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Manmarziyan 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun waking up. He sees Radhika sleeping holding him. He smiles and holds her. Dastaan…………….plays……….. She wakes up and looks at him. He closes his eyes and acts like sleeping. She moves away from him. He opens eyes after she goes. Sam wakes up and gets stunned seeing Neil sleeping beside her being shirtless. She sees her clothes changed and looks at him.

Radhika knocks for someone to help them and open the door. Nandini opens the door. Radhika gets stunned seeing her. Nandini sees Radhika and Arjun there. Sam changes her clothes and gets ready. Neil wakes up and smiles, saying baby …..had fun at night. Sam gets tensed. Nandini asks Radhika what are they doing here. Arjun says nothing, they got locked by her foolishness. Nandini says its good I heard

the sound and opened door, what are you doing here. Radhika says I got Arjun here. Nandini asks why did she bring him here, the room did not open since years, is there anything.

Radhika says Arjun does not know about this room. Arjun says nothing, come. He leaves. Nandini smiles and asks Radhika why did she bring Arjun here. Radhika says to show your truth, but you made everything disappear. Nandini says non existing things disappear like this. She asks her to try, but she will get just failure. Sam asks Neil what happened yesterday. Neil sits and asks don’t you remember anything. She says nothing. He recalls the night. FB shows Sam and Neil playing cards and she wins. He calls her a cheater. She asks him to give his shirt to her. She takes all his clothes and he is left just in shorts. He says I won, and asks her to give her clothes. She removes her top and wears his shirt.

They continue playing. She wins again and asks him to remove his boxers. He says never. She says I won’t leave you. He covers himself with the blanket and removes the shorts. He sees her tensed and asks does she not remember anything. She says no, tell me what happened.

He says you said we will wait till 30, and you did not wait. He smiles and fools her. She starts googles and leaves. He asks her to stop. Mala tells Radhika that they have to do Gauri puja. Radhika says its nothing like this here. Mala says we have this ritual. Nandini asks Arjun to come home soon from office, his new bride will miss him. Radhika says office… Nandini says birdsong. Radhika recalls Sam’s words. Nandini says Sam called Arjun so he has to go, Radhika got what she wanted, so don’t stop Arjun’s dream, it was his dream to work in birdsong. She asks Radhika to trust her love and asks Arjun to go office. Radhika thinks she can’t let Arjun go near Sam. She makes the puja plate fall. Mala asks its big abshagun. Radhika says sorry Maa and asks Arjun not to go office.

He asks why. She says its abshagun. Mala says yes. Nandini says she does not believe so, after she got Radhika as her bahu. Radhika asks Arjun not to go today, Mala will feel bad. Nandini says he has work, don’t stop her and asks Arjun to go. Arjun asks Mala is this ritual imp. Mala says yes. Arjun says its okay, I will join from tomorrow, I will call office. Radhika smiles.

Piyali tells Samrat that Arjun is not coming today. Samrat says why will he come, he is newly married. He asks Sam why did he call Arjun. Piyali says we can’t mix personal and professional lives, birdsong was sinking when he joined. He says today Sam is sinking, I care for her. Sam says I m strong, I m fine trust me. Neil comes and says presentation is ready. Samrat asks Neil is he fine, and reminds they are in Mumbai, not Switzerland, why did he wear muffler. Neil says Sam will say Sir. He shows Sam the mark on his neck. Sam gets shocked. Neil recalls making it by lipstick. Piyali asks Sam what is it. Sam says mum and Pa….

Neil says I will say, actually. Sam says come, tell later, we have work. She asks him to shut up and sends him, saying lots of work. Mala asks Radhika to get ready as bride. Arjun comes to Radhika and asks her to do drama, she can’t stop him from going office, she made puja plate fall, but he stayed here for Mala. Sam asked me to come office, she loves me, you can’t keep us away. Radhika says she tried and won, she will plan tomorrow. They argue.

Mala comes to them and asks Arjun to apply sindoor to Radhika. He says yes and fills Radhika’s maang with sindoor. He smiles and she looks at him. Mala asks Arjun about Radhika. Nandini asks Arjun to be with Mala, she will get Radhika. She says great excuse to stop Arjun, by Gauri puja, I hate excused, you used Arjun so I have to settle scores. She says about abshagun, it will happen now, not with Arjun, but with your mum. Radhika is stunned. Nandini says where and how, I won’t tell this, you wanted to do Gauri puja, lets go and do it, you will have lots of fun today.

