Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 14)


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It so happens sometimes that we feel we should keep all our grudge, anger and ruthlessness aside and lead a happy life with our loved ones…. God knows how long we live….. Until the last day of our life we should live in a lovely environment…….

Neil stood watching his sister and brother in law…… they were always together….. he was proud of them…… he came there to ask what she would like to have but thought not to disturb their moment… he came back to kitchen and started preparing vegetable cutlet….. He was still in the pain of losing his sister. He got her after around 13 odd years…. He thought he would set everything right. But what if she leaves him all alone in this world again…. He could never think of losing her…. He was crying without letting the tears escape his eyes…. He had masked emotions all his life. But now it wasn’t that easy. The day he finds out the person behind all these, he would cut them into pieces and would feed the flesh to the wild dogs…. Thinking all these he was chopping veggies… sam who just entered shouted his name and ran to him…. She took his finger and sucked the blood which oozed out when he chopped his finger with the veggies…. That’s when he felt the pain…. Sam’s eyes brimmed with tears….. She knew he was thinking about his sister…. even she would always think about her friend…. But that doesn’t mean that Neil should forget everything….. She got him after many days of struggle, repentance, and pain. She could not let him go again…. She could not lose him again…. She was already in the pain of losing her beloved friend. This was quite too much for her…

Neil was now feeling sad. Because of him now sam was crying. Because of him everyone in his family had cried years ago…. He wanted to apologize….. Neil: sorry Sammy…. I was just lost in my thoughts….. Sam just nodded and went out of the kitchen with teary eyes…. Neil went behind her… he knew it was not okay for her. He knew it pained her seeing him in pain. He thought to pretend happy in front of her. He also knew she would catch him pretending but it was better than making her cry. Sam went to her room in which she used to stay when she was with anu. Neil followed her like her pet without making noise. Sam entered and jumped on the bed. She lay crying out with little sobs…. Neil came there and his heart pained to see his love in that state. He went to her and caressed her hair. He made her turn to him. She pushed him but he made himself comfortable on her. He laid on her without putting his weight on her. Sam turned her face with anger. He chuckled at her childishness. He kissed her tears away. She still had that cute angry face. He turned her face to him: I’m sorry…. Sam: go to hell. Neil: sorry na….. I won’t do this again… I will take care of myself…. I’m sorry again….. Please speak to me now at least… sam: I don’t want to speak neil…. You never understood me… you never care about me…. leave me at least anu…. You stood there thinking some nonsense stuff instead you could have thought about a plan to catch the person behind all these… but no… wait I’ll tell what you were thinking…. What if I lose anu again? What if she doesn’t forgive me after all that stuff I did… what if she…..

She was interrupted by his peck on her lips… her eye widened…. Neil: god, finally I was able to close your mouth….. Okay I will think about a plan for finding the person. now don’t disturb I want to romance my love….. He kissed her forehead and trailed down to her right cheek and kissed her…. Sam slapped him lightly….. Neil lifted his head: now what’s wrong. Sam: who gave you the permission to kiss my cheek… Neil looked at her amused and what she did next shocked him…. Sam: this is your punishment… she kissed both his cheeks twice…. Neil smiled ear to ear…. Neil: such a sweet punishment…. Let me make the mistake again… he kissed her left cheek and she did the same…. They continued twice or thrice and laughed at their own childishness… after a second or so their eyes caught each other…. He slowly leaned and captured her lips…. He kissed her with all his might….. The kiss had their love, lust, pain, promise…. Everything….. Sam responded to his kiss selflessly…. The kiss which was gentle grew passionately…. They both left each other at the cost of air…. They were breathing heavily…. Their eyes didn’t leave the contact…. He slowly hugged her and she hugged him back… they held each other tightly….. Sam: Neil leave me now, if your kiddo sister comes here then we are gone…. Neil: let her come na…. by the way she won’t come leave… she is enjoying her husband’s embrace…. Let me enjoy and if don’t want to then stay still…. Sam smiled….. She saw something flying but thought to ignore and closed her eyes to enjoy his presence….

After a second Neil shouted and rubbed his back looking at the entrance furiously….. Abhi threw sticks at him…. Anu was on the floor laughing holding her stomach rolling…… abhi: my wife is still too young to see all these… can’t you close the door… idiot…. Anu now sat and clapped: 100 days…….. your movie will rule the box office…. Sam scowled at Neil and got up…. Neil was still sitting rubbing his back: you people should have gone somewhere… why did you come here? To spoil my love life is it??? Oh yeah!!! Sammy who was that who was willing to marry you? Show me his photo… I know you have one…. Now even abhi sat along with anu laughing remembering the pic piyali sent…. They gave a hi-fi and again laughed….. neil was now more confused: Sammy show the pic… he shouted…. Sam controlled her laughter… she opened gallery and showed the pic to neil…. She slowly went and sat next to Abhi…. All the three were sitting on the floor laughing like mad giving hi-fi to each other…. Neil who saw the pic smiled whole heartedly at the first…. Sam is only his he thought…. As soon as he saw the people in front of him he was embarrassed…. He smiled sheepishly…. He bent his head shaking and closing one side of his face with his palm….

