Manmarziyan 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Manmarziyan 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil and Sam drinking and reviving old times. He asks her to get her anger out and speak out the name. She says Arjun. He asks her to say it aloud. She shouts Arjun. They laugh. He asks her does she still love Arjun? Nandjni colors her nails and relaxes, while Mala gets the bedsheets. Nandini asks Mala to sleep in her room, she will sleep here. Mala says no, I will sleep here. Radhika recalls Arjun’s anger and says she wants to sleep here with her mum. Nandini says Radhika is sweet, and asks her to leave her mum and hold her husband’s hand. Mala asks Radhika to go to her room and sleep.

Nandini says you got married now, your husband needs you, don’t worry, I will take care of your mum. Mala asks her to go. Nandini asks Radhika is there any problem that she does

not want to go to her room, if new bride does not want to go to her room, it will be a problem. She says she can tell them, they can help her. Radhika says no, there is no problem. Nandini asks her to go to Arjun.

Neil and Sam sit on the road. Neil asks her not to be strong, its not easy to forget Arjun, its big thing, don’t act cool, it will take some time. Sam says I don’t have time, come with me. He asks where. She says I want champagne. He asks where will you get now. He smiles. He says not that one. She takes him. Radhika comes in her room and looks for Arjun. Arjun comes from bathroom, and she turns saying she did not see anything. He recalls he entered the room similar way when she was changing and said the same line.

He asks why did she come in his room. She asks where should I go, this room is mine too. She keeps the milk glass and asks him to have it, as his sister has sent it. He says about my sister… She says I know I don’t have to say a word against her, else it will be bad, what else will you do, I know she is very good, she is Lord. He walks to her. She asks will he beat her. He says sshh.. She says she won’t sit quiet. He says lizard… She hugs him being afraid of the lizard.

He says its gone. He scares her saying its there. She jumps and says she knows its no lizard here. He looks at her and smiles. He tickles on her shoulder and she runs to hug him. Khwaishon pe likhi………..plays……………. she turns and he holds her hand. He holds her close and the door bell rings. They go out to see. They see Sam coming drunk and get shocked. Sam smiles and greets Nandini. Neil comes after Sam and says what a house, Radhika came in such a house. He is about to collide with Nandini, and says sorry. He tells Sam that wrong number, she is an aunty.

Sam says actually I came to talk to my ex fiancé and my ex friend, if you can excuse us please. Nandini and Mala leave. Sam asks so Mrs Arjun Mehra, how are you? Neil I m really stupid, you would be very happy right Radhika, because she broke my marriage in two days. She says my ex fiance’s name was Arjun Mehra, your new husband’s name is Arjun Mehra, my marriage broke 2 days ago and your marriage happened 2 days before, what a coincidence Neil.

Neil asks Radhika is she fine. Radhika looks at Arjun. Neil turns to see Arjun’s face. Sam asks Neil did he come to ask her welfare, they are perfect, ask me whether I m fine, problem is in my heart, I m total idiot, mum told me in childhood not to talk to strangers, what did I do, I spoke to them, did friendship and love too, I got zero result, now I know why mum told so, thanks mum for explaining me. Radhika cries.

Sam says I m a good student, and did not forget anyone’s taught lesson, Radhika will be remembered for long time, as she has taught her a lesson, she has to pay for this. Sam taunts Radhika. She tells Arjun that he has 3 year contract with birdsong, she will wait for him, but he can come after ending the honeymoon. She shows her bangle to Radhika and says Radhika’s inlaws has sent this to her, does she think marriage is such stone marked line which can’t be erased, see how the line erases so soon. She says they will leave if Arjun and Radhika permit. Neil takes Sam. Radhika cries. Rabba tu bata……………..plays………….. Arjun looks at Radhika.

Radhika asks Arjun will his revenge end by killing Sam. Arjun asks is she mad, why will he kill Sam? Radhika says to fulfill revenge, Nandini has told this to me. Arjun gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. happy

    Except ardhika scene….i hate remaining scenes….is sam mad…dont she have any anger on arjun…she only blames arjun…serial ending in one month bt arjun has 3 years contract in birdsong….oh god…where is this serial going….

  2. happy

    Arjun super super…your acting skills….super….bt his attitude in today is too much….hw he fergot his sister and revenge…its too over….today he acted like normal married loving couple…

  3. Abi

    I luv ardhika scenes…arjun s really hot nd cute……
    ……is it true that Manmarziyan ll be closed…….sam acting was really good….but without a word….arjun neil played very well…..nice radhu…feel bad for her…….and also precap s really interesting…..but i think nothing can change……. But anyway mmz rockz..

      • happy

        Hi mitty…i miss u also…all my remaining friends…ardhika scenes….arjun acting…neil cute look….sam and rad friendship….

