Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 16)


Hi people…. Jnana back with the 16th chapter. Well, this is full of bits and pieces so b=please bear with me. I don’t know what I have written. Just wrote in a flow. Silent readers please drop your reviews negative or positive…. It means a lot to me. thanks for people who supported me so far…. Please support me in the same way. If possible I’ll try finishing this with few episodes….. no proof reading…

@ Sharma hospitals,
Nandini was hurt on her head due to breakage of glass by a thief who came to rescue himself. After many incidents he was taken by the police. While going he broke a glass beaker on nandini’s head. Blood oozed out. Raj, who came to see her, was shocked. Immediately he informed rajiv who treated her. He seemed quite happy seeing her reports.
Rajiv: raj, I feel she would remember everything soon. If so then we can see who the arjun is.
Raj feared the same: are you sure sir? Rajiv nodded.
Raj: this means I will lose her.
Rajiv: you love her don’t you?
Raj smiled a sad one: what’s the use sir, she would anyhow leave me.
Rajiv: what you think need not be true always raj. If you have her name written on your fate then you will definitely get her. Believe in god. That is what we are doing.
Raj: leave that sir , how’s Anvitha ma’am?
Rajiv: she is still the same. Need to operate her. If not we will lose her. But even after operating her chance of her survival is just 5%. Only god can help us.
Raj: sir, why don’t you take her to south Indian states. There are famous ayurvedic hospitals in there. Ma’am will be completely fine trust me. (I’m not sure about ayurvedic hospitals in north india as I have not visited one)
Rajiv: is it? Are you sure about getting her back as she was? You have seen her from childhood right? Do you think she will agree? She is adamant.
Raj: yes sir, I have seen ma’am from her childhood. I know she is adamant. But sometimes we need to be adamant. It’s for her betterment.
Rajiv: fine I’ll speak with mehras and abhi. Only he can make her agree.
Raj: if he fails then ask neil sir to speak to her and she won’t turn his request down….
Rajiv: fine raj. Will see about this.

He after going home informed mehras and sadhana about the matter. There was a seedling of hope growing. They unwillingly had their lunch and retired for the work.
Poornima tried helping sadhana with her household chores. She was taking clothes to her room from terrace. She was distracted with the thoughts. What if the treatment doesn’t work? How much could she console her heart giving it a blunt hope? But there was no other go. She passed by anu’s room. She stood there. Throwing all the clothes down, she slowly made her way inside the room. Soon she was invited by a childhood photo of anu which was taken when poornima held her in the air. She remembered the way anu was annoyed at her parents for not celebrating her 3rd year birthday with 6 candles.
Poornima, prerna and all the others were all busy preparing for the birthday party of their doll. Anu was sitting on her bed having ice-creams which was spread all along her face. All the fingers were eating ice creams with her. Her dress was also full of ice-creams. Neil who came there saw his baby sister’s state and knew if she wasn’t clean by the time poornima comes, she would get bad from her. He made her get down from the bed and took her ice-cream from her.anu started crying aloud shouting for her ice-cream making cute faces.
Anu: nikki…. I…… ice….. ice-creams she stammered.
Neil was sometimes a very good boy.
Neil: doll, not now. I will get you 100 ice-creams once you cut cake. But if ma sees you like this then she will call police to take you away. I promise to give you ice-creams once everyone sleeps, promised the 5 year neil.
Anu squealed in happiness hearing 100 ice-creams. She went on her toes and kissed his cheeks and clapped her little hands. She gladly went to washroom to clean herself with the help of neil. After cleaning her up, he made her wear some clean clothes. But the girl was still dreaming about ice-cream.
Anu: nikki, 100 ice-creams means this much na… she said with her little hands wide. Neil nodded. He was too sweet to his baby sister. But sometimes neil is neil. Soon the elder brother joined them. Anu with excitement said: aru, nikki will get me 100 ice-creams. If you want I will give you only one. Okay. He nodded. The six year old boy seemed to be tensed and the other two worried.
Neil: what’s wrong aru? Did badima scold you?
Arjun nodes a no pouting.
Anu: tell na… what happened?
Arjun became all serious: anu, nikki…. Maybe candles have become costlier.
Anu: why?
Arjun: they have kept only three candles on the cake. Remember last week on nikki’s birthday they kept 5 and on my birthday they kept 6 candles. But now they have reduced to 3.
Anu: but I want to blow 6 candles only na…. what will we do now?
Arjun and neil thought for some time. Neil got a super idea: you cry and ask them to bring 6 candles. Tell if not you will not celebrate your birthday.
All the three smiled wide at the idea….
Arjun: neil you have some brains and you show up sometime…. Good.
Neil: I do have brains…… unlike you…..
Arjun: yeah…… what? You called me brainless is it…. wait…. He punched his stomach with his small fists…. Neil acted as if he was hurt severely and pounced at him. They started fighting and little anu was fed up…. She threw her little hands in the air and shouted at them to stop. Finally at the cost of her scolding they stopped…
Anu: if you both fight in the same way…. I will leave you all and go somewhere and will not come back.
The small mouth of hers spoke something which poornima heard who came with sam to show her up to them. As soon as she heard her say that she gave her a loud slap on her back.
Poornima: where did you learn all these things? Think before you speak…. Once again if I hear you speaking such things I’ll send you to a boarding school…. She spanked her again….
With that the small cute orbs of hers were filled with tears. They chimed down her cheeks. She cried silently. Arneil felt sorry for her. She was scolded coz of them. Neil ran down and called advaith telling him what happened… anu was staring at her mother with tears in her eyes… poornima cleaned the room and changed the dress of arsam and anu… she ignored arjun and anu to max to show them she was hurt. She made anu’s hair into piggy tails and put on a braid to sam. Advaith came to the room. Anu, whose eyes were fixed on her mother turned towards her father she ran a few little steps and threw her hand in air indicating him to lift her up. He did the same and soon the kid wrapped her arms around his neck and sobbed which was barely heard. He rubbed her back to calm her down. He saw his wife crying silently….. Like mother like daughter…. He thought. He knew how difficult it was to poornima to get conceived. Anu was their third child. The first two died before they were born and even anu survived after a lot of consequences. He knew what his daughter spoke had a great impact on poornima. But anu was still a kid. After cheering arjun and anu he asked poornima to come down for the party celebration. Anu who completely forgot about the incident danced at everything that she experienced… poornima and advaith smiled at what they saw. Advaith could still see the pain in his wife’s eyes. Finally the cake was to be cut and the cake was brought with a flower candle in the middle and two plain candles on either sides. Once at the glance of this, the trio winked at each other. Anu first silently and plainly said she won’t cut the cake when asked the reason she started crying asking them to get 6 candles for her. Even after everyone’s grand trial to make her understand, she was not ready to cut the cake, finally 6 candles were placed and she happily finished cutting her cake. After everyone turned up leaving khannas malhotras and mehras, anu went to her mom. Poornima tried moving away but anu tugged: sorry na ma…. I won’t speak so again…… saying so she did sit-ups holding her ears. Poornima’s anger flew away at her cuteness. She caressed her hair bending on her knees and hugged her consoling herself and anu…………
Flashback ends….
Poornima caressed her pic: that day you corrected your mistake…. What now? Are you leaving me? She cried hugging the pic. She jerked at the touch of her husband. Turning around she wrapped her arms around him. He held her tight. They didn’t speak to each other as the pain was the same for the both. They tried consoling themselves.


