Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 3)

Well guys here I’m with my third chapter. Thought of posting tomorrow but posted today itself.
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@ Delhi @ Sharma residence
Every one finished their dinner pulling abhi’s legs and retired to their room.
@ anu’s room
Anu was caressing a photo frame laying on her bed with unshed tears in her eyes. She sensed someone entering her room she closed her eyes pretending to sleep with the frame in her hands. She understood that the person was abhi and she acted as of she was in deep slumber.
It was abhi’s habit to look at anu and speak his heart out in front of her sleeping form. Little did he know that she used to listen to him intently. As usual he came and sat towards her left on her bed as she sleeps towards the other end. He smiled seeing his wife. He had found his love long back but had no dare to express it. He saw the frame and took it out of her grip and kept it aside but didn’t fail to see ANA written there. The photo had two guys and a gal. Taking her hand into his he started.
Abhi: I know today I made you cry…. Trust me I really did not want to make you cry. I’m really sorry. You know what I got to treat a patient today, a lady patient who lost her senses but still she remembered everything about herself. She was murmuring something like ARJUN MEHRA then I thought to inform you about this but I did not want you to get stressed. So I did not tell you. Don’t worry once she gains her senses back I’ll enquire her. (anu’s eyes flew open when he mentioned arjun’s name but soon composed and closed her eyes while he was staring the ceiling). Fine anu good night (kissed her cheeks) I wish you accept your love for me soon. Love you bye…
He got up nervously when he observed her moving and started to leave the room when he got a tug on his right hand. He stopped. Anu got up and stood near the other side of the bed. Anu: what did you say now? Abhi: no…not…nothing. He nervously started moving but stopped listening something. Anu: love you too good night. He stood there like a rock while she pushed him out and closed the door of the room smiling. Abhi gained his senses when his PA came to him and shook him. In excitement he kissed his PA’s cheek and danced…. His PA: chi… bhai I’m not of that type. Abhi: shut up Akarsh I’m very happy now. Fine why did you come at this time? Akarsh: ma’am’s flight is delayed for a day. Abhi: but why?? Akarsh: some weather problems. Abhi: okay go I’ll inform her. Akarsh left. Roshni called anu and informed about the delay of flight.

@ Mumbai
Sam texted her team about the delay of flight. Later she called someone then spoke to her heart’s content. Camera focuses on her, we can see her crying but nothing is audible. After she finished her call she slept taking a tablet as sleep was far away from her.
@ Arjun’s
After seeing the text he was now very curious to see who was the CEO. Later his eyes caught radhika’s photo. He says to himself: I don’t know why but I feel you will come to me. I feel I may get something which I have lost long back!! Fine everything I guess won’t be true right. Fine you sleep good night radhika’. He takes his laptop to complete his part of the project.

@ Neil’s
Neil looking at the pic hanging on the wall of his bedroom ‘ you know sam how much radhika and I are facing cause of you two. I’m angry on you but its being impossible to hate you. Please don’t do something that makes me hate you. But one thing I’m not able to understand why am I not hating arjun?’ he gets lost in his thoughts..

@ Radhika’s
‘Why am I not able to get rid of sam and arjun sir. Again I need to go to Mumbai. But I need to go I can’t bear hatred of my own family. Its better if I stay far from them’.
These four never slept peacefully after radhika left arjun.

@ Hrishikesh
Radhika was out for her morning walk when saral stepped into the scene. He told her that he thinks that sam and arjun are enjoying their life a lot giving trouble to her. And started bad mouthing about them. Radhika was turning her head with her gaze on the ground as if searching something when her eyes fell on a broom nearby. She moved and caught hold of it. She turned with burning eyes and chased saral up to his house. Few localites seeing this laughed at him and few threw some stones while few pittied him.

@ Delhi
Abhi and anu were sitting next to each other drinking coffee after the night of unexpected love confession with his hand on her shoulder in abhi’s room near the balcony railings speaking about the cat fights of their P As as their P As were in love with each other but not yet expressed. They were planning not to tell their P As about the love the other has on them.
It was 10 and advaith arrived and took his daughter to meet her dad in the sense his brother who was a living dead body in Sharma hospitals. They left. Abhi had already left. While in the car
Anu: papa yesterday abhi told about some mentally imbalanced patient taking arjun mehra’s name. I want to meet her. Advaith: I know he told me even. She was admitted by Raj GM of Mehra industries. Why don’t you treat her anu? Anu: sorry papa… rest of their journey went in silence
They entered the hospital went to the patients room. As they entered they saw few doctors and nurses checking on him. They rushed in. Abhi was also there he looked quite happy. As soon as he saw his wife and father in law he went near them and assured them everything is fine and he would tell them later. Finally when they were settled in abhi’s cabin
Abhi: papa, anu there are chances of him getting cured within 6 months or so….. this is what baba(rajiv- I’ve mentioned him as doctor before) said. He wants us to change his environment. So where do you think we can take him? Anu: papa you decide after speaking to ma. A voice comes from behind: why don’t we take him to spain with us advaith? It was poornima. Advaith was glad about the decision and abhi assured that he would arrange everything. He thought anand mehra would be back.
@ Mumbai
Sam’s laptop crashed due to virus attack and the ppt of mehras was ruined. Everyone were pacing in panic as CEO would be arriving the next day. Samrat had received a mail by THE MEHRA FASHIONS telling that they were ready to buy the shares only if maximum shares are given to them. So sam surrendered her shares and arjun too surrendered some of his shares. Piyali too gave up. Almost 60% of BIRDSONG shares were in the name of CEO of MEHRA FASHIONS. Paper works were done and only the signature of the CEO was required. Then she would become the MD of birdsong.
The next day, anu and abhi had their flight with merely about 2 hours difference. Abhi was going to Darjeeling for the seminar and training program organized for oncologists and neurologists. Anu had her flight first. Later after a week mehras had their flight to spain.
@ Delhi airport
Abhi: even you could come for the seminar. anu: I just don’t want to, leave it pls….. abhi: fine.. Later roshni arrived wither luggage. Soon her flight was announced to take off. Anu and abhi hugged eachother bearing the pain of being far for about 2 months. Abhi: take care of yourself. And don’t drive when you have migraine. (to roshni): don’t let her drive and be careful about her as you know she is visiting Mumbai after 13 years. Roshni: sure bhai. They hugged for one last time and she left. Later abhi too left.

