Manmarziyan 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Radhika did she talk. She says not yet. He says she will get another chance. Neil joins her and asks her to show Rishikesh. Dada ji hears this and asks her to go. She smiles and says yes. Neil asks why is she happy and jokes. He calls Samaira to come. Dilip says he is getting late, and Dada ji asks him to take him out. Dilip asks about Radhika. Dada ji makes excuses to cover up. Radhika shows Rishikesh locales to Neil and Samaira.

Radhika shows a temple and says its said Lord hears the heart in this temple. Samaira asks really and goes. Neil says I will find my peace and asks Radhika will she come. She says no. He leaves. She sees Samaira and goes with her. They sit at the ghat. Radhika asks what does Neil do. Samaira says he is creative director. Radhika

asks what does that mean. Samaira says ads copyright, he gives such superhit lines daily.

Radhika says I wanted to talk…. A boy comes and sells flowers. Samaira says lets go, I think aarti is starting. Dilip brings Dada ji there. Samaira prays to Lord, and asks for a chance to say sorry to Jai, she loves and misses him, she did not do anything intentionally. Radhika prays to help in taking dreams flight and make way to reach the destination. Neil puts water on them and they run outside. Samaira runs to bear him. Dada ji sees them and smiles. He sees Radhika with them, and gets worried.

He acts like getting chest pain and Dilip worries. Dilip fixes tomorrow for baby shower of Riddhima by meting the pandit. Samaira sees Dilip and stops. Dilip recalls her and gets angry. Dada ji asks Dilip to come, they have to do arrangements. Dilip says its same girl who misbehaved with me in morning, and scolds her. Dada ji sees Radhika coming and takes Dilip. Samaira says whats his problem, he scolded me in morning too.

Neil says leave it, calm down. Radhika comes and asks what happened. Samaira says nothing, a uncle was staring. Neil says see me, I m happening than that uncle, lets do something exciting. Radhika says she knows someone who can do all this, Saral. She gets them to Saral’s camp. Samaira says nice place. Saral cares for Radhika. They go river rafting. Manmarziyan…………..plays………….

Samaira thanks Neil for coming for her. He says are you mad, I came for Shanti, and shows some girls. She stops him. They have a great time. Radhika enjoys the camp roller coaster. Dada ji tells her bahu that he has seen Radhika with Samaira, think how to get her back, if Dilip knows…. Dilip comes and asks what. They get tensed. Dilip asks them to call Radhika.

Radhika is with Saral, Samaira and Neil. Neil says he loves this place, and wants to stay here Saral says he can get private tent here. Neil asks Samaira to come and acts. He asks Radhika what does she prefer, public or private. Samaira signs him and says chill, Neil is joking. Neil goes with Saral. Radhika gets call from home and talks to Dada ji. He asks when will she come. Radhika says she is going to talk now. Her mum asks her to come. Dada ji says don’t worry, talk well and come. Radhika thanks him.

Her mum says call her fast, if Dilip knows…. Ankush comes home and gets Dada ji’s shirt. Dilip looks on for an answer for Dada ji’s lies. He asks where is Radhika. Neil asks Radhika to have wine. Saral says girls don’t drink wine here. Neil says and girls don’t drink water in our city. Samaira beats him. Saral says my camp will be big after 5 years and I won’t have time. Neil says I will always have for Samaira. Samaira says I will live my life way way. Neil asks Radhika’s plan. Saral says her plan is set, marriage and kids.

Radhika says something which I never did before, how can my dreams be so small in this big world. She smiles and says she wants to live a good life. Samaira and Neil says her lines have depth. Neil and Saral leave to get more wine. Radhika tells Samaira that everyone say I can do magic with my words. Samaira says yes, they are right. Radhika asks can her words get place in her ads world, can she get work to write for ads. Samaira says ofcourse, we have less writers, think to come Mumbai, and give me a call. Radhika smiles.

She asks Neil to give beer. Dilip comes there. Samaira sees him and says this uncle came here too, why is he after me. She says hi uncle. Radhika turns and says Papa. Dilip sees her and gets angry. Samaira is stunned knowing its Radhika’s dad.

Dilip says my daughter proved my values are not good. Neil gets his boss’ call. Dilip asks Radhika not to dream to go Mumbai, and whatever she has to do, do it here in Rishikesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fight for dreams

  2. finally a meaningful storyline.going well…..

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  5. Nice story. Wat abt ahem sharma? Am eagerly waiting for his entry.

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