manmarziyaan…new dimension

Hiiii guys I wanted to write something about it was bugging me from few days… This is a original story extension from where Sam slapped radhika….but added some new characters n new locations.. It’s shifted to future …with the time I will unfold the story.. Plz let me know how’s it. If it was boring then let me know straight… I ll stop it..excuse my grammatical errors…

Year 2017,Oct month
Bird song,Mumbai,6am

Sun rises by axing the Smokey smugs of the city.a man was standing by showing his back….looking outside through the glass walls of office. He was reminiscing the past incidents which made him stand in a cross position where he wanted to solve everything but could not do anything. Coz life is not as simple as he thought. He thought about the angelic soul who left him more than two years ago without any trace……

A girl was seen jogging in park.. She was looking like being in pain which c cudn’t take anymore. In her deep thought she went out of park n took a way opposite to her home..

France…Paris international airport
A man was waiting for his flight to take off. He looked like a lost soul.he found something since more than 2 yes which would set everything at its proper place.


A person was standing near the river bank of gangs.he compared if the holy water of ganga is more sacred than a pure heart..with his so much confusion n deep thought he was slipped into water…but be4 his fell down someone grab his hand n pulled him.with a shock he only pronounced A.N.K.U.S.H…..

Ankush:yes it’s careful teji.if I would not be here at ryt time ….god knows what WD happen

Teji:sorry bro..anyway thanks
Ankush:don’t b so formal with me …n…what r u doing here when u told me that u wanna go jumping heights for trekking…
Ankus:leave that…most imp. is what is it that u thought so deeply..
Ankush:don’t lie…
Teji:u know… Then why ask…
With that ankush was taking teji to his home.

At Paris….
A cell phone rang air hostess came when the man was going to attend cl.
Ah:sir plz keep Ur phone switch off when u were in plane.
Man:itz an urgent call.. Just 2min
AH looking at him…she thought about something n gave him a paper..
ÀH:sir plz filled up this from b4 making the call…
Man:why…what need?
AH:it mentioned that u r responsible for Ur own not me.(but c has another thought)
Man filled up the form n handed over to AH.
AH was mummering to her self Arjun Mehra,business tycoon, London,hmmm.she looks like satisfied.
Without wasting a min arjun made his call…phone was ringing at bird song constantly.. The person came out of his trance n received the call…he heard the screaming of arjun from other side
Arjun:what r u doing Neil.took so much tym to rcv my cl…idiot
Neil:stop shouting n say what happened
Arjun:he called me….as m in plane now I can’t talk much longer.. U should talk to him
Neil:wait… Wait… What….r u in flight…. Not again man…have u gone crazy or completely lost Ur mind…..
Arjun cut him off in middle
Arjun:don’t blabber too much…just do as I said… For your information m going to Mumbai this time…..
Neil(jumped with happiness): so u come to Mumbai…n one thing m not ur pa…don’t put Ur orders on me……
Cl disconnected already.. Neil stunned at arjun’s trick…n annoyed… But he thought to himself that jerk will never change..always regarded himself as superior…huh…but he was happy that he come to Mumbai after 5 months. Arjun left bird song 2 year ago for his own construction company at London.but at piyali’s request he became partner of bird song for its account purposes.
Neil smiled by looking at his n arjun photo in his mobile. How life took a u turn…arjun n he…now best buddies…beyond anybody’s imagination. They proved in friendship it’s not how long u know a person.. But how well u know each other…..with that smile he came out of chamber to meet piyali khanna.

