Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 17)

Hi guys…. I just changed the way of writing here as I felt this is comfortable. Tell me how do you want me to continue…… and please tell me how you felt. Silent readers please give me you reviews.

I went to terrace to calm myself after all the hectic thing we faced today. There I saw abhi speaking in the phone. I wasn’t sure but felt he was speaking to a PI. I should have tried this up. But hell, stupid mind of mine didn’t allow. But I’ve already contacted a PI to investigate about anu’s accidents. Well, ofcourse they were done with a particular cause though. Finally after ending the call, he looked up to me and smiled a sad one. Abhi: nothing nikki….. Was discussing about arjun…. I smiled. He continued: anu’s wish…. Maybe last one. My smile turned away. That shouldn’t be true. Ofcourse I would get my sister back. That is what I prayed for. Abhi sat down on the floor and asked me join him. I paced over to him and had my seat. I soon saw arjun there. I wished he was the one I’m searching for. If so I would be the happiest person next to anu. I felt he was lost in his thoughts as he jerked when abhi called him.
Abhi: man, come have your seat.
Arjun smiled a light one and sat next him walking over to us. Once seated I felt he had the urge to tell or ask something. And I signed him to continue. He asked a question that startled me. ofcourse I knew the answer but still not completely but wanted abhi to tell what exactly happened.
Arjun: why did anu leave CBI?
Abhi saw him amused. Don’t know why? Maybe because he didn’t expect arjun to know this. he was once silent. Arjun: sorry….. I…. he was trailed off by abhi: aru, you are family and I want you to know. I will tell you now. He smiled. He was generous with everyone. He made us smile hiding his pain and that Is what I felt good about him. Before he started radhika showed up. Radhika: abhiji, arjun, neil come have your dinner and then come back. Abhi chuckled at the respect he was given. Abhi: radhikaji, you make me feel old. Call me abhi like everyone calls. We are friends right? He forwarded his hand. Radhika smiled: yeah…. Friends. Well even you take the ji off. Abhi smiled: as you wish ma’am. He bowed. We all chuckled at that. Finally we were dragged to fill our stomach which was growling in hunger. I and arjun followed abhi to anu’s room before going to dining hall. Maybe she would have gained conscious by now. My doll suffering is suffering a lot. Once we made up, we saw her slowly getting on her feet. She was pale and weak. Before I or abhi could hold her arjun went to her rescue when she stumbled with her footsteps. Anu smiled at him. That smile that she flashes when she feels extremely happy. Overwhelmed by their relation I thought why was I so stupid to recognize such a sweet and caring person in arjun. He was right in front of me for years and I didn’t even bother to look at him. I felt hard to believe even when radhika told me about him. She has definitely got some power to understand her pineapple. True, he was the real pine apple. Hard out with a soft heart. We made our way to dining table all the while I was watching the duo chatting. Abhi had a smile on his face like me. Once there, my mom forced a smile at us. We replied the same. We sat there on the table with anu and abhi together. He was feeding her and I adored them. Suddenly feeling a harsh pain in the leg I saw in the front. There I saw the women of my life staring at me throwing daggers. I was puzzled until she signed me to look over anu and abhi and saw me as if asking me to learn something from them. I couldn’t help but smile at her act. She did many things to please me but I didn’t even propose her properly. Well, I decided to propose her for our marriage in a way no one ever had. Again I felt a pang on my feet by my beauty queen. She was damn beautiful with that cute angry face of hers. I just brushed her off which seemed to piss her more. We finished our dinner talking random things and all the while I observed anu avoiding eye contact with mom. The mother daughter duo would help themselves and that would be better and we did decide this matter before so no one would speak in between. Finally finishing our dinner I sat in the porch waiting for my Sammy, coz I know she would definitely follow me after the attitude I showed her. Soon she arrived swaying her hips and mumbling some song with her ear plugs on. And one thing I know is there is nothing playing though. Now maybe she thought she will show her attitude. Cute her. And I liked well, hell no, I loved her every shade. Awe, she passed me and see she stood there still dancing. I got up and motioned towards her and hugged her from behind. She jerked me off cursing.
Sam: hell man, let go.
Me: well that’s not for what I held you Sammy…
Sam: oh!! So cheesy….
Me: well that I’m. so what were you asking me to look at? Oh! Now I see you are desperate to marry me.
My beauty turned red, well I could make that out standing behind her. Hiding her blush she mocked at me.
Sam: as if you are my romeo and me a desperate Juliet?
Me: may not be them, but definitely we can make a pair in the same fashion. I grinned.
She turned to me and slapped on my chest before circling her arms around my neck. She pecked my cheeks. Aye so sweet..
Sam: well we can do that. How about a walk? I nodded.
She circled her arms around mine and I led her to the terrace. That’s when I observed her eyes surrounded by dark circles. I didn’t want her to look so. I asked her to be seated and went into kitchen without answering her quests. I went into the kitchen and grinded the cucumber there. If someone comes I don’t know what I would answer but my luck none showed up. With some cucumber pieces I went up to the terrace tiptoeing. I reached there and made sam sit with me and applied the pack to her face closing her eyes with the cucumber pieces. I kissed the tip of her nose while she smiled. Then we sat holding each other’s hand and started chatting. It feels so good with her. After many days we sat this way and spoke and that seems the heaven…….

