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Manmarziyan 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Sam waking up and asking Neil. Neil says his body is jammed, he is stretching. She asks the time. She sees Radhika’s missed calls and calls her. Radhika gets her call and Arjun looks on. Radhika talks to her as Maa. Sam asks whose Maa. Radhika says my Maa is very funny, yes say. Sam asks is she drunk, why is she calling her Maa. Radhika says Maa, mummy ji, now happy, is everything fine there. Sam says yes, we are reaching Lonavla now, where are you. Radhika says we are on road. Sam asks who we? Radhika says Zubin, Kritika, Tejh and Arjun Sir, he is taking us to Lonavla. Sam says I don’t want to meet Arjun.

Radhika says yes, don’t take tension, Arjun Sir can drive fast but can’t reach you. Arjun stops the car. Radhika asks why does he apply brakes. Arjun says I need

to talk to your mum, give me your phone. Radhika ends the call and he says call again. She says she went to temple, she was getting late. He says so what, call her. She says no, she does not talk to Sir and laughs. Arjun says she will talk to me for sure, and drives.

Sam sees Neil sleeping and says stop the bus. Neil wakes up and asks what is it, sorry. He asks what happened, as the bus stops. Sam says we did not brush, come and gets down the bus. A man laughs on Neil’s short and jokes. Neil jokes too and the bus leaves. Sam and Neil get midway. Neil asks why are we standing on road. She says Arjun is coming Lonavla, I don’t want to meet him. Neil says I m here, trust me, he will not come close to you. She says I don’t want him to be around, please, I don’t want to go Lonavla.

Neil says cool, let him find you in Lonavla, we will go Khandala. He shakes his shorts and asks Aati Kya Khandala……… She laughs and says idiot, let Arjun make rounds in Lonavla, we will go our way. Neil says let me make the car ready and says Aaja Meri Gadi me baithja….. He lifts her on his back and runs. Radhika says Sir this song is my fav, will you listen. Arjun does not react. She says its okay, hear this one. He throws the Cd out of the window. She says does he have this disease of throwing since childhood.

He says the thing she touched in this car will be out of this car. She says oh and touches tissue box. He throws it. She touches water bottle and he throws it. She goes to touch his hand and says he said whatever she touches will be out of the car, and tries again. Arjun gets angry and twists her finger, as she touches his hand. She gets call from home and talks to her mum. She says we spoke just now. Mala says what, we spoke yesterday. Arjun takes the phone and says I m coming to meet you Sam, I m sorry for whatever happened, lets meet and solve this, you can’t run. Mala says yes, nothing happens if you run, what happened yesterday. He says yesterday… aunty talk to Radhika. Radhika laughs.

Neil and Sam sit to take lift. Neil says he will stop the car. Sam says go my tiger. Neil says come my truck and asks for lift. The truck does not stop. Radhika tells Mala that she will call her once she reaches Lonavla. She ends call and tells Arjun that her mum greeted him. He asks do you talk to your mum daily for so long. She says she talks to her family twice, when they all meet, they talk a lot, and he does not play the game of statements. She asks him to talk to his mum, and Arjun recalls Nandini. He stops the car and asks all of them to get down the car. Tejh asks why.

Sam applies makeup and gets ready. Neil tries hard to stop the lift and says he needs a lady driver to show off his muscles. The cars don’t stop. Sam laughs and says he can’t stop any car. Arjun says get down the car. Radhika says if you felt bad by my words, I m really sorry, you can’t make us leave like this midway. Arjun says the car stopped, they all have to push it. They get down and start pushing the car. Arjun pulls hand brake and asks them to push harder.

Radhika says my Dada ji says we should sign songs if we do heavy work, which song to sing. Tejh says he can’t bear her songs. She says she got an idea, and sings Tak Tak chalti hai ghadi….. Arjun looks on. Neil gets tired and sweats. He says your pineapple drew my juice and Sam gets upset. Neil looks at her. He says if clothes does not help, they should be removed. She laughs seeing him dancing with his tshirt. She says wear your shirt, else it will be headlines. She tickles him and they joke. Arjun asks them to push, the car is not even moving. Arjun recalls Radhika’s words and smiles.

Arjun asks them to push and drives the car, leaving all of them on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tooday Neil and sam are rocked the story.

    1. Sorry today

  2. Funny epi

  3. Yeh arjun itna saitan kyun hai….moreovr im lykng dis mitha nd kardva nok jhok b/w arjun nd rads….neil rocks he realy knws to care for sam….he makes her laugh nt smile…n dats lyk feelng top of da world.

  4. Nice episod…
    Neil-Sham awesome….
    I wish like neil-sham , radhika & arjun r together in road or forest or some another place & start thair fight as well as their romance……
    pls pls aisa 1episod to banta hai…

  5. nice epi
    loved it

  6. 🙁 🙁 🙁 :-/ :-/

    1. Sry posted wrongly

  7. Wow Neil ka road scene ….. Minsblowing….. And Sam too was good …… Radhu as always awesome…. Precap the way radhi looked was like someone cheated her .. Wow true love …..

  8. I badly want to see how arjun smiled at the end

  9. Mee too @uma..
    Guys …ellarkum tamil teriuma..

  10. good epi, i love u all

  11. Nice episode…..neil and sam were awesome…their chemistry is all about fun while arjun and radhika’s chemistry is intense….arjun was smiling with radhika’s tactics..and the scene of rad’s mum and arjun was pretty good…and rads you were as usual fantastic…keep rocking you girl.. 🙂

  12. Excellent episode….

  13. Lovely episode. Love this serial.

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