Manmarziyan 11th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun asking Saral to leave Radhika’s hand. Saral angrily holds her hand again. She asks him to leave her hand. Arjun says leave her hand. Saral asks what will he do, and pushes Arjun back. Radhika says Saral… and stops it. Saral gets angry on Arjun and points finger to Arjun, asking him not to come in between them. Arjun raises hand to punch Saral on his face. Radhika reacts Sir…… and lowers his hand. She asks Saral to come and not make any issue. Saral leaves. She goes after him. Nandini looks at Arjun.

Radhika talks to Saral. He argues with her and says you know very well that girls don’t work at our place, and she is doing all this. He says what are you saying, you are my friend. He says I was your friend and will become your husband in one month. She says

I can’t marry in one month, I want to fulfill my dreams, how can he decide this without asking her, you are my friend and friends know heart’s decision, please I need you support to fulfill my dreams, I asked for 6 months, you can’t take it back.

Arjun gets his anger out on the punching bag. He recalls Saral’s words. Nandini comes to him and asks him to have some food. Arjun refuses to have food and leaves. Kaka looks on and asks what happened to Arjun. She says he has gone mad, he is feeling someone’s pain, I won’t let anyone come in his heart, I will clear Radhika from becoming stone of his way, if she creates problem in Sam and Arjun’s marriage, then…. She asks Rana kaka to get every info about Radhika.

Radhika and Sam are at home. Radhika asks Sam to spend time with Piyali and Manya. Sam removes pics. Radhika asks her to leave some memorable pics. Sam smiles and asks shall I leave myself here. She asks Radhika about Saral. Radhika says you have shown me way to come here. Sam asks why is she marrying so soon, that too with Saral, will Saral keep her happy? Radhika says its our responsibility of our happiness, how can anyone else keep us happy. Sam says Saral is not good for you. Radhika says he is not bad, he was drunk and so he behaved such, he is my friend, he understands me. Sam says so he wants to snatch your 5 months.

Radhika says nothing like that, he just said, I explained him that we will marry after 5 months. Sam asks did he agree. Radhika says yes. Sam asks sure? Radhika says yes, I m here to eat your and Arjun’s head, I m not going anywhere, lets pack soon, else half of your belongings will be here. Sam says it will still be here and hugs Radhika. They say I will miss you to each other. Arjun brings Nandini to their old home. She recalls the childhood. He says its not necessary that you go there. She says its necessary, she has to freshen the old memories.

She has to congratulate Radhika and Saral for their marriage to happen. She recalls Samrat’s words and asks Arjun to go, she wants to stay with her memories for a while. Mala asks Radhika to talk to Saral, he is still angry. Radhika refuses as she is not wrong. Sam asks will he understand this. Radhika says if he understands me, he will understand this thing too. She goes and does some footprints printing of Laxmi ji. She slips and falls on Arjun, again coloring his shirt like before. Khwaishon pe likhi………plays………… He recalls the last similar moment. She says Laxmi ji’s footprint got on him. She apologizes from Saral’s side. He says he is your problem, I don’t like to interfere in other’s problems, and cleans the color off her nose. Nandini looks on and asks what is the matter Radhika, wherever I go, you are always there, I think its time to knock you off the way. Radhika gets stunned.

Nandini goes inside and recalls the past. Sam talks to her, and Nandini says she has waited a lot for Sam and Arjun’s marriage. She hugs Sam. Nandini says congrats Radhika. Sam says not so soon, as Radhika is still here for 5 months. Nandini says she won’t be here for 5 days too and sees Saral.

Nandini fills Saral’s ears against Radhika, and wants to make him marry Radhika soon. Saral looks at Radhika and Arjun.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy

    So much problems in this serial…only 2 to 3 mins heart touching scenes…i hate all people who create problem between arjun and radhika….i love ardhika…i want ardhika moments more….i dont want to see saral and nandhini face….i hate both of them…

  2. Chaya

    How mean.. Ht u nandini.. U clld urslf arjuns sis,huh.. U r more dn a enmy.. Aaahhhh.. Cnt tolrt..