I heard abhi saying durgambika trusts, or I guessed so. My thoughts were broken when he called me to have a seat beside him. That’s when my sweet heart showed up. she dragged us for the dinner. I have not at all given time to her after reaching here. Well, anu’s problem is all we were worried about. Why does she have such an effect on me. even when I held her cold hands when she stumbled, I felt I did the same before. I prayed to god for her which I never did. She herself being so sweet has a husband who is much sweeter. I may not know him since ages but the bond I shared with everyone here is something out of the world. The way he answers honestly to the questions I asked which is of course personal, him calling me, an orphan, as family, his generosity everything makes me respect him more. Same goes with anu. She respects and values me next to neil. It would be so good to be her real brother. Wish I’m the one. Neil also looks at me as if I’m his elder brother. He asks suggestions, he moves friendly, he calls me aru, and when he calls so I feel extreme pleasure. Prerna aunty, no, mom, my mom, she is as sweet as honey. I want all of them in my entire life. While thinking these things my vision blurred suddenly. There was my t-shirt on my face which came from the other end. My wifey, my god, panoti is angry with someone I guess, wait lemme ask. I was about to get up, when she came and sat on my lap with a thud. I yelped in pain.
Me: ouch….., radhika are you nuts?
Radhika: no I’m not. I’m pulses. I was confused. Why did god send confusions in the form of women I wondered?
Me: huh….?
Radhika: god arjun, anu has become so irresponsible that she gave the responsibility of birdsong to the man who doesn’t even know pulses. Aren’t you qualified with your primary classes? What did your teacher teach you? Pulses arjun, cereals, pulses, seeds…. Even now you are confused?
She blabbered and blabbered but suddenly stopped with shock as I kissed her hard. A small breath taking kiss. That expression of hers was worth seeing. Suddenly I was shocked with her kissing. She is still kissing me. Her soft lips against mine was so sweet. I couldn’t help but moan into her on sucking my lower lip. Gradually taking control over I plunged my tongue into her mouth which was hot. She tasted so sweet. We broke a few minutes later. She blushed red hiding her face in my chest. I feel so good having her in my arms. Suddenly she got up and dragged me. we were behind nesam who were enjoying their moment with each other. She pushed me aside coming in front of me.
Radhika: arjun mehra. See your so called friend neil taking care his girl friend. She had dark circles and he doesn’t want her to look dark so he did the face pack for her. And here you get to see a person who is married for six months and didn’t even get a face cream sachet of five bucks for his wife. Shame on your part arjun.
Now I widened my eye at the accusation. This man neil I will kill him now. Was this the place to show his love? No right. And for my favor my wife had to see this. god damn man. This is ridiculous. She drags me again to the corridor of anu’s room there stood abhi patting anu’s back as she coughed hard. After itd dismissal he gave her water to drink and kissed her forehead. Aye… so cute. I turned to my wife who was red in anger. I gulped.
Radhika: have you ever cared like this for me? she whispered shouted.
Radhika: be a man. Atleast propose your wife once. I dreamt so many things about my wedding. You have none of those qualities. God knows how I fell for you.
I opened my mouth wide. Is she the same radhika who used to make reasons not to meet me? marriage brings drastic changes, I agree.
Me: radhika,
Radhika: I like silence.
Soon she was vanished. Women and their little brains…. Huh…. Don’t know what to do…….

