manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 2

Hello friends….it’s again me…pls bear with me for sometime…this chapter is like some intro chapter..but u’ll find interconnection between all the characters in future chapters…pls let me know how s it…

I know m NT a professional writer….so there is too much mistakes in ma writing…both comments n critics are critics make man better…kindly let me know if u don’t like it…

When Ankush reached home with teji mala set up lunch…she called everyone for dining table after sometime dadaji screamed by putting his hands on his chest..everybody rushed toward him..dilip told ankus to cl Doctor..he went.mala went for bringing water..dadaji told Dilip to get his medicines….as Dilip went away dadaji ate two gulabjamun….n said now I feel better….no need for medicines n no need to cl doc…but teji n ankus saw his antics..ankush said to dadaji no matter how much we take care of u ,u only listened to choti…k I’ll inform her..all laughed…teji’s phone rang..he received n
Teji:hello mam….gud afternoon
Piyali:where r u teji?again u r on leave…scolding him
Teji:sorry mam….i…
Piyali: If I’ll see u again on leave…I’ll make that ur leave for permanent….n yes come here asap….as new challenged deal came up…this is not like a regular b here asap..piyali cut the call..

Teji bid a bye to all n left for Mumbai that evening.

In Mumbai every add agency of india including bird song looks like rushed n very busy as they have to impress the new coming deal from tech firm & it’s peoples.after all it’s a million dollars deal.

Tech firm is a huge conglomerate Norwegian company having its own networks in all sectors..they have their hotel businesses,construction,manufacturing etc..with that they advertise their own products in their own advertisement firm..the PEARL…with two joint ceo.

But the problem is when they got offer from apple,Microsoft to make a add on them there was a clause on deal they have to promote it in India as they v poor performance in they wanted to make it joint deal with indian add agency.


Lil bit far from the city there was a gingatic palace like structure situated protected with tight security….royalty touched everywhere in that mansion..
Sila Devi.owner of the house n chairman of tech firm came down to the living room of second floor..she ordered her coffee n made a call to her son sourabh singhania..(the cmd of the firm) who stayed last night at their tromso bungalow…after constant ring of phone maid attained the call . Said that sir left for french alps last night…sila Devi became frustrated….thought to herself what the hell is going on…alps in this weather…must b those three people gone mad…n why the hell there is visa exemption within European countries…god knows…with cursing she dialled saurabh’s personal showed off…she knew where might be called the resort les portes du Soleil n talked to manager.

Manager saw that Sourav went outside with his snowboard ? so he went out..he saw him n called…saurav turned n walked towards him….when he walked all girls who stood there looked like if they were going to faint immediately…he is such a handsome having height 6’1″,well built physics ,properly dressed,with a charming smile n intense eyes..
Manager told him his mother called..he immediately called back.
Sila: How can u so irresponsible? Even u didn’t inform me…
Saurav: Calm down mom…this is just weekend n we r here to spend our quality time…with that he started laughing by seein a view in front of him..
Sila Devi didn’t say anything after hearing Sourav ‘s heartfelt laughter…afterall it’s rare..she disconnected Cal by warning him return back asap.
Mean while saurav saw his employee com brother Rajiv Malhotra running towards him followed by a girl.
(Rajiv is joint ceo of the PEARL N has a charming personality,sweet guy)
By seeing him saurav said to him what did u do this tym raj..he said nothing n pleaded to save him from the girl..saurav convinced the girl somehow n sent her off..then
Saurav: Now raj,tell me what did u do…no…what did u exactly say ….
Raj: Nothing much bro…i just said her to give herself to me….i forgot to say that was for dance….but after that she chasing me here n there from half an hour…might be she mistook it…never new foreign girls are so dangerous…
Hearing that saurav laughed hysterically n said I knew it…why u approach any girl when u couldn’t handle it..raj made faces n said Aadat se majboor…
Suddenly he reminded something n asked btw where is our sweetheart honey????