  3. ☆Twinkle05★

    Nandhini u cheap u dont care abt arjun feelings u just want revenge u spoiling many lifes idiot and saral u dont have brain stupid :@

  4. Chaya

    How mean.. Ht u nandini.. U clld urslf arjuns sis,huh.. U r more dn an enmy.. Aaahhhh.. Cnt tolrt..

  5. Ira Afroz

    According to the spoiler news…Nandini and saral both will create rift between Rads and Arjun.

  6. Nandini is trying to take revenge thru arjun nd sam nd she is destroying her on brothr’s lyf .wat a lady is she!

    So by all dese i think samrat’s side is right & true. Becoz he is still vry nys ryt.

  7. Abi

    The wretch nandini….she still think abt her old nd waste(not true) luv story but she doesn’t allow arjun(his bro) to luv or feel for anyone…..this s too bad….how she do this to arjun…..she s soooooooo selfish…

    That saral…he s really a irritating such a scum….

    But we should agree both of them act very well…i hate them…..again no neil|O

    but i enjoyed d ardhika scenes 😀

  8. raashi

    Amazing episode..I lykd all of them today Radhika, Sam…n i’m not sure why but i found Saral a little less annoying today(might b bcoz he cried and baaki k pure episode me apna muh nhi khola) but Nandini was even more cunning than usual..isn’t she satisfied polluting Arjun’s mind that she will now start provoking that idiot n narrow-minded Saral.

    N lastly Arjun..awww..i loved him..d opening scene n specially d punching bag wala scene…he looked hot n cute at the same time and those expressions..the was just fantastic.

    Ohh..n 1 other thing..why is Mala ji behaving as if Saral’s d last man on earth and she wouldn’t find another son-in-law.

  9. Annie

    Hatts off to the actors of mz.. Specially those 2 evil ones.. they are just getting on my nerves. ..
    love u arjun.. what acting.. seriously.. the punching bag wala scene was really good.. loved when arjun removed the color from radhikas nose.. so cute.. Ardhika scene.. jitna bhi tha was very cute…
    Just cant wait forr mndays epi.. to ser rads doing the patti of arjun

  10. Annie

    Sometimes I think that what nandini says is correct.. saral should listen to her and break his engagement with rads… and arjun should also do what his heart say I.e. leave sam and go to rads(remember on the frst day of nandinis entry she said arjun to do what his heart say)

  11. raashi

    I’ll just add something which i forgot to mention was really good to see Radhika not giving in to Saral’s stupid n unreasonable demands n was gud to see her standing her ground this time around bcoz the split personality disorder of her character( wid reference to Arjun n Saral) irked me at times.

  12. amy

    Oh what to say….. this prgrm gets interesting day by day……today i loved arjun radika scenes 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♡♡♡♥♡♥♥…… sam is a good frnd to radika as she understood that saral is not good for radika 🙂 😉 …….even saral was quiet and less irritating :p :p ….and radika left behind her multiple personality and stood up firmly for herself 🙂 🙂 …..only problm was no neil 🙁 🙁

  13. forevermore

    Hi…I am new over here…..I hate nandini and saral to the core..they are just annoying ardhika scene was short by cute and radhika always enfs up painting arjun….want Neil to come out of his devdas mode and Sam to realise through manya that Neil is perfect for her and not arjun and also want star plus to at least give the 6o’clock time slot to manmarziyan and show some more repeat telecast as it is in the last position in star plus’s serials all due to odd timing and no prominent repeat telecast..

  14. Yaar rj y didnt u punch dat idiot y u jaz left him ek deta toh uske pardadi yaad aa jati bat anywas aaj sam rads ki frendship bohat awsome thi !!!

    waitin 4 d nxt epi pls jaldi update karo!!!!

  15. GuFe

    All theold idiots as well as some news have arrived here and posting same BS again and again…Whats the matter with you bimbo and dumbos????

  16. sara

    Todays epi was rocking……. Espiccally ardhika part………..can’t wait to watch mon epi……….

