Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 15)


Hey!!!! Here I’m with 15th chapter….. thank you for supporting so far….. Please do support me in the same way…. Am I late???? I know I terribly am. Did you miss me? I terribly missed you people. Spurthi was discharged so was with her. No proof reading…. So please forgive me. And this epi is quite dramatic. So, mafi chahthi hoon.

Neil had called prerna and asked her to pack their luggage immediately…. She wasn’t sure but felt something is surely wrong…. She had received a call from poornima too…. Even she asked her come fast to delhi…. And when she thought of informing neil, he himself called her and informed about the same…. She was tensed…. She packed their stuff…. He had informed her that they would leave the next day…. She had to set many things…. She had finalized sam and neil’s relation with khanna’s…. she was about to inform that to everyone… she was eager for that too…. They had finalized their engagement date too…. She was to give a surprise to them, but his behavior surprised her…. He was first happy when started speak and later she felt the tension in his voice and even in herself… the same tension which she felt when she lost her sister, her husband, arjun…. She prayed god not to let anything happen to her family. She had lost many people, and again she feared to lose someone. She thought to meet them the next day in anu’s house before leaving.

@ Sharma’s
Rajiv had asked mehra’s to come to their house itself. He was sure his children were covering something. He had that doubt from the day when he received the news of anu’s accident. He had booked flight tickets for them, but anu wanted to travel by car. So only elders will be arriving the next noon and the youngsters would be there by night. He was arranging everything for the guests arriving…. He was making sure that anu and abhi’s room is dust free as abhi had dust allergy. He just forgot to lock the door with the keys….. Taking the chance his niece rashmi, entered the room…. She opened the dressing table and took away all the costly cosmetics with her. She made sure no one saw her…. As soon as she came out she locked the door and left to her room. None were aware of it… (this is called digging the pit for our own burial…..) Once she entered her room, she showed all the things she managed to take to her mother… her mother was proud…. Sudha: now, you dress up like a bride. Let me talk about your alliance with abhi once we send that girl away. Manage to look beautiful always. Abhi should be clean bold. Got it. rashmi: sure mom, that girl is not even to my level. Aunty said that she studied 5th class you remember? See I’m 6th fail. A way more than her. So, I can taunt her in this way also…. Sudha: yeah!!! I know you are intelligent my child, but be careful about that girl. She has managed to get married to abhi, so we should think of a better way that her brain won’t get there. Rashmi: don’t worry mom. This property, money, everything including abhi will be mine. They both smile evily. (Well funnily to look at I must say)….

Back in [email protected] anu’s residence.
Neil: where is anu? Abhi: maybe she went to bring some water. Neil stood there horrified. Sam just went away from the scene. Anu who stood at the entrance of the kitchen shouted with her ears closed: NIKKI………….. as soon as abhi heard her scream, he came there he was amused to see the kitchen. Their kitchen which was crystal clear was no where a kitchen now. All the vegetables were scattered. Flour was spilled all along. The apron was half inside the refrigerator. It had its freezer door opened. The sink was overflowed with utensils. Water scattered here and there. Water bottles were on the floor. Anu went back and looked again to make sure that she was in her own house. Neil came and stood behind abhi. He was too tall and neil could cover himself. Anu stomped her feet and ran in search of him. Neil sighed in relief as he was safe behind abhi. Abhi was now worried about the kitchen. There was no possibility of anu cleaning the kitchen. Now he was sure anu will make someone work. He would not work he decided. As soon as he heard neil sigh, he turned to him with a question mark: what the hell is this neil? Who will clean this man? My kitchen…. I kept it like a mirror. Now coz of you I have to clean. I’m not going to clean… you clean it. neil: relax bro. actually I and sam….. leave all those and I have an idea. Why don’t we make arjun and radhika clean the kitchen. I have cooked for them. Let them clean for me. abhi’s face beamed thinking he don’t need to work. They went to ardhika who were now aware of the things. Abhi asked neil to tell them. Neil: aru, will you help me? arjun: anything for my brother. Radhika was amused with their bromance. Neil: will you please help me clean the kitchen… I have cooked your favorite cutlet. We will have hem once you are up with cleaning. Arjun thought there wont be much work with that and agreed without a second thought. Abhi: bro, you can take your wife with you. Radhikaji, please help your husband. Radhika too agreed without a second thought. Neil took a promise from arjun that he would keep his leg out of the kitchen only once he finishes cleaning. Ardhika were pushed inside the kitchen. Abhi and neil gave a hi-fi to each other and giggled. Soon they felt shower of water on them. They saw an aggressive anu holding sam in one hand and knife in the other walking towards them. Neil gulped. Anu threw sam to neil. Anu: you people have made my kitchen equal to hell. Nikki, if you didn’t know to cook you could have told me. I would have cooked. With that she threw some water and pounced at them. She held the knife to his neck and warned him not to keep his leg in any of the kitchens in his life. Neil shook his head with fear. Sam was just staring anu. She was herself after so many days. So many things happened in her life. But her confidence and arrogance to some extent was always with her. She smiled. Anu raised her eyebrow asking her the reason. Sam: nothing darling, I love you a lot…. Anu smiled and they hugged: even I love you… let’s get married you leave this idiot and become my wife… lets live in mars….. she winked and they laughed. Abhi smiled. He saw the same anu trembling in fear. Now she is laughing. He knew she want them to think she was fine. And she was done with that to some extent.
Arjun entered kitchen with radhika. He was shocked to see the state of the kitchen. He was thinking from where to start, when he was drenched with flour. He turned to see the person wide eyed. He saw his wife laughing at his state. She was still holding the box in her hand and laughing with another hand on her tummy, eyes closed. He was mesmerized to see her laughing but soon composed. He took the jug nearby and showered her with water. Radhika now stopped laughing. She saw him wide eyed. She was slowly moving back seeing him nearing her. Finally met with the wall she closed her eyes tight. She felt his hand around her. She felt his weight on her. Slowly she opened her eyes. He was looking straight into her brown orbs. She was lost in his black ones. He smiled at her to which she reciprocated. Slowly leaning towards each other, their lips met. There was music played in their ears. They were enjoying their first kiss.
Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona Jane
Kyun Hona Hi Hai

