Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 5)

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Abhi entered her ward. She greeted him with a painful smile. Anu: when did you come? Abhi: while your operation was going on. Anu: you were crying right? Abhi nods yes. Anu: whats wrong? How long should I stay here? Abhi: maybe for a few days… anu: few? Abhi: around 7-8 days. Anu: oh! No abhi oh! Yes. While they were speaking neil entered and gave his phone to her asking her to speak. Anu: hello!!! Caller: how are you anu? Anu: fine ma. Poornima: did you get more hurt? No ma I’m all fine. How are you how is papa, dad? Poornima: your papa left to see you. He’ll be there by tomorrow. Your dad, I don’t know when he’ll gain conscious. I’m fine. Don’t speak too much. Will call you later take rest bye… anu: bye… she searched something and smiled. Abhi was confused, neil was just seeing her. She handed him his mobile back. Neil wanted to hug her. He silently went to her and hugged her. Anu wanted to hug back but stopped herself. Neil turned smiling in tears and went away. Everyone spoke to her. Later left to their house. Neil stayed back but asked abhi not to inform anu. Now only anu and abhi were in the room. Anu was fast asleep due to the medicine effect. Abhi too was tierd of travelling and crying he too dosed off. Neil was all awake.
Next day sam and arjun arrived. They sent abhi and neil to their house who left reluctantly. Arjun spoke to her for some time and left to birdsong while sam stayed with her. The doctor who informed arjun about anu’s state entered her ward. He told them that he was here for her check up. Sam was about to leave when anu signaled her to stay. The doctor took out a siringe from his pocket and tried inserting it into anu’s drip when she asked him about the name of the medicine. He stumbled and went without injecting her which she felt weird. She brushed her thoughts and greeted sam.

Anu: morning bhabhi!!! Sam: what???? Anu repeated: why sam don’t you like my brother. Sam: like!!! I love him, but he deserves the best. I’m not suitable for him… anu: oh! Drama queen, I didn’t ask you to predict his future and stars. Yaar sam I love you!!! Will you be my bhabhi!!!( with water bottle in her hand as if proposing her). Sam took the bottle: I would love to… both laughed at their conversation.anu: I will make sure that he would confess his love for you in 15 days. You just ignore him for few days. Abhi entered seeing her laughing he felt sad, but composed. All the three spoke for some time and anu asked abhi to go to bird song as it would be difficult for neil and arjun to handle. Anu called in phone and discussed some plan with piyali and samrat. They were more than happy to get neil as their son in law. So they accepted to help.
As soon as neil entered birdsong teji informed him to take his file to samrat. So neil walked towards samrat’s cabin. Piyali seeing neil near the cabin started her acting. Piyali: samrat see this guy is really good for sam. We’ll ask anu to convince sam. She handed him a picture of doraemon. Samrat controlled his laughter and nodded. This was enough for neil he barged in: sir you should not force anyone in this matter. Sam has her right in deciding this. Samrat: piyali he is right . piyali: but we should not miss this opportunity. Samrat: even she is right. Neil banged the file, stomped his foot and went to his cabin.

