manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 7


Hello guys….me again…lol..thank u very much ? to all of u who gave suggestions in last chappy n inspired me….i don’t know if I did justification to this chappy or not…but i went through my previous chappies again to understand how i portrayed radz character…may b she is lil cold with her attitudes n all…but she has her warmth inside…as i showed u c also yearned for arj neil sam like they…so plz let me know about this… we go…

As saurav entered the conference hall everybody get stunned by seeing him…they thought how could a such young handsome man became king of such a large business empire…girls looked him like they were sliping into coma anytime …he introduced himself n took his position and rads entry….everyone greeted her without three dumbfounded persons who stood there like 3 famous monkey of gandhiji…their eyes widen,mouth hung open,like a statue..all people from conference hall looked at them…they tried to control their laughter..but the 3 looked at her without any hesitation in standing mode..radhika looked like a complete changed person from outside ((though we can’t say she changed from inside or not))…she wore a formal mini skirt grey colour with a blue top n a complete long over jacket with her high heels n sun glasses..she had cut her hair short with some red colour strands n made a perfect high pony tail…she took her position in between raj n saurav..still the three were standing like Dumb…raj was going to tell something saurav sign him no instead he signal radhika to took initiative…radhika gathered herself n said in a gentle way r u three trying to give us a standing ovation or ….want us to give u the grand salutes…raj completed…they came back to senses n sit down…but all the time their stare was on rads..everything was floating in front of arjun’s eye by seeing radhika n saurav…he thought is he the same person who helped him 1n half year ago when his london company was a devastated state…nobody came forward to help him except saurav…he remembered radhika’s letter which said if he need any help she would b happy to help him in needy time…suddenly his trance broken as radz said to start the presentation…as bird song no. Came she called birdsong people to give their presentation…all three stood up…she looked at them told for this one person is enough…finally Arjun went for it..they have to present about apple n Microsoft…arjun insert their slide n tried to say something but he stucked seeing radhika face..Rajiv noticed this n told Arjun to start presentation pointing toward screen..he composed himself n started by saying iPhone Apple ?…Neil..I mean radhika..chasini….everybody started laughing ?..neil knew he couldn’t control his emotions…piyali felt embarrassed n went to present by herself…she excused n gave the presentation…after all presentation over saurav told everyone that they did well…they would informed by today evening which agency got selected…n finished the session…everyone left for their destination except Arjun Neil Sam stood in the room staring radhika with saurav n Rajiv…saurav told them to wait outside as they have some important discussion regarding project …they went out…

After they went out Rajiv brusted out laughter…he started mimicking Arjun with all his expression….radhika glares at him..saurav signs him to stop…radhika saw both of them struggling n finally she gave up…all laughed out their heart…saurav said rads u did a good job..always try to b professional…he said to believe them..everything will be ok..
Neil,Arjun,Sam waited outside excitedly..neil said to arjun seriously man u r something…i mean how could u think about me as apple in such time…n u pineapple don’t forget ur promise as neil remembered Arjun about his keep ur foreign ceo with urself..he said m happy u gave her to me…started dancing..Arjun stopped him..sam told idiot is it the time for bargaining..u should think about saurav n Rajiv…if radhika has some link between them or not…neil told Sammy from when did ur brain started functioning..n btw what we saw they maintain a very professional relationship between them…sam then told no m Not talking about that m saying look at saurav he is so handsome even much more than Arjun n Rajiv all with his sweetness..don’t u think something there…itz my girl sense speaking…Arjun feel uncomfortable on sam’s statement…Neil became jealous n said Sammy what I see is u r more interested in other guys than project…she decided to keep quiet…Arjun lost in his thoughts…

