manmarziyaan: a new turn

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Seven years before……… London……

Abhi had finished his classes and was driving back home with his friend, emmet. Emmet was the only one he trusted in this country. He was studying in one of the popular college of the country, the Imperial college school of medicine. They were immersed in their boyish conversation. Soon reached home. As soon as he reached his house, his phone beeped with a message. Emmet growled.
“everyday your father messages you to call him exactly after reaching home. And there is my father or whom I should say the dean of imperial don’t even turn to me. Wish I would have got a father like yours.” Said emmet.
“my father thinks you as his second son. And I don’t guess that it would be a problem to consider him you father figure.”
“sure….. you continue. You have all the time in the world to listen to my ranting…… get on talking until I get something to hog on…..”
Abhi smiled a known one. This is what always happened.
His POV…..
Em went to kitchen and started preparing something. He would resist anything but hunger. I left him for himself to curse his dad while I called my baba.
“hey son…..” he greeted. Something changed in his voice.
“what’s up baba? Tension? Business?”
“you get that soon son…” he said his voice astonishing.
“blood baba….. it made me so….”
I could feel him smiling……
“yes…. Abhi would you mind if I dump someone in your house?”
Was that something to ask? Ofcourse I wouldn’t mind. But who was the person?
“of course not…… but who is the one….. you are planning to dump into the little castle of mine?”
I tried being dramatic……
“a brunette…” he said instantly as I gaped. A brunette, a girl in a bachelors house…… was he serious?
“baba……” I was trailed off……
“just kidding….. she won’t stay with you but in the house next to yours with her friends. You will have to take care of her in all the sense. I decided that she would be something special of our house.”
“seriously baba, you are asking me to take care of a girl….. that wouldn’t do…… usually girls are sticky…….. and I won’t like the crap….. I’m not……”
“I said something special…… then you have to take care of that….. but wait….. if I receive a complaint from her, you’ll be her slave working in her house for your expenses….”
“Mr. Rajiv sharma…… I’m neither taking care of her nor working for her…”
“then die….. bye…..” he hung up.
Really? Is he my dad? Seriously….. I wonder sometimes…. What the hell does he think of me? I’m not a care taker to take care of girls…….
“baba didn’t speak to me today….” I heard em complaining…..
“are your fees paid for the next sem?” he asked and that was when I remembered the crap….. three days were left and baba told me yesterday that he would send money…… I checked my phone for a bank statement of money transfer but there was none…. Now I’m stuck…… I gripped my fist and finally convinced myself to do the things….. still I would try convincing him…… I decided and called him up….
“deaf idiot….. am I speaking to walls?” em asked more like scolded.
“wait em, speaking to baba….. don’t you want to?”
He agreed…. He loved speaking to him…..
“dad, three days left…..” I said as soon as he attended the call…..
“do me the favour and the money is yours….”
“okay….” I reluctantly agreed….. I could make out that he danced madly as ii heard my mumma complaining…..
“no commets child….. she’s special……” she said cutting me off…..
“who’s special aunty?” em asked grabbing my phone turning the speaker on……
“you’ll se that in two days em. How are you?” she asked in her motherly tone….
“better than the bro here…..” he said and I showed him all my teeth mocking a smile….. he chuckled… so did my parents…..
“how would I identify her? Send some photos atleast….” I asked….
“you don’t really need one…. You’ll recognise her as soon as you see her……” she said. After humiliating me in every sense they held the call. em was still teasing me and I threw a pillow at him before marching back to my bedroom…..
Who is that girl and why is she special to mom dad? She cant be ‘ the something special’ for baba as he is married…. And mumma…. It would sound more of lesbian…… then it should be me….. what kind of special is she for me? my god….. let it not be what I thought….. I wont get married….. not after seeing one of my friend struggling after losing his girlfriend…. Such things are far away from me…..
Em opened the door of the room and peeked his little head in…
“can I disturb you abhi..?”
“as if you wouldn’t if I say no…”
“maybe….. okay I’ll see you later…..” he said and tried walking past when I stopped him…. He was never so….
“em, sorry, was just kidding….. as you said I have all the time in the world for your ranting….. get in….”
I said smiling…… he smiled a faint one.
“whats wrong?” I asked….
“its 12th tomorrow…..” he said, his eyes filled. I remembered that tomorrow was his sister’s and brother’s death anniversary.
“oh…. I’ll come along….” I said.
“thank you but little early. I have to work for a while in the morning…..”
“you don’t really have to…”
“no more speaking about this matter. you know my answer.” He said before leaving the room.
It was difficult to win over him. He lost his sister three years back along with his brother in an accident. His parents divorced after that and that caused him hate them more. I have never seen them. Just heard about them from him. He always felt relaxed when he spoke about them. Wish I had a sibling…….
Early in the morning we went to the graveyard. The grave had their name carved on it. em broke down before entering and I held him by his arms motioning him towards the grave. I saw a person as tall as em who was as tall as I. I made his face out. It was dean of the imperial. Mr. John Whitlock. He was at the verge of breaking down. And soon a lady entered. Our neurology lecturer. Mrs. Whitlock. Em’s parents. I did make out that em did not notice them as he was just staring at the grave. It pained to see my friend inn pain. But I won’t console him. I backed out of the grave. It was high time for the Whitlock family to reconsider their thoughts. And as I thought, it worked. Being the strong man dean sir was, he tried standing without shedding tears until his eyes glanced his wife and his child. Their family was the best if all the distance were covered. I saw both the parents walking towards their son. Em would be shocked to see them as he thinks that they never loved their children. As soon as sir placed his hands over em’s shoulder, he hugged him tight thinking it to be me. he did hug me cry his heart out in the past two years. I could see that relaxed expression on his sir’s face. I could make out he was waiting for the day. He even motioned his wife to come to him and soon the whitlock’s were hugging. Em, as if sensed something moved back and stared at them shocked. They argued a lot which of course I couldn’t hear, but finally hugged each other and finally I saw their family uniting.
“yay!!!!!” I shouted causing them look at me. I mentally slapped myself for ruining their family moment.
“sorry, em, I would meet you in the class.” I said and ran out from there. I sat in my vanquish and took the wheel towards my dorm. Just in the middle of my way to my dorm, my car broke. Urghhhh…… there is no one on the road. I would mss my classes. And even I couldn’t walk simply around 10 kms. It wasn’t easy. My stupid mind asked me to call my god angel and ask his help. As if he would come from india and help me over here. But I called him explaining.
“I would send your angel soon son,” said my baba. I wonder how would he do that….
Soon a yellow porshe was behind me. I sped up not knowing who was that. The car seemed to follow me. was the driver crazy…..? am I looking like a girl so that he stakes at me. I turned around and saw three girls in it.
“get in….. rajiv baba’s son…” the girl in the driver seat ordered.
“who are you? how do you know baba?”
“none of your concern…. Just get in….”
Then it hit me. the girl…… baba spoke about. I recognised her. She was the girl who always took my chocolate bar and ran away…… ANVITHA MEHRA…..
“good. You remember me bar chocolate…”
“don’t call me that, gobi ki parata…..”
“you don’t call me that, bar chocolate….” We quarrelled until the girl in the passenger seat stopped us. Finally after reaching house
“meet you in the college……. Bar chocolate….”
She said and went as I glared at her. Her house was the very next one to mine….. I soon got ready and went to college…..
The peon came and told me that dean wants to talk to me. once I entered his chamber I saw him sitting with his hands on his head and this anvitha standing there giggling speaking to Mrs. Whitlock.
“sir…” I called him to mention my presence. Everyone turned to me. em was also there.
“come in abhinave……” he called me. man call my name properly.
“its abhi sir, please tell me what was the matter.?”
“do we need a wrestler in our college?”
“sir..?” I asked confused….
“anvitha….. she broke many things in the lab…..” he said calling her name a way tooo weirdly that I had to hold back my laughter. I glared at her and she rolled her eyes.
I asked her to come outside and went out after informing the dean.
“what have you done?” I asked as soon as we were out.
“nothing much…. My backpack was stuck…. While getting it back and stumbled while few things broke.” She said lamely.
I called dad immediately and told him what happened.
“what exactly did you do child?”
He asked and she repeated.
“baba, please ask your son to behave. He is arrogant.” She said and I glared at her.
“behave man.” Dad sid
“remember what I told you yesterday…..”
“okay baba.” I said helplessly. She would suck my blood up.
“my sister was the same.” Said from behind while she turned and smiled at him. That was the only good part I saw in her till now…..
“then from now you are my bro,” she said I felt the change in her voice. But couldn’t understand.
He agreed and then they officially called themselves bro-sis with a hug.
Then came her friend. She looked simple. And em eyes stuck at her. The blonde was absolutely a British. She matched em with her beauty and I would definitely tease him with this. Maybe the fire was on both the sides. Even she had her eyes locked with him. Ahhh…. Now I will create a love story….. well not create…. But would definitely sort it. my friend was not that strong to express his feelings…..
“rose….” She introduced herself to us.

