manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 6

Hiii guys….it’s me again….lol ? m saying this again n again….m overwhelmed with ur replies…thank u very much…so lets go for it….do let me know ur opinion … we go
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*******FB CONTINUE ********

It felt like a sudden earthquake occurred which shook everybody n destroyed everything around Arjun..he could not think anything anymore…that’d looked like a biography picture which plotted on him continued…from his childhood to now,every details were there…he was used…he was chosen for this particular work…he lost two precious persons in his life coz of nandini only….now anger overcome his vulnerability as he proceeded to see…he thought this time I will change the game…this time no drama no action from u only climax which I’ll write…he wiped his tear n stood up with a determination as he saw nandini’s call on his phone…he smirked oddly n rushed out….

Meanwhile radhika with her family reached Rishikesh.radhika had another tickets for their next journey..they all planned to mortgage their house for sometime n with that money they would start a new business in other place.when things settled down they would come back n freed their house.they packed everything n called dadaji..dadaji cried by seeing his choti in this condition..he cursed himself by saying if I didn’t create those situations u won’t see this day..radhika calmed him that time Dilip announced something which shocked Mishra family..Dilip said to radhika I thought girls are not capable of doing things..but u proved me wrong..m proud of u my daughter..i promise today from now I’ll not force u in whatever u want..ur family is always with u…every body had a happy tear in their eyes…but Dilip in his mind how to return back Arjun ‘s money…it’s like rads heard him said papa don’t worry…we will manage…
She didn’t knew how much n what waited for her to give her happiness………???

Nandini shown in marriage venue plotting her dirty plans..she told saral now u got a broken radhika..satisfy urself how much u want..she said bonnie to get ready for getting back ur Arjun…bonnie was on cloud nine after hearing that…but Sam came to them n said to nandini di where is Arjun n when ll he came..piyali also worried..before nadini cud say anything lights turned off…n the projector which was there to show marriage rituals turned on…
But whatever showing up in projector shocked nandini to core…how she ordered Rana to put fire in Mishra mini mkt,how she adopted Arjun n make priya away from him putting venoms in arjun’s mind,how she wanted to destroy samrat n how she provoked saral….(long list…i cud not write )etc…she confessed everything…she also planned with Rana how to kill Sam n trap Arjun in that case…nandini shouted out to stop the nonsense..everyone was shocked..stood statue.. meanwhile Arjun came out from back n lights turned on…he had tears in his eyes..he went straight to nandini n asked her why???why u did this with me???? I worshipped u…i could give up my life for u…then why all this???? Nandini started her drama saying that was a edited print…to trap her..Arjun cut her off saying enough nandini Pandey..enough…now anger raging in him..he said becoz of u I lost my innocence,my childhood,my priya di(which was in original plot of mmz but sp make nandini came alive…??)n now radhika…what she did to u?? Why u punished her when I act according to u???

Nandini could not hold anymore..she said she took u away from me..she showed u right path n I wanted her to go away cos of Sam..(last sentence was her drama).Sam loved u n…Arjun didn’t let her complete the sentence n told..took me away!!!she showed me the ryt path..n u claimed urself as sister of mine…don’t u see that how I adore her…but the truth is u never loved me…u just want me to do ur work robotically…he broke down…..

For the first time nandini felt she defeated in the edge moment…she wanted to console Arjun..but he is out of her hands..she said Sam to calm down Arjun as I did everything for u..coz of u I put rads usual Sam melted..n went to him n told Arjun to forgive nandini as she did everything for our shake only…I’ll also sad for chasini…we will meet her after our marriage over..Arjun didn’t understand what kind of girl is Sam??he shouted don’t u have a lil bit of brain for use or u r so dumb that cud nt figure out anything..i would b happy if u put ur faith on radhika as u did before… thing for sure I never loved u…luv is a far thing I don’t want to see ur face…go away…sam said I knew u r angry on me now..but I loved u…arjun didn’t say anything…he sat down on floor crying…shaking…he requested samrat to tell everything as he is not in a position….samrat decided to tell as it was question on life of her daughter…he told how nandini worked birdsong b4 n how he used to help her…but she mistook it as love…one night when piyali was away from city how he was seduced by nandini to loose his sanity which make misunderstandings grown more…as nandini demanded more he refused so she vowed to take revenge…everyone shocked further…piyali was about to faint manya held her…