The girl who was outside after her jogging came to a home.she was standing in front of home..thought if to press the bell or not.finally she pressed it…door opened by prerna.
Prerna (annoying ):Sam what r u doing here so early ?
Sam:aunty sorry to disturb u..but can tell me where is Neil..he didn’t pick up my call ….so…
Prerna:he is not Ur personal pet that whenever u want he will b with u…n remember one thing thanks to you that I rarely see my own son’s face he was often stayed out of home/town.
Sam was shocked seeing prerna’s behavior. She knew that everyone is annoyed with her till now.but what could she do..she could not change the past..she cudn’t bring her back..more than that she even don’t know what she wants now.. She was as confused as before.she started cursing her fate..what did she do that everybody disliked her…now time is changed..not like before when she was the center of attraction.. Her bff did everything what she said,…his so called love…u might cld infatuation …gave her importance…. More over the person who was always there for her…looked after her minutes need…now nothing is there …everything seems like a dream….a tear drop escaped from her eyes….god knows how many times she should repent…but right now she is angry,mad,irked….with cursing she moved away from Neils home……

That’s all for now..I know it’s a lengthy n confusing one.please bear with me as its first chapter…n yes in mmz teji was my fav character… So u all see him frequently in my ff when story unfold…

N guys feel free if u don’t like it let me known…. I will complete it asap

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  1. What about rads and arjun relationship

    1. At that Arjun might have some feelings for rads….but rads was cluless about it….it will proceed with story…n thank u very much for replying

  2. Wow were is radz … plz be soon I’m excited ……

    1. Radz entry will be soon ….also new characters coming…hope u will. Like it….thanks for ur reply dr

  3. Really nice strt…wen is radhu’s entry!!thank u so much 4 ff on mmz!!

    1. Thanks for ur support…rads entry will be soon along with New characters…hope u like it

  4. Story is interesting please continue. 🙂

    1. Thanks…glad u liked it

  5. Plz write it. I loved it. Don’t Rush things. Give it ur own sweet ending… Oops whr is radhika?

    1. Thanks for ur understanding n support dear….rads will enter soon….hope you will like it

  6. Its nice to see you here Rosie.. And not ot forget the ff… Thank you so much for starting a new one!! Looking forward to it… Post soon..

    Love you ??

    1.…my…comment from a writer like u…i didn’t expect…thank u very much dear for ur support

  7. I think this is too confusing, its best if you end it.

    1. Sorry to make confusion ….but m nt a writer first place….if u. Don’t like further I’ll try my best to end it asap….

  8. really nice ff.continue writing & when will my favourite radhika’s entry?plz write soon…….

    1. Thank u very much dear for ur kindness n support…I’ll try to update soon…n..rads will make her entry soon along with new characters

  9. Nccc ff rosie plzz update d nxt part soonn itssss ssoooo goood to tead

    1. Thanks yaar for ur support….I’ll try to update soon

  10. Interesting… Plz… continue.. I love it??z??tc….

    1. Thanks dear for ur support…yes I’ll continue for sometime…u tc

  11. Hey Rosie…its brilliant …please update soon…loads of love 🙂

    1. First of all gauri thank u very much dear…getting a comment from a writer like u make my spirits up…m on cld9 now…tc dear

  12. Nice start plz continue

    1. Thanks for ur support n I’ll update soon

  13. Nice n interesting yaar. Plz continue dear.

    1. Thanks yaar….glad u liked it…ll continue

  14. Rosie it was superb. Awesome plot n i like the different turn of events. Wow so many changes in 2 years. i’m so excited. What will u make radz now. I’m waiting for the next one. Thanks for the ff. update soon. SImply loved it.

    1. Omg….i could not believe on my luck….as a silent reader I always read ur comments…superb…if only you pen down some of your thoughts then it would b awesome…thanks for ur support Dr…n yes if u. Write in future let me know first…

      1. ohooo rosie what for the surprise. If any one could say i’m the lucky one who is reading stories which r making ur day. Thanks for penning down ur ideas n sharing them with us. Thanks for liking my comments. Lol. Well sorry to say i’m not gud at writing. But i’m so happy. 1st epi n i’m already a fan of this ff. plzzzzz update regularly. Loveeeee u my dear.

  15. Yippeee!! New mmz FF. I’m so happpppppyyy ?. Wow!! Breathtaking plot!! You have amazing writing skills. Waiting for next one.