Mala tells Nandini that she is scared of heights. Nandini says I wish you don’t go to such heights. She tells Radhika that she will use this in different way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Major twist : I think they will kill radhika …

  2. Good episode again!! Loved the Ardhika scenes n d opening scene was awesome…when Arjun wakes up to find Radhika holding him…then d way he holds her n removes those locks from her face..d way he looks at her lovingly n finally when he feigns sleep when he senses Rads waking up…it was just too cute

  3. Poor mala n aradika scene was cute

  4. Good episode again!! Loved the Ardhika scenes n d opening scene was awesome…when Arjun wakes up to find Radhika holding him…then d way he holds her n removes those locks from her face..d way he looks at her lovingly n finally when he feigns sleep when he senses Rads waking up….n den when he opens his eyes when she walks off from there…it was just too cute ………loved the Neil n Sam scenes as well…even those were very cute….n lykd one other thing when Arjun was ranting before Rads saying that he knew she dropped d puja ki thali intentionally…he said a line that she can’t stop him coz even Sam loves him..he lukd so funny n childish while saying that….i cud actually visualise a school boy claiming that boastfully;-)

  5. neil super ya….after long time you came back…bt serial going to end….oh god….1st ardhika scene….wow….i cant express it….sam face also gud….worst idea of rad today by making abshagun….nandhini whats your plan…nw you turn to mala…1st samrat,then sam,then rad and now mala….super revenge…..

  6. @ reena jac…is it a spoiler or something that they will kill radhika??
    Too bad if they do that:-(

  7. Awesome episode…..but feeling sad2 know that this will end soon…

  8. Lov of arjun is very cute…pls dn end d show…chng d show slot…d trp will b raised for sure

  9. To make sp continue d show post signatures n comnents click here

  10. If tis vll work diya….star plus s not considering our views

  11. Hi,

    todays start was superb…bt i feel bad wen radz n arju fight with each other..dey r awesome together n der chemistry..hope soon both come together n fall for each other..

    poor malaji…wats Nandini plan…hope she fails in every plan against radz..

    guys aug 15th Diya aur bathi mahaepisode…im,afraid whether dos sp people will nt air MMZ on dat day…cos it happened once before…its difficult without MMZ…

  12. Arjun seems to manupulate rads n make his story of da girl tryng to save her friend frm a guy………
    Wow nce try arjun

  13. friends,..i hate star plus,…

    they are cutting another epi on sat cox of Diya aur bati hum mahaepisode,..at10.30tsm ll b aired,….

    many mmz fans ll ignore ur channel 4m aug 29.00 (11.00 pm),…

  14. pls dnt end the arjun soon

  15. love scences super

  16. ye hai hum logo ko Aarziaan….pls dont stop Manmarziaan…sass bahu serial se juda…kuch is trha mila sa hai tu….dosti yaarian Manmarziaan….i luv dis show…pls pls pls sp dont stop dis show

    1. nice song dear,…

      i loved the lyrics yaar,….

      hope god make some sense in Star plus
      s brain over night

  17. How long will they stay popular just by saas-bahu serials? We need something different n manmarziyan gave us that n now they’re gonna end that too. Wow, way to go Star Plus!

  18. Awesome episode..plz save this show

  19. Nice start of drama

  20. Saran tamil nadu

    Pls don’t end this serial pls extented the serial for atleast two or three month and change the time trp will gradually increased pls don’t ignore our comments

  21. I didnot understand sam & neil’s scences both in neil’s house & office.

  22. When will it end

    1. august 29,…

      ly 12 episodes left 4m 2day

  23. hiii friends,…

    my prediction:ly 12 epi remaining,…(sat there ll b no mmz,…i hate SP 4m bottom of my heart, can they cut another epi of mmz)

    i felt they wont rush the story 2 end but sth big twist like arjun falling in accident which nandhu set 4 radhika r mala,…this makes radz 2 fall 4 him n arjun knowing nandhu’s truth after her hand in all bad things happened around radhika,….n radhika too leaves him in this mess n she realize her love 4 him while caring him n sam n neil witnesses the true love btw them,…the truth of nandhini came 2 lime light,…

    arjun wants radz badly,…sam n neil help him 2 get radz back in his life,…in this mess,…sam understood neils love by watching yday’s epi as she misunderstoods sth happened btw them n she was nervous n this leads 2 her fall 4 him n wen he finally confess that nothing happened btw them,…sam ll confess her love n show ends with arjun getting radhika back by proper remarriage,…

    Coming 2 2day’s epi,…

    i enjoyed it yaar,..though there s less ardhika scenes,…

    yday n8 he tries 2 seduce her n she said she dinn feel anything n he was badly affected n morning he was happy with her presence n he cuddles her more affectionately without any passion n wen she moves away his hands after waking up n distanced herself 4m him,…he was bit upset that he cant make her love him by physically seducing her,…

    so,he used next weapon of making her jealous over sam n he said sam loves me n u cant separate us,…instigating her 2 b around him by using sam as another weapon,,she ll definitely around him 2 save sam,…he use words cleverly,..Sam loves him still n she cant separate them always,…this ll induce radz 2 not leave arjun 2 reach sam,,she ll be around him n arjun got wat he wanted,…he uses all the opportunities 2 b close around her,…