    • happy

      Yes abi…its conformed by star plus…they sent one letter to viewers…aug 29 last day of my fav show…i promise…hereafter i never watch any show in star plus…they broke all my hope…i loved NAUC initially…bt because of trp they ruined all characters and worst ending….nw DYM….why star plus…if you want mother in law and daughter in law story…then y u allowed these stories….hate u…give some importance to creativity….dont be a fool….see ur other shows…is there any new thing in those serials….worst shows….sry friend if i write any thing wrong…i cont tolerate it…sry…

      • piu

        Star plus do’es not a fault ,all channel want their own show become Sault king , not only DYM lose trp but also its trp is very low compared to other channel on 10:30pm.
        If their is any fault i.e our people who does not interested.

  4. Manu

    Arjunnnnn♡♡… love you yaar.. you r are longing for true love..tats y you enjoy radhika’s presence.. ardhika’s scene was awesome today♥♥..seriously how starplus can kill such an awesome story.. everthing is going well and good. They r ready to extend bakwass saas bahu serials for yrs and yrs.. stupid channel…

  5. ☆Twinkle05★

    Ardhika scene was super luv it arjun ji super expression 😉
    I like neil scene he is so gud boy he ask how are chasni u r the friend best frnd ♥ sam dont lose him and sam do u think arjun will back to u sorry dear it wont happen and ardhika matriage is stone marked u cant erase it 🙂

  6. happy

    Renu…one help….in last scene…sam told arjun has 3 year contract with birdsong…k…after that what she told…i didnt understand…is she brake ardhika marriage…or…is she again fall for arjun…pls renu…explain this…

    • renu

      happy,..i dinn watch the epi dear,..

      ill post after watching it,…

      my internet connection is slow 2day,….

  7. gargi

    Wait!! Is the serial actually ending in one month??! Can u plz tel if u kno the exact timing…god! This is my fav serial I don’t want it to end…

  8. krithi

    Today’s episode was Supr. Really gona miss this serial. Loved manmarzia. Miss you radika, arjun ,Neil and Sam…

  9. deepthiram

    today arjun and radhika scences are too good aham and monica such amazing actors . i hope they both of them pair with another show in future

  10. Ira afroz

    Today i read india forum telly buzz and telly tadka article about Manmerziayan’s samapti.
    Such a bad news…seriously after ending of IPKKD,Manmerziayan is the only one show i love to watch.
    And now it’s going to air off.
    I just hate SP…this channel telecast some SaS Bahu type BULLSHIT serials those are running 8 or 9 years.
    I m counting every single episode of Manmerziayan as it going to end very soon…feeling so terribly bad.
    Such a amazing show it is.Every cast is too perfect and They r doing great job and story line is also different.
    Gonna miss this show very much….
    And today’s Ardhika episode was too good as lyk typical Husband wife type scene.Soooooo cute.
    About Arjun…he is too naughty.. Love his this new avatar…

    (May be upcoming episode…..they will show Arjun – Radhika and Sam – Neil coming closer romantically )

  11. sonia

    Hey what’s that our manmarziyan going to end instead they could give new timings may be 9 or 9:30.
    I really don’t want to miss this. ….Please star plus keep this show I want arjun and radical

  12. PInky

    Hi guys am new but i watch Manmarziya from day one….i dont want this show to end..pls starplus continue this show…i love this show

  13. rosy

    Nothng’s left to tl SP..hum kya hain gadhe hai,,,1st NAUC ended n nw manmarziyan….those actors i feel deserves more….YRKKH nd saathiya ko aur kitna khichege????
    Nd serials wid a theme ending so fast wow wat an inequality prevailing….IF Star Plus IS CONCERNED ONLY ABT TRP THEN Y DNT THEY JST CNTINUE WID THOSE N Y DE LURE US LYK DIS,,
    de shd drop their caption of RISHTA WOHI SOCH NAYI wen de jst dnt wana gv any place 4 nayi soch,,,!!!!!!

  14. nemi

    guys this is the best serial in the star plus. agar koi serial band karna hai to boring YRKKH; SNS; kab se chal raha h kya record banana h aur year tak chala kar . ye sb serial me kuch bacha nahi h . in sab ko band karo and mmz ko in serial ke time par aana chahiye. aham is good actore. and i would like to c aham in this serial 2years.itni jaldi nahi kyo khatm kar rahe h.

  15. Nakshatra

    After hearing about the news of this show off,no mood to comment..I will miss this show badly..especially aham.. damn it..I hate sp…wah..RISHTA WAHI SOCH NAYI…really…100% true yar.. starplus..u have proved it by ur actions..go to hell..

  16. nemi

    agar star plus ne decide kar liya h that he is stopping mmz. when mmz will stop.i will really miss aham. i think aham ko colours ke serial me bane ashok ke liye aham ko offer karna chahiye. i think aham ko audience ashok ke kirdar me pasand karegi.and iska timing bhi sahi h 9pm. i think itne bane aur grate ashok ki acting sirph aham hi kar sakte. aur koi nahi kar payega. as aham ne karn ki acting ki thi.thabi se mai aham ki fan ban gayi. what say Gaye’s. aap ko kya lagta h tell me. i am waiting.