Rads come out from room with others…she tried to walk away when trio called her loudly n came near to her…she signs raj n saurav to leave..nesam hugged her tightly …they had tears in their eyes…Arjun watching them with a content smile…but to their shock radz didn’t reciprocate their hug…they broke hug…told her sorry for the past deeds chasini…plz forgive us…also told that how much we missed u..wanted u chasini…thank god u came back…radhika cut them off n told to call her miss radhika or radhika Mishra…that was her name….she said with a smiling face we r we shd maintain that level n about past..past is always past…i moved on with my life..n u shd …wished them luck for project n started to walked off stopped by Arjun ‘s calling..nesam was in a shocked state..Arjun told rads if u r moved on..didn’t stuck with past so why avoiding…if not for past..can we become friends from now in present…it ll not create problem for u…radhika told making friendship is not my cup of tea…n I don’t know guys why u want it to make personal when we all r here for professional reasons but with a genuine smile on her face…they could not tolerate her calmness n quite behaviour…
Prerana watched everything from a distance..she came here to meet his son n saw radhika…so she stopped..neil said chasini why r u so quiet..don’t u have any complaints against us…i knew we did wrong n this is not my chasini who would not say anything against wrong…why r u so silent…it’s killing us…plz say something…neil n Arjun literally begging now..radhika couldn’t hold herself anymore…she was on verge of loosing her coolness… Wanted to reply something..stopped hearing raj’s voice..he came n asked miss radhika do u know them n signs her to nod in negative…radhika said no ..just met few times ago..they wanted to know something regarding project from me..raj said lets will b late n we have our other works to do..radhika stunned by seeing raj’s acting..she doesn’t know herself if he didn’t come in mean time what she did..might b melted up n opened up her pain to them n she doesn’t want that now…she wanted to know if they realized what do mean by friendship or any relationship..if they knew about trust care etc..or is it another drama…she can not bear another humiliation…she went away with Rajiv without looking back…all trio broken…they didn’t know what to do…if she didn’t speak out what ll they this is called a perfect torture ..u see ur dear one every day near u but u r not able to connect with her…what a blunder they made???

Prerana came near to them and told everyone to come with her..prerana looked worried seeing them..all reached..went to Neil room silently..prerana told them to eat something but all denied..she said if u all will not eat then will everything b alright..don’t u know about a pure heart..if it broke then u v to work hard to get back it..she told them to make radhika spoke out her heart,let her cry…it may be like volcano eruption or tsunami flowing but after that only the peace will return…but u should work on this according to her..n wait for the perfect moment to come n I’ll give u that time to u as prerna knew radhika would never disobey elders…she had her ideas…all were happy to listen this..after having food they left…

In hotel room balcony..radhika lost in her thoughts…sea breeze touched her face…she didn’t noticed when saurav n raj standing behind her..raj made some sounds which startled her n she turned back..saurav told r u missing them so much,then why didn’t u talk with them???radhika told I need to know how much they missed me n if they truly regretted ,if they know what is a relationship???he understood her inner turmoil…she was in agony now..may b she was hurt but she had her warmth retained that healed him,raj n Riya sometime ago…so he decided to do something with raj…
Birdsong people waited for the call impatiently is they selected or not…they saw Chirag from samudra agency coming to them..samudra is a biggest rival of bs..chirag come to them n said we got some % of the deal as they wanted to make two agencies work for them as itz a very big deal…he mostly taunted it..he went close to them and said I heard that rads told their agency not to giv u the deal coz of past n all n ..u kow why??? Laughed maniacally…which made Arjun’s anger rose up..he pick his collar n said don’t u dare to say anything against her or I’ll not leave u..but piyali calmed him down n told to this possible…i don’t know she will take revenge on us like this..sam cut her off n said mom r u in nuts..don’t u know chasini n don’t u know this could u believe such nonsense..we did one mistake n I don’t want to repeat it…chasini would not do this..neil said Sam was chasini would not stoop so low..i trust her..might b our presentation wasn’t that gud but don’t blame her..arjun said we deserve that from her but she’s a pure person n stood very strongly on her ethics n principles…she would never do such deed…he glared hard to Chirag like he will kill him by his look only…

Meanwhile all those act witnessed by radhika with her co..she was shocked to see the possessiveness of trio for her..this is the first time she saw their sincerity after two years…with trembling she clutched saurav ‘s hand tightly…he could feel her nervousness so he calmed her down by looking at her in a soothing way..raj winked at them…all three went forward them n announced that bs n samudra will going to work with them …majority will be done by bs…sam stared at piyali on a winning manner..arjun n Neil hugged themselves..Rajiv came forward n congratulate them..

Mean time they all saw rads..nesam went toward her without any hesitation n hugged her.sam said thank u..Neil said m waiting for ur forgiveness…to which Rajiv made a face n said what did u do that u seek her forgiveness..i heard that u r apple charming in a mocking voice…neil said that ‘s personal…went away with irritation…he thought I don’t why this guy getting on my nerves everytime..he took away all my crown…argh..

