Manmarziyan 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika resigning. Piyali asks is this because of Saral, don’t do anything in pressure that you have to regret all your life. Radhika says no and recalls Mala’s words. She says Saral loves me a lot. Piyali asks are you happy. Radhika says my happiness is in my family’s happiness. She says sorry and starts leaving. She sees Arjun there, and wipes her tears. Piyali sends gifts for Nandini and she asks him did Rana do the work. He says our men have gone for it. She asks him to be careful, that Arjun should not know this. Saral calls her and says she is Lord for him. She asks whats the matter. He says Radhika is ready to come with me.

She smiles and says its very good news, I always said you both are made for each other, I will come to meet you both in Rishikesh. He

says sure, thanks. She ends the call and says great, that Radhika resigned. The man asks shall I inform the men, why all that if Radhika is ready to marry. She says no, let them do the work. Radhika should have no option than going back. She sees the saree sent by Piyali and tears it. Sam and Neil are in dance practice. Arjun looks at Radhika. Sam asks Arjun to come. Arjun dances with Radhika. He asks her whats the matter. She says she has to marry Saral some day or the other. He asks whats the problem. She says nothing, its my life, my decision. They have a talk. Sam comes to them.

Arjun tells Sam that Radhika is going back, she has given Saral more importance than your friendship. He says the person who does not have courage to fulfill dreams, they have the price of dreams, that’s this and hands chana to her, asking her to eat it on the way to Rishikesh. Radhika cries and runs. Everyone look on sad. Radhika goes away and cries. Arjun asks why is light going in darkness, when light has to shoo away darkness. He asks her to get habitual to cry, as she will just cry all her life. He asks why is she agreeing to Saral’s warnings, she can’t make her family happy, their happiness is in her happiness, her tears will sink her family. She says she can’t hurt her family. He asks her to save her family from disrespect and not marry Saral. He asks her to show courage and not marry Saral.

Saral comes there and gets angry seeing them. He holds Radhika’s hand and takes her. He says we will not stay for any moment here. He asks her not to get in Arjun’s words. Arjun walks to Radhika and holds her hand. He says Radhika said we will eat darkness together, its time to eat the darkness. Dastaan……….plays………….. Saral asks her to come, its enough drama. He asks will she not come, or shall I break the marriage. Radhika cries and looks at Arjun. Sam, Neil and everyone look on. Radhika asks Arjun to leave her hand, let me choose my way myself. Arjun leaves her hand.

Saral says enough of your flight, come on ground and in your limit Radhika. Saral tells Radhika that friends come and go, but family is always there. He holds her hand and asks her to come. She says no Saral and stops. He looks at her being shocked. He warns her. She says I won’t come. He asks does she get so much courage and holds her hand. She says I don’t want to marry you. Sam holds Arjun’s hand and looks at them. Neil and everyone are shocked. Saral looks at Radhika, and he is still in disbelief.

Radhika returns the shagun bangle to Saral. Nandini tells her plan to Saral and burns her dad’s shop in Rishikesh. She asks Saral to be ready to become Radhika’s support.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. riya

    U did the right thing chasni …..
    But one thing missed…
    Should have slapped dat stupid saral!!!

  2. happy

    most irritating face in this episode is nandhini….oh god…pls dnt show her face…i dnt like her…

  3. mira

    brilliant rads!!! gud decision………..
    arjun wants to get rid of darkness along wid rads .omg!!!
    this saral and nandhini will never realise their mistake.they both r such big idiots
    if they burn the shop then rads will have 2 work.then no body can stop rads from working .