    Now he wants radz love ly,..he dont want any revenge n nothing,…he wants radz,..that’s all,…arjun avoided nandhu’s interrogating them of being stuck in tat store room,…he dont wanna explain anything 2 nandhu tat radz wanna prove her’s truth,…he avoided it n asked radz 2 follow him,..’challo yahan se’,…i loved that he dinn wanna remind their challenge of radz leaving his home if she failed 2 prove the truth,…

    second he himself dont wanna go 2 office,…hence he made excuse by mala’s rituals,…ill go 2morrow nandhu,…so,he wants 2 b with radz,…n he was already disappointed tat radz dinn feel anything after their proximity (2hugs,1 almost kiss n intense touch),… so,there s no way 2 make radz glued 2 him,,he used sam as his weapon 2 bring radz closer 2 him always,…n he was so pleased 2 hear tat radz ll make another plan 2 stop him 4m going office 2morrow,…he really enjoyed it man,…

    friends,…ly 12 epi 4m 2day,…how SP bcome so mean n I hate SP,…this s the last daily soap n there s no way 2 get aham n monica pairing again n with good storyline,…so,ill never watch any daily soap in future,…i lost all my hopes, i prepare 4 the worst better not 2 expect 4 the best,…

    1. Big salute renu…. r u from south?

    2. This is to renu..superb description both today and yesterday…just read ur every line twice

  24. Only 1 2 more days left…don’t want to c abrupt end. Don’t have time 4 ardhika romance also….Once again a big thank u to star plus for treating us badly rip star plus

  25. Renu u r gr8 yar luv ardhika scns als nisam <3 <3♡♡♡♡ pls dn end dis shw pls…………… 🙁 🙁

    1. thanx 4 ur appreciation dear,…

  26. Hi. Am new to this website bt i use to daily read the comments posted here! And the way renu explains is out of the world! Each and every scene are perfectly imaginef and love your way of thinking @Renu!

  27. hey guys cal to dis no180030007827 d ppl r responding so keep on calling n ask dem not to make it off air

    1. Did u call harshita? What they are saying?

  28. And renu are you from chennai?

  29. shifa(shakira)

    i am new .i love this serial

  30. @mitty,divya,,….

    thanx 4 ur compliments dear,…

    n yes m 4m chennai,…

  31. We have done all those things which was possible to us.what else we can do?????

  32. ireena,..u r right dear,…

    SP is so adamant,….this week trp increased to 0.9 4m 0.7,…

    so,nandhini- radz drama increased the trp,…

    how can SP crew members sleeping peacefully after hurting many fans hearts like me,…the very thot of this serial gonna end itself spoils my mood,…

    m a positive person,,this happens ly 2 keep away 4m entertainment 4ever,…so,i may concentrate in other things in my life without any entertainment 4m august 29,…

    i lost my hopes but still hoping 4 a miracle,….fingers crossed

    1. Renu nd other manmarziyan fans keep on messaging sp nd call them nd ask for extension…. fingers crossed

  33. 4m august 31st,…

    at 10.30pm,….TSM ll air replacing mmz,…

    at 10.00pm,…sumeet sambal lega ll air,…

    confirmed news,…

  34. I’m frm Bangladesh. My mst fvrt sirl ws IPKKND. After tht I lik tis sow. SP says “ristah wohi, soch nayi.” Bt thr’s nting new. I hate SP.

  35. Sash bahu ko drama ki alaba ea SP kuch nehi jante. Jab ve koi new show nayi kuch krtehe tabhi us show air off ho jati he. NAUC ve trp ki dohaime air off ho giya. Bata nehi ea SP catihw kya!!!!

  36. hiii friends…
    episode was nice !!!!
    arjun radhika together look cute couple 🙂 🙂
    I really miss you Manmarziyan ♡♡♥♥
    such a cruel star plus … always want profit nothing else…even viewers affection towards the serial. ..
    star plus creators are senseless only without brain people do this…..Bakwasss sp

  37. Super! Even im from chennai! @Renu
    Feeling sad that the show is ending. Even i have made many of my frnds watching this show who even dont knw hindi! All are crazy about thia show!

  38. Aham Monica pair is some what fresh.aham’s mature acting and radhika’s fresh and tender acting creates a good magic .I expect them in some other show and mmz will be a forever glow for us .

  39. I ‘m from sri lanka and i love this drama. I love ardhika. Star plus is so can they end such a nice drama.plz don’t do this. Plz save the drama.

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