manmarziyaan…new dimensions…chapter 23

Chapter 23

No more brain eating….only thanks a ton u guys for ur support till date


Arjun took radhika to his place…he asked her where she wanted to visit…she replied I saw each place but saurav never allowed me to see aurora borealis coz of my health issues…but it was my dream to see that…Arjun said her to take rest …he said darling be ready to head for northern pole with ur loved one n I promise nothing will happen…u will b healthy…radhika hugged him before going to sleep…he said we r going to sleep at same place then u can give that hug to me there…radhika’s eyes widen hearing that…she was coughing constantly…arjun said her I told u don’t think too much n don’t u have faith on me…with that he lifted her n went toward his room…he placed radhika’s head on his lap n started caressing her face n hair…she smiled…he said u did many things today plus I always remember that Lonavla night when u come to my room like a ghost…she beat him lightly n said then why r u so much interested in this ghost,find a beautiful human being for urself…he said hows that possible when I myself a devil I would like my partner would b a ghost…that is a beautiful ghost also…both laughed…with their chit chatting when both slept don’t know…

Sam n Neil went to meet priya n saurav…they plan to go for outing n do shopping for their marriage…

Sam: Di what about Arjun n chasini…

Priya: Don’t know about ur chasini but i can guarantee that my brother will not be the same after marriage…

Neil: We know that …if Arjun will get time to think about us then only that is possible…but what I see his all thought filled with only chasini…

For a moment Neil thought about Rajiv n felt little sad inside…he wished if my brother get a girl more than chasini it will be nice…he back into senses when saurav announced something…

Saurav: See,they both are heading for Northern pole for visualising aurora borealis by themselves…well i guess that must be our sweetie idea…

Priya: Omg,I never thought that Arjun will do something like that without informing me…wait m going to call him n said I also want to go…

Saurav: R u mad…let them spend their some time alone…why u want to become haddi…

Priya glares: Coz my own bf is boring that’s why…u don’t talk with me from now on…

Saurav shrugged just that made priya more irritated…

Sam: Di n bhai u both are eldest ,but u fight like kid…k I planned something…we should go for an outing…place will b decided by Neil…

All nodded in ok manner…

Next day Rajiv went with Neil to market…in mid way they stopped seeing a commonation…both went toward the direction from where the sound came…Rajiv saw shreemayi stood with her bagpacks at outside…she begged her house owner to give her some time to pay back money…she said i v no place to go plz listen to me…my mother is not well…where we will go now…the owner said I don’t know anything else except my money…she stood helplessly with her mother on ground…Rajiv n Neil went to them…they both scolded people for standing n seeing the drama rather than doing anything…Neil told them to come with them as her mother needed to admit in hospital immediately…after admitting her mother at hospital shree thanked both brothers but Neil said it’s ok…i heard about u from my brother…Rajiv asked her about her qualification n promised to give her a job according to the criteria…Neil said her to come with them to their house till she find out a shelter for her as Neil saw something in Rajiv for shree…

Arjun get ready for visiting arctic light…he was all excited for the polar trip with radhika…as radhika came out Arjun gave her another thermal to put on…radhika looked on coz she already covered up with many layered warm clothes…he thought something mischievous n whispered in radhika’s ear don’t worry if u don’t want to use thermals m there u can use my body to warm up u…he winked…radhika shockingly said u become so much shameless lately…if u blabber anything shameless ,I m not coming with u…Arjun pulled her close in his embrace n said that will not gonna happen coz u have no other choice than me…now lets move else will be late…

Arjun n rads both enjoyed their timing at ranga ,northern pole…many other people are also there waiting for the aurora borealis,the beautiful mythical light which enlightenment the sight with heart…arjun pulled radhika with him to an silent empty place…he said I want to enjoy the moment with u alone…they played with ice like kids…after they got tired radhika asked the reason behind naming aurora borealis…Arjun said he didn’t know…she told aurora named after the roman goddess of dawn n boreas means the northern wind named by Galileo…he nodded his head like he is not interested in such matters…she asked what happened???he back hugged her placing his chin on her shoulder inhaling her scent…their cheeks were rubbed with each other…

Arjun: I want to hear something from u?? Will u ever say that to me??

Rads: What do u want to hear??

Arjun: What ever the thing…i told u that I love u many times…but u never said that directly to me…i wanna listen that …

Rads: Seriously do u wanna hear that…don’t u know what my heart says for u…

Arjun: Yes, even if I know everything,a person wants to hear confession from his beloved at least once in life…i love u like anything even I can’t describe that in words…

Rads: Hmmm…ok I will tell u but in one condition..

