Manmarziyan 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dilip bringing Radhika home. She says listen to me once. He gets angry and says a girl misbehaved with me in morning, I told her that her parents did not give her values and today my daughter was with that girl and proved that my values are wrong. She says you lied to me and proved my values wrong. Dada ji says listen to me. Dilip says enough, I know how she started lying. Radhika cries and says I felt you will not let me go, so I went. She says sorry, it was my mistake.

He says no, its my mistake to blindly trust you. Neil and Samaira are drunk and have a laugh. She says Radhika’s dad will not leave her, she was with us. He says lets go and see her. She says like this, fine lets go and see her. He says like this and laugh sitting there. Teri meri dosti yaariaan…………plays……………

She says she won’t go Mumbai. He says he will be with her. She says I know why you came here, I will also come when you get sad.

She hugs him and says thanks, I had fun after long time, its all because of you. She laughs and says leave all this, lets take holiday. He says done. He gets Piyali’s call and talks to her. She looks on and gets sad. Radhika thinks about Dilip’s words. Dada ji asks why did she get scolding to save him. She says I can fight with world to save you. He says I wanted you to meet Samaira. She says it all went wrong. He says your dad was born angry. He asks did she talk.

She says she told I should come Mumbai and try. He asks her to tell Dilip. She says till I win his trust, I will not ask him, he is not talking to me. He says we will solve it. She asks how. He says I m father of your father. She smiles and hugs Dada ji. Its morning, Dilip does some arrangements for decorating home for function. Radhika gets tea for him and he goes.

Dada ji signs her mum and turns seeing Dilip. He asks Ankush yes or no. Ankush says nothing in 100rs, and asks for 200rs. Dada ji says wait, and pays. Ankush smiles and takes laddoos. Dada ji signs him to throw it. The laddoos fall down. Dada ji says oh it all fell. Dilip scolds Ankush. Dada j says its fine, no one will know, keep it back. Dilip says stop, get new laddoos. Dada ji says Ankush has work, you go. Dilip’s wife asks her to have two sarees, and some items. Dada ji says how will Dilip try and buy, you go along. She says who will do work here.

Dada ji says what to do now, and asks Radhika to go along. Dilip asks her to come fast. Radhika goes with him and thanks Dada ji. Neil asks driver to get lemon water, it was much wine at home. Samaira says but it was not much that you did not greet boss. He says there is work. She says mom knows I will come if you say. He says I m not forcing you, don’t come. She says forget it and they argue.

He says I m your friend, explain me and turns being annoyed on her silence. Dilip and Radhika see some sarees and buy it. She wants to talk and he does not hear her. They get laddoos. She says shall we have chaat and says he likes sweet chutney, he did not eat anything since night. He takes chaat and she apologizes for her mistake. He says there is one moment difference between freedom and ruining, one lie becomes a bound and she can’t even realize. She says sorry, I will not lie again. He asks her to eat chaat. She says she did not drink beer. He says I know, I trust you. She smiles.

Dilip asks why did she wish to meet Samaira. Radhika says I wanted to know about writing in ads and Mumbai. He says don’t dream of going Mumbai, we have seen those people, I don’t want to make my daughter like them, whatever you want to do, do it here in Rishikesh. She cries.

Neil and Samaira are at airport. He says he has forgiven her. She smiles seeing her dad, and upset seeing her mum Piyali. She hugs her dad. He says welcome home, I missed you. Neil greets them. Neil asks Samaira to call him and control her anger. Riddhima’s baby shower function goes on and Radhika plays the dhol. Samaira and Piyali does not get along well. Radhika gets sad.

Piyali tells Samaira that she has sent her Rishikesh for work, not holiday. Samaira says stop the car and walks on the road. Radhika tells Dada ji that Dilip did not allow her. Dada ji asks her not to worry. Samaira argues with Piyali that she is infront of her, but her eyes look for Jai.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved samaira and radhika’s acting skills … Both r very good in acting … And ya this story has some different plot .. At least keep this good writers … Don’t spoil it like other shows.

  2. seriously….the plot is different…n seems realistic…the girls r awesome

  3. unique serial. writters plz dont make this as a emotional drama like others.keep going well.

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