manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 14


Hii all ….thanks for ur response n thanks to silent readers also for amazing support…this chapter will b full of brother n sister story…so plz bear me with that…as it is necessary to disclose about their bonding…


Riya cried fiercely with holding radhika..radhika couldn’t understand a bit about her crying…moreover she wanted to ask her about photos of nandini n Arjun…but that was not a proper decided to kept mum..riya requested radhika not to tell others about her condition…radhika nodded n somehow she pacified her n made her sleep..she organized her scattered accessories n kept in bag..she thought if there is any link between Riya di n Arjun..but Arjun didn’t knew her…she’s confused by thinking about them..she opened the door hearing someone banged the door..all come in rushed..saurav asked if Riya is fine..radz told him di was just tired n felt I let her sleep..all sighed in relief..but Arjun in his thought don’t know but why feel concerned for her..she hit me in morning plus this is my first time I saw her but still I feel we are connected..why?? Radhika shook Arjun as he was lost in his thoughts..she signalled him to go out of room..she closed the door lightly n said Arjun to meet her alone on roof after sometime…he could not believe on his ears that radhika want to meet him alone that to in night…still b4 he left he looked back the closed room n sighed deeply…

Radhika went to saurav n Rajiv..saw nesam also there..neil demanded his extra treat for marriage..sila Devi nodded n said u r also like my son…but u should treat us first…omg u r the one guy whom his lady love gave proposal…sam shy a little..neil was all flush…rajiv teased him sayin sila maa he is more after arjun rather than b careful…all were so happy they chit chat loudly among themselves..radhika think not to disturb she went to Arjun..

Arjun stood at a corner of the roof..radhika went to him n stood silently..Arjun saw her disturbed..he wanted to ask the reason.
Radhika: I want to know something..can u give me a true answer..

Arjun: U think that I will lie u??

Radhika : No,that’s not what I meant..anyway have u known Riya di before..did u see her anywhere..

Arjun: No,but one thing I should tell u..may b I never seen her before but I feel some connection between feels like she is very close to me..

Radhika got more disturbed now..she thought to ask Riya next day..Arjun held her shoulder in one hand n caressed her face in other..said if anything bothered u so much u can share with me..she smiled n said thank u…

Everybody were in their deep sleep except Riya she reminisced her past..
*********FB STARTED **********

Arjun ‘s mother passed away after gave birth him..priya was 4 years at that time..but their father started cursing him for being reason for his mother’s death..he cursed him as a satan child n never took care of him..he drowned himself in was priya who was very happy having a little brother..she behaved more mature than her age..she took care of lil Arjun..arjun also never looked at anybody except her sister..he was reserved n violent from his childhood only coz of his father’s cold ness..but he loved his sister more than anything..he was in fight always with others at school who bullied his sister..eight years went happily with the bond of bro- day they heard their father was dead due to liver damage..coz too much consumption of alcohol..whatever it was they were happy with their they had nothing as their father mortgaged everything..some people decided to leave them at orphanage….

Arjun was 8 n priya was 12.. They started adjusting with that least they were happy that they lived together..orphanage peoples were very happy with them..especially Rana..Arjun was a brilliant child n priya had her unique way to design everything..some other children are jealous by seeing their bond m calibre..always priya gave Arjun her first design products..though it is a bracelet with beads,bags,pendent etc…one day Arjun was in fight with other guy who was much elder than him coz that guy always irritate priya…he beat him black n blue n warned him not to look at his sister otherwise he would snatch his eyes ..that guy was too much afraid he ran away..that incident was witnessed by nandini..

An evil smirk displayed on nandini’s face..she said perfect with satisfaction..she wanted to adopt Arjun but a received a straight denial from him..she applied her new trick..she started to mix with priya n arjun..gave them their needed accessories..played with them..showered her love on them..nandini managed to convinced priya that it was only for Arjun’s good ..he would get a good environment for pursuing his career as he was a bright student..he would stay in luxury..finally she agreed n send Arjun with nandini..on the day of leaving both cried a lot by hugging each other..

Arjun: I hate u u decided to let me go..u knew how much I love u..I can’t live without u..u r everything to me..

Priya: Chotu,I also didn’t wanted to let go..but its for all of ur good..I wanted to see u as a big renowned man..

Arjun: Di I could become successful by staying here with u..u r my everything..

Priya: I knew it my lil dear..may b m very small to say this but u r like my son,my happiness my everything..go n make ur di proud..

Arjun left with a heavy heart..priya adviced him not to disrespect nandini..regard him as ur mother..they waved bye to each other..priya was more sad ..she didn’t know why but she felt like she saw her brother last time..