Neil’s POV
I was wrong. I thought arsam are in a relationship, but they are searching for a groom for sam and she doesn’t even know about this. I just misunderstood them and was blaming them for no cause. I need to confess my love as fast as possible. Let me ask arjun to help me. Before that I should apologize to him…….. idiot… sam named you right…. Idiot…
Arjun was in love with his laptop. Touching the keys softly while typing something when neil entered his cabin. I must say he barged into his cabin. Neil: bro, I’m sorry!!! Arjun sat shocked as neil asked him sorry…. No no no as neil called him bro… neil repeated…. Arjun: neil what’s wrong… neil: I thought you and sam are in a relationship after chasni left. Arjun: and what made you think so…. Neil: you both were always together, so… arjun: ( smiled) neil sam and I are good friends… we grew close as we both could sense eachother’s pain as we lost an important person in our lives…. Neil: I’m really sorry… arjun: hey! That’s fine. Neil: as you have accepted my apology, you are going to help me. Think me as your younger brother please…. Arjun: sure. Neil: stop sam’s marriage. Arjun: wow when did she decide to marry? Neil: she is not aware of her marriage ma’am has selected a guy for her!!! They are asking anu to convince sam. She would convince her ( starts crying like a kid). Arjun: so what…?(intentionally). Neil: you that I love her right. Arjun: sure. Neil: stop her marriage. Arjun: why don’t you confess…..ego??? neil: I would confess but what if she denies!!! Arjun: how do you know that she would deny?? Stop your assumptions and go confess to her… neil: okay you come with me…. Arjun: why are you going to propose me? ( naughtily). Neil: anu would be there right. She won’t speak to me. If she had started convincing!!! Nonononono I can’t even imagine her with him. I want to break hi bones. That idiot wants to marry my sam. Yaar I’m a kind hearted soul. Help me!!! Arjun: don’t praise yourself. Fine I’ll come with you. Neil: yippee thank you bro…. come lets go. Arjun: anu will kill me if I don’t finish this project in 15 days. Neil( sad face): that’s true… even I have work…. He was about to leave when arjun: neil, may I know what’s wrong between you both. I saw some tension between you two. Neil stood silently. Arjun: sorry I guess I grew over close. Neil: you shouldn’t be. I called you bro and I mean it. I will tell you but when time permits. Arjun: fine. He shifted his gaze to his laptop. Neil: arjun, don’t you get radhika’s memory? Arjun: neil. I never forget her to remember her. She is my breath. If I forget her I wouldn’t be alive… neil: you really love her. Arjun: I can see anu fuming. We got to complete the project bro. neil understood his mind, so changed the topic: sure bro but pls help me. Arjun laughed at him and nodded. Neil went near the door, opened it when he saw abhi there he retired back. Abhi: can I enter old men….. let me introduce myself first… I’m Mr. ANVITHA MEHRA. But people call me Abhinav Sharma. Neil, you would have seen me in our marriage pics right…. Neil smiles at his friendliness. And arjun introduced himself. Arjun: Arjun Mehra( forwards his hands). Abhi takes his hand and pulls him for a hug. Arjun is shocked seeing him so friendly. Arjun: there is no much difference in yours and anu’s behavior. Abhi: I know that’s why we are made for eachother. Guys I came here as anu threw me out of the hospital asking me to check 0n the project. I don’t have any idea about the project help me. Neil you know about your sister if she loses her temper she is next to devil. Neil laughed. They helped him about the project. After finishing they left to hospital. Abhi saw a grey haired man near anu. He went to him: papa??? When did you come?? Why??? Advaith: my daughter met with an accident so thought to see her once. Anu smiled at his reply. Advaith saw neil who stood away from every one. He went near him. Neil: I’m sorry papa. I know what I did was wrong. I should have trusted anu. But I don’t know what was wrong with me. Advaith: cool son. I can understand, you were just a kid then. So that’s okay. But I can’t force anu to speak to you. She needs time. Neil: its been 13 years 4 months and 6 days she spoke to me. Advaith: you know neil even she counts. Every day she used to tell me. She would definitely speak to you. You try starting a conversation. She would reciprocate so that she doesn’t disrespect you. Neil: okay papa. They hug. Later advaith sends neil sam and abhi to get back home as anu wanted to speak to him. Abhi goes to neil’s house, sam went to her parents. Only arjun anu and advaith were in the room. Arjun and advaith spoke formally. Anu signs advaith to see arjun’s nape. He turns to her and nods yes. After some time arjun left to his house as he wanted to feel radhika.
Anu and advaith were speaking. Anu: I told you papa even dad has same mark right… advaith: yeah he resembles anand in many ways. Anu, you told about that patient right. Nandini. It seems she could be cured. Raj( the person who admitted her) said that her phone buzzes with a name Rana. He had never received the call as he fears he may lose her, seems like he loves her. Anu: but papa what if we can get some info by her. Maybe she is mentioning about some other arjun but there are chances of him being our aru. Advaith: yeah that’s there. I thought why not you treat her. You may get someinfo about arjun. Anu: but papa what if again something happens because of me!!!! Advaith: anu you need to have self confidence. You should never lose it. Anu: I’ll think… advaith: no need to think. You can do this. Pls we may get aru…. Anu: okay…. Papa I think it was not an accident. It was done purposely. Even I doubt a doctor here. Then she told about the morning incidence.. advaith: who would have done this? Anu: no idea, but don’t tell this to anyone. Advaith: fine I’ll do something.anu: hmmm