  17. Rimi

    Nandini don’t love anyone in her life, not even her brother. She just use arjun. She don’t love him.

  18. susi...

    As always superb episode.,…
    I like nandhinis eyes…..I know she is villian…but her eyes looks so nice

  19. raashi

    @ GuFe..why don’t u just get lost from here and get a life for yourself?? We r old enough to decide for ourselves n we don’t want u preaching as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t.

    If u believe we have nothing more constructive to do than posting comments here then same applies for u as well..u have nothing more constructive to do than reading our so-called stupid comments.

    If u don’t like d show don’t watch it and u don’t have to read our one’s forcing u to..

    And if i remember correctly i had said that u come here to have a laugh..well if that is so u should be grateful that our comments make u laugh otherwise your life would have been even more miserable without the laughter.

    • GuFe

      Rasshi, Are you sabki Grand Maa?? Dont give long lectures….

      Better listen to me and do Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan, do yoga and go to RSS shakha

  20. Honey

    very nice episode as always… Starplus plz consider our request…give atleat 6 o’clock time slot… for manmarziyan

    • GuFe

      I am telling you people to help MODIJI to make this nation great..Do yoga, Swatch Bharat…

      But wht idiots doing? Watching some bull shiiit serial and wasting time

      • michu

        Gufe…what do u think ur self…??none of ur business to decide what v do and what v dont do..ok??i never see u r such a irritating person.some times u have to respect others comment.don’t u have other job idiot??v decide what to do..dont trying to teach us..mind it

      • U’re too much gufe,who told u to watch Manmarzian or post a comment?We have the freedom to express our feelings,we are not a baby that u have to teach us what is wrong and what is right

  21. Annie

    Gufe u only said in your previous comnt that nandu is ur fav.. that means u too watch this serial.. now dnt act bad like her bcz she is a good person in real.. bettr u also be that and stop all these nonsense!!!

  22. nish

    As predicted saral n nandu to shake hands so I toh slept yesterday . Crappie is as irritating as before n now he got his new mom nandu. And foolishly arjun will run after what she says sam after arjun n neil after sam in between that foolish saral to bear o god saral spoiling the serial. Well but mst say shilpa saklani has always done positive role this time negative role bhi jordar( superb) doing.

  23. ashkool

    i guess its good tht they introduced saral here coz only thn arjun wud realize his feelings for nandini not good

  24. poulomi

    Die hard fan of Aham since mahabharat…. He is a classy actor.
    Shooooo cute. Whenever Arjun wears a white shirt we must anticipate Radhika to leave her handprint on them. Funny….
    As for the jobless Gufe… I pity him/her. That person might be a real loner. No one in this world can tolerate him. So guys he is just looking for some attention. Let him comment whatever he wants. Please don’t get yourself dirty with his muddy tricks.

  25. ArShi

    #Gufe is vry inovativ!!! Or uske popular honeka bohot shokh he!!!! Iss liye unune iye sab ngtv cmmnt kia. Dekho, humlog aur kisiko bareme kuch bola or na bola, uako lekar jorur cmnt kia. Idea bohot-i assa he GUFE!!!!

  26. ?zaira?

    This gufe is doing too much first dabh now manmarziyan…… is completely a psyco who ran from his mental asylum

  27. Aru

    I missed yest epi….nd even d retelecast…:(:(:(:(
    dabh,sns,yrkkh ko kithni bar retel karghe ko ithni pleads ke badh bi nahi!!!!!!
    Hate u sp:@

  28. Aru

    I don hve any problem with dabh,,i jst took its name as it hs been retelecasted many tyms……i jz want mz to to b shown sum more tyms in day tym….nothing els sana

  29. Ireena

    Hiii…friends.reading d comments,i m feeling suffocated.plz,dont give attention 2 any ‘attention seekar’

  30. Pathanga

    Guyz wat do u thnk whetr saral wl allow chasni to continue hr career r wud force her to marry him?

