Manmarziyaan- a new turn (Part 10)


Hi guys Jnana back to eat your head with some more crap….. Well this is my 10th episode I’m here with. Thank you to everyone who comments in my ff to encourage me. And here we go with the 10th episode.

Arjun and anu stormed out of bird song after getting no clue of what’s wrong. Abhi also joined them. Anu took the wheel and drove off. Abhi tried calling neil, but his phone had been not reachable. Arjun asked the security head to send footage of sam’s cabin. After he received it he tried processing what he saw. He wasn’t able to hear anything but he was sure that neil yelled at sam for some reason. He informed the same to anu and abhi. It then flashed him that he had fixed a voice recorder before when he wanted to know what sam thinks about him when he worked for nandini. He tracked and played the recent file. All the three were angry on neil for being so rude to sam. Anu could not take it more.

Anu’s POV
I wanted to speak to you and I tried by best not to be harsh on you. But you deserve it. You trusted that fellow when you blamed me for badepapa’s death and now you believed someone who you don’t even know and you hurt sam. Why neil? I started trusting you and before even the bud bloomed you smashed it. Why do you always want to take everyone from me? What grudge do you hold against me? And for what? I would never ever forgive you for what you have done.

She turned to abhi. Anu: you asked me to forgive him right. Now tell me what to do? If something happens to sam I’ll see his end. Abhi hung his head down. He knew the flame was already flaring very badly in their relationship. He thought to speak to neil before answering something to his wife. Maybe its been a few days since they were married. But he had understood his wife very well. She was very sensitive in case of neil. She loved her brother to the absolute but was angry on him for his stupidity he did years before. He repeated it again now. He didn’t exactly know what was wrong years back between them. But was sure that neil distrusted his sister from what he heard that day. He very badly wanted to know what was wrong between them but not at the cost of her peace. So he thought she herself would definitely tell him. His thoughts halted with the car and the three entered sam’s house.

They entered her room. There sam was in the pool of blood. Anu glued to her place. Her men went to sam. Abhi checked her pulse and confirmed that she was unconscious few minutes before. anu went near her and slapped unconscious sam. Sam tried hard opening her eyes. Abhi did the required first aid and they left to hospital. Anu asked arjun to take care of sam and she would be back after informing neil. Abhi was treating sam with other doctors. Even though the hospital wasn’t his he had access all over. He came out and informed about sam being fine. Arjun told abhi what anu said and asked him to take care of sam and he would visit anu. Abhi stopped him: neil needs a lesson on trust arjun. Let him face anu. And don’t worry always there will be security around her. Arjun: fine how’s sam? Can I see her? Abhi: you can. But she would gain conscious after three to four hours. She had taken high dosage so I gave her heavy sedatives. She will be fine. Arjun: I will visit her. Both left to sam’s ward.

Abhi sent a message to anu about sam and her room. There neil to calm his mind had asked radhika to accompany him for a coffee. Neil started joking and both were enjoying each other’s company. Both got their coffee they ordered and were engulfed in their chit chat. Neil completely stopped thinking about sam. He was so into conversation with radhika that he failed to notice manya sitting with a smirk on her face just in front of him. She left after knowing that neil almost forgot what he spoke to sam. She did hear their conversation standing at the door. She was flying in air now. Everything was going as she planned. Just if anu is dead then she could marry abhi. He was so handsome she thought. He was attracted to neil but abhi was more handsome and rich. She left to hang out with her friends.

Anu parked her car in the parking lot and went to neil’s cabin he wasn’t there. She went to radhika’s cabin even she wasn’t there. So she concluded them being in canteen and marched towards it. There she saw raneil cracking jokes and laughing. She stormed towards them and shouted: everyone leave for your work and if I see anyone standing here I swear I would make your life impossible to lead. Everyone had heard about her temper so they left as fast as possible. Even raneil were about to leave anu: hey! You two stay back. She had maintained a good distance between them now she thought it was not necessary. She went near neil bewildered. Held him by his collar by left and slapped him with her right hand. Radhika was shocked. She composed and tried stopping her by holding her hand but anu jerked her away. She went near radhika: see I don’t know you had this impact on them. Please tell me what sam spoke to you in the morning? And yeah please tell me the truth. Radhika: why? What’s wrong?