    1. Thanks very much yaar for liking my plot…that’s from a writer like u…it encourages me…anyway waiting for ur story ….thanks for your support n kindness

      1. I’m more happy now cause I and other writers encouraged you to write. I think everyone should start with a FF if they have a idea. This way they will explore their endless imagination. I’ll update my stories soon. And sorry for making you wait so much. Love ya! ❤?

      2. an* idea…

    2. Thank u amu…i read ur all comments n stories as a silent reader…thanks again for encouragement….tc dr

  16. Rossie,vefy different plot,plss continue…u really have gud writing skills….while watching sam mis inderstanding radz and hurting her,i always wanted sam to repent for her behaviour,but the writers finishd it soon…thanku so much..
    Loads of love:* tc

    1. Thank u for ur support dear…we r on same boat then…yes…will post soon…tc dr

  17. Very nice start dear, I too love teji character , &one where is heroine chashni ji , pls update soon….

    1. Thanks for your kindness n support yaar…yeah teji I liked him a lot….imo the selfless frndship which they wanted to show was between tej n rads…tc dr

  18. Sry,its misunderstanding*

    1. It’s k Dr……samjhdaro ko ishara kafi hai

  19. There’s too many sawsan manmarziyaan fan fics I think you should all stop being so obsessed seriously its unhealthy its not even real life you need to face reality and also stop taking up space and let the good writers like kfar ect write there’s only. Thank you goodbye.

    1. Yes…u r right…but r u the same Tanya who wrote lucky everyday n always with me….then m waiting…i know u hv liked kfar story like m for gauri n Renu story….but the thing is many ppl tried many things n I appreciate their efforts…just they put their fav characters into it…many of here r nt professional writer but still they are trying….itz gud to encourage them….may b u r right ….i know mine is nothing gud…just put some thoughts..anyway you commented that’s enough for me

  20. Hi Rosie I loved ur take on mmz. Thr r a few who dint like it. It’s of course their pov.But I don’t want u to get discouraged . Plz continue and give it ur beautiful personal touch. Please don’t give up or end it quickly. Take ur time to shape up d story the way u planned to mould it. Pls don’t Rush. Once again it’s beautiful and nice. Plz update soon.

    1. Thank u very much dear for encouragement….i don’t know how to show you my gratitude to u….ur very good n kind at heart..thanks a lot n yes I’ll try to fulfil ur expectations but can’t guarantee it…m planned to end it within some chapters..once again thanks

    2. hi rosie, i’m very happy u r taking every comment is gud way n trying to be positive. I like u girl. N plzzz don’t get discouraged. As a silent reader u may know that many people read the stories n like them too but couldn’t comment for various reasons. so plzz continue n don’t think to end it soon. I know u would have thought some thing first at some certain point n will try to bring that first. I wish u can add some more to it n try to make it big.

      I agree with Ramya, Every viewer has a different thinking so every one has diff P.O.V on the show. I appreciate ur effort that u thought some thing different n u r trying to bring it out with ur words n present it. Waiting for the next one dear. plzz update it.

      1. Manha dear…. I don’t know how to confess my gratitude to u….thank u very very much for your shows u must b kind honest n polite by nature….btw m always waiting for ur comments..whose update it may b…

        N I already posted my second part.waiting for u,Ramya n ameena comments.. U people are too much encouraging…..thanks to all of u

  21. Wowwww Rosie my drarrr, it’s really very interesting start…I’m loving it already. ….arjun n Neil r best friends…so much change….sam n prerna aunty convo was pretty interesting…aunty very angry on her…wow….it’s really superbbbb. ..I also liked teji’s role so I loved his presence in this ff…keep it up my sweeeeeetu…all the best…, love you loads. …

    1. Thank u very much Roma…..u supported me…liked this ff …that’s enough….try to read chapter. 2 n give ur valuable comments…m waiting….u r too good yaar…thanks a ton. .waiting

      Any I posted my part 3.,. But they didn’t post it may b

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