice was going on, what are you seeing like this, Ankush and Dada ji are in hospital, shop is burnt, and you were dancing there. Radhika asks what, Dada ji and Ankush… Nandini and Arjun do some puja at home. Arjun recalls Radhika dancing. Nandini reminds his 14 year old promise, and says she has seen some dreams, its time to fulfill his promise and take revenge for her tears, and make Samrat’s screams reach her. She asks him to end the stones that come in his way, its his sangeet tomorrow, we are close to our aim Arjun. Nandini puts the anklet in the fire.

Saral looks at the bangle and sits crying thinking Radhika’s words. Radhika comes to him and says she has given sleeping tablet to mum, she spoke to dad and he said Dada ji and Ankush are out of danger, thanks that your parents helped, thanks for helping after what happened between us. She says I will say Sam that we are going back to Rishikesh tomorrow. Saral stops her holding her hand and throws her phone. He says if she says anyone, he will take back his help, Dilip has no money, Dada ji and Ankush will come on road, I loved you a lot, if you want to see them alive, then listen to me, we both will marry tomorrow morning. She is shocked.

He says he has told her to listen to him, He asks her to say if she agrees or not, he will call his dad and take everything back. He gets close to her and says now decision is in your hands, its time now, you gave the bangle back to me, if you want Dada ji and Ankush’s life, then get ready for marriage wearing this bangle, don’t say anything, else you know what I can do. She cries.

Radhika says listen to me Saral. He says no one should know this, your friends, Mala, my parents, no one should know, else be ready for doing Kriyakaram of Dada ji and Ankush. He gets Dilip’s call and talks to him. Arjun sits sad thinking about Radhika. Nandini comes to him and says weak plants break by wind, and asks him will he break. Arjun asks her to trust her hatred. She says I just trust you and holds his hands smiling. Arjun gets back in his revenge. Radhika cries. Manmarziyon pe kaise chale……..plays………..Saral acts sweet to Dilip. Mala says Saral has become a son today and took all the burden.

Saral asks Radhika to talk to Dilip. Radhika talks to Dilip and says we are coming tomorrow to Rishikesh. She asks him to take care of Dada ji and Ankush. Saral acts good to her infront of Mala. Arjun looks at the anklet and recalls Radhika. Dastaan……….plays………. He drops it and walks over it. Radhika thinks of Saral’s words and looks at the bangle.

Saral makes Radhika wear the chunri and asks her to smile. He says don’t cry on wedding day like this. Mala looks on angrily seeing Saral’s true side.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nish

    Don dance on ur father’s money u jerk saral earn a Penny and then come to marry u jobless spoilt brat crappie. Nandini I may suggest instead of anklet u only jumo in the fire stones not the entire mountain of stones will burn away :/ 😐 disappointing episode.

  2. Annie

    Did not like the episode much.. but loved arjuns expression throughout!!
    How can that saral do like this?? He is such a jerk!! Feel like hitting him..
    one strange thing occured in my mind… during the havan that witch did not change her attire. . But arjun changed to a good one.. he was lookn awesome.. :*
    Waiting for tomorrows episode.. hope rads mother get some sense. ..

  3. Aru

    Omg!!!! This saral nd nandini r Unbearable….ye sab karke kya milega yar….subki life barbadh karthe hey bas….

  4. mira

    Omg !!!
    Arjun n rads,don’t do this 2 urselves .
    Saral n nandhini u guys r fit 2 die.playing wid sme1s emotion is not gud
    At last mala ,u realise wat is gud 4 rads.
    I think she all stop the marriage!!!

  5. nish

    ab kya mala ji u urself put her in this fire named saral instead this much if u din lov ur daughter u must have pushed her into a well better than thid saral feel like ugh hit u saral chieeeee bad episode

  6. daisy

    i feel manmarziyan is losing its essence n clarity……it no more makes me feel curious for upcoming episode!!!! earlier i used to fight with my sis for 10;30 tym slot but now it doesnt even bother me if i miss an episode……i think its solely upon d storyline whether or not to attract viewers n lately manmarziyan is failing to do so……

  7. happy

    Yesterday episode too good And today episode too worst….oh god…what a person saral and nandhini are…i hate them…whenever they showed their face i am doing someother work…

  8. Nakshatra

    I wish arjun would stop the marriage… instead of mala..Atleast he would know about how saral blackmailed radhika..and then want to see Arjun’s reaction..

  9. Honana

    its better saral did it… So that the cheap side is seen by mala n she ll stop the Mrg n somehow Arjun will marry radika….

  10. Aru

    Until now mala had been lost many opportunities where radhu needs her hlp….hope kal vo kuch kare….