Here Arjun cried vigorously felt someone’s warm touch on his shoulder…he looked back …saw Neil was standing there..he has softness in his anger no pretence…he made Arjun stood up n took him away…sam looked at him thinking he would come back…but he went away with Arjun..Neil was not out of town…he just not wanted to attend samarj he told prerna to tell everyone he is out of city..he witnessed everything from first…he thought Arjun was a very bad guy…but what he saw he came to know he was more sensible than anyone…

Moreover in this all drama bonnie n saral were happy..bonnie thought she would get her Arjun back n saral to fulfil his physical fantasy..??

Neil took Arjun outside of Mumbai..a country side…they rented in a inn for staying…Neil asked Arjun r u okay with this place or not????Arjun nodded…moreover he was surprised seeing new side of Neil..he never ever dreamed that Neil would b so caring n understanding for him..when he lost everything in lyf he got a new friend named Neil..Neil saw Arjun stared him with wide eye…he laughed out loud which made Arjun wonder..Neil said chill man m not going to abuse u..Arjun composed himself n said not funny..

neil told him to went out side…they reached a lake side n sat down under a tree..that was a very peaceful place with serene beauty..neil waited for Arjun to calm down n talked by himself..after sometime Arjun said to Neil thank u..but how did u know m very hurt…i never expected that from u..n how come u know about this quite place,lik u visited here often…neil smiled n said “hurt” ..he emphasized that word n told u may b new comers for this but I have done my phd with hurt..n I came here frequently…i found this place accidentally when I came for location hunting..n one more thing from when did u loved chasini??? Arjun was dumbfounded n said how did u know??Neil said I noticed u after Lonavla accident ur behaviour toward chasini was changed but I could not confront u coz of my own problem..arjun understood what he meant…he said sorry…this was the first time Neil heard Arjun said sorry to him..he couldn’t believe so he said again…what??? Arjun knew he teased but said sorry again n told him that he loved radhika from the day when he met her..but realized it in lonavala..he explained everything what happened…Neil was shocked but happy also..

Again Neil broke the silence n said if u didn’t know the truth then will u marry Sam..Arjun replied no…i was trying not to marry ,but then I got proof..pain seen clearly on his face..Neil said sorry..i cudnt do anything..i don’t know why I stood like a statue when I cud stopped Sam..arjun said even I cud bt we didn’t…they both were angry on themselves…on their returning Neil told Arjun we will b left for Rishikesh u have any problem..he said no but why Rishikesh all of sudden…neil informed about radhika ‘s resignation from birdsong..arjun was stunned..both were in deep thought about chasini…how will they face her…
Sam sit alone in her room…she reminded each scene what happened before…piyali cried in other room ,manya tried to console her..she heard that…today Sam felt alone…when nobody was there for her..Neil was with her always…but today he didn’t glanced her back..why she felt pain…it pained more than Arjun ‘s rejection of marriage..she missed her chasini now..what she did even after knew about chasini…she didn’t want to remember the incident…

Nandini reached home found Arjun was not home..she thought if she would stay there the difference between them would she decided to vanish from his lyf…((sorry guys I wanted her to b dead by committing suicide herself,but left her coz of our Arjun,if she’ll dead Arjun will cry further…n i don’t want that??))

Radhika with her family left Rishikesh to find their new life..they told ridhima not to give their where about to anybody…meanwhile Arjun n Neil reached Rishikesh in evening..they went to Radhika’s house but found that they left..Neil went to ridhima to ask about rads but ridhima behaved annoyingly…but later she found there is real repentance in their eye so she told them to wait for proper time she is the oldest of all she advices time will heal everything…so wait…she offered them to stay but they returned back with a heavy heart….they thought this is karma ‘s punishment for them…from that time they tried to search radhika…
When they reached Mumbai at night..bonnie waited for Arjun…she again started with her Arjun mantra drama that she loved him from her heart after all he done to her…she cud do anything for him…arjun told her to get lost as he knew how bonnie was after money,fame n guy…warned her not to show her face again…

