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Manmarziyan 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika seeing Arjun’s hand hurt. He takes Sam’s bag by the other hand and it falls. She asks what happened to him. He says nothing. She sees his wound and asks on whom was he getting his anger out. She does the aid. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays…………. He recalls her and Saral, and asks does she love Saral. She looks at hiom. He says you tell a story when not asked, and does not answer on asking. She says he is my friend. He says this is not the answer. She says I don’t know love or whether it exists, I just know any relation’s foundation is friendship, which Saral and I have. He says marriage can’t be done with every friend. Se says every marriage does not have love, it does not mean they are not happy, friendship will turn into love slowly.


says this is her dream. He says dreams break. She says walking with broken dreams is second name of life. She says she has 5 months, right now this is my dream of making her name. He says Saral was saying your marriage is next month. She says I spoke to him, see I tied well. She asks him to smile as she said he looks normal smiling.

Nandini comes to Saral and says she wanted to say something. She says Radhika is very lucky to get fiancé like you. He says everyone can see this, expect Radhika. She says your love is clearly seen, else who gives such freedom to fiancée, working late night, roaming, earning, staying in Mumbai, you let her do anything she wants, you wanted to marry next month and she wants to marry 5 months later, you agreed to her, if Sam controlled Arjun, he would have broken relation, you are so good. She asks if Arjun was in this situation, what would he do. She says Arjun would have married when he wanted, else break the alliance. Saral gets thinking.

Sam asks Nandini to have parathas. Mala asks Saral to have it too. Nandini asks him to have it, else he can get it after 5 months. Mala says no, Saral keeps coming home, you also come Rishikesh. Nandini says I would have come if they got married in a month. Mala says marriage will happen after 5 months, you come for sure. Nandini says who can guarantee what will happen after 5 months. Sam asks Radhika to come, they will go office from home. Radhika says fine, I will get bag. Saral says Radhika won’t go anywhere, I have to talk to her.

Sam gets angry. Radhika stops Sam asking her to go, she will come later. Nandini smiles seeing Saral. Piyali talks to someone and says company is on Sam’s name, Samrat and I are managing, we want Sam and Arjun to run birdsong, you give papers to Sam at her home, she does not stay with us now. Sam comes home and surprises Piyali.

Arjun and Nandini come along Sam. Sam says its her marriage in 10 days and I want to spend these days with you, will you let me come back home. Piyali says you never left home. Sam and Piyali say I love you and hug, Piyali tells Nandini that Sam’s problems ended after Arjun came in her life, I hope she does not get tears in her eyes. Nandini says Sam will cry forever, Arjun will keep Sam very happy and her tears will never stop. She smiles and says happiness tears never stop.

Saral argues with Radhika and says he is going back. She asks him to stay till Sam’s marriage. He says I have decided, I can’t bear more insult, I will leave. She asks him to understand. He asks what, you understand me. Mala looks on. Saral says he wants to marry her and she is after her dream. Radhika says they will marry after 5 months. He says if marriage has to happen, it will be in 1 month. He says he decided and now she has to answer, will she resign job and marry him? Else he will break this alliance. Mala and Radhika get shocked.

Saral says he has packed his bag and asks her to answer soon, if this marriage breaks, then uncle will be humiliated. Radhika cries. Saral asks her to decide is her dad’s respect imp or her dreams’ flight. She says don’t do this. He says it depends on you, what do you want. He asks what did she decide. She says he is doing wrong. He says fine, but this will happen now, either marriage or ruining, you choose the way. She says you can’t take the decision alone, marriage is relation of two people. Saral says I will do what I m saying, don’t come crying to me later. She gets a call and leaves. Mala worries.

Sam asks where is Radhika. Tejh says Piyali is calling, we have to start, we can’t wait. Radhika comes to office and looks around recalling the past moments. Arjun asks her does she think she can come anytime. She says sorry and gets sad. He asks what happened, are you okay. She recalls Saral’s words. Neil asks her to come fast, clients have come. Arjun looks on.

Neil brings Radhika and says sorry for delay, Radhika did the work so we want her to give presentation. The client says we have seen her work. Piyali says she is talented. Radhika starts the presentation, on Maybelline. She says we all are different, our happiness is different, pain is different, then why should be the colors same, everything has different colors in life. Arjun looks at her. Neil plays the Maybelline new York ad. Arjun takes the opinion of the team. The clients clap and seal the deal. Radhika cries. Arjun looks at her and she turns.

Arjun holds Radhika and asks her the truth, did Saral say anything, what did Saral do. Sam comes and sees Arjun holding Radhika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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