Nobody saw that Arjun was busy staring at radhika ‘s clutch on saurav ‘s hand…he didn’t know what kind of emotions waving within him.he wanted to snatch her from saurav n fly off to other land where nobody would present except them..she looked at him..a soothing emotion passed in him..but she went away with her co. after congratulate the winner parties..arjun looked on..he immediately followed behind them..n saw both saurav n raj put their hands on radz shoulders from two side n tried to make her laugh n she smiled at their antics…they all went…but Arjun stood numb at the place…neil saw him n told we should wait..don’t worry..everything will b fine…but to the truth he was worried also…he thought abt Rajiv n all his sweetness..might b that jerk had something with my chasini..Arjun thought about saurav n for the first time he felt defeated truly..he remembered Sam’s talk case of saral he was sure he was superior to saral in every aspect…but in this case he was nothing in front of saurav…he has looks,Richie rich,caring,supporting…everything..he has mixed emotion of fear of loosing n jealous…

Radhika reached her hotel n got into her room for fresh in…saurav asked Rajiv if our 1st idea was worked or not…raj thumbs up n said bro ur idea never fails..don’t u see Chirag did his part very well..let her see her friends changed n trust her well..her happiness lies all with us not with a single body..n we will definitely give her that n that’s why we r here..suddenly calling bell buzzed..raj went to open the door thinking who may b here at this hour followed by saurav…as he opened the door bag packs bumped on their faces..saurav angrily said who the dare…he stopped…a beautiful gorgeous fashionista girl entered into the room…both in shocked condition said unison Riya when n how r u here..she said r not u happy seeing me..i can’t believe u guys u always forget me..if not for my princess then I would not b here…btw I have my fashion week launch programs here..n where is my sweetheart…radhika come from back n hugged her saying riyu di missed u so much..others made faces…riya said no flattering n excuses..this time I will punish u …hearing this all three caught their ears n looked at her with doe eyes..riya said plz..u all know my weakness…don’t make that crazy faces..i take back my punishment..lets group hug time…they enjoyed their time..radhika forgot her past in between…
Riya Madison,fashion designer,very intelligent girl..she is the lone heiress to Madison fashion forbe..very well known in her field..too much beautiful but serene beauty not tempting…best buddy to radz raj n saurav..

Next day morning…radz n Riya went for jogging at beach instead of park…riya stood in between to attend a call ..said radhika to go on..sam was coming from opposite direction..saw radhika alone..she was very happy by thinking that today she got her lonely time with radhika n will have some frndly talks..before she reached radhika she saw Riya put her hand on radhika from back side n gave her a peck on her cheek..said my cute little doll lets go for tea..but from a outside stall not high class cafe..i want to enjoy the natural purity of India..radhika replied smilingly anything for u Riya….they went by mingling their hands with each others..sam saw radhika was looking very happy…she felt jealous by seeing Riya …

As rads n Riya returned saurav said them to get ready for having Sunday fun…they went..when they come out Rajiv made a comment on radhika knowingly to make her swing her mood…she got furious n run after him saying idiot I don’t leave u today..what m fatty bulk sized Pegasus..r u mad..raj said u r crazy Pegasus..she ran after him..they r running like childhood game competition with all laughing…but they didn’t notice Arjun Sam Neil n prerana were watching them..neil thought if her chasini is back to called him idiot..but when he saw she was after raj..he annoyed with jealousy..thought what had that punk which was not in me…

Meanwhile Riya n saurav joined them..looks like all were one soul having four bodies..they group hugged n laughed loudly…but here 3 people burned with jealous n fear..
Arjun thought about saurav ,Neil abot Rajiv n Sam about Riya…but the former were envy by thinking the laters are much better than them in every aspects…….

That’s all…guys don’t know what I wrote in edge of time coz I v to go to extreme tribal rural area for my work for 5-7 days..i thought it would be a very long this came out as a comment..let me know how this chappy is…when I’ll b back I’ll reply u all..coz to where m going if I get safe drinking water then it would b my is a far thing…k…luv u n don’t forget me…
I have one question for u all…plz answer mmz which character u liked most n why???

And all guys who gave me encouragement,commenting thanks a ton ??? tc…
See u after 5 days…till

Credit to: Rosie

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