Manmarziyan 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika coming home and seeing her family. She thinks her words made the way, she did not know her words will ring the bell. She thinks can she really do anything on her wordpower, she did not know giving taglines in ads is work, and checks online. She thinks Samaira will show the way, she will meet her and seek job in her company. Its morning, Samaira goes for jogging. She thinks about her mum and recalls how life changed. FB shows a hospital scene. She recalls and falls down.

Radhika’s dad scolds her as she bumps into him, and the snacks fall. She says sorry. He says his loss can’t be bear. She says its not serious loss and jokes on him. He asks do big cities teach this and scolds her. She says she will pay for his loss. He asks did her parents teach her this. She

asks why is he going on parents, did she go on his children. He goes home being annoyed. Dada hears radio and asks Radhika to know everything from Samaira, and calls her a writer.

Radhika gets ready to leave. Her mum gives laddoos for Samaira. Her dad comes angrily home. Dada asks did he get heart attack. Dilip says he met an ill mannered girl, and all snacks fell, why do big city people come leaving all values there. She says she will get samosas again. She says Radhika went to meet the ad people. He says no need and gets angry. She says its Riddhima’s baby shower date selection, so I wore good clothes, else I will change.

Dada laughs. Radhika says I will leave now. Dada asks her to go, and sends her fast. Her mum asks what did he do. Dada says Radhika was excited to go, why will he stop her. Her mum worries. Dada says she will come before Dilip knows. He sings song and dances. Rajat asks Samaira to be ready for success party. She talks to her dad and says everyone liked the ad. He asks when is she coming back, he is missing her. She says I know why you called. He says if you and her mum don’t talk, he will have problem. She says she will talk later. He says I love you, call again. She ends call.

Radhika comes there to meet Samaira. Dilip asks about Ankush. Dada ji covers up for Radhika. Rajat thanks Radhika for her superb line. She asks about Samaira and goes to meet her. Samaira calls her mum. Her mum is annoyed, and says why did the line get changed, whose decision was this. Samaira says mine. Her mum asks why did she not ask her, her work was to ask her, she does not care for their ad company Bird song. Samaira argues. Her mum says she teaches in bets institutes how to make ads. Samaira says you don’t need me, why did you hire me if I don’t work well. Her mum says as you won’t get job anywhere else, no one will hire you. Samaira cries.

She says whatever I do, it will never be enough for you. Radhika comes there. Samaira says people should learn from here how to break confidence, and thanks her. She ends the call and cries. Radhika knocks. Samaira sees her and asks does she have Kajal. Radhika is stunned and looks in her purse. Samaira asks does she have all shop in her bag, and puts everything out of the bag. She applies kajal.

Radhika asks is she fine. Samaira says does she look fine, she can’t be fine as her mum is after her, you ruined me giving that line, and her suicide idea was not bad. She eats the laddoos and says nice, is there anything else to help me. Radhika smiles and says you don’t help, you are enough for the world. Samaira smiles and says thanks. Radhika and Samaira come out. Radhika talks to her about writing. Neil comes and hugs Samaira. He asks is she following him, he told he loves her.

She says it was tension here. He says he came to balance it. He eats the laddoos and says very nice, did you make, whats your name. Samaira says she is Radhika, she gave the line. Neil says he came to meet her, she gave line and laddoo, will she give kiss. Samaira says everyone is not your type. Samaira says she has to go Delhi. Neil says cancel it, stay with me in Rishikesh. She says I can’t, I don’t fear anyone. Lets go and party, and thanks Radhika. They leave. Radhika gets thinking. ……………plays………….

Radhika and Samaira spend time together and have lots of gun. Dilip sees Radhika with Samaira and Neil, and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good show.hope this doesn’t become like boring melodrama type one

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