  17. Natasha

    I think there is no use of begging to star plus. If star plus really wanted to increase trp then why they aired a youth show like manmarziyan from which it is difficult to increase trp? But there’s one thing after ending this serial that I will really miss manmarziyan team as well as u all. Because I have very few friends but while writing in this page I feel like talking with my very good friends. You have always talked with me through this page & also replied me. Though I’m not writting in this page from long ago but you all are considering me as your friend. Thank you very much 4 that. I’m thanking to the telly team for opening this page & giving so much fast update. And thanks amena for suppling us fastest update of every single episode. Telly updates have give us the space of talking about our favourite show manmarziyan though we all are not from the same country.
    Thank u so much & I will really miss u all.

  18. Rari

    episode was too good.ardhika scenes superrrrrr.dont end this serial.this serial is the most awesome serial telecasted on star plus sad to hear the news……

  19. Akhila

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZ dont end this A GREAT FAN OF ARDHIKA .CANT IMAGINE A DAY WITHOUT THIS SERIAL.anyway yesterdays episode was 22222222 good

  20. Natasha

    I think there is no use of begging to star plus. If they really wanted to increase trp then why they launched a youth show like manmarziyan from which it’s difficult to increase trp?
    One more thing I have to tell u guys. After ending this show I will really miss manmarziyan team as well as u all. While writting on this page I feel like talking to my friends as I have few friends. Through I have started to write in this page during few days ago but u all have treat me as ur good friend. Thank you so much for that. I also want to thank telly updates team for giving us the chance of writting about our favourite show & share it with others. Specially I’m thanking amena for giving us fastest update. I know that we are not from same country but we shared our feelings about manmarziyan through this page. I hope that we always will remember about nesam, aradhika & this page’s friends.
    Thank you all again & I will miss u all.

  21. nemi

    mmz is stopping .agar koi responsible h to wo rabhika h. hamesha over acting karti rahti h. aham ne bhi kya soch kar new actress ke sath kam kar liya. i very sad only for aham he is a good actore.

  22. nemi

    who are u sanju? this is my opinion. why are u angered. i am not say u anthing .let me tell u one thing u are radhika .

  23. shaki

    :'( I’m so sad that this show is going to stop. I’m gonna miss radhu Sam’s friendship. I’m gonna miss radhu arjun’s romance. And Neil :'(

  24. renu

    sanju,….i told na,….see,monica’s haters bashing comts reached tellyupdates too,….

    but i felt monica s the 1 who act naturaly n innocently without ott,…

    she was equal 2 ahem in many scenes n she s the show stealer during marriage episodes,…

    i gonna miss her badly,…i hope she might get good project in her future,…within this 4 months,a debut actress gained such popularity n fan following,…she might get a bright future,….

  25. Dear Viewer,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We are glad that you like our shows Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian on Star Plus. It is great to hear a word of encouragement from viewers like you; it drives us to deliver better.

    Also, we understand your connect with the show Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian on Star Plus and its characters. However we would like to confirm that the show is going off-air from August 29th and will be replaced by another of our exciting offering Sumit Sambhal Lega.

    However, we have made a note of your request to change the time slot of our show Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian on Star Plus. Rest assured we will forward your request to the Programming team at Star Plus for their reference.

    We would also like to inform you that you can catch all the episodes of your favorite shows across Star Network on our online video entertainment platform. Please visit the link

    We hope to have your continuous support and patronage in our endeavors.

    • renu

      i dont think so,…

      i said,..her acting so natural,…please dont bash anything about monica,…here v all love her n see my yday’s cmt,…i wanna write more about her character cox she s my fav in mmz,…

      its better u stay away 4m here till aug 29,….

  26. nemi

    i do’t like radhika coz she think that she can do anythig. kaha koi friend kisi ke liye itna karta h. she telling lie that ki usne sam ke liye arjun se shadi ki .i think she was like she think this is the right time arjun se shadi karloo. and i taold every one that i did do all for sam

  27. I am a doctor by profession ..not boasting about myself but also in those bussy schedules I don’t miss to watch manmarziyan ..sp should learn how to promot the new youth shows is clearly noticed that the new serial ishq ka rang safade is being promoted so many times in colors kuch toh seeklo color channel se I hate sp

  28. awesome episode. ….Aradhika scene amazing…..I like arjuns behavior, but last scene I didn’t understand that what she told arjun like 3 years contract in birdsog agency …etc
    eagerly waiting for next episode hope doubt will be clear…
    feeling sad 16 days are left
    hate star plus , your saas bahu saga only spoils viewers thinking. …totally disgusting…..

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