Manmarziyan 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun seeing Radhika leaving out sad. Radhika cries in the washroom, recalling Saral’s words. Manmarziyon pe…………plays……. Arjun comes to her and sees her crying. She sees him and wipes her tears. He jokes and says if her tears did not stop, the office will sink and people will call her a problem. She asks him to go, she does not want to talk. He says even I don’t want to talk, but I m worried for office, I can’t go without knowing the matter. She stops crying and says your office will be saved. He holds her chin and asks her to tell the truth., did Saral say or do anything.

Mala asks Saral to have tea. He asks for poison. She asks him not to be angry. He turns and the laddoos fall. He asks does she feel this is small thing, and picks the laddoos. He says

earing respect takes much time and losing respect does not need a moment. Arjun wipes Radhika’s wipes and asks her the matter. He holds her and asks her to say. He says there is something in her eye. She wipes it and looks in the mirror. She asks what is it. He says if you cage your pain in heart, it will come out by eyes. She cries. Her phone rings. She says its Maa.

Sam comes and looks at them. She asks why is she crying. Radhika says as you left me, that’s why. Sam hugs her. She says she will cancel her marriage if Radhika gets so senti. She asks her to come, Mala aunty has come and waiting in Neil’s cabin. Radhika goes. Sam says I think I have to bring Radhika along in dowry, come, Manya and Neil are waiting.

Nandini sees Saral walking on road and offers lift. He says no, thanks. He says he asked Radhika to resign, else he will break the marriage, I can’t bear this more. She says she feels as if she is talking to Arjun, he is so good, but he accepts failure so soon, he will surely take Radhika to Rishikesh, this is my promise, your sister’s promise. He thanks her saying Didi.

Radhika comes to Mala and asks what happened. Sam and Arjun are together. They come and join everyone. Arjun’s focus is on Radhika. The team enjoys seeing the choreographer dancing…………. Mala tells Radhika that Dilip earned a lot of respect in Rishikesh, when her Dada ji goes out, everyone greet with respect, Mishra family has good name, and Riddhima has a respect and name in her inlaws. She says Saral said if you don’t resign, he will break the marriage. Sam and Manya dance. Neil cheers for Sam. Manya sees Neil smiling seeing Sam. She gets angry.

Mala asks Radhika to take a decision, and asks her not to change her decision by anyone’s warnings, her dreams are hers, no one can break it, and no one can fulfill it. She asks her to remember that her family will always support her, and her decision will affect her family. Arjun looks at Radhika. Everyone clap for Sam. Arjun starts leaving. Sam stops her, and introduces him to that guy. Manya dances with Neil. The guy says Manya is not doing well. Sam asks Manya to watch her and dances with Neil. Manya gets angry and upset. She hurts herself and Sam rushes to her. Neil ties the kerchief to her hand, and Manya smiles.

Radhika recalls Saral’s words and Mala’s words. She says she has decided to resign. Mala hugs her. Radhika gets sad and sees the office. She goes to Piyali. Piyali says I m depending on you to manage Sam’s marriage. Radhika says I m going back to Rishikesh tomorrow. Piyali asks what. Arjun looks on. Radhika says I m resigning.

Nandini says game has a rule, to use the last card well, ask our men to do our work in Rishikesh, its time to end our game, and send off Radhika.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Annie

    What kind of mother is mala??!! Cant she see her daughters pain.. after all that insult done by saral she came in the office to manipulate eads… she should have supported her and vreak the engagement!!
    Ardhika scene was awesome. . If sam had not come then rads eould surely share her pain with arjun…
    hate nandini in the precap.. she always say truth.. like tjis time she said that she feels a connection between saral and her.. yes.. she is ryt.. because both r jerks!!! -_-

  2. happy

    I mostely hated person in this serial is mala…nandhini and saral are better compare to mala…poor rad what ll she do…mala did super wrk today…wt a mother she is…we should give award to Her for best mother in this world…

  3. happy

    mala has already taken a decision…bt she said rad to take a decision by herself…super…dhilip respect is more important than her own daughter…

  4. mira

    Nice epi….
    Manya betwn Neil n Sam.Sam watch out …..
    Sacral was rude even to mala.wat a mother is she!!! Mala saral nandini were horrible!!!!!
    Ardhika scenes were lovely as usual. When r u going 2 confess ur love 4 rads ,arjun????? I am waiting 4 tat moment………

  5. raashi

    Another nice episode. Loved the Ardhika scenes. Saral u r really an idiot n Nandini is turning out to b more evil with each passing day. But i hated Malaji more than these two. U give ur daughter a bhashan about pursuing her dreams then u do all kinda emotional atyaachar to her thereby making sure that she doesn’t pursue them. When Rads said she will resign her mother left happily not even asking her to rethink her decision or if she’s sure or not.

    I loved the dance wala track. Sam’s a really good dancer but it was more fun watching the pentagonal love affair which this show has created.
    Rads thinking about her engagement & that stupid Saral…Arjun staring at Rads…Sam clinging to Arjun…Neil goggling at Sam…n then Manya’s obsessive longing for Neil. N seems like this Manya’s turning out to b another psycho in the show.

  6. harsha

    I can’t wait for tmr’s episode surely it’ll be aradhika scenes with emotions fully loaded.

