Manmarziyan 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika saying she will not marry Saral. She says Arjun was saying right, I can’t give my family a pain for lifetime, the guy who does not respect my dreams, what will he respect me, and the relation without respect has just tears. Saral says you are doing very wrong, your family will be ruined. She says no, my family will be ruined if this marriage happens. He asks will Papa accept this decision, if I tell him.. She says I will tell my Papa, he knows me very well. She says my Papa will break this relation, daughter is respect of parents, and you are not deserving to hold that respect.

She returns the shagun bangle and says my dad is proud of me. Saral holds it angrily. Everyone look on. Saral raises hand to slap Radhika. Arjun and Neil run to stop him. Arjun holds Saral’s

hand and scolds him. Neil says friends are not family, no relation affects us, no one would know if you go missing. Saral tells Radhika that she is doing big mistake. Arjun asks him to get out. Sam and staff hugs Radhia. Arjun sees her crying. Dastaan………plays……..

Saral comes out and sees Nandini near the car. She asks is everything fine. He shouts everything is over Didi. Radhika tells Sam that she is not going anywhere now and hugs her. Saral shows the shagun bangle and says your brother have given this to me. Radhika says she is tensed and has to talk to her parents. Saral says your brother has broken my marriage and ruined my life. Nandini takes the bangle and says her fav part in film is the climax. She says the end does not happen till the film does not end. The choreographer asks Radhika to keep her phone and practice dance.

Nandini says like life is incomplete with tragedy. Radhika’s dad’s shop catches fire. People blow off the fire. Mala gets this news and asks about Dilip. Nandini says when fire catches in jungle, all the birds fly in sky, you become a support for Radhika, be the sky for the bird, this story will end now. Saral looks at her. Tejh asks Radhika to dance. She says she wants to talk to dad. Tejh asks her to call, and makes choreographer busy.

Radhika calls home. Dilip and Ankush are wounded and in hospital. Mala calls Dilip and he asks her to pray, as Ankush is burnt, and dad is not able to breath. Mala asks about the fire. Dilip says I don’t know, I asked dad to sit at the shop, I was getting breakfast and shop blasted, and everything got ruined. He talks to doctor about Ankush and dad. He says I can’t say anything, pray to Lord. Mala hears this and gets dizzy. Saral holds her and makes her sit. He asks what happened to her.

The man does not let Radhika call. Mala calls her and Radhika is away from phone. The man asks Radhika to dance, as she was on phone since long. He plays music and asks her to dance. Radhika dances well and surprises everyone. The doctor says Ankush and Dada ji are in ICU, they are serious, arrange money soon to their treatment. Arjun smiles seeing Radhika dancing. Mala tells Saral how will they get 10 lakhs. Saral says I m here, whats the need to worry, I will arrange 20 lakhs too, don’t worry. He hugs Mala and smiles, recalling Nandini’s words.

Nandini comes to birdsong and Sam greets her. She takes her to Piyali. The man asks Arjun to practice. Piyali asks Samrat how did he miss the flight, just do anything and come before the marriage. Nandini meets Piyali and have a talk. Sam goes back to rehearsals. Nandini says I came to thank you for the beautiful saree. Piyali says its Samrat’s fav color. Nandini asks really, and gives her the saree. Piyali says I got this saree to gift on Sam’s 16th birthday. Piyali sees the torn part and Nandini says maybe it caught termites. Piyali says I m so sorry. Nandini says I think its time to freshen Samrat’s old habits, I think he should gift me the saree, will he refuse. Piyali says who will refuse to such beautiful Samdhan. Nandini says I will leave and catch some rehearsals too.

Radhika asks Arjun to learn dance. She asks him to look at her and concentrate on her steps. She dances. He smiles seeing her. She holds his hand and takes him to dance. She asks him why is he not dancing. She acts like the choreographer and laughs. Her anklet falls. He gives it to her and she finds hard to wear it. Arjun makes her wear it. She says no Sir. He smiles making her wear it. khwaishon pe likhi………….plays……… Nandini comes there and looks at them.