Abhi’s POV
We all entered the room to see anu stumbling. Before I could reach arjun jumped over to help her. Anu is really lucky. She lost someone to get someone like this. I tried locating arjun, her brother. Was 50% success. But don’t know why couldn’t get further. Arjun was gem of a person. He seemed so simple than I heard sam telling about him to anu on phone. I had known sam from few years since I knew anu. This stupid creature wife of mine had turned me nuts. I was something before she came into my life. Neil and arjun have bonded good. It seems as if they know each other from their childhood. They look perfect as brothers together. They are my anu’s everything. Arjun got his wife and I wish he gets his family members too. I wish he is my BIL. I have made friends with him. We always pull neil’s leg. Neil has everything in his life now except the fear of losing one among them. He is trying his best to do everything possible for his sister. sweet people around me gives me the positive energy. Once into dining hall we took our seats. I had to make anu eat. Her fingers were swollen. Eyes dull, face pale, yet a cute smile playing along. She knew she may die anytime but still held her courage. I fear losing her. It was tough for me to fall in love but now that I’ve fallen I will be drowned without grip. I need her as my grip. After finishing the dinner she wanted to have a walk. Our house terrace had two portions and we went to one of those partition. We were walking and she was telling something about her new project that would be filmed by bird song. Suddenly our eyes fell on two cute couples nearby. One painting a face pack and other listening to his wife eye widened. Anu laughed with that sparkle in her eyes for which I fell head over heel for her.
Anu: honey, see they look so good together. So cute. I wish they live like that all their life, come what may. I smiled.
Abhi: they will be so dear.
Her voice when she calls me honey, is as sweet as honey. If loving someone like her is a blunder then I love making it again and again all my life.
Suddenly she coughed badly vomiting the blood. I ran picking her up to our room. Once reached I cleaned her up and made her sit on the bed. She was still coughing. I made her drink water and kissed her forehead. Why was god so cruel to make my anu suffer so much? Was she worth all these things? I fear losing her instantly. She smiled weakly upon seeing my tension.
Anu: I wont die now itself abhi. Not atleast troubling you with my kids. She flashed a smile.
I smiled back. I wanted to have two kids with her. One boy and a girl. A happy cute family with our elders would be so overwhelming. She became quite serious.
Anu: do you think you did a blunder marrying me abhi? You have faced many things coz of me. I did not give you the right of being my hus….
I stopped her. Where will these sh*t things come to her mind? Mad girl. I feel like shouting at her. But I cant shout. Hell man.
Me: once again you speak such things I swear I will quit speaking to you.
She grew pale. I took her face gently in my palm and kissed her. This was our first ever kiss since a month of marriage. That day she shocked my pecking me on my lips and now I replied. Her eye widened and later she reciprocated. We broke. She b….bl….blu…..blushed… god am I seeing her blushing? My god she looks so cute with that pink shade on her cheeks. I kissed her again unable to control. Later we slept in each other’s arms as I teased her.
Next day we were travelling to delhi and this stupid wife of mine wants to travel by car. Who will atleast think this way while others are worried for them. But ANVITHA MEHRA is ANVITHA MEHRA. She does what she wants. Finally settling everything we got into the car. She asked us to wait as she wanted to speak to neil. Mom had already reached with khanna’s. but manya wanted to reach with us but doing something I made her go with the project crew. Our car had 6 passengers. Me sitting with anu in the middle seat, rasam in the front and arneil at the back. I feel the smoke between ardhika seemed flooding. Sam was begging radhika to let her sit with neil but radhika was giving her all possible excuses. We all laughed. Sam turned the wheels on and we were off. Anu dosed off due to medicine effect. Soon radhika asked me a question which made smile wide. Sweet memories.
Radhika: abhi how did you met anu?
I smiled wide as the others did the same.
Me: will surely tell you dear. Actually I saw her first when I was in twelfth. Neil showed me her pic.
Sam who was driving jerked the car and turned her around: you knew her from that long and this idiot didn’t even tell me.
I laughed: no sam. I just saw her pic. You remember a nerdy guy in neil’s class? I’m the one.
Her mouth wide opened: you were the one? Then what was that formal introduction at office?
Me: sam, just to jolt you people we acted. Fine listen to me. as dad wanted to shift his business we shifted there and I went to London for my medicine. The two years of my life went like no difference. The third year made the actual difference. I saw anu in the college………

Precap: anu-abhi meet. Arjun proposes radhika. Anu’s compulsion makes nesam get engaged.

So guys how do you want me to write in this way or like before? and how did you feel about this? please do tell me…. waiting for your reviews…


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    Awesome episode, I like your writing this way because it expresses each individual emotion, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

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    Hey Jnana.. nice chappy.. everyone spending time with their partners…..well.. I perfer the old style of writing… but u follow which is easy 4 u… waiting 4 nxt one..

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    wow…..simply wow jnana….what an update dear…..waiting for arjun’s proposal……….& yeah i like ur writing this way…….will be waiting for d next …..loads of love dear…muuuuuuha

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