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Manmarziyan 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun seeing Radhika playing with kids and making them eat food. He gets relieved seeing her fine. She turns and sees him. The man’s wife brings food. Radhika passes some taunts on him calling him devil and calling herself a princess. Arjun says come Radhika. She asks where? I m having food, its tasty, will you have it. He says he was finding her all the night, and she is after food. She says food is also imp. She introduces him to the lady and says this is Mausi, and Mausa ji found me where you left me.

Arjun says he was finding her all night. She recalls how he left her alone. She asks really? He left her and then found her, strange. She says so you did not get Sam in hotel, so you came to find me. She taunts him and smiles. He asks where is Sam. She says she does not

know. He asks again. She says I will not say even if I know. She turns and he holds her hand. He lifts her and takes her out. Khwaishon pe likhi…………………………plays…………………. The rain drops fall on her face and she stares at him. He makes her sit in the car. They leave.

Neil brings Sam somewhere. Sam asks what is he finding here. He says finding light in her trust darkness. She says this darkness is like her love. He says love did not shatter yet, its here. She asks how will she see it and starts leaving. He calls out Samaira Khanna and opens his palm. She sees a fire fly/lightning bug and smiles. He pulls a tree dry think bark and it falls on him. He shakes them and many fire flies come out of the tree. He looks at her. Teri meri dosti………..plays…………….

She runs to them and tries to touch. She catches one and opens her palm. He says Jugnu/firefly does not wait for light, but they become light themselves. Arjun asks Radhika about Sam. She says I don’t know. He races the car and asks again. She says she will not know if he drives car faster. She asks him to stop the car. He says the car won’t stop, tell me where is Sam. He loses control and a car comes their way. He hits the tree.

Radhika holds her head and sees Arjun lying his head on the steering. She finds him fainted. She asks him to wake up and puts water. She asks is he fine. He holds his head. He tries to talk. She says what is he saying, she can’t hear it and goes close. He steps on him and he shouts. He asks her not to touch him. She says your hand is hurt. He asks her not to cry, her tears can’t hide her that she is trouble maker, always being a problem. She cries. Radhika argues and Arjun says she is a problem.

She says he is devil so he knows devil’s face well as he sees his face in mirror daily. He gets down the car and falls. She helps him and he asks her not to touch him. He says its better to die than taking her help. She asks him to sit in car. He asks her to move and falls. They hear police siren. He says see you moved your hand and my fate changed, you are a problem.

The inspector thinks Arjun and Radhika are husband and wife, and asks him to have food by her hand. She makes him have food. Manmarziyan……………plays………………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m first super cute episode


  3. Yaa really so cute episode yaar

  4. Wow finaly Aradhika’s journey begin. Supr epi

  5. I ht arjun

  6. Nowadays…travelling scenes r very nice…
    Happy to watch Manmarziyan ,eventhouh having…my board exams…ardika nd samnil super ya…arjun acting too good…:*


  8. I hav started watching in last 2 weeks..n dis show is tooo gud

  9. nice episod… waiting for next episod….. arjun-radhika rock….

  10. I want Arjun to fall for radhika first.what a song mind soon for it will be great pain.

  11. Very sweet and cute episode. . Specially the beginning portion… arjuns expression was superb when he found radhika having fun with the kids. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. . Luv dis serial 🙂 :*

  12. Khwahison pe likhi song is just superb.

  13. This serial remain me of kalpi and ragauv jodi in emas.

  14. srujanadsouza

    hao guys I am new to here.I lv watching manmariziyan it rocks today’s episode was lovely

  15. Superb episode. it was very cute to see Radhika in Arjun’s arms. Waiting for 2mrw’s funful episode. I am crazy ya. I am sleepless thinking about this serial that what will happen next?
    I even too always used to talk about manmarziyan in college. Nowadays my friends have also started to watch manmarziyan. I love you a lot Aham Sharma………

  16. i just loveee dis serial… ardhika are a must watch couple!!! cant wait wen arjun ll start loving rads…. 🙂

  17. I love this show, love ardhika and samneil….aham is a fabulous actor …..

  18. So mean Arjun don’t call my Chashni a PROBLEM ok.Afterall she is ur lover in future ….i want Arjun to fall for Radhika ❤ the way Neil wants to c Sam happy..
    Love ❤ u Ardhika,Sameil and Manmarziyaan Rocks…

  19. Plz any1 give d link 2 download d song’khwasi pe likhi’.its so melodious

    1. i too badly need it , tried the most to get it but all in vain ……

  20. I have started watching this serial from 3 or 4 days n i loved it <3 amazing actors <3 beautiful people neil n sam
    radhika n arjun
    but i luv neil more bcoz he ws my fav since splitsvilla

  21. I think arjun will hide his feelings frm rad

  22. hey guys…the one thing which i liked is the bg song we have one more para..can anyone say the lyrics…and as usual ardhika rocks..and sam really have to grow up untill then we cannot have nesam love track..

  23. nice episode.loved it……

  24. Arjun and Radhika u rrockzzz…

  25. Rocking show.??…..more than Sam nd Neil…I like radhika nd arjun .most….cute couple….?…every love begin with a war…this strategy work outs well…????????????????.

  26. Luv u radhika….?

  27. ArDhika nd SamIel jst luv em

  28. Cute and lovely radhika???

  29. i get d link 2 download the title song but nt khwaiso pe likhi.

    1. may b the show makers did not upload it ,…… v would have to wait ……

  30. Hey guys!!
    I luv ArDhika and NeSam….
    Even I luv that track of khwaishon pe likhi…..
    And Manmarziyan rocks… Its too good… I luv it…

  31. Wow love ardhika….

  32. this serial is awesome n rocking

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