15 days passed and we four became close. I would always tease anu while she did the same with me. we had good time together. I and anvitha planned to tell the rose and em about the feeling of the other today respectively. We all sat in porch of my house with coffee cups.
“rose you know something…” I started but soon my witch friend stopped me.
“I will tell….. em, rose loves you…”
She spilled the beans. I slapped my head. The other two were staring her. Em, with a blank face and rose, shooting daggers at her. She continued her ranting until I closed her mouth and brought her in.
“idiot… is this the way to tell someone…. He would have got a heart attack…” I said pointing towards emmet, who was already cuddling rose. M jaws dropped.
“are you fine mister? Is that you who got heart attack.? Chocolate bar…”
“don’t call me that….” I shouted as I just touched her arm. I mean just a touch….
“how dare you beat me…?
She started beating me badly and held her hair to save myself. And my stupid behaviour caused more pain as she pulled my hair. We fought until the other two separated us….
The next two days she didn’t show up. I was worried. We realise somethings when we are losing them. And that’s when I realised my feelings for her. I ran to her house after my classes to see her sleeping on the bed shivering.
“whats wrong anu…?”
She turned her face without responding.
“okay I’m sorry…”
“you better be……”
“now tell me why are you shivering?”
“just fever…. Nothing else….”
“okay”… I felt sad to see the girl who always mocked me sleeping like a patient.
“so your’s is a love marriage….” Radhika asked interrupting me…..
“if you say so…” I said as I laughed.
They reached Delhi soon and soon the Sharma mansion too. Everyone were sitting in the hall discussing something important. None of them had known about Anand getting his conscious. As soon as they arrived, sadhana brought the arthi tali and welcomed everyone. Anu was in abhi’s arms as she was sleeping and he didn’t want to wake her up. Without even glancing sideways he carried her to his room and made her sleep on the bed. He sat next to her caressing her hair.
In the hallway:
Neil smiled at advaith who invited him for a hug. He then hugged poornima. He then glanced to see preena but to his utter shock there sat anand looking at him with lot of love and affection in his eyes. He was shocked. Literally shook. Sam who stood there was also shocked. Ardhika were just reading the expressions of their face. Arjun figured that this may be the one anu and neil called their dad. He did feel solace in his heart after seeing him. His heart danced, he felt immensely happy but the reason was unaware. He smiled whole heartedly.
Anand got up and went to neil. He hugged him tight. Neil responded too.
“how are you, nikki?” he asked in his choking voice.
Something flashed neil’s mind and he moved back.
“you shouldn’t believe me dad. I’m bad. Literally very bad…. Please dad forgive me…”
“there’s nothing wrong from your side nikki, it just happened. Let it go…. Please….. I have only you to call as my son. Please one hug.” He asked more like begging. Neil gave in and they both hugged for minutes until their hearts were calm.
“everyone forgot me…. I’m going back…” snorted sam. Everyone smiled and poornima and advaith hugged her. Anand hugged her too. Neil introduced Arjun and radhika to everyone. The father instinct always works like the motherly instinct does. Poornima and anand ot the feeling of him being their Arjun but they were not ready for another heartbreak, so didn’t tell anything. Advaith did have that gut feeling from the day he met him in the hospital.
“hi everyone….” Chirped anu who was now fresh after her beauty sleep. She had her head rested on abhi’s shoulder. His arm around her. Everyone there was now throwing a sad look at her which was masked by a happy look. She was best in getting the feelings of people around her.
“please guys….. cheer up…. See I’m…..” she stopped as soon as her eyes landed on her dad who was waiting for the moment. He ran to her like a child and hugged her shocking both abhi and anu.
“dad…” anu whispered after parting….
“anu, how are you my child?” he asked caressing her hair.
“dad,…… you did tell me you’re up?”
“I just wanted to surprise…”
She just hugged him once again feeling the fatherly warmth.
“it would have been nice if we had got arjun….” She said.
Neil seemed annoyed by the situation. No one there pointed his mistake but he knew he was the reason for all the miseries. He tried moving away but abhi and sam held him there. He stood there with emotion less face.
“so…. Hello dad…. I’m abhinav….. you one and only son in law.” Started abhi to lighten the situation.
“yeah….. advaith told me….. chocolate bar…..”
“papa….. why don’t you just leave the name…..” he snapped.
“ah… my daughter named you right…. How would I?”
He made a face and turned to pornima.
“ma… atleast you…”
“sorry choco…… sorry son couldn’t help…..” she said.
They spent some family time together. Neil and anu sat next to anand, making their heart believe that he was alright while anand was happy to have his kids by him. Everyone were aware of anu’s state but none dared to speak about it. anand and Arjun along with advaith had good conversation. Everyone there wants Arjun to be their son and Arjun wants his family back.