  4. mitty

    Again this stupid nandini will do something to rad ……..kill that nandini coz of her story is going in different track

  5. happy

    Nandhini burns radhika’s dad shop…when ll it end…again saral…i want ardhika moments more…the way he hold her hand….super…nw also…i am smiling thinking of both…super…i really loved today episode…

  6. ☆Twinkle05★

    Super episode i luv it tottally ardhika rockz♡♥♡♥ radhu finally u said i wont marry u saral gud …… gud……… keep this courage …………♥
    Oh nandini u pshyco how can u do this :@ tottally mad if u want revenge do it on face to face how dare u spoil many lifes idiot :@ u will pay for it

  7. Ireena

    Nothing to say at much I say,nothing is enough in a day☺☺☺☺☺☺????????rdhika

  8. Arunima

    That a brave talk dear Rad. Aise hi bolna hai us Saral ki Bachi ko…..thodto marriage…sub cancelled…hmmmm

  9. Arunima

    That a brave talk dear Rad. Aise hi bolna hai us Saral ki Bachi ko…..thodto marriage…sub cancell kardo..hmmmm

  10. Devga

    Wonderful episode…… First part of precap is. Good ….. But nanddinni irritating horrible creature …. Hate u to the core Nandhini and saral ….. Yucccck.

  11. Arunima

    ekk thappad tho banthi hai saral ko…kyun Nandini aapko sharam naam ki koi cheez hai ki nahi.
    I hate her

  12. Abi

    I can’t accept dis nandu nd saral behaviour…today they reach d highest irritating point…….idiotic wretchs…….:@:@:@:@:@

    arjun….acts so well..btw arjun s abt to cross d line which s drawn by nandu……instead of saral he only going to support radhu…. Both of them acted very well….luv u Manmarziyan……..keep going like dis……with surprises nd twists….:*:*:*

  13. Ireena

    All bad luck happens to I find only 1 telecasting in a day.especially in my busy time.I hv missed 3 most worth watching episodes. How bad luck happens!!!???

  14. Nakshatra

    If Aham is not there in this show,I would have missed it…Just bcoz of u only,I have started watching this show.. and now Iam enjoying alottttt…. Thank u Aham….

  15. harsha

    The way Arjun holds rads shows that he is trying to say don’t marry anyone because U are mine.and the way he hold her had gave her his support he conveyed to saral that I am with her what U can do now.

  16. Devga

    I was waiting for tis …… Wen chasni. Herself wil remove the bangle and throw IT on his face…… But. Thhis nandini. Is creating too many emotional or sentimental problems so that chasni herself wil go back to her town …….
    I love ARDHIKAA. and. samEIL ….. Oopsss

  17. happy

    Today arjun Didnt think nandhini for a second…his focus ly on rad….super…whats nandhini plan…i dnt understand anything…bt it ll bring ardhika moments and their feelings for each other…

  18. Abi

    I thought /expected that arjun ll remove that bangle from radhu’s hand…but….|O:(……anyway atleast radhu removed that bangle
    ….if arjun done ll be nice …

  19. harsha

    Totally awesome can’t wait for tmr but now their is another big question what about sam and Arjun marriage,its going to be done within 10 days?

    • Devga

      Your comments are superb….. I. Want to reply u more but no tym … Keep commenting….. Good work

  20. I love this serial soo muchhhhhhh……….when arjun was saying to sam that radhika is going almost all were in tears including arjun…. Later when arjun was making rads understand he had tears in his eyes….. Love u ardhika….. U all are awesome…….. This is one of the awedome serial

  21. Devga

    Guys I want to give my opinions abt many wonderful comments here but got many work so bye wen I have tym I wil surly give replies… Sorry @alll
    Nish ireena I rarely come here sorry cozz no time but surely I am getting more ND MORE ADDICTED TO MANNMARZIAN….

  22. sara

    I really did not get it????????? Does arjun always carry mum fali were ever he goes to give to radZ. No stoppped saral wen he was behaving so rudely wid radzz n dey demself frnzz ….. Dey should have stood 4 her atleast sam shoulded reacted…….
    But awsome epi finally radz took d right decision .. Loved ardhika scene espically wen radz comes out of piyalis cabin n how arjun confronts her about her decision to leave bird song……….. N wen he tells sam dat radz is going back to rishikesh………. N dat nandini is such a big bi**h I can’t belive. How coud she do dat. N hope arjun gets to no nandinis evil face n confess his feelins to rads

  23. smirti

    I juz love this show..I love arjun and radhika’s pairing..i really wish arjun to marry radhika..

