Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 2||


Bird Song, Mumbai –

Piyali called everyone in the board room to make an important announcement. Everyone was present there b’coz they too wanted to know what is the important annouuncement which made Piyali so exciting. Everyone was gossiping around about the matter even NeSam and Arjun were also so eager to know the matter, just then Piyali and Samrat enter with a big smile on their faces.
Piyali:- ok guys I know k aap sab bahaut zyada excited hai announcement sunne k liye so without any delay I wanna tell u guys that after so much trials we r finally getting a chance to work with the biggest ad agency of the world i.e. PEARLS.
Everyone was overjoyed hearing this but Teji was a little confused as Radhika didn’t told him about his return nor does anyone.

Sam (excited):- wow mom its really awesome. I mean PEARLS is the biggest ad agency all over the world its so great.
Samrat:- yeah Sam its really great but for the time being control ur excitement bachcha b’coz to work with them we have to impress them first.
Neil:- matlab

Piyali:- next week the owner of PEARLS is returning to Mumbai permanently and they have declared that in India they want to run the business in partnership. So they have given their invitation to top 10 ad agencies of India to be their partner and we r one of them. In order to impress them we have to make a special presentation so that we can grab this partnership as it will be very useful for us. So I hope guys u all will live up to our hopes and prepare a wonderful presentation and give the PEARLS no other option then to select us. Thank U and get back to work
Everyone was super excited with this news and were working very hard to get this deal in their favour. Teji was a little worried as Radhika though pretend to be normal is not yet ready to come in front of anyone. Worrying he calls Nikki (Radhika’s right hand in work and his really good friend) to enquire about Radhika where Nikki assures her that she will be going to handle everything when they comes there. Teji though not convinced agrees to her. Finally the presentation was complete and was approved by Samrat and Piyali and everyone was waiting for the big day.

After a week, Prithvi-Sanyu, Swayam, Nikki and Radhika came to Mumbai where they were greeted by Pritam and her 2 daughters. Prem could not come with them as he was in Singapore for some business conference so he will come later. Radhika as soon as stepped out of the airport has flashes of her coming to Mumbai from Hrishikesh to fulfil her dream, the time she spent with her friends and Arjun and then leaving Mumbai for good. She has tears in her eyes, was about to cry when Swayam wrap his one hand around her assuring that all r here with her. They proceed to their home, a really big mansion RATHORE MANSION. Teji was already there to welcome his friend and her family. Radhika, as soon as saw him ran towards him and hugged him tight. They all had their dinner which was prepared by Preeti and then after some talks the Singhanias left wishing them goodnight and all the others went to their respective rooms, teji was staying for the night. Nikki & Radhika were discussing about the next day’s presentation when Teji joined them.
Teji:- baby I know k u r not prepared to come in front of them then how will u face them tomorrow in the presentation

Radhika:- Teji I know u r worried for me and yes I’m not yet ready to face them but I ‘ve a plan and me and nikki already have our hands on it.
Teji:- what plan?
Nikki:- woh toh kal hi pata chalega.
After some talks the 3 left to their respective rooms, Nikki was staying with the Rathores as she is new in Mumbai and will stay with them until she find herself a house to live in. On the other side the whole bird song was super excited for the meeting. The next day everyone reached at the hotel where the presentation has to be held. Arjun, NeSam, Samrat, Piyali, Kritika, Zubin and Teji all reached there but Teji was still curious to know Radhika’s plan. The whole media was there to know about PEARLS and the owner of this agency. Radhika, SwaRon and Nikki also reached the hotel but Radhika went to another room so as to avoid Arjun and NeSam. SwaRon and Nikki entered the conference hall and Nikki starts the presentation.
Nikki:- I know u all r thinking that I’m the boss here but sorry guys I’m not the one u r expecting, I’m just her representer.

Media girl :- aapki boss kaha hai? aaj itne badi conference mein woh kyu nahi aayi?
Nikki:- I know k aap sab k mann mein bahaut saare sawal honge k Ma’am yaha par kyu nahi hai. so then the answer to ur question is she is here only and she can see all but u all can’t see her. As u see she doesn’t like to come in front of camera.
Media guy:- aapko nahi lagta k aapki boss kuch zyada hi tantrums dikha rahi hai I mean kya itni badi agency ki owner hone ka unhe itna ghamand hai ki woh kisi se milna nahi chahati?
Listening to this Swayam is angry on the media guy, he was about to go and kick him out but Sharon stopped him and took the mike to speak up

Sharon:- actually she has her own reasons. Aur rahi unse milne ki baat so hum log bahaut jald ek party throw karne wale hai and u can meet her there. Aap sabko aapke invites mil jayege. So now can we proceed further.

Then one by one by one all the presentations r showed. Radhika saw all the presentations sitting in the room through video conferencing but was not yet convinced. Then comes Bird Song’s turn, Arjun and NeSam gave the presentation and Radhika was convinced by it. Nikki announce that after 10 minutes the result will be declared. All were waiting for the results, for them those 10 minutes seemed like 10 hours then finally after Nikki came after discussing with Radhika to announce the result.
Nikki:- so guys time for a big announcement. I know u all r very nervous plus excited but let me tell u all that it is a very hard task to convince ma’am and only one of u is able to convince her yet not fully just to be clear. So the one who bagged this opportunity is…….. (creating suspence) none other than…… BIRD SONG……….

Hearing this the other 9 agencies were sad and the team of Bird Song was very happy. SwaRon, Nikki and Teji knew that Radhika gave them this opportunity on the basis of their presentation and not b’coz of her past relations with them but Teji was hoping that ArDhika should re-unite one day and everything will be normal that day.

Credit to: Swati

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