Nandini taunts Radhika in office. She gets Radhika’s anklet and does some puja. She asks Arjun to end every stone which comes in his way. Arjun is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Angel

    Superb epi…luvd d way ahem made her wear d anklet..n d way radhika dancd…realy amazing 🙂 🙂

  2. Angel

    Ahem’s xprsns r simply superb…he dsnt speak more bt his eyes speak alot n it creates magic<3

  3. happy

    Super episode….love u ardhika…super scenes….more smile on one side and sad feel on another side…

  4. ☆Twinkle05★

    First 5mins and last part was vry gud luv it ♡♥
    Hey saral u r so cheap i cant see ur and nandini face yukkk :@:@:@ how can radhu face this situation ;(

  5. happy

    Disgusting…nandhini and saral…i hate both….poor radhika family….saral and mala scene also bad….one episode brings more smile on my face…when i am expecting more thing nxt episode brings full of sad on my face…what a serial…pls dnt do this…

  6. Annie

    Arjun was totally mesmerised seeing radhikas dance.. loved arjuns smile..Ardhika scenes were the best.. loved the way arjun ran and saved rads from that jerks slap…
    hate nandini and saral from the bottom of my heart
    love mmz 🙂

  7. Aru

    Ardhika moments were awesome…bt nandini was untollerable today…..she ws acting like a monster…devil,rakshasi:@:@:@:@
    Hate u crapie

  8. mira

    Arjun u r d best!! U know that u love rads.then y don’t u confess.
    Saral u don’t deserve rads. Nandhini u don’t deserve a bro like arjun .
    Sorry 4 rads family.

  9. Tiyu

    Nandini… Why is the witch even there in the serial…
    And claps for radu… At last she spoke her self out… And yeah aradhika scene… <3

  10. Aru

    Jst for a revenge,which was vry cheap..she is destroying many lives!!!!!!
    She had lost her senses..playing with her own brother’s feelings was not enough for her…now she is upto kill innocent people….ethna kaise ghir sakthi hoo..yuk

  11. nish

    Was she doing black magic ??? Plzz ans some1 I haven’t seen epi???? Plzz tell me is she chudail (witch) I think so lije that ek thi dayan types.

  12. Loved todays epi especially last Ardhika scenes very much…
    blo*dy Saral and witch Nandini hate u to the core of my heart ♥…Some one pls put these too morons in hell…can’t tolerate them…
    Feeling so Sorry and Pity for Arjun he will maintain distance from Radhika which will make him more close to Radhika..and I think Arjun will help Chashni’s family…pls help yaar bcoz they r ur future Father in law and brother in law…
    Love ❤ Ardhika and Manmarziyaan..

  13. raashi

    Loved the Ardhika scenes as usual..Aham is simply amazing…his acting n expressions are fantastic…but i was having a diffult time holding my anger today..these two jerks…grrrr…they should have beaten up that idiot at the office itself n that Nandini’s truly turning out to b a witch…how can u stoop so low?? It doen’t even bother u if a person lives or dies?? That’s sick.

  14. Aru

    In the precap,they nandini along vid arjn doing some pooja….may b dat fr removing hurdles in her way..which is our radu..
    But dat was luking lik a witch doing black magic…..

  15. happy

    Nw rad will go to her home…she is nt in sam’s marriage…saral ll do whatever he planned…again poor rad…nandhini ll easily change arjun mind to focus on revenge…where the story going…i dnt understand…last one thing is mala again plays super mom character…

  16. nish

    What 20 lacs u jobless crappie u can’t arrange 20 rupees also u downmarket saral n nandini cheeeeeeeee hate u to the core

  17. Annie

    Ahem I just love u.. :* what acting skill man!! Ur eyes talk more than ur mouth… keep it up (y)

  18. Pathanga

    Nyc epi… Omg!! 2day t ws a many kind f smiles n mmz… First f al… Arjuns pyarbhari smile… Sarals khalnayakwali smile… Radhikas jeetwali smile… Nandinis chudailwali smile… Hahaha..

  19. Nakshatra

    @Muskan totally agreed with u… Aham u made my day…awww… feeling like flying in the air….u r too good when u smile…$$$

  20. sevens

    why nandini is harming radika’s family ?
    when arjun will know everything will be backfired to nandini

  21. scarlet beauty

    oh radhika your dance is really brillian you make arjun smiled.muach :-*

    can anybody burn the devil saral & witch nandu !! hated em so much .>.<

  22. mariya

    nadini try to seperate ardhika they become closer , now arjun can’t live without radhika

  23. renu

    hiii friends,…

    Calling all the fans & Ardhika fans 2 join us on twitter from 7 p.m so that we request 4 a better track, promotions & better repeat timings.

    It has been 4 months, the same revenge track no promotions & only 1 repeat @ 8 a.m…Unhappy

    Guys plz let’s show MMZians power, same few people r trending & requesting 2 SP/cv’s.
    Many followers of Fc’s on twitter, guys let’s be more active there do share ur views with cv’s.

  24. riya

    Nandini u r a cheeeapster
    Loved ardhika scenes….
    …..saral u call nandini ur didi shame on u…

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