Is everything alright? Anu: just answer to my questions. I’m trying to be justified towards you. Let me not show my temper on you. Truth please. Radhika shivered at her straightness, calm yet warning voice. She stiffened when anu banged the table in front of her asking to tell her the truth. Radhika told them about her conversation with sam. Now neil felt sorry for speaking so wrongly about sam and cutting the ties between them. But what caught his mind was anu knowing all these things. What was wrong? How did she come to know? He was thinking all these when he received another slap from his sister. Anu held his collar and shook him: if you don’t love my sam its fine. Don’t hurt her with your nonsense talks. I challenge you. You were always with her like just her mobile phone but you never stood by her. Am I right? You were not with her even when her mom turned off her proposal for studying fashions. Not even when she was blamed for jai’s death. You were there to wipe her tears off. But what we expect from our friends is to stand by us, and later wipe our tears. You were angry on her for not accepting your proposal. You blamed her for this new friend of yours. Its true what sam spoke to her was wrong and there was nothing wrong in you blaming her for your friend. Have you ever tried to make her realize that what she had for arjun was infatuation? No. why would you do that?

You told her that she was not perfect life partner to you and she doesn’t deserve you right? Do you think you deserve her? Are you perfect for her? Do you think you can be her best partner for lifetime? Leave about her. What grudge you hold against me that you take away everyone I love? Because of you, dad is in coma. Because of you arjun is not with me. You lost your trust on me and believed that b*st*rd and blamed me for your father’s death. You learn to trust people first. You got to know how I left CBI right. You didn’t think that it was necessary for you to be there for me. You did not complete your duty as a brother, as a friend and you blame us for your fault. You told sam that she wasn’t fitting onto this world and she tried committing suicide just to prove you right. If something happens to sam then I swear I’ll end you. Got it. She was about to go but again turned and fell on her knees. She held neil’s leg: please neil, don’t take sam away from me. I have only few people in my life. If you want I will go away from you but please don’t take her away from me. Please……. She sobbed. She got up and stated moving. She stopped at the door: even now if you have the confidence that you can get sam out of depression and if you are sure that you will not hurt sam, then you can visit her. City hospitals room no. 24.

She slowly went near her car; she was not able to walk. She was stressed. She was about to fall when two strong arms held her. She looked at her life. She knew he was the only one who was with her in her thick and thins. She held his shirt and whispered his name before losing her conscious. Abhi carried her and made her sleep in the back seat. He slowly took the wheel and rode off to hospital. He had asked arjun to not go to see anu but he himself couldn’t hold on. He came in search of his wife to find her semi conscious. It wasn’t good for her health to get stressed out. But still he could do nothing. He wanted to be everything fine but nothing was fine. He stopped the car front of the hospital and made her lay on the bed in the room next to sam. He injected sedatives to her and left to meet arjun. He informed arjun about anu and he left to see her. On his way whoever saw him laughed at him. But he ignored them. Sam would gain conscious in an hour.
There after staring at anu’s back until she disappear, neil crashed on his knees. What anu told was completely true he felt. He should have trusted sam, he thought. Radhika had filled her little brain with all possible questions about the thing happened seconds ago.

She composed and asked neil about their fight. Neil was in no mood to answer her. He was responsible for sam trying to commit suicide. He had tried hard to enter her life and his hard work should be wasted he thought. He would gain his sister’s trust on him by anyways before that he had to apologize to sam. He held radhikas hand and started to hospital.
Anu gained conscious and saw arjun sitting next to her, she laughed till her stomach ached seeing him. Arjun was clueless about his face still covered with ice creams. These three were so tensed to have a thought about them. Abhi entered to inform that sam had gained her conscious. He saw anu laughing out loud and signing him to see arjun’s face. Even he burst out laughing but soon composed and told them about sam and the three a’s left to see her. Anu asked them not to ask sam about what had happened because that may affect her health. They were about to enter when they saw neil entering the hospital. They knew if they would speak to each other everything would be alright. So they disappeared before he saw them.

