Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 1||


LA –
Sanyu is spreading the holy smoke around the house and Prithvi enters, she gives him aarti.
Prithvi (kisses her forehead):- good morning shona.
Sanyu:- good morning.
Prithvi:- swayam uth gaya ?
Sanyu:- abhi 8 kaha baje hai.
Prithvi:- yeh ladka bhi na pata nahi kab bada hoga. Kal usne humse promise kiya tha ki ‘bhai hum kal aapke saath subah 7 baje jogging pe chalege I promise’ lekin dekho abhi tak so raha hai.
Sanyu:- achcha ab bas bachcha hai woh
Prithvi:- haa bachcha hai. tumne hi usse sar pe chadaya hua hai. kis angle se tumhe woh bachcha lagta hai itna bada ho gaya hai shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai uski….
Sanyu (interrupts him):- achcha ab bas jaiye jakar ready ho jaiye nahi toh aap zarur office k liye late ho jayenge, main breakfast ready karti hu. Prithvi went to washroom and then radhika enters fully ready for office.
Radhika:- gud morning choti maa
Sanyu:- gud morning baby

Radhika:- choti ma aaj phir swayam ne big b se kiya hua promise tod diya kya ?
Sanyu:- haa. Laad sahab abhi tak so rahe hai. achcha tum wo sab chodo tumhari sab tayari ho gayi?
Radhika:- haa choti maa almost sab ho gaya hai. Just then the clock strikes 8 and a alarm rings in one of the rooms. It is Swayam’s room. He gets up startled and shuts the alarm clock and remembers the promise made to Prithvi. He thought that “I’m dead, big b toh humein kachcha chaba jayege”, he quickely gets ready and rushes down and saw Prithvi, Sanyu and Radhika at the breakfast table waiting for him. He comes and sits on his chair near Radhika.
Swayam:- good morning big b-choti maa. Good morning jiji.
3 of them:- good morning. Swayam was signalling Radhika to calm Prithvi down as he was continuously staring him with a little anger. Sanyu noticed it and speak up
Sanyu:- prithvi aap hamare bete ko ab chan se nashta bhi nahi karne dege kya kab se usse ghure jaa rahe hai.
Prithvi:- bas tumhari yahi baat humko acchi nahi lagti. Tum hamesha isse bachane k liye aage aa jati ho. Ab yeh bada ho gaya hai, college ka aakri saal shuru hone jaa raha hai inhe kuch toh karna chahiye apne saath, ek dedh saal baad inki shaadi hogi….
Radhika (interrupts him):- big b aap kyu tension le rahe ho. Swayam ek responsible ladka hai apni zimmedariyo ko achche se samajhta hai, lekin usse abhi apni freedom enjoy karne dijiye aur waise bhi India jaane k baad laad sahab humare office mein internship karne wale hai so don’t worry.
Swayam:- ha big b jiji theek keh rahi hai. India jaane k baad hum jiji k saath unki agency mein kaam sikhuga as I want to something in this field and I know aapko mujhse bahaut sari hopes hai I promise I’ll try my level best to live up to ur expectations but pls yeh shaadi ka topic mat shuru karo, humein abhi shaadi nahi karni hai ok (and he keeps a pout face). All of them laugh at his expressions and a had a hearty family time. Then Prithvi and Radhika left for their respective works and Swayam went to his college.