  31. Aru

    I think saral wont take aback dat easily…he is going to force chashni…hpe she ll understand dat saral is not fr her…wat u thing @pathanga

  32. dia

    Hlo nihila…..hy pathu
    nihila m also new hr
    actually i cmntd hr bt vry rarely nd dn stppd cmntng
    btw i hv sn old nauc frnds hr
    pathu last cmnt on nauc is my cmnt

  33. dia

    Hyyy maira
    m actually nt new bt i’ve cm hr aftr a long tim
    pathuu whr r u nd whr is devu di, richu di, liyu, su di nd odrs

  34. dia

    I miss dm all nd i dnt kno whr r dy………i saw su di smwhr bt i dnt rmmbr whr…….pathu i got only u……tl me abt dm yr plz

  35. mira

    Nice episode
    I wish this nandini and saral were not there.they r selfish.even now a days people as them exist in this world.
    Mmrzyn is the one of the best shows i have ever seen. I correlate every problem with this show and wow!!!the problem’s gone.the storyline is realistic..!!!!!!!!
    As usual,mmrzn rocks…….

  36. Abi

    I also know tamil…..i m very happy U people know tamil…i m really glad to chat with u guys…:):D

  37. dia

    Hyyyy new n old frnds

    su diii, shanaya, pathu nd devu dii r hr…………… Luv u all mah sissys……whr r odrs

  38. dia

    Congo nisha nd its my turn first nd i ask ft a dare[plz it shd nt be anythng reltd to our security lime displayng our phn nmbr emails etc]

  39. dia

    Annie it wl b ur turn nxt

    Gufe is a very charming personality. I have not heard of anyone so gentle like him. He is a superstar. He is better than any bollywood actor. He is a very nice person. Evrybody should learn from him.

  40. Annie

    What to say about me!! I am a very nice girl.. good in studies…tall…pretty… I love watching and dreaming about mnz.. I am crazy for ahem and arijit sing.. I just love to sing . I think this much is enough 😛

    • GuFe

      This comment has been deleted for misusing other’s name and/or using inappropriate language.

  41. Actually my mom don’t give me her mobile before complete my lesson.I think u know Bangladeshi mother are very strict for their child.

    • ?Zaira?

      Dia dr that nisha is fake account before she troubled us on swaragini as Smiley buddy and two other names….. pls don’t trust her if u don’t believe me ask to sara anu or liya……

  42. renu

    HIIII friends,….

    i wanna share sth about MMZ which i felt after watching it crazily,…

    friends,…our show title itself says ,…DOSTI YARIYAAN MANMARZIYAN,….

    Unlike other stories it’s full of female oriented story,…mainly built on SAM- RADz strong friendship,….

    I here listed SARA chemistry r bonding ,…I dont wanna describe their character as v all familiar with tat,..

    1. Sam ,….makes radz 2 realize her dreams n encourages her 2 live her dreams unknowingly,…
    2. Radz,…. make sam happy n make things clear in her life which she facing hurdles cox of her mom’s behavior and bro’s death,…
    3. Sam supported radz wen she was accused 4 theft r sth cox of arjun,..made her 2 make a presentation within a whole n8 n saved the bs,…
    4. Radz doubted arjun n she dont want her sam 2 suffer n showed arjun’s reality in bonnie’s house,…
    5. Sam trusted radz n rejected arjun’s proposal
    6. Radz decided 2 remain an obstruct 2 reach arjun hurting sam purposely not caring anything about her safety r arjun’s threatening(i dont wanna list radz saving sam 4m arjun sccenes in lonovla-kandala track, v all knew)
    7. Sam accepted arjun with radz approval,…
    8. Radz decided 2 know everything about arjun’s history 4 sam’s well being n she got hurt by arjun manytimes but she neverminded it
    9. Sam understood Radz confusion nd asked her whether she s hiding anything 4m her as she s restless 4m lonovla trip,…(True friendship)
    10. Raadz replied nothing can stop her 2 say any bitter truth 2 he bf keeping in mind tat she should get a solid proof 4 her doubt (again True friendship)
    11. Like raadz dont wanna see her sam being hurt by arjun,Sam also dont wanna see her Radz being hurt by saraal,…she taunted saral in saral-radz bangle scene,showed her anger wen he didnt allow radz 2 wear western dress but suppressed by radz,wen she found saral taking advantage of radz,she saved her radz again 4m saral doing anything wrong ,..
    12. Again Radz brought nands identity b4 sam after facing many difficulties,…
    Now come love affairs of our 2 ANGELS