Neil entered sam’s ward to see her staring at the ceiling. He went to her and touched her hand. She saw him. She tried sitting up and neil helped her. His eyes started watering seeing sam in that condition. She was pale. She was quiet. Her eyes were puffed indicating that she had cried a lot. Sam could not hold the silence: neil you are right I don’t fit in this world. So I tried ending myself but your sister saved me. I’m sorry. But all I want to say is please trust me neil, I didn’t tell those words to chasni. I didn’t blame her character. Once I have done and I don’t want to face it again. Please neil trust me once and give me a chance to prove myself neil. Neil I Love You and I can’t stay without you. Please trust me once neil…. With that she broke down. Neil was happy to know she loved him back. He had known it before but listening that from her was completely different. He knew he was the reason for her being in this state. He wanted to apologize. He will. He wiped her tears and cocooned both of her hands in his: I’m sorry sam. I should have trusted you. I made this mistake again. Please sam even you don’t leave me like anu left. I know I’m not good for you. But you are best to me sam.

I just want a small place in your heart sam. Please don’t deny. I would happily undergo any kind of punishment you give me, but please don’t leave me sam. I love you sam please don’t leave he said between his sobs. Sam was now really happy. Now she really had her neil. Sam: I would definitely give you punishment. But when time permits. Come hold me in your arms please…. She said giving a puppy eye look. Neil went to her and both hugged each other. Outside the three a’s were standing with radhika watching them. Anu squealed and jumps on abhi giving him a big hug shouting: my brother is jailed for life. Arjun lifted radhika and turned her around. He dropped her and pecked her lips. Radhika stood stunned. Arjun smirked.

Anu and abhi banged their head. Anu entered….. no.nonono she stormed and pulled away neil from sam and hugged her: darling I love you yaar. See I have a gift for you. Saying this she pulled arjun inside. Radhika was laughing after seeing her husband’s face clearly. Nesam burst out laughing seeing arjun. Arjun thought he has become a joker in front of everyone. Abhi held his phone on to arjun’s face to show him his beautiful face. Arjun saw anu displeasingly and went to wash his face. Anu stopped him and dropped her hands in his pocket and took out dairy milk. She went to neil and took one from his pocket. Finally went to her hubby and kissed his cheeks, took out a chocolate from his pocket and held radhika’s hand and took her out.

Anu and radhika entered anu’s car. She took her to her house. They entered. Anu: please have your seat. Radhika sat down. She was waiting to start conversation so that she can clear her doubt. Finally she started: Anvitha what relation do you and arjun sir share? Anu stopped eating chocolate and saw her: why? Radhika told her about her confusion and anu burst out laughing. Anu: you call me anu first. And about me and arjun…. She tells about what she feels for him. She even tells her about the feeling of him being her long lost brother. Anu: I have a very good, handsome husband to exchange him she joked. Radhika apologized. Anu asked her not to feel bad: that is what maybe even I would have felt maybe. But trust him and get him back and please do something definitely nonsense and don’t be emotional. I’m stuffed with these things. It would be fun rather than crying innumerable times. Later again they left to hospital with food for the rest.

Precap: travel time…… anu’s life in danger again… who will save her????

That’s it for today. Thank you so ,mush for your support guys… please give me your reviews…. It energizes me…..

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    Again Anu in danger.. want Neil n Arjun 2 save her n find the culprit…eager 4 nxt one.

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      Thank you….. Yes you’ll get to see ardhika soon…. Love you… Tc

  2. Myra

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      Thank you

  3. finally…misunderstanding is clear between NeSam. but what about Ardhika?? will Arjun trust radhika again??and will the manya face her deeds soon????

    1. Jnana

      Yup… Misunderstandings are cleared…. And Arjun will definitely trust radhika…. Manya will faceface consequences soon thank you

  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, who wants to kill Anu? Eagerly waiting for the next update and happy Independence Day. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you…. Belated independence day….

  5. Kavina

    Loved it. Happy Independence Day

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      Thank you…. Belated independence day

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    Loved the chapter dear…everyone ‘s misunderstandings settled…now only happy time…trying to imagine Arjun’s face covered with ice cream

    1. Jnana

      Thank you… But yaar… Still major one is left….. Think….

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  10. Jnana

    Thank you sweetie… Yup anu was ex-CBI officer… Glad to know you love abhi dear…yes more ahead… Love you tc…

  11. Lakshmi05

    Superb jnana.. Everything is fine for nesam n rads confusion also cleared. But attack on any..who’s trying to hurt her?will be waiting for next one…luv u…tc..

    1. Jnana

      Thank you lakshmi…. Will try to update soon…. Stay tuned…. Love you…. Tc..

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