Next day Arjun went to birdsong n give his resignation…piyali stared at him…piyali knew if Arjun will leave then birdsong will gone…he brought Maybelline account n all..moreover when her own husband is guilty why to angry on other…piyali requested n convinced Arjun to stay with them by giving some shares…arjun refused n said he had to taken care of his own construction company at London..but he assured piyali that whenever any imp project will come he will help them…he left…neil wave him bye at airports…they promised to b best buddies….(my fantasy to saw them as buddies)

Radhika n family reached Chandigarh as they choose to stay away from metro cities for sometime..Dilip started their grocery business n Ankush garments business..he tried for getting job also..radhika asked her parents to let her go Delhi as she wanted to stand by Dilip promised he let her go but said her not to take tensions..
It was very difficult for radhika to get a job as fresher…she also didn’t want to give tension to her family regarding money…so started work in a coffee shop…but she didn’t let her dream go…she wrote in fine day her owner rehmat bhai saw her writing…n send them to a weekly newspaper whom he knew…it was wrote all about children n the innocence…it was hugely appreciated but the author was anonymous…radhika obliged towards rehmat bhai who was fatherly fig to her…she always marked that a elderly lady visited their coffee shop but sat down silent in her deep thought…one night when she finished her work n returned back she saw that lady fainted in front of their shop…she called rehmat bhai…they admitted her to hospital…doc said due to stress n starving she became weak…radhika understood the pain…when the lady got conscious she asked her whereabouts…she told she was alone…she had no one to took care of her..her name was sila Devi..radhika took her with her..she took gud care of her…one day she saw a young handsome but rude reserved kind of guy waited for her at shop…he told her that he wanted to meet his mother n took her..radhika took him to home for confirmation…but sila Devi refused to know him…as he tried to force on her radhika stop him saying if u r her son then she would definitely recognized u…but m afraid u r not her real son ….get out from here before I informed police…he left…but gave her his visiting card..she threw it…

next day rehmat bhai told her that there is a interview for fresher’s going on from tech firm..add agency PEARL from tomorrow..he said her to try her luck…she went for interview…but when she saw the interviewer she’s hell shocked…but she didn’t show it on face…he was the guy from before saurav singhania,cmd of tech firm n another Rajiv Malhotra who looked her with a smiling face…saurav thought rads would say sorry for previous day…but she just replied what they asked..she gave her demo presentation about their subject L’Oreal parish collection…initially she got rejected…but when saurav show the presentation to L’Oreal people they impressed with the uniqueness..after he called radhika to gave more presentation n got another contract with her presentation…so finally the job was given to radhika ….she was very happy informed her family n went home with sweet n gave it to sila Devi…she heard n said the truth to her that she is mother of saurav..she was very upset with her life as his hubby left her n went to another woman for more money n her daughter thought of her as culprit n eloped with a person leaving them in disgrace..saurav faced everything from childhood alone n became a cold person..he didn’t believe anybody…but last time with anger n frustration he cursed sila Devi for everything…so she felt dejected n come here for peace…she again told radhika u r a gem of a person ..u v quality to make people laugh…radhika in teary eye hugged her n cracked some jokes on which sila Devi laughed hard…saurav watched all this from door side…he decided not to disturb n went away happily…finally he saw his mother laughed. Felt guilty himself…

Next day he offered radhika her appointment letter with a clause to work in Oslo,Norway as they are international was mandatory…radhika was happy but shocked by thinking if her parents allowed or not…to her shock when she reached home she saw mala n Dilip were waiting…Dilip hugged her daughter n told he knew everything as sila Devi told them already.. n said he promised to let rads do anything what she want..he said choti live ur life…Ankush came there teased about her bulk amount of salary n told choti from now our problem will b gone…later night saurav,Rajiv came..they greeted radhika family..said ur daughter is very talented n intelligent..rajiv became mix with rads family easily as he has ability…
After two days rads flew away to Norway…later saurav finds the warm side in radhika n tried to open up slowly…rads,Riya,saurav,Rajiv became soul mate besties…as all r broken but they jointed strongly from inside..