  11. ☆Twinkle05★

    Saral definitely you r face will break u such a cheap ;@ ;@
    Nandini u cheating u r brother if you love hime truly how can you do this to him poor arjun ;(

  12. Annie

    I think mala will slap rads … as nowadays she is fond of that jerk… hate her .. what kind of mother is she??!! She belongs to the same category of nandini and saral.. yeah a bit better than them..

    • Nakshatra

      Haha…yes..mala’s acting is marvellous……like seriously… she gives only one type of expression to all emotions….

    • happy

      Yes annie…mala ll do that…when she understand her daughter…she always belives saral is the one who marry her daughter in this world…again she deserves best mom award…

  13. charu

    Wat the hell is gng on man..ill kill tat saral idiot..such a stupid and rude character…hee need nice slap n more kicks I think so..sadist..

  14. raashi

    Gud episode… Nandini and Saral both were perfect cheapsters as usual n u idiot Saral how dare u make Rads cry??

    But awwww Arjun was looking sooo sweet and cute:-)<3. He looked like this innocent bachcha who was being bullied endlessly:-( the last scene where he stamps on Rads's anklet was heart breaking:-[ u idiot..u again fell into Nandini's trap..ufff..

    The precap looks promising though….hoping to see Mala ji's true mamata wala side finally.

  15. Nakshatra

    Pls writers…request you not to show some stupid pujas like this…can’t see aham in such stupid scenes….

  16. happy

    They moved on to their’s life one important thing…bt now both again in same point where were they before..
    Today precap…something interesting…other members dont know About their mala only have to stop That…bt i have doubt on mala also…saral easily manipulate mala by ankush and dadaji state…who ll stop this marriage…

  17. Annie

    How will arjun stop the marriage??!! the evil witch will not allow him to come out of the house… please arjun go for morning walk or something to that mandir where saral would forcefully marry rads… and u beat that jerk … and u marry rads instead 😉

  18. Aru

    Mala pe kohi barosa nahi rak sakthe..@annie if it happens as u said dat she ll slap radhu insread f dqt mental!! She ll b proved to b worstest mother…
    Btw where is radhu’s friends….oly radhika ll care for sam…..nd sam is luking vry self centered…….

  19. sevens

    i can tell one thing in confidently that rads nd saral will be stopped
    but can’t guess who will stop it

  20. nish

    I too think annie is right she’ll slap rqds instead.
    Totally agree nakshatra sane expression always she must get consistently super duper mom award

    • Annie

      Sam is BUSY with her so called marriage with arjun which ll nvr gonna happen.. how will she help rads then??
      She evn dosnt care for her sister.. when manya and neil were sitting.. she came suddnly came and took away neil from there as if the world had stopped working.. she takes everything casually and disnt care about others feelings.. -_-

  21. Annie

    Best part of today’s episode was the Ardhika scene which lasted for few minutes. . Brfore that witch’s entry. . And arjunsss xpressions throughout. . Specially the helpless wala xpression while sitting infront of the window.. <3

  22. Vino

    Guys do these comments really reach the writers?but yes I want this nandini and saral to move out of tbis drama quickly.there scenes are horrible.

  23. Ramya

    I hope tis fire accident wil bring ardhika close arjun may help financially rads wich make mala think gud abt arjun and if mala dnt stop tis marriage i wil really scold the director becoz he only gng to make the character to take decisions :-/

    • Annie

      Mala already thinks good about arjun.. but she will not see arjun the way we want her to see.. she will see him as sams fiancé

  24. lovesyouaham

    I hate this episode…nandini and saral both are evil character..Saral is not only suit for radhika but also for any innocent girl.He doesnt deserve any good girl…I loved the dress of aham in pooja scene but I dont want to watch him such a scene…Waiting for scenes like lonalvo episode..oh god it was so nice… loved a lot

    • Devga

      Not sara’s face but on mala’s face. ….. Ssadist saral. Idiot…. Uff I. Am losing my temper a lot. ….
      Hi ireenna …. How. R. U ???

  25. Honana

    Y can’t this birdsong help radhika … She was the one to win nice projects … Arjun come on marry rads soon n finish this shit saral

  26. Devga

    Good episode…..
    Hate hate hate hate u ” sadist saral ” ….. Nandhini I have a big doubt r u a person of female gender…,??,???.( guys uffff I knw I am commenting rubbish but sorry today nandini crossed her limits ? ? )
    Cozz if u r a female u would have well known the pain of a girl… And even u have had experienced the pain of it …… U r. Truely a sadist and wat not to say…. Get lost y I am losing my temper …..