Here shows radhika on her board skiing flawlessly on alps snow..she literally enjoyed her time..she goes from here to there so smoothly…but while she was crossing a jumping slope suddenly a guy came in front of her.she stopped abruptly with the help of het binding before bumping into him…
Our rads removed her eye wear,set her hair n stare at the guy angrily..
Rad: Hey u,r u blind or r u out of your minds???
Guy:hey chik…anger suits u better.btw who wudn’t go mad after seeing u..even blind wanted to saw…
Anyway u looked hot n s*xy in morning ..come with me bebe..we wud make out our time

Anger raised in radhika’s nerves…she clenched her fist tightly to gave him a punch…but suddenly she saw a frightened look on guy’s face n he ran off.from there…she turned n saw deadly glares from her dear one’s……

This is it for today….as itz kind of intro…no Neil Sam Arjun here….plz bear with me….thank u very much to all who supported me…i even appreciate if u gave me ur suggestions…n. Remember that it is always ardhika n nesam…others are catalyst….but before that this drama….let me know how u liked it….i know it’s lenthy n descriptive….i won’t make it descriptive from now on.

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  1. Wowwww superrr yaar nrw charecters hmmm nice

    1. Thanks yaar…glad u liked it

  2. Very nice dear …our dadhaji always Knoty .i loved it, rads intro nice. Pls update soon long part ..dr

    1. Thanks yaar…I thought it was long n descriptive…..I’ll try to post soon…tc dr

  3. Awesome story 🙂
    As long as its ArDhika, I’m okay with the new character.

    1. Thank u…yes it will b them….otherwise Arjun will not leave me…kidding…tc

  4. very nice.

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  5. So radhu is in norway…cool..loved radhu’s intro..keep going.. Update soon!!luv ya

    1. Thank u very much….right now she is at France… dr

  6. I think I need to rewind… But.. Nice update

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    1. No worries…rewind how much time u want…ask me doubt….but it’s always encouraged when u get comments from other good writer…..
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    1. Waiting for u dear…thanks for ur encouraging words…it was like energy booster for me….glad that u liked it…yeah they will b together in future……dr

  10. Awesome ….just too good

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    1. Thank u very very much gauri…whatever I’ll write I always be waiting for ur sincere feedback….as u all writers are inspiration to me….so b in touch with me till the series end….
      Thanks again n again……tc dr

  12. AWESOME!! Very well-formed!! Your writing skills are very natural. Though it’s kinda really detailed but I enjoyed it??. Want more of this story? ∪pÐΛtξ §☻☻∩.

    And I saw your relpy on previous update. So you were a silent reader since then…Thanks for coming out of silence and expressing your unbelievable talent. Love you❤

    1. Just see who’s here….waiting for u dear n u came…..i know its descriptive…glad that u liked it…btw when will u update….m waiting..thanks for ur sincere reply ….n yes was a silent reader….tc..dear ???

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  14. Before this update….i was too nervous if u all like it or not…but u people are too good…too supportive….thank u very very much yaar….as m completely belongs to science n technology ground…i v a lil knowledge abt literature…so that’s why m poor in. Writing….n it came out like that….

    Hearty wishes for u dears….thank u again ????

  15. Rosie it was tooo gud dear. Radz intro was awesome. Loved it. So saurabh n rajiv ko arjun n neil se takkar lena padega. wow i’m so excited for that. superb one. cool detailed intro of other characters. who r u imagining as saurabh n rajiv. When we r reading a story every detail is imp. U r taking care of each n everything so beautifully. So gud to see that. N plzzz don’t tell thanks n all. We r friends dear n fans of mmz. U r recreating the essence of our show. We should thank u. N yes don’t worry abt negative comments. I’m so excited for the next one.
    Past will meet present. New friends, old friends, New life. Whoa so cool. waiting for the next . update soon.

    1. Omg….after all my wait coming to halt…as always waited for u….u give me credit more than I deserve…..but thank u very much dear for ur support n kindness..about characters I don’t think anyone…just think ur favs….for saurav…no competitor for him….as he is most powerful n total different character…u will get to know in future chapters…ryt now m trying to shape up the story…u liked it that’s more than enough for me….hearty hug….don’t forget me…m always waiting for ur comments..????

  16. Awesome episode, just awesoooooome n outstanding. …loved the way you narrating it… sila, saurav n raj nice additions…loved teji got scold by piyali…poor guy…rads skiing at alps…wowwww so lovely…missing arjun, neil n sam here…maybe we’ll see them in next epi…. I’m sure there would be great fun to read this amazing story 🙂 keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads 🙂 😉 🙂

    1. Thank u very much dear…u think it would b fun…that’s too much for me…m on cloud nine now…i already posted my third chappy…hope u will like it…as for now I saw u in some comments section like I saw manha….u both r too good…thanks again for liking my story….tc dr??

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