Arjun: What condition now??

Rads: U have to sing that kahona pyar hai song once more…

Arjun surprised n said u said m besura samrat…k I’ll sing because m dying to hear ur love for me..he started his Singing kahona pyar hai…when he left there rads completed it by adding haan tumse pyar hai…Arjun was shocked with happiness he asked again what did u say…radhika said I told I love u…she tip toed n placed a little peck on Arjun’s lip…Arjun frozen there…aurora borealis rare red n blue light was seen that time…radhika excitedly pulled Arjun to show that…but he was lost in his dreams…he pulled radhika into him by holding her waist n kissed her invading her mouth with full passion n emotions…happy tears coming out from their eyes…another mystery happened as they stood in that position…diamond snow falling started…its a belief that which couple confessed their love with diamond snow falling their bond will last till the eternity….

Precap: Last chapter.

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Credit to: rosie


  1. Amy

    It was so good rosie…… i loved it ♡♥♡♥♡
    The confession that too in cute unique manner 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Loved the episode so much but sad also that it is ending 🙁 but i guess all good things come to an end 🙂
    Waiting for the next one eagerly :* 🙂 :* 🙂 🙂

  2. Supriya.

    Rosie di that’s the most hottest nd romantic liplock ever ohhhh this 16 yr old girl blushes wen u write romantic part di….srsly I had my eyes glued to the screen…..di u rocked it as usual…but m sad that it z ending but ur ff memories will always linger in my heart…..eagerly waiting for last chp…..loads of love…tc?

    • Supi I told u one truth…i had zero knowledge about romance…but I read out some book n ffs to complete this last chapters…ayeeeee don’t blush…if someone see u blushing n fell for u…what will u do…lol…let me know who is the guy then…??

  3. Sathya

    cute n crispy episode dear… u gonna end it but why so soon da… ok if u r ending this.. r u planning to start new ff… do that na… eagerly waiting for a new concept… ??????

    • Thnxxx sis…but kattttiiii..m angry…i already started writing another ff…didn’t u read ff DARK an action flick…hahaha…don’t mind my first words…lol…i know u wont coz we r sisters ??

      • Sathya

        I know it dear..but i am not reading that..i don’t have interest in that concept dear.. i have read the first episode and i am sure that i cannot follow it up like others.. i want you to write up some romantic comedy fanfic… do think about it if you have free time.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Gauri

    Amazing Rosie 🙂 confession below the stars….Ahh! loved it….suspense writer turned all romantic…now waiting for the next and the other FF….I am really anxious about it 🙂 please post soon 🙂 loads of love 🙂

    • Abha both borealis n Australis polar lights are one of my fab geographical interest…n about me suspense n romantic writer oooh no…still m sooo poor in both that genre…after my ff end I’ll be a reader..??

  5. You nail it with Arjun singing the song and then Radhika confessing her feeling that was well done, hats off to you. 🙂

  6. rosie dear it s superbbbbbbbb??✌ loved all moments✌✌? aradhika specially??? love u ? start ur next ff before dis? so dat v ll not miss ur ff??

  7. Gianna

    It’s amazing my dear Rosie and who said u are not romantic? I loved it everything about it. So only one chapter left but I don’t want it to end. Post soon love u ??

    • Gianna baby thanxx dear…lol me romantic…m getting shocked…one chapter left…yes…lol…we will meet in ur ff n mine dark…??

  8. Sv

    Rosie ihave not read the update. I will comment u when I read the ff and come as today my last 2 exams. Just now cheked the tu and found urs. I’ll once finish will come and comment . Pls pray for me dear. I know u would always pray for me. Bye

    • Ooh my twin thanks a lot dear…with that less span of time u commented that is really very heart warming…good luck…i prayed always for everyone…u will rock in ur two exams…don’t worry…keep calm..??

  9. Wow Rosie darling……episode was as sweet as honey…I really liked it to the core…..haha…nice moments between ardhika…such a romantic couple….u r rocking yaar. …its too good…thank u so much for giving such an awesome ffs…..eagerly waiting for last one…love u tc…muaaahhh…

    • Thanks very much Susi…u r such a dear…like brin u r a much more than a support for me…a good reader n encourager also…be like this always…btw hows ur results????? I know it must be good

  10. Shree

    Wow!! Mamma!! Killer update you gave!! Haha too good… Ardhika romance… Saurav and Priya bickering… lol.. Neil and Rajiv are so nice… Helped Shreemayi…. Bought her to streets… Aurora borealis!! Killer that was… Confession!! Omg!! Mamma is learning romance ??…. Chooooo cuteeeee??