  27. arjun radhu

    Loves this show but hate the scenes of nandini and saral…poor arjun …he is in trouble …he cant control his feelings for radhu and cant disobey his sister…Nandini the selfish forcing him for taking revenge..what a sister she is …Blind towards her brother’s feelings..She only think about her own happiness..She is ruining his life…Arjun will save radhika from saral but who will save arjun from nandini

  28. sevens

    @devga nandini lost her mind as she can’t think what is right nd what is wrong
    she needs a doctor

    • Devga

      Hi ? sevens…….
      It’s not of use to c a doctor as she cannot b changed by even god ….. ?

  29. mitty

    Nandini nd saral made for each other….They should get marry…. If they marry the trp vil be 10 out of 10?

  30. amy

    Best thing about this serial is that they are not at all dragging it…. surprising unexpected breathtaking twists in every episodes…. its really refreshing…..

    And about coming episodes i think mala will inform sam neil and arjun that saral is blackmailing and making radika marry him (saral)……… and then arjun neil and sam together will stop the wedding and save radika…….and in between all this sam and arjun wedding functions may get postponed…….

    Eagerly waiting for next episode…… one thing is sure radika and saral wedding not gonna happen!!!!!!!

  31. Ireena

    So far I know,Ahams character was also manipulated in Mahabharata. Even now it’s being repeated.

  32. nish

    Whats ur real name sevens and devgha
    sardini awesome they give us sadness n sardi(cold) ka headache 😉 😉 @ ireena jordar (awesome)

  33. rima

    I love to watch this serial…It is interesting I am eager to watch next episode. Mala please beat that devil saral. He really deserves a beat. And may arjun will give him a beat in coming episode.. Waiting for arjun radhika scenes..Radhika is very innocent and she will control arjun and always make smile on the angry young man’s face..loves you ardhika..

  34. sevens

    @ nish sry can’t tell my real name
    but i can give u 1 hint it is related to seven can’t tell more than dis

  35. Pathanga

    !!Ufffffoooooo…..sarllll!! Hate u…. Radhika be strong… Arjun wl definitely come to help though he ws brainwashed by nandini bt poor nandini cannot heartwash arjun… Manya is lil irritating…

  36. Pathanga

    Guyzzz..Wat may happen next? Wl chasni get married to saral? Or whether mala cumes to see the true side of saral and prevent the marriage to happen? Or wl arjun try to solve the situation of radhu and protect her from tat wicked saral? I hope first situation dont happen…

  37. raashi

    Watched the retelecast as well this morning….just for Arjun…..awww he’s too good. He didn’t have many dialogues in the episode but all the emotions were so effortlessly expressed through his awesome pair of eyes…loved his expressions n he also looked so cute and boyish.

  38. mariya

    hi devga yesterday news was true

    first position meri aashiqui tum se hi
    2 kumkum bhagya
    3. yeh hai mohabbtein
    4. jamai raja
    5. kaisi yeh yaariyann
    6. saath nibhanya saathiya
    7. manmarziyan

  39. Devga

    Nandini’s evil plot to backfire and bring Arjun and Radhika together in Manmarzian
    While Samaira and Arjun are all set to marry each other, Radhika is going to marry Saral. Radhika has no feelings for Saral and is hopeful that they will find love post marriage. She regards him a good friend and is sure that Saral’s anger is just because of her stay in Mumbai. She resigns from Birdsong and this shocks Arjun. Arjun and Radhika’s heart are beating for each other and they are oblivious to each other’s feelings. Radhika decides to leave the city and go back to her home city. Arjun gets sad that Radhika is going back to Rishikesh. He understands that Saral is pressurizing her and regrets that even Radhika’s mum Mala is unable to support her. Arjun is restless and wants to help out Radhika from a wrong relation. He finds Saral unsuitable for Radhika.
    Nandini plans to spread news of Radhika in Rishikesh and defame her family so that Radhika rushes back to Rishikesh. Nandini wants to be sure of Radhika’s exit from Arjun’s life and sends goons to create a big scene in Rishikesh, by which Radhika will have no option than to marry Saral soon. Nandini failed to realize Radhika’s tears will make Arjun more close to Radhika. Her evil is bringing Arjun and Radhika more closer. Sam and Neil practice dance and prepare for her sangeet function. Manya is obsessed with Neil and looks like turning into a obssession-driven lover for him

  40. Aru

    Friends,only today v can chat with each other….from tomorrow no chatting in this site:(:(:(
    oly comments regarding respective shw ll b displayed…..this is gud in stopping nonsense and stupid comments……bt for those who r part f healthy conversation they r telling dat they ll open a msg site…..hope it ll cum into act soon……i ll mis chatting nd making new friends…..

  41. mitty

    Manmarziyan spoilers latest news: mala decides to take Sam and arjun’s help to save radhika

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