Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||INTRO – 1||


Hi everyone! I really like Ardhika & NeSam a lot so I just wanna write my own version of story. I hope u all will like it. In this story Radhika’s parents r dead, there is no Dadaji, only Ankush is left and Riddhima is happy in her married life
My story starts from where Radhika left Arjun. She never went to Hrishikesh b’coz she knows that though her brother will support her but the people around there will always taunt. She told her brother that she is going but can’t tell him where, she assured him that she will be fine and if anything happens he will be the first one whom she will call. No one knows where she is now accept for one (which I’ll will reveal later).

It has been 4 yrs since Radhika left. Neil has forgiven Arjun but has distanced himself from Sam. Neil and Arjun r now best friends cum brothers, they don’t have any secrets b/w them. Sam is now a total workaholic, she has involved herself into business in order to hide her sorrow from others but it seems that the dam of emotions which she has built is now slowly breaking and soon a tsunami of emotions is going to come. Neil though now barely talks to Sam is also in deep pain to see his love so miserable but he hates her for not trusting CHASHNI who always trusted on her, sacrificed her happiness for her Sam. Samrat & Piyali also misses Radhika, they wanted her to come back so that everything just becomes normal just like before.
Hrishikesh –

A boy is standing on the banks of the Ganges reminiscing his memories of his best friends. The guy is none other than TEJI (guys in my story he has a very prominent role & he knows where she is but haven’t told anyone b.coz Radhika as usual has given her swear). He was thinking abt Radhika “how do u do this everytime Radhika, everytime u think abt others happiness and now look what it has done to u. it has separated u from ur loved ones. I know u r safe and happy (not fully happy) there but everyone here misses u badly and see my bad luck that I know where u r but still I cannot contact u it is u only who always calls me and whenever we meet u never allow me tell u abt others.” Someone from the back puts hands on Teji’s shoulder and as he turns he was abt to fall in the river but the other guy holds his hands and pull him, he is ANKUSH. Ankush is now married to his childhood friend Arpita. Arpita is a fashion designer and runs her own boutique and Ankush has no problem with it (he is no more narrow minded like before). They both love each other and share a great understanding as they r best friends before and then man and wife. Arpita is 2 weeks pregnant. They both along with Teji have come to their hometown for their parent’s shrad. After Radhika left Ankush got a job in Mumbai at Arjun’s construction company, he is one of the BoDs and is now doing extremely well for his family. Soon after the shrad pooja all 3 went back to Mumbai and resumed their daily work.
Mumbai –

Ever since Radhika left everyone in the office just works like a robot even Sam and Neil, they come on the decided time, do their work and then goes back to their houses. Arjun on the other hand for the past 4 yrs is travelling each and every city of the world in order to find his Radhika but still not got any success. He travels for the 6 months and works the other 6 months. Samrat, Piyali, Neil and Prerna (neil’s mom) r very much worried abt him as slowly slowly he is breaking when he returns dejected. They all stops him but he never pays any heed to anyone of them and start his journey with a hope that one day he will find his love and when he does he will never let her go again. Sam is now loosing herself fully and before she losses herself fully she wants to talk to her IDIOT, her soul mate and want to make peace with him. This time she has decided whether Neil wants or not she will talk to him and get this one matter solved. Teji is helpless as he could not help anyone in reaching to Radhika, he just stands in one corner and watch everything helplessly.

Credit to: Swati

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  1. nice one swati 🙂

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  3. Hi swati like u I loved this story. And J like ur version toooo… Am happy u gave a prominent role to teji…I liked his character . He and radz shared a grt bond… well arjun and Sam both deserve s thus mess… esp arjun after he proposes to Sam un d bathroom… even after marrying radz and also realising whom he truly loves….Very well I won’t blabber any more. Plz continue ur story . It has an interesting plot and an amazing potential… plz continue soon. Awaiting ur updates.

  4. Awesome start.. It is similar to Gauri’s ff..

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    Love you ??

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  14. Good start, teji should tell them; 4 years is long enough without Radhika. Your story is awesome, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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  20. Wowwww swati….it’s mind blowing. ..n very heart touching story…loved teji’s role n his friendship with rads…very sad for neil…he shouldn’t be bearing all this pain…only sam n arjun deserve to be like this as they were at the extreme of not trusting our angel rads….very interesting n unique lovely plot. ….keep it up dearr….n all the best. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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