Manmarziyan 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika playing dhol in the function. Riddhima smiles in the baby shower. Saral sees Radhika and smiles. She dances and Dilip finds her bit upset. Samaira is on the way with her parents. Piyali asks her how was Rishikesh, was she enjoying. Samaira says I was enjoying, and someone’s phone call ruined the fun. They argue and Piyali says she has sent her for work, not for holiday. Samaira’s dad compliments her for the ad. Samaira says thanks, I also know my work.

Piyali calls her irresponsible. Samaira says it was not my mistake. Piyali says you should have checked it. Samaira says stop the car. She gets down and her dad stop her. She says I came from Rishikesh, and got habitual to free air, go home, I know the way, I will come. She walks on the road. Piyali says lets

go, I said I should have not come to airport.

Saral talks with Radhika and asks why did she go with uncle, did he say anything, its good Mumbai people went. Riddhima tells Radhika that its her turn now. Samaira walks alone. Radhika thinks about Dilip’s words and gets sad. Manmarziyan………….plays…………… Dada ji asks Radhika to find herself, and says he will say a story.

He says about a singer, small city people think small and no one understood his art, then he left his dreams. She gets angry. He laughs and says whoever told to forget dreams, beat him, else I would have been big singer now. He asks her to fulfill her dreams. She says no, dad does not want me to go Mumbai, he will not agree. He asks her to get job and then think. He does not know about Mumbai, when he knows you can earn name there, he will be proud.

He says Dilip will go to drop you, keep him there. She smiles and asks sure? He says he will manage everything and she hugs him. She thanks him. He says thanks to you too, write a letter to him. Samaira comes home and avoids talking to Piyali. Piyali asks where was she, this is her home and she has right to know who is where. Samaira says I will be careful next time. Piyali says she can’t treat home like this, its not hotel. Samaira says I was finding you, since 5 years where are you. She says look at me, I m your daughter, I m here like always, you always look for Jai, I m not him. She cries and leaves. Her dad looks on.

Samaira drives car and cries thinking of her mum’s words. Her dad Samrat talks to Piyali asking her to talk well with Samaira. They recall Samaira driving and singing with Jai and meeting with accident, and losing Jai. He says we should not lose her now. Samaira recalls Jai’s accident and death and says I m sorry Bhai.

Radhika messages Samaira that she wants to become writer and asks her for a job, and a chance in Mumbai. Samaira comes to Neil. Teri meri dosti yaariyaan………….plays……….. She says some friendship don’t need words, will you have coffee. He smiles. Radhika smiles as the message is sent. Neil holds Samaira’s hand. She says nothing will change.

Samaira says mom wants to be away from me. Samrat says she is lost and you can get her back. Saral wants to send proposal for Radhika and sees Riddhima. Dada ji asks Radhika to call Samaira for a reply.

Update Credit to: Amena

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