manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 3

Hiiii guys…..this is me again….what to do…thanks for ur support n kindness…I’ll try my best to reach ur expectation…kindly bear with me….excuse me for my typos n grammatical errors…

Mumbai international airport
Neil waited impatiently. He roamed around here n there at airport. He did not know how many coffee he took…
Announcement made..xx…his passenger…goes….that terminal…xx…. Handsome figure of Arjun seen to him. He jumped up n went toward him. Without any hesitation he hugged him tight like he saw his long lost girlfriend n gave a kiss on his cheek..
Arjun: what r u doing Neil?? R u become mad or ur preferences changed?? I should have protect myself from you…
Neil made faces…but right then he observed him thoroughly… Arjun became thin from before…he had specs on his eye which made him more handsome. Though he looked pale n exhausted..
Neil: Arjun, man just look at u..who would tell that u r the same Arjun Mehera for whom all ladies fell in past, the seduction master.

Arjun stared him n said same goes for you…where is the charming prince..
Neil: m here only…don’t worry about looked like u invaded the whole world. For that u looked so exhausted..
Arjun became sad n answered but no new result came. Same as before. He asked Neil if he talked to the person whom he talked about in flight
Neil: yes I talked. But
Arjun became impatience…Neil saw his desperation n said: sorry buddy he said he couldn’t trace that address as it is highly protected. But he told me that the address was from Oslo, Norway…that much he found..
Arjun looked satisfied n said: that’s enough…I can handle from now on…
He looked happy as a child got his candy n toys..
Neil said but Arjun from where did u got that address. Hearing that Arjun become numb n told he will tell later..

With that Neil dragged Arjun to his home as he knows if Arjun will be alone he will end of thinking past n feeling guilty. When they reached at his place they saw Sam was sitting on the bench in front of neil’s home. She stood on seeing them..she wave them hiii..Arjun replid her but Neil tried to ignore which was noticed by Arjun….
Arjun told Neil that u didn’t reconcile yet..this is too much..if u’ll not talk to her then I’ll not stay here. Everything was happened becoz of me but u punished her why???m going…Neil stopped him n said him to go inside..he will be back after talking to her…
After Arjun went inside neil went to sam n looked at her…She was really repented for her deed…neil saw the sincierity in her eyes..she could not speak anything…sam came near to him n hugged him tightly with crying..neil could not resist now…he reciprocated her hug back….two persons cried out their hearts…crying,silent,repentance said too many things without speaking any…they broke their hug.

Neil: sorry Sammy for making u sad…but I cud’t forget what u did??even I warned u..
Sam: no,m sorry neil…for the first time I didn’t listened to u n I got the result..but what cud I v done at that time as i was blind in Arjun’s infatuation too much n m completely brainwashed by those 3..nandhini,saral n bonnie….neil cut her off..
Neil:u believed those 3 above ur besties. That was the problem..u know what hurt me most…even after Arjun told u truth u were after him for some time….sam listened everything bowing down her head…

After some silence neil spoke: Sammy u know how much I suffered when u were not with me..i yearned ur presence every moment…but I tried hard to forget. That’s why I stayed most of the time out of town.
Sam:I know m sorry 4 that also..but what did u do neil….u cud ve stopped me..when I slapped her , u cud give me double slap n put some senses in my brain n told me that I was wrong…u v that right on me neil…but u left me without uttering a word.i was all alone for long tym….i missed u neil….i missed my idiot…she broke into cring again…

Neil was happy seeing her saminder again..he hugged her tightly n placed a kiss on her forehead..when they entered home sam fainted..neil hold her..prerna n Arjun came forward…prerna told neil that she was annoyed in morning for not seeing her son that’s why she scolded sam….she felt sorry.neil said mom don’t b childish..i understood ur feeling..prerna start rubbing sam hand ….when came into sense she gave her turmeric milk.she said sorry to sam..sam told no need aunty even I was angry at that time , sorry…they hugged.
Then Arjun went into room..he saw all following him…he knew neil told everything to all.they all sat..
Neil: I hope u wudn’t plan to give us a heart attack before tym…now tell us otherwise I will die due to hyper anxiety..
Arjun didn’t told anything …just gave him a envelope…neil opened it n found a cheque of 20000 euro(more than 15 lakh Indian rupees) n a letter. Neil was shocked…said what is this..arjun told him to read the was printed…he read out loud…
Dear mr Arjun Mehera

Thank u very much for helping us in our needy time..may b we cudn,t repaid ur valuable help but i m capable enough to return back ur money…if in ur need I cud help u…then I ll do it definitely..i wish I cud giv it to u hand by hand but ….itz not possible…thank u again
Radhika Mishra..
Nesam stunned..prerna was silent..suddenly neil got up n hugged arjun tightly..he cud understand his unsaid pain,see his unshed tears..