Mumbai –
Sam came to Neil’s place early in the morning. Prerna opens the door, Sam wished her and went to straight to Neil’s room as she wanted to sort everything for once and for all. She saw Neil getting ready for office she closed the door and sat on his bed. Neil saw her with anger.
Neil:- what the hell Sam u can’t just barge in my room like that.
Sam:- shut up Neil just shut up. And the answer to ur question of barging in ur room like this is that I have the full right to do like this b’coz u r my best friend and I luv u and I’m sorry for what I did 4 yrs back. I know maine bahaut badi mistake ki I didn’t trust Chashni and as a punishment I lost her but I don’t want to lose u too. Main tumse bahaut pyar karti hu and I know that u also luv me but tum bhi mujhe punish kar rahe ho by separating me from urself. But its enough now I can’t bear it anymore pls mujhe maaf kardo. Pls pls…… I’m sorry.
She was crying all the while, she blurt out her whole frustration. Neil was now unable to see her like that went close to her and hugged her as tight as he could and apologised for his rude behaviour and confesses his love to her. Prerna who was at the door listening was happy as his one son got his love back and prayed that his other son (i.e. Arjun) too get her love back. Prerna called Piyali and told her the news of NeSam reunion. Piyali and Samrat were happy for their daughter as atleast she got her half happiness back but the other half was missing just like Radhika.
Arjun on the other hand arrives at the Mumbai airport after 6 months (as he was finding Radhika) and sits in a car waiting for him and then receives a phone call from Neil. He picks it up.
Neil:- hi Arjun whats up bro.
Arjun (sensed his happy voice):- kya hua Neil u seem so happy.
Neil (holding sam):- bro I got my life back
Arjun:- means u and………..
Neil:- yes u guessed it right. We r back together.
Arjun:- congrats to u both I’m so happy for u guys. Ok now listen to me reach office as I have something to tell u guys ok
Neil:- u returned. Tumne bataya bhi nahi I shuld have come to u pick u up.
Arjun:- its ok Neil. Now u and Sam both get in ur car and come to office I’ve already reached.
Neil:- ok we r coming.

Arjun enters Bird Song and straight away went to his cabin and stands near the window with a envelope in his hands. He was reminiscing the moments he spent with his wife and tears automatically starts to flow out of his eyes. After a while NeSam, Teji, Zubin and Kritika enters his cabin. Neil called out his name, as he turns everyone saw tears in his eyes, Arjun hands over the envelope to Neil and asks him to have a look at it. Neil opens the envelope and found a cheque of $50000 (around Rs. 30 lakhs) and a letter which shocks him and read it loud –
Arjun Sir,
Humne aapse promise kiya tha k ek din hum aapke saare paise lauta denge jo aapne papa ko diye thhe. Aur aaj hum iss layak toh ho gaye hai k aapke paise aapko wapas kar sake that too with interest. Sir hum jaante hai k hamara aisa karna aapko achcha nahi lagega lekin ab hum aapke ahesano ka bojh ab aur nahi utha sakte. I hope k aap yeh accept karege aur aapko karna hi hoga b’coz u have no option left. Thank You so much sir and all the best for ur future.
Everyone was shocked to listen it but Teji was unaffected as he already knew that it has to be happened.
Neil:- arjun tumhe yeh letter kab mila?
Arjun:- when I was in London. Maine bank se bhi contact kiya to get the details lekin kuch haath nahi aaya. Maine unse bahaut request ki but security issues ki wajah se they didn’t gave me any information. Unhone mujhe sirf itna bataya k yeh letter LA se aaya hai. I also hired a pvt detective there to find her but still no luck, maine khud bhi waha jakar usse dhunda lekin mujhe bhi kuch nahi pata chala. I don’t know kyu woh mujhse bhaag rahi hai. Teen saal pehele jab main cape town gaya tha toh Radhika wahi thi I saw her lekin jab usne mujhe dekha toh waha se chali gayi maine uska peecha kiya lekin my bad luck usse dhund nahi paya.
Teji then thought “oh isiliye baby ne cape town mein rukne se mana kar diya tha (at that time they were holidaying in cape town)”. Arjun was crying like a small kid, Neil now no longer waited and hugged him to console his buddy cum brother while Sam an others too joined them. Arjun felt a little relieved in their embrace. After a while all went to their homes. Neil took Arjun to his house as he don’t wanna leave him as for now, Sam too joined them

Credit to: Swati

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