Prerna was shocked when she saw anu closing her eyes. She shook her terribly calling her name out.
Prerna: anu…. Anu…. Get up please…. See I’m not angry with you…. Please get up anu…..
Abhi motioned arjun to take care of her and made anu sleep properly. Arjun who held prerna by shoulders took her to the nearby couch and made her sit. Neil brought water for her and made her drink…. Abhi came and sat infront of her: mom, anu will be alright… I promise you that but please don’t cry in front of her. If she thinks more then she pressurizes herself. Its not good for her health… please understand. Prerna was seeing everywhere but him.
Abhi turned her to him: do you think I’m happy for the things going on…. Or I’m strong enough to tolerate everything? His eyes filled and voice choked. She nodded a no.
Abhi: please mom, I don’t want to see these beautiful eyes of yours to be filled with tears. She smiled with tears and others did the same. Finally before anu gets up everything seemed to be normal.

The cooking charge was given to the ladies, and all the three were busy with that. Neil was sitting on the couch at one end and arjun at the other. Abhi was setting up things as they were leaving the next morning.
Neil’s POV
My fate isn’t that good. I got everything. I lost everything. Again once I’m getting everything I’m losing the main thing. My anu…. My doll…. Why everything should be played with her? She is so simple, doesn’t interfere in anyones matter. She didn’t do something wrong. She didn’t cheat on anyone. But still…. Why her? God!!! I want my doll back…. Maybe my fate is so…. After that fellow killed my dad, without even thinking twice I blamed her. What could I do? I was so attached to my dad and when I saw her with knife in front of the body I felt she killed him. Over that, that fellow added fuel to it…. and I believed stupidly. What if I do the same now? What if I hurt sam? She would also leave me. if she leaves me, arjun and radhika would also leave me. Abhi won’t speak to me. I will lose everyone again…. No I don’t want to lose anyone. I should control myself. God help me with this.
A tear escaped his eyes and he face palmed himself. He rubbed against his locks and went upstairs to have a nature sight.
Arjun’s POV
Why the hell am I so pained to see anu? I know its human nature but still why am I crying for her? Why do I feel like I have experienced each and everything they say? Wait….. why do I feel her touch so familiar? Am I her brother whom she lost? If so I will get a family whom I can call mine. But I’m not that blessed. Why don’t I remember something that happened before meeting nandu? Well, now, where is nandu? Why does everyone I love leave me half way? First nandu, then radhika and now anu. I got radhika back. I will get nandu back. I will search for her. But anu? God!!! I never asked you something please get me my found sister back. She is too young to die…
Now he folds his hands infront of the idol placed nearby. he feels he did the same thing before. but where? He feels giddy but manages. Brushing his thoughts off he followed neil who got up to go to terrace.
There stood abhi speaking to someone in phone on the terrace.
Abhi: yeah… he is missing since 13 years.
Abhi: arjun mehra….
Abhi: By then he was 14
Abhi: as I know, he stayed in durga….. something orphanage
Abhi: yeah… once you get some information please do tell me…. he hung up.
Arjun stood shocked at the mention of the name of orphanage. Durgambika trusts….. this is where nandini found him…. What the link now? He was disturbed by abhi’s voice.
Abhi: man come have your seat. He said patting the floor next to him.
Soon arjun joined them. He wanted to ask abhi about anu quitting CBI. So finally asked.
Arjun: abhi, why did anu leave CBI?
Abhi smiled…..
Abhi: I’ll tell you…….

Enough….. that’s it for today….. please do tell me how you felt.

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