    Last chapter… so soon?! Noooo… I want more…. I will miss this ff… Muaahh to you…
    Come back with a new romantic one… Dark too..

    Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

    • Lol….my biggy daughter…me learning romance…hahaha seriously…i don’t know what to do with u…tell me what u wanna see urself in last chapter…what u like to see urself…coz u r a very special to me?????? n imp don’t forget about lab…gud result…k??

  11. Thena

    Hey Rosie, I gave you a word, right, dear? And yep, about that, i actually started reading ur ‘new dimensions’ just bfr i got the news about my sudden examination threat. And about the chaps until i read, they were awesome. i love the way u r bringing out everything.

    I felt touched n got goosebumps when arj thot ‘he didnt say wat n hw he felt about radz’. tats so deep, n has such intense meaning according to the original serial track. Awesome thought, Rosie 🙂 my eyes stung, taking in the feel. thanks fr tat.

    Then Neil came as his support n stood by him wen everything in his world turned pitch dark in a snap. tat deserves a clap. oh, i dont hav tat emoji as am wid laptop 😀 I always wanted tat. Neil-arj bond. In fact, I yearned for that. so, do u remember in original series, they showed a momentary hug btw them fr some seconds. but i still keep seeing unblinking, having the offline videos in my mobile. super, rosie darling about u thinking like tat.

    n next, radz relationship with a new, gathered family. wonderful. Sheela, her name, i think. very sorry, if am wrong. i liked the relation u hv woven btw those two guys n radz n all those dialogues of Neil wid ary wen Sam talks with that guy. hahaha funny, and making easy time. thanks again fr tat.

    Then, oh, u hv included me in ur fav writers list n had asked suggestions bt sadly, i hadnt noticed then. but wen the time I saw that, God, i wanted to hug u. u already were going good yaar rosie. After tat too, I loved the way u brought radz as strong n dictative. Then that drunk scene. Well, well, cutely romantic. 😀

    Then, obviously, exams, and that wud nothing good talking about tat 😀

    Love u a lot yaar. warm hug from me 🙂

    • Yay…..yipeeeee…..m dumb bow…its something I can’t believe in my eyes…but thanks a lot lot lot dear…u kept ur promise also…m on moon now…u liked my ff…i mean seriously…m dancing with joy…even I don’t know what to say u ,how to show u my gratitude…if u have time can u check my other ff dark: An action flick…its not about love n romance but something about nationalism,revenge,politics n conspiracy…all about our security service…if u want then..ur views regarding my ff take me to heaven…thanks very much…??

  12. sammy

    Awesome Rosie….I mean the best lip lock of ardhika is going to end …i feeling very sad by one my all fav ffs are finishing:'(

  13. subha

    awesome episode rosie ……….ardhika scene super …….eagerly waiting next one…

  14. Sv

    Rosie sry for the late comment . Loved it . Arjun lovely. He is becoming shameless day by day but still loved it. Radhika’s way of confession was really nice. Arjun got his radhika back yippieeee loved it my dear. Neil has found that Raj is having some feeling on shree . Hope that goes well with those 2 .im feeling sad for her mom. And lip lock man u rocked it and the snow shower was the blessings from the god . U rocked it soo much

    We are really twins coz we did not start the ff at the same time but we are going to end at the same time. . Love u darling, always be happy and stay blessed dear. But the thing is it is going to end . That is a bit sad but rosie where is ur other ff ?? Update soon yaar . Wanna know more .

    • No problem dear twin…yup we both ended our ff at same time…that is our very first ff also….thanks very much for a amazing friend…no no we r twin…so no thanks n sorry…m biggie twin n u little twin….lets play…live ur life like today is gonna ur last day…be happy always…stay blessed ??

  15. Roma

    O my goodness rosieeee. …muaaaaahhhhhh. …it’s really superbbbb n very veryyyyyyy incredibly beautiful. ….ardhika so romantic….just loved it my honeyyy. …neil n rajiv helped shree…wowwww n neil saw something in Rajiv for shree….ooooo….mind blowing. ..the last scene of ardhika was sooooo Devine n magical. …ufffg….I’m gonna miss this amazingly awesoooooome story sooooo muchhhh. you soooooooo muchhhhhh honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh, lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss, take care sweetie. ..♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • Thanks diii…ur sweet comment always bring a Colgate smile on my face..??…love u so much…due to work pressure I couldn’t talk with u properly…don’t mind ur little sister…stay happy…smile ??

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