  7. happy

    i hate manya…she feels jealous…oh god…i dnt like neil and manya…what a man he is..k..sam wont be a pair with neil…bt dnt pair neil and manya…discusting…

    • Annie

      I think manya will make sam realise that she loves neil.. or may b she ll realise neils value in her life which is more than arjun.. just like saral in Ardhika chemistry….

  8. nish

    Totally agree happy annie and mira
    kya khak good episode worstest epi. Initially we used to comment abt piyali being rude but mala ji is so stupid n useless. Mostly Mother in laws are better then such mothes like mala. Heat saral n nandini (real bro n sis in serial) to core. N mala ji also queen of sacrifice making our poor rads. Watch out sam already arjun lovs rads n manya neil u would remain empty handed watch out. Kick that saral out asap chieeeeeee mala n saral more den nandu

  9. riya

    Mala is emotionally blackmailing rads by telling her tat family is more imp ….
    …. Ardhika scenes were usually gud…
    Manya ..trying for neil ha???

  10. nish

    She clearly blackmailed her daughter ugh
    happy nandu will do something in rishikesh dat will force rads to leave soonest n marry that crappie yuks saral early dat type of situation she’ll create I guess. :/ 🙁

    • Annie

      Yeah u r ryt.. waiting for that… may b arjun will cme to know the real face of nandini or he ll brk that jerks face…

  11. harsha

    Amena ur really great yar,ur updating for so many serials in this website,that too fast and accurate, ur really awesome in ur work..

  12. nish

    Do u ppl remember how nanadini blackmailed arjun in hospital that don care for my tears do what u want similarly mala did to rads whats difference between nandini n mala.
    actually this love triangle will require french curves to be drawn 😉 😉 one sided lov in air manyaz lov (madness) for neil, neils lov for sam, sams lov(madness ) for arjun , arjuns lov for rads , sarals madness for rads, nanadinis madness for smarat malajis madness for her would be stupid son in law
    Even french curcevs cant help 😉 😉 lol juz kidding.

  13. naela

    what kind of mother she is??.. for mala family respect is more than her daughters life and happiness..horrible..

  14. Devga

    Mind-blowing ardhika scenes……
    To the core Horrible scene of nandini mala and saral …… 3 ccheapsters ….. Hate them……
    Surely Arjun wil do something to stop Radhika …..

  15. Devga

    Mind-blowing ardhika scenes……
    To the core Horrible scene of nandini mala and saral …… 3 ccheapsters ….. Hate them……
    Surely Arjun wil do something to stop Radhika …..

  16. scarlet beauty

    aaah ..why sam suddenly came when ardhika scene played .if sam does not come they will shared romantic moment .

    ish mala .she is the type mother who scared with men and his husband she just thought about the good name of her family than the happiness of radhu .

    manya ..oh gosh she look alike saral . she really full emotion when jeloused .and i hope she help sam realizes that neil is better guy for him than arjun .

  17. Pathanga

    Oh no annie truth wnt b revealed so early.. Todays epi ws nt so gd… Bt first part ws nice… Mala ji u mst hav supportd rads nt blackmailing her.. Radhu dnt gt so sentimental… Reach ua drmz by uaself…eagerly waithing fr epi wen nd hw wl arj stp his radhika frm gng to rishikesh.. Saral as expectd horrible part..SARAL being a bridge to connect ardhika nd MANYA as a bridge to cnect sameil luv u mmz…

  18. riya

    feel soooooooooo bad for rads………….no one cares for her,neither mala nor saral…….nandu was as usual wicked…………..this show has got a lot of one sided love stories,neil’s love for sam, sam’s love for arjun, arjun’s love for rads…..&…..mala for his would be son-in-law………luv the ardhika scenes as usual…………

  19. Chaya

    Good epi.. Bt wts wrng wid dat mala yaar.. Cnt she c her daughtrs pain in hr eyes.. Nd if saral brk dat hplss realtnshp dn its gd nah.. Ismein izzat ki baat kaise aayi.. Ht u mala.. Pls try2 undrstnd ur daughtr.. Nd radhs pls listn2 ur hrt,follw ur drms.. Apni MANMARZIYAN karo..

  20. mariya

    feeling so sad for radhu wat hapnd now. slowly sam realise neil value in her life with presence of manya

    poor arjun plse plz don’t seperate ardhikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. riya

    when came to know of saral(karan khanna) in the show,expected to see some awesome dances but he’s shown as an antagonist…………………so sad……………

  22. avanthika

    Nice episode. ..superb chemistry btwn arjn nd radhu….kill that saral nd nandhini.sam dance was superb lukng preety

  23. riya

    feeling sad for u chasni…..
    will u choose ur dreams or ur family’s respect…
    manya is going to make sam realize neils love for sam

  24. abhir

    what an background music !!!!!wah!!! Violin ka khawashion music.for ardhika ……just mind blowing…. Suberb scene…..
    I hate u mala wht type mother ur….just think about ur own daughter happiness.
    Saral u idiot.u never deserve our lovable radhika…go to hell.

  25. nikki

    Arjun and Radhika’s scene was a girl will bear a husband like saral whole life.hate the precap.

  26. thulasi

    Hi..i am fav to this serial,but this timings has to be change plzzz i can’t watch this episodes at tht late nights so plz move the timngs at 8:30 r at least 10,nd plzz arjun nd radhika has come close..plz dont go radhika

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