@ Mumbai airport
Sam, arjun, neil are waiting with a board written Mrs. Abhinav Sharma. Neil noticed a woman who looked like prerna but brushed off his thoughts seeing arsam who were discussing about plans to stop the CEO from asking the presentation.
A thin girl wearing a royal blue jean with a maroon full arm top is shown with her goggles on. She was looking for someone with her hands in her pocket. There was another girl holding two suitcases with her. Its like the first girl caught someone, she took off her goggles and smiled widely. She mouthed: mom…. It was prerna who caught her sight. She composed and walked off the escalator and motioned towards her mom…. Prerna’s eyes filled up. She screamed: anvitha…. She ran towards her and hugged her placing lovely pecks on her face. Neil who saw her stood like a rock in his place. Sam was overjoyed seeing her but stopped seeing neil and stood waiting for ‘the CEO’. Arjun could sense two different emotions in neil. He squeezes his shoulder to get him to his get him to his senses. Later anu walks towards sam and points the board and points to herself indicating she is Mrs. Abhnav Sharma. She looks at arjun and asks his name.
Anu: so handsome what’s your name? He replies: arjun mehra. Neil & anu both feels a pang on their heart. Neil though he heard and pronounced this name several times he felt the pain now. Instantly anu: can I call you as aru if you don’t mind… arjun doesn’t answer as he gets flashes of 2 guys and a gal standing and guys feeding the gal. He is interrupted when anu: its fine…..sorry (With teary eyes). Arjun: no you can call me whatever you want….. neil & sam are taken aback listening to his words. Both come to their senses. (Sam was lost in her thoughts seeing anu). As anu had never seen neil from past 13 years she asked him his name…. anu: what’s your name chocolate boy?? Neil blinks when prerna comes from back and answers: NEIL MALHOTRA… Anu at an instant gets furious but composes as it was airport and she didn’t want to create a mess. Sam to change the situation hugs anu but still excitedly… Neil hung his head down. Roshni stood like a silent spectator.

Anu promised prerna that she would inform her once her work is finished and went with arnesam to birdsong. In the car she actually never spoke to neil nor neil spoke to her. She was excited to see her home town and asked sam and arjun to join her in the evening. They reached birdsong. Roshni had left with prerna to set the house in which they’re gonna stay in.
Soon she signed the papers and took the charge of MD. Even samrat and piyali were unaware of anu being the CEO of THE MEHRA FASHIONS. Everyone was happy about anu’s arrival. Arjun never experienced the kind of happiness that he was experiencing presently. Anu noted a mark on his nape. She felt it was familiar when she received a call from abhi who told about him reaching Darjeeling.
Anu, arjun and sam went out in the evening. All the three were equal to kids. Arjun felt some strong connection with anu. When she called him aru he felt good. THE ARJUN MEHRA in him was crushed. They laughed, played and sung in the car. Anu asked sam to shift with her, sam agreed instantly as she wanted to get rid of her parents who were forcing their decision of her marriage….. Later anu and arjun were alone as sam received piyali’s call.
Anu: aru…. Why don’t you shift with us even? Sam said you are living alone. I just told as I don’t have a bro, its fine if you don’t want to…(hesistantly). Arjun: even I wanted a change. Fine I’ll shift with you….(Happily)
Maybe they have met for only few hours but their bond grew strong. Arjun felt home with her. Even she who was quite away from speaking to people too mingled with him in seconds. Both promised her that they would shift the next day and they drove off. Arjun dropped anu and sam to their house and he drove off to his house…

So that’s it. Why was sam happy with anu’s arrival??? What connection does she have with anu?? Why anu was furious with neil?? And as I said anu in mumbai………. So how did you feel?? Is it boring please do tell me……..

Signing off

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    And sam.. seems khannas too knew her.. sam school mate? Anu..Arjun n sam bond is childhood buddies.. waiting 4 Rads arrival.. tat broom scene s nice….
    Waiting 4 nxt update..TC dear

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