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Manmarziyan 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying this girl has gone mad. Radhika tells Arjun that Mala is right, he is an angel and its wife’s duty to make her husband realize his goodness. She folds hands and he holds her hands. Its night, Radhika sees Mala and recalls Nandini’s words and how she has tried to hurt Mala. She asks Mala to go from here. She says please go back to Rishikesh. Mala asks her what happened. Radhika says today, temple incident. Mala asks did she get worried for this small thing.

Radhika says you say sasuraal is girl’s home, how can her mum stay. Mala asks didn’t you like my stay here, fine I will leave. Radhika hugs her and says she is worried for her, as Dilip is not here. Mala says Arjun, you and Nandini are here, I m not alone. She asks is everything fine between

you and Arjun. Radhika cries. Mala says her hands have always wiped her tears and they know the reason. She says Arjun is a very good guy, what happened with Sam and Arjun was not right, so maybe he could not accept you. Radhika says its nothing like that, Arjun and Sam…

Mala says you can’t fight with Sam’s shadow, she became a stone of your way, find a new way and reach your destination, Arjun is waiting, change your way. She hugs Radhika. Radhika goes to her room and sees Arjun sleeping on the couch. She covers him with the blanket. He opens eyes and sees her. She drops the water bottle on him. He gets up. She says sorry, you did not call me problem since many days. He holds his head and looks at her. He goes towards the bed. She occupies the bed quickly. She sees he is gone and turns. She sees him sleeping on the other side of the bed and says how can we sleep on same bed. He asks why not, I m your husband, even if you are last girl on the earth, nothing can happen between us, you don’t trust me or yourself? She puts pillows in between and sleeps turning away.

Its morning, she wakes up and moves his hand off. Khwaishon pe likhi……….plays……. He wakes up and sees she has gone. Sam smiles in her sleep and recalls Neil’s words about their kids. Two little girls come to her and call her mumma. She says mumma. They fight for the ball and say about their dad. She says Pappa and turns to see… She wakes up from this dream and looks around. Samrat wakes up and asks what happened, is she not happy seeing the tea. She talks to him and they laugh.

She likes the tea and smiles. He asks is she fine, always remember, courage does not get less on breaking, person breaks when courage breaks, you were born strong. She says she needs courage. He says I told you, Sam does not need to prove anything to anyone. She says I need to prove that I don’t have feelings for Arjun in my heart. He asks does she still love Arjun? She recalls the dream of the kids, and says today I will know it.

Nandini does tilak to Arjun and asks him to show Sam that forgetting him is not easy, make her sure that you are sad, she will come to you. Radhika looks on. Nandini says this is last chance, don’t do any mistake, Radhika will try to stop you. Radhika says I don’t need to stop Arjun Sir, our relation is enough to stop him. She smiles.

She asks him to go office and not get late. She hands over his bag to him. He leaves. Nandini asks Radhika whats the matter today. Radhika taunts her back. Arjun comes to birdsong and everyone look at him. He goes to Piyali and says I did not get chance to say sorry. Its Sam in Piyali’s chair. She says chances have to be found Arjun. She says chance is infront of you. Neil comes there and looks at them shocked. Arjun says Sam is infront of me, the girl whom I loved. She says you its Samaira Khanna, the girl who is your boss.

He says fine, whats the plan, to call at office, insult and kick out. She says no, that’s your work, you are not imp in my life to make any plan. He asks did he forget him so soon. She says you did not give much time to remember. He says Sam… She says please don’t come close. He says I m sorry, it should have not happened, I did not know how this happened. She says great, I understood a lot, I understood there is nothing like friendship and love, relations can break easily. He says nothing changed, I still love you, and even you love me. She says no. He holds her hand and asks her whats this then… why did you wear this bangle?

He says the way you are not suppressing your love, I m unable to control my feelings, I will be waiting at same point, call me when you are ready to forgive me. He leaves. Sam cries. Radhika comes to birdsong and looks around. Manmarziyon pe………… plays…………..