Nandini was irked at first seeing the bond between bro- sis..she wanted to make all his attention towards her so that she can easily get her first she didn’t prevent them talking..later she instructed orphanage not to give Arjun’s call to priya n should cooked up some story…so that Arjun thought his sister started to avoid nandini’s luck samrat also refused her to she broke down n more than she showed Arjun how much she broke..but she cared for there was no news from priya Arjun started to inclined towards nandini’s fake affection..but he was not aware that nandini was going to break their bond …

Here priya was too restless by not getting any call,any news from Arjun..orphanage people told her her brother forget her by living in luxury..she yelled at Rana..rana calmed her down..he promised her he ll let her see Arjun..rana had a soft corner for both priya n Arjun..but at that time a foreign couple visited orphanage for their donations..they had no children..they stayed for sometime n they liked priya a lot..they wanted to adopt her..she denied coz she wanted to stay near with his brother..moreover she didn’t knew that nandini put venoms in Arjun’s mind against priya..nandini showed Arjun that priya was happy with foreign couple..n forgot u..that’s why she didn’t take ur calls..arjun witnessed half truth..he was hurt by thinking his sister forget him..days passed..arjun became more furious by the fire putting by nandini against priya

Finally the day come…priya was very happy that she would meet Arjun her chotu…she kept her new made accessories to gift him..she went with rana but got a 1000 volt shock when Arjun refused to talk with her…she tried to pacified him,gave him the things she made..he threw all the things n yelled u r so selfish I didn’t know..u wanted to push me away cos of ur benefits..i was a hurdle for u..l knew ur plan very well..don’t show ur face to me again…i hate u..hate u ..he held nandini tightly n said u told me regard her as mother but now I told u she is everything to me ..just go away from my life..priya frozen..tears didn’t stop..she could not think of what to do..or what not..she saw the disgust on Arjun’s eye for her..she couldn’t tolerate the wrong allegation from his brother’s mouth..she could barely stand..rana collected her accessories n took her with him..may b he is too much loyal toward nandini but he never thought less of priya..he also sad for that was the day of Raksha bandhan..

At that night priya made her morning the Madison couple came n adopted her legally..they were very happy..they flew to Norway..she was being sad for many day she met 4 years Rajiv who wanted to talk with her n play with her..she could find a new brother in face of Rajiv n got a friend in 14 years saurav …they all linked from childhood n she pampered Rajiv today more than anything…(( guys I thought I disclosed every one ‘s past except Rajiv ,wait his will b very big..n very at last his time will come))

After some years when Arjun was 23 visited orphanage but never entered ..he thought why di?? Why u betrayed me?? If u told me stay away from ur way I would do that…but why u sent me away from you…lone drop of tear escaped from his eye..he did frequently that..Rana sent arjun’s photos to priya frequently…she even tried to meet Arjun at London..but at the mean time nandini stopped her..
but after knowing nandini’s truth..Arjun came to orphanage to find about his di’s whereabouts..but nothing was there…as priya conditioned at that time that no evidence regarding her adoption should not be Madison were too rich they destroyed everything as per her wish..and Arjun had no idea that Rana could know about his di…

But today they thought…they hate each other which was truly not…now in this time Arjun need his someone very close very own of his to get his love…priya in the fear that if Arjun will know she’s priya he might b hate her it’s best for her to b Riya Madison…at least she could b friend with him..she was happy that she got her brother in her engagement…

*********FB ENDED ***********

Riya didn’t know when she slept…radhika tried to woke her up ..she said 15 min more…radhika teased her if she’ll send saurav to wake up her…she smiled n said not funny..u don’t how unromantic he is..moreover if u ll call him rather than getting a romantic wakeup I will get a bucket of water..she heard Rajiv screaming di m angry on u that’s why I called u di..not can u blame my brother com father…riya made faces n said which side u will b …he smiled cunningly n said I’ll b always my sweetheart radhika ‘s side…all were laughing hearing his statement..radhika said brilliant raj..all came down for breakfast after fresh up…riya could not find Arjun..she thought if he knew about me…she asked radhika about Arjun’s room n went..she saw Arjun tried to put pain relief balm on backside of his neck but due to pain he stopped..she walked slowly near to him n started applying balm on his neck by herself…arjun felt something strange..its a very known touch to him with full of affection..he turned to see Riya was there with a smiling face…he was confused n shocked both at same time…

That’s all for today guys..for now u all being able to guess that m a bit dramatic…so bear with me that

Credit to: Rosie

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