Manmarziyan 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika and Arjun arguing. She says she ruined her life to prove his lie, she left everything and whats the use if he turns his eyes away now, he has to save the truth. He says you should have not come in my way. She says after knowing what you will do with Sam. He says Samrat ruined Nandini’s life, shall I leave him? She says Samrat should get punished, not Sam, will your revenge be fulfilled by killing Sam? He asks are you mad, why will I kill her? She says to take revenge. He says you are cooking stories. She says Nandini told this truth, I know you won’t believe me, I can prove my truth. He says fine, prove the truth, else promise you will leave this house, okay? She says fine, at Rana’s house.

Neil talks to Sam and asks her to leave Arjun now. They have a

cute moment. He asks whats her plan, and what did she threaten Radhika about marriage. She says revenge plan. He asks Arjun? Radhika? She nods. He asks why, Arjun broke your heart, why will you take revenge from Radhika, you still love Arjun so much. She says I hate Radhika, if she told me she loves Arjun, I would have backed out, she broke my trust, I want revenge, she has seen my love, now she will see my revenge. He asks her not to do this. She says its about my respect.

Arjun and Radhika come to Rana’s house and she guides him to show him the proof. She brings him to the room. He asks whats here. She asks him to come there. She opens the cupboard and asks him to show light, she can’t see anything. He uses mobile torch and asks is this enough. She says yes. He sees clothes and says omg, Nandini had made plan to kill Sam by these clothes and hanger, you were so right.

She moves the clothes and shows him the secret passage door. She asks does he not know about this room? Neil does pushups. Sam asks will he marry her. He gets stunned. Teri meri dosti………..plays……… He asks did she go mad. She says no one will marry you, my guarantee. They will marry when they get 30 year old. He says what an idea. She says super, I knew this. They have a sweet talk. He asks if she loves anyone. She says not again, impossible. If he loves anyone else… He says then it will happen. She says its fine, it does not matter, no one will stay with him, she will wait. He smiles. She says lets seal the deal. She writes on tissue and kisses him. She asks him to sign.

He says you are trapping me, not fair. She asks is he not ready to get trapped by her, sign it. He says I m ready to do anything for you, but he can’t give the kiss, find the pen, learn to do work inorder to marry me. She looks for the pen. He looks at her teary eyed. Manmarziyan…………plays……..

Radhika brings Arjun inside the room and gets shocked seeing a store room, and recalls how she has seen Sam’s pic with frame in the decorated room. She says this was not here and describes the room. He says you meant Nandini and I planned this right. She recalls Nandini’s words. He asks what. She asks don’t you know about this room. He says I just know your story is fake, you promised you will leave my home, take my advice, go to Rishikesh and open any detective agency, nonsense. He leaves and finds the door locked. She asks him to call Rana. He says I can’t, my phone is dead.

She says there is a way and tells about the window there. She does not get window there and he asks her to tell more, how was he killing Sam, now they have life here in this closed room. She says she is saying truth, she is not making stories. He says your lie is caught, you are mad, or your intention is bad. She says a boy did not have anyone in his life, she met a girl and felt she is fairy and loved her a lot, then he did not know that fairy is using his trust, she turned his love into hatred and now the boy does not see anything except hatred. He claps and says well done.

He says a story of a girl, who determined not to let her friend meet the guy, she came close to that guy and fell in love. She says this is lie. He says I feel this is the truth. He asks whats the truth if this is not true? He gets close to her and looks in her eyes. He asks why does she come near him, why does her heartbeat get faster when he touches her. She says there is nothing like this. He gets closer and asks did anything happen. She says nothing. He touches her face and asks did anything happen now? She says nothing. He holds her very close and asks now? She looks at him. He moves away from her. She cries and he sits away. Dastaan…………plays…………

Radhika sleeps on Arjun’s shoulder Arjun holds her and looks at her. Sam wakes up and sees Neil sleeping behind her. She gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. LIKE the show in HOTSTAR.
    Even with such odd timings v lv the show

  2. plt tell me really going to end? if its true plt don’t end

  3. I hate starplus if they end DYM
    I will not watch any show

  4. Just waiting for the Moment Arjun sees Nandu for what she is a liar and cheat. Hope all works out well for Arjun and Radhika

  5. We wan’t manmarziya so don’t stop the show plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. friends,…its a toll free no of SP

    Pls call 180030007827

    lets give a try,..if u r free,..pls try 2 call this no n express our love 4 mmz n not 2 end this amazing show,….

  7. Good episode. Still rooting for Samrat and Nandini to get what’s coming to them.

  8. I m 100%sure that for no serials ending fans become so crazy. SP should understand the feelings of fan.many serials has finished, but fan didn’t do so much what r they doing for manmazian. I think SP is the main villain of manmarzian story.

  9. Plz,tellyupdate team,take some steps to stop the ending of manmarzian. We hope u will.Plz remember that u had given 4.5 stars in 5 for this serial. I think its the highest of all serials u have ‘reviewed.???????

  10. agree with u Ireena,…

    Please some body put some brain in2 Star plus crew members,…

    I doubt the reason 4 ending this show is trp alone ,….r some other reasons may b issue btw PH n SP

    please satisfy the viewers wish,….

  11. Hai am frm bangladesh i also read d updte bt nevr cmnt this is 1st time n am shocked why sp doing such kind of thing while thr is serial like sns n yrkkth this is totaly unfair n the trp is realy a funz thing.,

  12. wow…yesterday episode was awesome n so romantic.. whn arjun come cls to radhika..i got gusebumps… loved the way they delivered the scene…plz sp heartly rqst u to dont end this serial…love aradhika…pls post my comment tellyupdate

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