Tum Se Hi Din Hota Hai
Surmaiye Shaam Aati
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi

Har Ghadi Saans Aati Hai
Zindagi Kehlati Hai
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona Jane
Kyun Hona Hi Hai

They let go each other. Smiling she hide her face in his broad chest. He smiles and wraps his hand around. Breaking the hug he makes her face him. He takes one of her hand and keeps it on his shoulder and the other in his hand. He wraps his hand around her and they start moving slowly. They were lost in their moment, into each other’s eyes.

Aankhon Mein Ankhne Teri
Bahoon Mein Baahein Teri
Mera Na Mujhe Mein Kuch Raha Hua Kya
Baaton Mein Baatein Teri
Raatein Saugatein Teri
Kyun Tera Sab Yeh Ho Gaya
Hua Kya
Mein Kahin Bhi Jata Hoon
Tumse Hi Mil Jata Hoon
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi

Shoor Mein Khamoshi Hai
Thodi Se Behoshi Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

They promised each other through their eyes to be always together come what may. He twirled her spreading the flour on the floor. He bent and rubbed his nose with hers passing some flour onto her face. Smiling they hugged each other, moving slowly to the beat.

Aadha Sa Wada Kabhi
Aadhe Se Jayada Kabhi
Jee Chahe Karlu Is Trah Wafa Ka
Chode Na Chote Kabhi
Tode Na Tute Kabhi
Jo Dhaga Tumse Jud Gaya Wafa Ka

Mein Tera Sharmaya Hoon
Jo Mein Ban Paya Hoon
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi
Raste Miljate Hai
Manzile Miljati Hai
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona Jane
Kyun Hona Hi Hai

Suddenly they heard a cry. Arjun broke the hug and asked radhika if she was crying. Radhika nodded a no and pointed towards the entrance. There he saw anu making cute faces and crying like child rubbing her eyes. He was also welcomed with some voots and shouts. He smiled running his fingers through his locks in embarrassment and radhika turned away blushing… anu wiped her unseen tears and walked towards them: you need to pay for romancing in public. Arjun stood there embarrassed. Anu: by the way you look cute together. She pushed radhika to him. Anu: stay blessed but first my kitchen should be clean she said and went out with a grumpy face successfully covering her uneasiness from them. She walked first and then ran to her room. She pushed the door of the washroom open and vomited. She was shocked to see the blood. Her eyes rolled and she managed to come outside and fell on the bed. Abhi who saw her running came behind her. He too was shocked. He made her sleep properly and went to call his dad. He shared everything with him. From the tumor to the thing about her injection. Rajiv was baffled. He was shocked. His eyes started watering. Somehow he convinced himself and his son. He told that he would inform everyone and the operation would be done soon. Abhi found solace after sharing his pain with his dad. They were more of buddies than father-son.
When he entered the room he found anu sitting with difficulty. Everyone entered. She smiled weakly at them. Abhi: anu, I need to tell you something. he said sitting beside her supporting her head with his shoulders. Anu nodded. Others were aware about the matter, they were waiting for her reaction after listening to this. Abhi: the person who kidnapped you has injected rapid carcinogen into your blood stream. Anu smiled: I know, abhi. Abhi was quite shocked. He didn’t expect her to know this. Anu: I would have died without this, they just simply struggled. i would have let you for them. I spoke with neil because I didn’t want to die without speaking to him. I just want to die happily. But still my wishes aren’t fulfilled. She looks at abhi; I want to know where is arjun. I just want to see him before my tumors joins this virus and I die. Abhi closed her mouth staring into her eyes. Everyone’s eyes were wet. They heard something fall and turned back to see a baffled prerna crying vigorously closing her mouth. Neil ran to her and tried consoling. He rubbed her arms hugging her. She stood up and went to anu: this is what you people were hiding and know this is the reason we are moving to Mumbai? Anu hung her head down. She has hurt her mom. What would be the case if poornima and sadhana comes to know about this? Her head ached with the thinking. Slowly she closed her eyes……

@ sharmas, delhi
Mehras had arrived two hours before. rajiv was happy to see anand healthy. He was happier when he received abhi’s call. His happiness turned upside down when he got the news of his daughter in law. He determined to tell everyone before they react on them causing more pain to anu. He went and sat with them. Sudha and her children went to roam around. So only mehras and Sharma’s were left. Rajiv: I want to tell something but promise me that everyone here would stay strong and will not react in fronet of anu. As soon as he mentioned her name advaith and anand grew impatient. Rajiv: advaith, anu is suffering from brain tumor and over and above that she has been injected carcinogens. Everyone was shocked. They didn’t react. Rajiv: see, I request you when anu comes don’t react anything about this. If she is pressurized we may lose her immediately. She should be operated soon but her survival chance is very less. Advaith finally spoke up: less? Rajiv: like around 5%. Advaith smiled a sad one. Everything should be tested with anu itself. They promised him not to question her. Then retired.

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