(later other ‘s past will b disclosed…)
***********FB End**************

Flight landed at Mumbai airport….raj was waiting outside…as radhika n saurav came they all went to hotel…

Next day…at presentation hall
The final 20 agencies waited for the cmd…they were so excited that they reached before 1:30hr..neil n Sam,piyali waited outside..neil saw Arjun came smilingly…he asked him the reason for it..arjun replied I saw a good dream…neil asked what’s it…tell us..we want to be happy also..arjun said he saw he was lost in deep forest in full of dark…didn’t find his way to move out…right then he saw somebody going infront of him with a lantern…he followed that light n finally came out of forest to find his way full of light…n he saw the person….he was exited that he could not speak…neil said impatiently who is that person who made u out of darkness to light…arjun said radhika…with a broad smile…neil’s face brightens…suddenly somebody spoke looks like u got what u want,, from their back side….they startled n turned to see that Rajiv stood behind them…he winks at them call everyone to follow him the conference room…neil jerked by greeting his teeth…thought I should teach some lessons to that punk….
In conference hall raj praised all for their overpanctualness….he said just make ready as our cmd n my partner are coming…don’t worry about them…they will b on time….on time saurav seen to entered conference hall n every body stood up to greet him,but when he removed radhika was shown with her modern formal suits…it looks like everybody greeted her except 3 dumbfounded persons…they hung up their mouth open…with sudden happiness n shock they become statue….
Looks like time stopped…wind blowing…eye widened n what not….but who knows what will happen in future????
I should stop here guys…it’s a very big update…hope u liked it…
N my fab 5 gauri,satz,renu,sree,thena giv me some suggestions regarding ardhika,nesam encounters…don’t giv me excuse saying Rosie this is upto u…otherwise I will go inside phone n drag u all to my home….lol…in my fantasy m exited thinking u all with me…what a moment????
Btw every body welcome to give their suggestions as they are most imp for me…..thanks everyone for supporting me…

Credit to: Rosie


  1. Gauri

    Hmm Suggestion….its Pay back time darling…let Radhika pay them back with interest :)…your chashni seems to be bit different.

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    • Shree

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    • Sister…thank u very much…glad u liked it..but where is ur suggestions…??…otherwise I will come in ur dreams…hehehe…don’t mind…sorry u r NT first…hayati always max take that position…lol….waiting…tc…??

  4. Dhara

    plz don’t allow them to talk with Radhika.. Radhika should behave professionaly, boldly and should not get affected by their presence..

  5. Shree

    Wow wow wow!! I must say… And what WS that?! Nandini is doing drama after it’s all out…. Nice to see her family supporting her.. Neil’s care… And saurav… I feel bad for him… You just can’t blame someone like that… Happy to see him as a changed person… Loved radz entry!! Everyone dumbstruck!! Lol ??… I can imagine… I’m dancing, sitting on a chair.. And my foot isn’t letting me do it.. Sitting with a crape bandage isn’t pleasing…

    I loved it… Loved it to the core… You’re taking the story to a different angle… All new… It’s going smooth.. All in place… I can say, you’ll end up publishing and I’ll proudly tell that’s it’s my friend’s book…

    And baby, you want suggestions?! It’s your story… And yes, even if we give, you need to be satisfied… I know you told not to say this… I’ll surely suggest… I know I’m being contradictory.. Lol ??

    Hmmmm…. Let rads be all calm… No rection… It’s professional.. So, nothing of personal sorts should come in between… She will be a totally new Radhika… On the whole.. I mean to say… It’s payback time.. ?? … Now you plan it… I know you’ll put it up well…

    All the best for your exams….

    Love you??

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  6. Noelene. Naidoo

    Gosh u are too gud rosie if sum1 saw me reading this f. F dey wid tink im mad wid all the expressions on my face.

  7. Sathya

    hey rosie…ley radhika behave in a normal way. this is the new phase in her life. so let everything be new for her. dont mix the past here and make arjun run behind her. just like a new chapter in both of their lives. afterall make it as a nayi shuruwaat… in their life. Now arjun should start his love story from first again in a different angle. its just our suggestions… you choose the best among…. all d best and eagerly waiting for the next update?????

    • Just waiting for u….u know. I have a mixed emotions right now…don’t know how to shape it up…thank u very much for ur suggestions…but m confused with ur “our suggestions”…how many of u decided???lol ? don’t mind me ..m crazy as usual …just now trying to concentrate on my study for few days…but u don’t stop…otherwise I will get mad…tc…??