Precap: (Monday Episode)
Sam tells Radhika that she will see how long will she save her Arjun Sir from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh…god i missed the episode…star plus its heart breaking to me..why you are going to end such an amazing show

  2. Guys r u sure that any one from star plus production or anyone reading these comments if they have they would have done something Yaa thought at least…..guys we shud do something plsssssssssss……. don’t end manmarziyan I just love ardhika scenes they r toooo lovely,awesome

  3. Hate starplus …its better to change the show to another channel not end it please

  4. Indian. Serials go to this site nd vote for manmarzian plc hurry up

  5. /trp.Of Indian. Serials

  6. This show is getting offair judt bcoz of sp.. for any serial its main strength is its channel… the channel itslc dont want the show to continue. .
    According to me the reason if low trp just seems a lame xcuse.. if sp really wanted yhe show to run they would have increased the repeat telecast frequency and give a proper timing to the show.
    By doing all these things they are not at all happy. They r also skipping the episodes bcoz of those shitty shows mahaepisodes.. if they r really voncerned about their shows they could have blocked the repeat telecast of yhm… but no… they have decided to do wrong with this show. All the time manmarziyan is being cornerd by sp..

    The show has a great storyline great actors . Just bcoz of this channel we all r losing such a great showw…

    I hate u star plus… I really hate u for this…

  7. @ mathew.This link is not working

  8. How can sp do this to manmarziyan? They skiped today’s episode bcoz of dabh maha episode. Already mmz is going off so they should give priority to mmz. What say guys?

  9. Hate u sp…….ur always blocking our favourite show tis s not fair…..then how would u expect to inc trp…..pls sp donot stop t serial pls pls pls pls…..pls respect our comments…..

  10. guys plc fill up this form nd submit hurry up. ..1 Mr ray of hope

      Manmarziyan viewers – File a complaint with IBF to protest against StarPlus decision to terminate this show abruptly –
      Thanks Mitty Thomas for the link.
      I just did – here is the text:
      The TV serial Manmarziyan started 4 months back and now StarPlus has announced an abrupt termination on Aug 29th claiming low TRP! It is unfair to the viewing public who does pay good money every month for subscription! And the advertising money the viewers bring in too!
      How is StarPlus calculating TRP? By the using the devices attached to few thousand TV’s! Most people in India are watching Manmarziyan on their mobile devices – phones, tablets and laptops! It is a youth show!
      As a regulator, you should do the following:
      Immediate: Force StarPlus to continue with Manmarzian for another quarter because of a ground swell of viewer interest – this way the story can conclude at a normal pace.
      Long Term:
      1. Force StarPlus and other GEC’s to offer a diverse range of shows – not just poisonous and negative ones all day long. Develop a scorecard system and let us expose these channels for the way they do business.
      2. Establish benchmarks on TRP calculation. TRP’s should include online viewership. Monthly reports should be published for each show.
      3. Force GEC’s to publish timeline of a show – At least do a quarterly commitment. Then viewers can decide if they want to watch or not.

  11. plz dont end manmarzia
    sp if you have some heart for fealings of
    viewers dont end thise show
    I will never see sp if you do thise

  12. ab vahi ho ga sas bahu k jhagde
    rozana ki kitkit ghisi piti khaniya
    hai na sp