Next day, advaith had to leave as poornima was alone. Abhi came to her and spoke to her until sam arrived later left to office.
Neil and arjun were sitting in office canteen. Arjun(imitated): arjun, bro I’ll propose sam today…. Man, when are you going to tell her? Neil: I’m afraid of her. Arjun: yeah you should be she’ll eat you alive. Neil:no…. but still…. Arjun: she is such a sweet heart. And you are not able to express!!! Neil: oye don’t call her sweet heart, only I can call her with such names…. Arjun: possessive….not bad…. Hmmmm. When are you planning to tell? Neil: soon… arjun, listen I guess that some one had hit anu purposely. Abhi enters. Abhi: and what made you think so…. Neil: I saw that driver showing thumbs up to someone. Arjun: what will we do now? Abhi: lets think……. Hmmm let them think lets go to radhika.

@ hrishikesh
Rads received a call from THE MEHRA FASHIONS asking her to report as a creative head in bird song.neil had already informed her about his conversation with arjun. She was walking down the road thinking about his arrogance, care, innocence, him begging her to stay, him watching her leaving from window, processing these she decided to get her arjun sir back. She went to her home after booking a ticket to Mumbai. She informed her family about her decision. They danced. Dadaji promised her not to inform arjun about this matter. It would be an surprise for every one including neil. She would now get her friend and love.

Its been six days and anu has been discharged from hospital. That doctor did not show up in these 6 days. Neil was determined to get his sister and love back. As his first attempt he thought of asking a baseless doubt in his project. Anu would visit office today. She has called on a meeting. The meeting was held at 3. Its been 2:45 already she hasn’t showed up yet. Staffs were busy cursing her about her punctuality as it takes 15 minutes to reach her cabin and 15 more to reach meeting hall. Neil had been smiling at sam. She felt it weird. He used to search topic to speak to her nowadays. He did all her work. But as per their plan she ignored him.( not to an extent that he would feel very bad). Arjun was laughing at his acts. He was thinking how to get radhika back.
Anu entered with abhi exactly at three making the staffs shut their mouth. She greeted her. Anu: good afternoon every one. I guess I’m on time. I came to know that every one are giving good performance. Keep it up. I called on this meeting to inform 2 things. 1. As I’m incharge of 2 companies I’ll be unable to handle this. So I’ve transferred 10% of my share in bird song to Mr. NEIL MALHOTRA and 25% of my shares in bird song and 50% of my shares on THE MEHRA FASHIONS to Mr. Abhinav Sharma. So hereby I announce my brother NEIL MALHOTRA and my husband ABHINAV SHARMA as new partners of birdsong. You will be having 2 MDs as I and Abhinav have equal shares. 2. I’ve planned the add shoot in delhi and we will be leaving in 10 days. I’ve appointed a new creative head. She would be arriving in a week. So am I clear? Neil sat like statue and abhi winked at him. Neil felt it would have been good if she would have spoken few words with him. Arjun wanted the creative head to be radhika. But he knew 6she was stubborn and wouldn’t come back until he begs her. He thought of going to radhika once this project is over.
@ anu’s house
Arjun anu and abhi entered, anu had forced arjun to come to her house. Abhi prepared dinner. All the three had and retired to bed.
Abhi and anu’s room.
Abhi was sitting with anu’s head in his lap. Anu: abhi what are you hiding. I can sense something wrong. Abhi made her sit and got an envelope for her for the side table.
Someone knocked arjun’s window it was neil. he stood there with his pajamas and t-shirt. He wanted to see anu so both decided to go. They walked through the corridor and reached her room. They stood outside listening to the conversation. Anu opened the envelope and read the report thrice. Anu: I have brain tumor and I got no symptoms of this. How come? Abhi: you had symptoms, like, after our pheras in wedding you were unconscious. You used to get severe headaches which you told migraine. Remember? Abhi was trying his best not to break down. Anu’s eyes welled up. Outside arjun and neil were numb. Neil was about to fall when arjun held him. Anu was unaware of their presence. She asked abhi not to tell about her dying to anyone. Especially to her parents and brother. Abhi frowned: you won’t die. Anu: cance of my survival? Abhi:30%. Anu: other 70%? Neil entered: why will you always think negative. Anu stands there shocked.

PRECAP: radhika in Mumbai, neil breaks down, anu consoles him. Anu’s naughty plan against neil…..

So that’s it for today. Guys whom do you want to reveal the truth anu or neil? Please do comment…

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