Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 13)

Hi guys this is Jnana and spurthi who started this used my name as her pen name and she is my twin….. she is having some problem with her vertebral so she asked me to continue….. she got good response and hope even I’ll get yopur support…. Actually I’m changing the track…. And not too much….. a little…. And Jessie, brin, sweetie…. Spurthi is really thank full to you….. and guys I like introduce myself first…. As you know I’m Jnana…. I’m a BE holder doing my M-tech….. I even go to guitar class with my sister. and now I have started this …… please tell me if you find this good…. If not I’ll stop….

As abhi asked them to stay with him they all halted there for the night…. Neil wanted to feed anu and he planned to cook for her… abhi also accepted….. He was in no mood to do something….. He wasn’t sure if taking anu to delhi without informing her about her health was fine or not… he was confused…. All he could imagine was anu’s smiling face, her naughtiness, her confidence reflecting in her eyes…. Those things were lost long back… he just sat thinking about all these things on the couch near anu’s bed….

She felt someone behind her. The person hit her hard on her head. She slowly collapsed….. Someone dragged her while she was moving towards washroom…. The place where she was dragged from was junction of steps….. She was dragged mercilessly on the floor…. She felt herself hitting each and every step. She was carried to a car later or that is what she could make out….. And the darkness fell….. When she opened her eyes she saw a guy and a gal standing in front of her masking their faces…. As soon as she opened her eyes and sought their view…. Chattakkkkk…… she received a slap…… her eyes tearing up….. She slowly yet again tried setting her vision….. she saw the gal….. Her eyes were full of hatred towards her…. And the guy…. He had mixed emotions…… helplessness….. Sadness….. And many more……. She was tied to a wooden chair….. Her legs were glued to the legs of the chair and her hands to the arms of the chair…… the gal came near her…. The gal: you and your bestie have ruined my life to an extent that I cannot stand it. You are married to the guy I loved…. I love your husband ABHINAV Sharma to eternity… my love for him is soooo pure….. But you have become a thorn in my way…..

I have to clear you so that I can drive my car to your way…. Thorns are always a problem and you are one such…. I will kill you and will get married to your husband….. Wait….. He will not accept me without you telling him right???? Okay…. Wait let me take your fingerprint on this paper….. She brought a paper near her. She inked her finger and pressed it over the paper….. She took a rod and gave a hard bruise on her finger….. She screamed…… the gal: this will be your state from now…. I will kill you slowly….. Wait let me tell you what I will do to you….. Firstly as you are a doctor you will be happy to know that you can be a very hard patient to your husband… you know I’m going to inject a strong rapid carcinogen into your body….. Later that would spread and you will die suffering from cancer and I’ll be safe…… now get me the syringe….. She extends her hand to the guy….. He passes it…. She slowly went near her and rubbed the backside of her hand with cotton…. She pierced the syringe….. Anu was now numb after listening to what the gal said….. She couldn’t feel the pain when the syringe entered…. Anu was looking straight into the eyes of the gal…. slowly she felt her hands movable….. Her ropes were off her…. She lost the control over her body….. She felt someone carrying her….. They opened a box….. Maybe placed her….. She could hear the lady scream ABHINAV IS MINE……

Anu got up shouting: nooooo Abhi is mine….. Only mine…… only mine….. She again started messing the room….. She had the nightmare again….. The way she was kidnapped was haunting her…… abhi who was sitting on the couch nearby ran up to here while she was trying to break a vase….. He held her hands from moving….. He shouted her name and that brought her to her conscious…… as soon as she saw her husband she hugged him…. She hugged him hard to feel him…. He was hers and only hers….. He tried breaking the hug but she did not let him go. She was shivering from head to toe….. it had became impossible for Abhi to console himself seeing her and now it will be impossible to console her….

He tried keeping her intact in his arms. She was so fragile in his arms. She was now pale. The ANVITHA MEHRA who once shook the head of CBI gripping his roots was now a girl who was afraid to lose her husband. Abhi with much difficulty consoled himself and her. He made her sit on the bed. He tried moving aside to get her some water. She held his hand tight: stay with me. Here…. She placed her palm on the bed next to her….. He sat next to her. Abhi: anu what’s wrong???? She looked at him and later placed her head on his chest and circled her arms around him. Even he held her tight. She slowly narrated everything to him except the injection. His eyes were now filled with rage of killing them, pain seeing her, guilty for leaving her behind….. she knew it was not his fault. He had asked her to let him come or take security with her but she denied. She looked up into his eyes and then apologized: sorry abhi, from now I will definitely take someone with me wherever I go….. please forgive me…..

abhi: its okay now don’t worry about the past. Tell me what you remember about those two…. Like any marks on their body…… or something you felt familiar about….. maybe voice or walking style eyes…… she turned to him: she will take you away from me abhi….. she will kill me….. please don’t go away from me….. I will definitely die the second you leave me…. abhi could see her growing fear… he just patted her cheek: I promise come what may I will never leave you…. If I will be alive then I live with you and if I die I will die with you…. I trust you and I love you….. and you please always be with me….. Now promise me you will always be with me….. he extended his hand and she placed her smiling….. Anu: now you will promise me something…. He had a look at her and raised an eyebrow asking what? Anu: you will operate me. whatever may be the output you will stay happy… and would listen to my nikki….. now she extended her hand….. abhi was about to say something she shushed him by pecking his lips and again extended her hand and looked at his expecting him to promise….. he was left with no options and he promised….. Anu: I know you will save me…. but still, everything is not in our hands right….. He nodded slightly…. She again hugged him and he kissed her forehead……..


  1. Jessie


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    Hey Jnana.. Thanks 4 continuing.. n don’t think 2 stop..u knw war.. being MMZ crazy fans its lil hard 2 accept new pair but spurthi made it possible in 1st chappy itself.. so don’t stop this story..
    Hmmm.. now… the chappy cleared confusions.. but is it really Abhi d reason 4 her kidnap.. and why fingerprints.. its so sad 2 see her in fear.. pls bring Anu alive.. when is d nxt update…n TC n loads of love 2 both of u sisters..

    • Jnana



      hiii….. thanks for supporting….. i will try to keep up your hope….. hmmmm about abhi being the reason…. you should wait for the upcoming episodes….. i’m sorry….. i will post it today and further it may be only on weekends….

  2. Brin


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    Wow the story is going in a good direction, now we know why this person kidnapped Anu now we need to know who, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    Both of you take care, really this story is awesome keep on writing it and also both of you nail this story, well done. 🙂

  3. Sweetie


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    Jnana dear,thank you so much for continuing.. 😀 You know Anu-Abhi are my favorite..Please bring out Anu alive,pretty please.. 🙂
    Spurthi yaar,take care.. 🙂
    Love you loads and take care both sisters.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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