  13. I like arjun and radhu pair,serial is doing good.plssssss don’t stop

  14. hi guys.. I regularly read the updates and I used to watch the serial daily.. but due to work I couldn’t manage my time.. so we askd to air the show more often in a day at different time slots.. but I don’t know whether SP has read our comments or not, but felt very sad abt the show going off air…
    SP is not giving a pure time slot for repeat telecast to encourage the new concept… how many times it is being aired apart from 10.30pm.. I think only once at 8am.. I think I am not wrong..
    let’s have a view on typical saas babu serials…
    1. saath nibhana saathiya : I have read a spoilers that sisters are going to marry son and his father…(meera to marry shravan’ dad, vidhya to marry shravan).. I don’t know what the message they are giving to the world. I wonder how this serial is on top TRP’s.. THIS SERIAL IS BEING TELECASTED 3(REPEAT EPISODES) TIMES A DAY
    2.Suhani so ek ladki : the character dadi wanna ruin her grandson’s life just for beauty?? the same old divorce drama since long time between the two couples (suhani&yuvraj) and (krishna&sowmya).. I wonder dadi being survived by her grand children and bahu(prathima), how she managed her married life before dadaji’s death.. huff, keep it aside.. same cunning thoughts, same divorce drama, same stupidity not realizing their feelings for each other for an year.. THIS DRAMATIC NONSENSE SERIAL IS BEING TELECASTED(REPEAT EPISODES) 4 TIMES A DAY..
    3. Diya aur baati hum: At the start of this serial, I felt so happy that they are giving a message about girls wishes, ambitions,priority and family.. later on stupid tracks have come.. just say HIJACK track, of course it’s a real story happened in India. but they dragged the track for almost a month.. coming to the present track WIL ANY WOMAN LEAVE HER HUSBAND, NOT THINKING ABOUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HER FAMILY & HUSBAND(WHO IS THE FOUNDATION TO GET HER AIM FULFILLED).. now a days there is no such patriotism, as our India is filled up with stupid politics… its not a democratic India, its a political India which is under political leaders.. I won’t agree with this track..
    Note: I am not against any department or people of India, BUT I HATE POLITICIANS (SOME, NOT ALL)..
    “” I WANNA SALUTE ALL THE BRAVE SOLDIERS WHO HAVE WORKED & HAVE BEEN WORKING, WHO HAVE LOST THEIR LIFE & WHO HAVE BEEN STILL LIVING FOR US, RATHER THAN SALUTING OUR NATIONAL FLAG & POLITICIANS. its just my opinion, im not criticising anyone.. hats off to INDIAN ARMY.. coming to the talk abt the show, just change the track soon before you loose its charm.. THIS SERIAL IS BEING TELECASTED 2-3TIMES I THINK..
    4. Tu mera hero, Mere angne mein,there sheher mein ,, I don’t know much about these shows but watched first few episodes as they started on starplus.. AFTER FEW EPISODES THEY ARE LIKE SAME TYPICAL SAAS BAHU SERIALS WITH NO PARTICULAR CONCEPT..
    5. Dosti, yaariyan,Manmarziyan
    meaning, friendship and heart desires if I’m not wrong.. it started on a good note “BEFORE BECOMING SOMEONES WIFE I SHOULD FIGURE OUT MYSELF”. I fell in love with this time line during promos and eagerly awaited for the first episode..later got addicted to it.. RADHIKA MISHRA a cute girl with some innocence figured out that she is a good WRITER with the help of SAM( later friendship bond developed between them).. dosti, yaariyan have been shown well between SAM&RAD, ARJUN&RAD, SAM&NEIL, NEIL&RAD… what about MANMARZIYAN??? u have skipped this between the lead pairs, but brought NANDINI DI to get her heart’s wish fulfilled (taking revenge from samrat).. what’s about manmarziyan of RAD’s, SAM’s, ARJUN’s, NEIL’s ???? CVS plzz show how the dosti,yaariyan bond lives between the pairs in tough times… give importance to manmarziyan too…


  15. Manmarzian viewers, StarPlus decision is based on specious TRP ratings! Read this article – >…/ StarPlus does not know really how many viewers are out there for the show .. So, show up in big numbers on whichever media outlets you find .. then may be we will get the original storyline of Manmarziyan for few more months!

  16. Just now watched promo of sumit samhal lega. I have heard that this show will be replaced with mmz. But according to the promo it will telecast at 7pm. And diya aur bati hum is telecasted at the same time. Does it mean mmz will not go off air? Guys let me tell you I watch star plus of singapore.

  17. Iam a south indian plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss………………………………… don’t end the show.I like Arjun n Rathika’s jodi.Then i like the serial theme fav.serial is yhm n ssel then manmarziyan.

  18. Pls dont end this serial…mmz is a very unique and excellent prG..the story is really very good..ppls dont end..

  19. Pls some one give me sp contact number

    1. i posted 1 toll free no of sp n few days back i posted entire details of sp,..pls check last week update comments,…

  20. its the record of starplus to end all good serials……
    dabh….. they cant end these
    they ended ur eht ipkknd and now manmarziyan

  21. fatema meherin

    Plz don’t stop this serial i like this serial very much

  22. must nw it is more interesting dont stop

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