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Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Promo)


Guys I’m receiving very less comments. Please do tell me if you are not liking the concept. I’ll stop writing. Please do comment. Good or bad accepted.
Here is a small promo for upcoming episodes…..

Anu walks upto neil and holds his collar in her left hand and slaps him with her right. Radhika stands there shocked…
Anu(to neil): if you don’t like sam then don’t speak to her. What do you think of yourselves? Dare you again speak to her like you have done. Again you have repeated the same mistake. You claim to love her is it? Where is love when there is no trust? Because of you my dad is in coma from 13 years. I don’t know where arjun is. And again because of you something happens to her then you will be seen as a lifeless body. I don’t know what have you spoke to her that it evoked her to commit suicide.
She falls on her knees: Please neil spare her don’t take her away from me. please……
She turns up to move but again turns to him: if you still feel you love her then you can visit her if and only if you would not talk nonsense to her. Ward no. 24. City hospital.

Please let me know your reviews….
Signing off

  1. Brin

    Please don’t stop writing, I really want to read this story to the end. I am eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thanks… I would continue and will post soon…

  2. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Jnana

      Thank you kavina

  3. Starz

    hi jnana its awesome…i loved it…waiting for next update…love u and take care …have a nice day..

    1. Jnana

      Thank you srarz…. You too have nice day

  4. Awesome 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you….

  5. Jessie

    Why will u stop writing?? It’s a awesome story n u wanna leave it in half way.. I want d next episode.. aise kya kaha1 Neil ne.. I too will slap him.. chalo.. now update d nxt part like a good girl..

    1. Jnana

      K I won’t leave it half way….. Neil be aisa kich kaha jiski wajhe se WO anu she tappad kaya… Aap bhi ek Marlo…. Will update soon… Bit still what I expected is some more encouragement…… And thank you….

  6. hi jnana……it’s really awesome & different story…….eagerly waiting next episode …….please contiune….don’t stop it………interesting promo……….love uuuuuu

    1. Jnana

      Thank you subha… Will continue and will post soon…..

  7. _Ritu

    hey Jnana..dear I m loving ur story..different and interesting.. 🙂 so plz do was waiting to know why Anu scolded soon and dare u stop writing I will punch 👊 u hard… 😉 jst kidding dear..I really like ur plz continue and post soon.. Love 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Hi….ritu…thank you…. And no punches please… It would pain hard…. You may need to wait for few more days for me to update….just joking…. I’ll continue and will post soon

  8. Don’t stop, it’s really a wonderful story

    1. Jnana

      Thank you…. Would continue

  9. Gauri

    Its amazing Jnana , pls don’t stop 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you… I’ll continue

  10. Lakshmi05

    It’s superb jnana…don’t stop writing dear…update

    1. Jnana

      Thank you lakshmi…. I wont

  11. Sweetie

    Don’t stop writing yaar..I want you to finish it..Samaira and suicide??Why??Waiting for the episode.. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Okay…. I won’t

  12. Hi…it’s awesoooooome. ..plzzzz continue dear. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

  13. Jnana

    Thank you….

  14. Sreee

    God dear how could u think of that…won’t u think about us😭😭😭…….am waiting…

    1. Jnana

      Aweee… I won’t stop….. Okay…. Keep smiling…

  15. Jnana

    Aweee… I won’t stop….. Okay…. Keep smiling…

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