It was around 7p.m. Arjun was sitting in the garden area behind their house. Neil and abhi sat next to him laughing seeing his state.
“now, shut up guys…. Give me a solution.” He pleaded.
“the great Arjun mehra is asking for a solution to talk to his wife.”
“my wife isn’t as good as sam….. how will it be if I give a chocolate and apologise to her?”
“as if she is a kid of 5 years, as soon as she gets to know chocolate she’ll come to you running…” abhi mocked.
“but girls do love chocolate….” Arjun pouted.
“how about a date tomorrow?” neil suggested.
“I said I want to speak to her now.” Arjun said.
“okay how about a candle light dinner?” abhi suggested.
“and where?” Arjun asked.
“ofcourse in your balcony.” Neil said being obvious.
“we’ll help you..” neil said. The trio went to do the arrangements after asking anu not to let radhika go to her room until they call her.

Anu sam and radhika sat around in the porch talking about some old childhood memories. Radhika bound really well with anu. Their relation had a different weightage. They weren’t friends before, they hadn’t seen each other since years. But still they had a good relation. The trio were very busy speaking about neil’s mischievousness. That’s when anu felt something. She thought she would discuss that with abhi first before telling someone. Soon neil messaged her to send radhika to her room and she compiled. She gave some nonsense reason for her to go inside and then resumed her talk with sam and soon abhi and neil joined them.

Precap: candle light dinner. Nesam engagement. Send off to anu……..

So here I complete. I know this part was really a nonsense. But after so many days i just wrote something bear with me. so please do give me your reviews…….. tc everyone…….

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