He was embarrassed to hell…. All the three laughed at him again…. Anu got up and went to him…. The other two silenced…. Neil slightly lifted his head up and sat seeing her moving form… she went near him and pulled his cheeks and kissed them affectionately: my brother is sooooo cute…. And laughed again: enough now…. I’m hungry…. Go, cook something for me she said. Neil smiled…. He just nodded… he wanted to kiss her forehead once. He went close to her and placed his trembling hand on her cheeks…. He feared…. But still slightly kissed her forehead…. Thought of hugging her but moved to kitchen saying he would cook…. He went to kitchen and danced…. He pumped his fist…. Sam ran behind him lending a helping hand… as soon as she entered Neil composed and acted as if angry…. He turned away smiling… sam felt bad to see his anger on her…. She went and hugged him from back: sorry Neil… he felt his shirt wet…. He turned to her and smiled: come’ on Sammy I knew it was a joke and I also know you are mine… they smiled and he kissed her again…. A voice: sooo romantic… Sammy is this called help? Sam threw a cucumber piece at her: anu, get out…. Anu laughed and went away…..

Arjun and radhika were in their house packing their stuffs…. Arjun had promised abhi to get back soon with their luggage… he wanted to clear everything with radhika that day itself…. He was in his room packing stuff…. He was actually mentally preparing himself by taking the clothes off from suit case and putting them on the bed instead of doing its vice versa…. Radhika had completed her packing and was helping him… she made him sit and took the clothes from his hands after showing him what he was doing… arjun stuck his tongue out biting on it: sorry, I’ll pack it… he was about to get up when she tucked his hand and sat next to him. She made him turn towards her… radhika: what were you thinking???? How to get rid of me is it??? Arjun silenced her closing her mouth with his palm: never think of it…. This time the second you leave me you will see that arjun mehra you are still not aware of…. Radhika: then tell me what were you thinking?? Arjun: will you tell me why did you leave me and go away when I was in need of you?? Radhika: because I thought sam loves you and she would be happy with you… arjun: did you ever think about me?? His eyes tearing up. He wanted her to say yes… he wanted her to accept she even loved him then… radhika: literally when I thought of leaving you for sam I didn’t think about you…. I only thought about sam… his face fell.

She continued: but the day I left you, I died every second…. I always thought about you…. Arjun was now contented… at least she thought of him after she left him…. radhika: you know what? Everyone stopped speaking to me…. ma, bhai, papa, dadaji…. Everyone…. If you were in my place you would have known the pain…. Arjun laughed sadly: maybe I don’t know the pain you went through radhika but you don’t know how a person feels when everyone whom he thinks as his’ will betray him…. You know what? I don’t remember what I was before I met nandu…. But after I met her she became my everything… at times she used to go somewhere leaving me for months together but once she returned she used to take care of me like her own child…. Now I miss her so much…. It pains in here so much saying that he rubbed his chest… radhika was now watching his sitting form endlessly…. She was so stupid to leave such a man she thought…. Arjun: oye… dare you call my wife stupid… he pointed his finger… she smiled….. Arjun: she is so brilliant…. He came closer to her and wrapped his hand around her shoulder and took one of her hand in his. She leaned back in his arms…. Arjun continued: you know she is so possessive about me that she inquires about every girl around me… they laughed…. Radhika hid her face in his chest. Arjun: I love her soooo much. Will she be with me always? Will you be with me always, come what may?? He looked at her with expectations. She smiled: she would be with you always…. Come what may… but you have to trust her…. Arjun: I trust her more than myself. They smile at each other and hug. Radhika: I love you arjun sir…. Arjun: oh!! Thank you ma’am…. Radhika punched on his arm: I love you arjun… arjun: wow!!! I love you too darling… she smiled and hugged him tightly… soon they left packing stuff…. Arjun brought his bike and asked her to sit. She glanced at the luggage…. Arjun: anu will send driver sit… she sat and soon the driver arrived. He left with the luggage….

Anu was waiting near the gate for ardhika’s arrival…. Her stomach was growling with hunger. Neil had finished cooking and asked abhi to take food for anu: abhi, food is ready. Go give it to anu. Abhi: buddy you are her cook so go serve her. I should pack her stuff….. Before neil could deny he left. Sam went behind him even before neil could think of approaching her…. Neil with no other options left went to her. Anu was walking here and there looking at the clock now and then… neil followed her in the first round and as soon as she turned she bumped into him… she smiled seeing cutlets… she opened her mouth indicating him to feed her. He happily fed her…. Both had tears in their eyes… after feeding her he kept the plate aside and held his ears in his hands and she followed the same… both of them said together: sorry…. They smiled with tears and hugged each other tightly….. They were the lost souls which were found again…. Now everything was almost settled…. Abhi and sam who were standing watching these two hugged each other tightly…. Sam had got to see jai in abhi…. Even she got her brother….

All these were unknown to our love birds… Ardhika….. Arjun just parked his bike and both of them head inside the house….. Arjun stood shocked near the couch…. He saw Neil and anu sitting and chatting about some nonsense stuff on the TV. Actually it was a daily soap. They were making fun of those actors and acting like them… arjun cleared his vision by rubbing his eyes… he eyes rolled and he was about to fall when radhika held him calling his name… that’s when everyone saw him. Anu ran to kitchen to get some water…. Abhi made him sit and other three fanned him…. Neil asked abhi about anu. Abhi: maybe she went to get some water… neil stood there horrified….

Anu stood at the entrance of the kitchen with eyes wide open…. Anu:NIKKI……………. She shouted…..

Precap: anu and gang in delhi

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