Prerna signs her come out..they both went out silently..
After broke the hug neil said arjun that when did he received that letter…arjun told 3 month back. Arjun even went to bank to check the sender but they didn’t disclose anything for security reason. That’s why he appointed a private detective..
Neil said him not to worry…but he said arjun u visited Norway 3 to 4 times….even u v ur people there …how cudn’t u found her..
Arjun said may b that’s what god want or she want…neil pacified him saying that we came to close at end …so there is no more searching….we ll find her soon….see u got her envelop..that day isn’t far when u ll get her as parcel n made a mocking face. Arjun smile…both frnds went for sleep…

In anoter room prerna asked sam did u never missed her..sam told her aunty I can’t tell u how much I missed her..after she went away I came to know her value..she even understood me better than me n neil…prerna nodded in positive n both went for sleep.
Sam in her thought chasini if I find u I ll locked up u in my personal cage that u can’t escape again …plz come back once..plz forgive me…give me a chance
Neil in his thought where r u yaar chasini….miss u so much…itz high time ..come back
Arjun in his thought come back my roshni(think he gave her that name as he consider her his light of his life)..i never told u how I feel about u…come soon otherwise I ll die

Here Radhika left for oslo from paris became restless. She thought what happened to me..why I feel that someone called me so earnestly..i left everything n is weird to think about past….she could nt concentrate….moreover does she knew that earnest desires make connections…….??????S

That’s all folk for today guys….let me know how is it…was waiting for ur replies….thank u all again for supporting me …

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  1. So sad yaar radhu comeback na

    1. Thanks yaar….

  2. Hey Rosie!! Cute episode… At last nesam unite!! Arjun in pain… Unite them soon.. Please so post soon

    Love you ??

    1. Thanks yaar…yes comeback is needed now…

  3. Mind blowing update. 🙂 can’t wait for the next update.

    1. Thank u very much for replying every time….tc

  4. awesome story line…i think this is my first comment on your story…very nice..hearts connection right….please do pair up ardhika..cant wait to see them united..sorry if you have other plans…but i have a doubt…arjun is clear of his feelings..but does radhika too love him..and will your new characters make it difficult to arjun in meeting radhika..whatever your story is..please go on..very well narrated..

    1. Thank u very much for commenting here….n thanks for ur appreciation…..yes as far I remember at that slap time Arjun had feeling for radhika..but she was clueless abt it…but she thought of him as a gud guy….lets see what will happen in future…tc dr??

  5. Hi Rosie dear!!!!! Awesome episode , thanks for the long update, rads pls come back, nesam part was good, sad for arjun, pls post next one dear…

    1. Thanks yaar…it’s time for comeback….hehe

  6. Its fabulous
    Pls update soon dear ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thanks yaar…i will try to update soon

  7. Good one…keep it going 🙂

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  8. super……….

  9. good episode

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  11. Where r u manha ,rg,Roma n Amu……r u busy….only after ur explanation I will start my next chappy….plz visit when u all ll b free….

  12. Heyyyyyy, yaar mera wait mat kiya karo. Agar main yahan comment nahi karo toh pls naraz mat hona aur dusra chap update kar dena. Okay??
    It was mind-blowing episode. Want them to quickly unite but I think there will many more twists in the story. Wuhuuu, I’m excited. I can’t wee Arjun in pain? Pls update sooon. I’m waiting but don’t test my patience?. Love you❤????

    1. No dear exactly it was not like that….actually u all were analysed n explained too beautifully that if there were any mistake in ma ff I could point out easily….n u also u did suggestions n supports….that’s why m waiting for u….tc…don’t mind if u want busy….thanks ???

  13. Hi Rosie it’s a Gud one. Radhika looks positive here… I liked it… Though she feels arjun calling her… Plz update soon. I can bearly wait for them to meet.

    1. Thanks Ramya for commenting…was waiting for u….n about rad Arjun encounter…we will see what will happen….

  14. Mindblowing!! Loved it to the core!! Enjoying it a lot!! Update soon!!!.

    1. Thank u dear for commenting…it meant a lot to me…glad u liked it

  15. Wowwww Rosie my dear, it’s superbbbbb episode, just awesoooooome, loved it very very much. …at least they found her location, now let’s see how they bring her back…loved arjun n Neil friendship. ..neil kissed arjun’s cheek…lol…nesam scene was really heart melting. …arjun n nesam so desperate for rads…n rads can feel their yearning….wowwww awesome plot…very interesting story. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. I already posted my 4 th chappy…u didn’t see it…thanks dear for liking plot….tc??

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