  24. Ritu

    Super episode…pls star plus retelecast manmarziya more and more tyms…why u guys stop re telecastng manmarziya at 4.30 pm.pls start again…i luv manmarziya…luv rads and arjun..

  25. ria

    i loved ardhika today. iam new here. i think arjun will support radhika and nandini’s plan will fail.any way iam glad that it is bcoz of saral and nandu that ardhika came closer. any way in her revenge mode she is destroying many lives like samrat piyali sam neil arjun and radhika

  26. raashi

    Damn u load shedding..i missed the episode:'(:'( n going by the updates n all ur comments seems lyk i missed a really good one. I happily went to the tv to watch the retelecast @ 1:30am but:-[ ufff they have stopped that too…n damn my luck i can’t watch it @ 8 in the morning…feel like killing star plus.

  27. 2das epi ws nyc bcoz I cud c lov in rjuns eys n d way he xplaind evrytin to rads n now she nos d valu of her drims dis is gud bcoz now nandu n saral will try to brg them part but insted the’ll cum closer to echother wich is gud !!
    Pls brg more romtic senes btw ardhika !!!

  28. Nakshatra

    Again I watched this episode now… Awsome expressions of Arjun…really really loved it….It is the source of my happiness now…eagerly waiting for upcoming story….Want to see aham in romantic scenes…They have superb chemistry…Keep it up..

  29. Nakshatra

    Pls retelecast episodes…Why there is so much of partiality?what is the reason?swastik productions..pls do something..without retelecasting,how can anyone expect high trps?Just do this and then see..This show will become famous like IPKKND…even more than that…It has nice background music also….nafraton me mili..beautiful lyrics and excellent music…$$$

  30. rukhi

    Nice episode but this nandini go to hell with Saral I hate them hate them toooooooooooooooooo much

  31. susi...

    Awesome awesome episode… Speechless….. Fantastic story line….
    Thank u minnal thangachi( devga)….arjuni u r really superb….??????

  32. Aru

    Vry vry nice episode….radhu’s courage made me fly…thank god i dint missed this episode though i was busy!!:):):):):)
    infact i hd never expected arjun in yhis way…wah,he was soooo protective yesterday!!!!!
    I likd it…..luved it(*)
    bt the precap was vry bad…bt hope instead f saral,arjun ll stand behind chashnï in d upcoming episodes….
    Waiting fr todays!

  33. Chaya

    Luv d epi.. Radhs gd decisn nd pls dnt chng it.. Dnt wry arjun ll b der fr u alwz.. Waitng fr nxt epi.. Crzy abt mmz

  34. love

    seriously wats d big deal wit breaking engagement.and all dis stuff abt family honour above d welfare of ur own child does not make sense.Rads shld have broken this a long time ago

  35. poulomi

    Watching the show right from the 1st episode I hv come to know : If there’s an Aradhika scene in the precap, that means the coming episode shall hv only that scene while all other scenes will be bakwas. The other way round if there are no aradhika scene in the precap that means the coming episode will be full of aradhika moments, enough to get u Goosebumps. I expect a little bit of that in today’s episode….
    Haha… Nailed it radhika…. Finally, u got rid of saral !!!!!

  36. Pathanga

    Woww… Awesome epi… Radhuuuu hats off to u… The way arjun tried to convince to radhika ws realllllly realllllly tariphon ka layak hai…. Very nyc….

  37. Pathanga

    And the precap sounds very much bad… Ohhh saral dint think tat u wl heed to those nandinis words….sooo baddd…. Hw cud u become so mean? Hw cud u bend sooo down..? Hope u wl gt sum brains…

  38. Aru

    Sry!i could not rply u at dat tym….r u [email protected]

  39. Ruhi

    Ya its going awesome .. But tomorrow is the last fast 🙁 ramzan is going to end!! May be day after tomorrow is our eid !!

    No Mandy I don’t watch kkb!! But daily I read it’s precap!! 😀 😉

  40. mitty

    Guy’s our manmarzian trp is very low. ..Please everyone should watch it. ..then only trp vill increase

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