  8. 1 st Neil shd b punished coz he was quite when she needed him…. can give some suggestions if s then try to show that saurav has feelings towards radz which will add more fuel to Arjun’s anger …… if you felt bad then sorry . … ……….:-)

    • No worries dear….thanks for ur suggestions….m thinking to take ur suggestion in different angle…yes they will get something….all….thank u

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  10. suha

    It lyk really really awsome and Thank You for such a wonderful update !!!!
    Sooo dis how dey know each other..
    Radz is a gem and really good in making friendz .. i love arjun n neil bonding … raj has cancer i think
    Correct me if i am wrong !!!
    Love u n take care ….
    And once again sorry for late cmnt

    • N once again u proved why m waiting for ur comment….luv u dear…just loads of luv…? ? ?

      Actually u read with full mood…that’s why u always asked abt both new n old characters….i liked it very much…u r a mirror to me that I can see my goodness n fault same time…

      N yes my lil sis….abt raj u r not exactly right but u r abt to ryt…btw I guess u r d first one to guess about him….thank u ? ? ?

      Now take care ? n study well. For ur exam…my exam also coming…don’t mind me ….k…n yes don’t worry about comment…u can giv it later…
      ? ?….

  11. Ameena

    OMG!! WOW!! COOL!! IT WAS AWESOME! You are such a great writer. The most interesting part will be their reactions. How are will they react?! Omg!! Fb part was good too. I think raj is living with kidney failure and looking for matching kidney. I think Arjun will donate his kidney. I’m only thinking. I’m sorry if I’m wrong.
    Sugesstion: Make Sam and Arjun struggle to get our chasni back. Choose the best suggestion from here but I think everyone gave really great ideas. Good luck for your exam. And update whenever you can. Okay? Bye for now! Love you!

      • Amu…no need to worry for typo…n abt raj health condition I mentioned it in previous update….but its not abt kidney dear….thanks for coming n giving analysis…..yes…the interactions should b interesting..though I didn’t think about it yet….??? tc…n update ur chappy s…for keeping me in sane….lol…??

      • Ameena

        Oh, I missed that part. You stupid fool Ameena. I read really fast cause of time. LACK OF TIME 🙁 I’ll read that update again. 🙂 Thanks for telling me 🙂 And am pretty sure that your next update will be Awesome! I just can’t think how it will be. Cause you are always unpredictable. 🙂

      • Oh…dear Amu…no worries at all….take ur time….n yes I also don’t know what happen next….need some time….now studying n waiting for satz ….

        Do update soon….tc??

  12. Roma

    Wowwww awesome my sweeeeeetheart rosie…loved the fb part….it’s so amazing n tye way you weaved it was just mind blowing….arjun’s revelation of truth, breaking the marriage, samrat’s confession n nandini exposure, neil’s trust on arjun, Sam’s regret…..wowwww so perfect…. n on rads side – her hurt n helpless soul, dilip’s confidence in her to achieve her dreams, saurav/rajiv/sila Devi entry…and her job at oslo…wowwww….so much happened in those years…now in present the trio r hell shocked to see rads as cmd….it’s just soooooo superbly written. …my sweeeeeetu rosie….I’m totally addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your story. …now can’t wait to know what will happen next. …suggestions. ..hmmm make neil again bestie of rads n give sam n arjun tough time with rads as raj n saurav being her bodyguards….soooooooo sorry for being late my sweeeeeet friend…I’m very behind on these amazing ff’s….now on page 73…catching up. …keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    And all my TU bestiesssss here, I missed you alllllll soooooooo muchhhhhh. …manha,amu(tc dear),shree,nisha,gauri, n alllllllllll lots of hugs n kisses for you deariiiiiiieeess. …

    • Omg Roma…just came into network region n saw ur comment….what was that…m bowled out by ur appreciation…thank u dear very very much
      Tc….luv u

  13. suvi

    Superb story .ever since d end of mmz i stopped visiting mmz telly page. today while reading ikrs telly updates i saw dis update in the recent comments page n read dis Epi .really nice gonna read dis particular story from beginning. i love dis bcos f its similarity wid d original plot

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