    1. First pretty SAM,…Neil Loves her soooo much but she thinks that love as a friendship n she wore a mask of friendship over her love nd she herself dinn realize tat love n dont wanna realize it 4 arjun but she too felt neils love manytimes which she ignored,…
    2. Next cute RADZ,…Arjun loves her madly (tis s the real truth) but she thinks that vibs as good in Arjun n wanna continue her relationship as just friend ,…like sam she too loves arjun in her subconscious mind but wore a friendship mask everytime,…She dont wanna think about the fact y she bcome nervous in arjun’s closeness in lift n in dori scene,…She never wanna give a thought about arjun’s drooling over her after her Lonavla trip 4 her SAM but she too felt arjun’s love manytimes which she ignored like SAM,…

    Now come our 2 Prince feeling over their angels,..

    1. First Charming Neil,…cried all over n over but loves 2 make his lady love happy by engaging her 2 Arjun,..
    2. Next Hot Arjun,…cried 4 his fear of losing his lady love in the pace of his revenge 4 his devil sis Nands n ready 2 engage himself 2 sam hardheartedly,…
    2 Prince inclination over their angels in the engagement party,…
    1. Neil dressed his SAM with the ornaments n make her ready 4 the engagement n lost himself in her beauty,…
    2. Arjun dressed his RADz by tying her blouse dori n offering dupatta n lost completely in her beauty,…
    now coming 2 our Angels reciprocation 4 their inclination,…
    1. Sam made neil cry by the word friendship n brought him back 2 reality after their closeness
    2. Radz offered friendship by offering handshake 2 Arjun n brought him back 2 reality after their closeness,…
    I dont know wat 2 say,…these 2 friends r eating the brains of the 2 prince as well as the viewers,….

    Loved Manmarziyan 4m the bottom of my heart,….4 showing strong friendship between 2 girls,…

    • GuFe

      Idiot, if you had spent this much amount of time, efforts and energy in your career, you would have been earning in six figures…

      Where do you get such time to post such non sense?

  43. Patriot

    Hey gufe i knw tat ua hr to gain attention… But i jst want to clear sumthng wid u… I m a nss student nd i knw mst of ts rules nd regulatn… Nd hr by u may b knwng tat nss guys r vry polite nd vry much friendly as wel s dnt gv back answers rudely. So i thnk u gt 2 knw wat i wanted 2 say. P

  44. renu

    thank u mitty,aru,tapsya…

    @gufe:u u wasted ur so called precious time in reading my post yaar n thanx 4 indirectly appreciating me,…cox ill never take any bad words against me as serious,…every1 around me loves me very much n so i used 2 ignore the bad things around me,…so,m happy n tis s the ly serial i watch n m enjoying the friendship bond shown in tis serial,…so,i wanna share the same thing with my friends here,…

    further i read ur previous comts here,…i dunno wats the reason 4 u 2 post such comts but dont hurt the feelings of others,…dont think m advising u ,…v ve no rights 2 hurt other’s feelings,…

    sharing gives enjoyment,…here v share our feelings about tis serial n it ll make us relax n enjoy it 2 the core in the day 2 day busy schedule,…better u dont watch such so called non sense serial n waste ur time here by posting irritating comts,…cox ignorance s a big punishment,..if every1 here ignores ur comts,then ull b the one 2 worry,…be good at urself n act good 2 others,…

    • Abi

      Hi renu…i like ur comment abt d Manmarziyan….nd..ignorance…really appreciate u for ur kindness towards gufe…after his/her irritating comment…nice to read ur comment…it explains d whole story of Manmarziyan…….

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