Manmarziyaan .. love ..revenge. destiny.. saga (chapter 9)


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Radhika was standing in the balcony staring the moon..her mind was only recalling Arjun`s word..his allegations..his revenge plans…and his motive behind marrying her..Sam came
there searching for her and noticed her sad face..She rubbed her back-“ What happened Chashni…”

Radhika turned around..looked straight into Sam`s eyes and hugged her tightly..Sam was surprised by her this act..she patted Radhika`s back and waited for her to calm down…

Radhika broke the hug after a minute and gave a fake smile..Sam understood there is something which she is hiding-“Radhika..U always used to say that I can discuss my every problem with u frankly like a friend…so, this is applied in ur case also..”

Radhika stared Sam for few seconds and then spoke-“Sam..suppose one day I have to take such a decision which will become the cause of everyone`s pain…because of which all with get angry with me..all will start hating me..will u trust me then..?”

Sam surprised-“why suddenly u r asking such a stupid questions..u can never do anything wrong..”

Radhika-“just answer my question”

Sam hold Radhika`s hand and smiled-“do u need an answer for this question…Chashni come what way I am and I will always be there for u..all u need to that is trust ur sister and frankly tell her ur problem…

They both hugged..wished each other night and went to sleep.


Arjun quickly woke and freshened up..he was totally confused with his emotions…his mind was happy as he can proceed towards his next step of revenge..and his heart was happy as he was going to marry the love of his life.. He messaged Radhika-“are u ready to become the wife of Arjun Mehra or ready to become the daughter of cheater Samrat Khanna..

Radhika was holding her family picture..she had not slept whole night..Her phone beeped and she read the message…she was helpless..tears started flowing out from her eyes
..she wiped them and messaged back-“where I need to come..”

Arjun smirked after reading her message and messaged her the address..

Radhika changed..took out the marriage papers and read it again…she gave a glance to Sam who was in a deep slumber.. signed the paper…and kept it in her bag and left..she came to the dining hall and saw Samrat sipping tea while reading newspaper and Piyali arranging the utensils on the dining table…She walked to them and touched their feet…

Samrat was amused- “Radhu..r u alright..?”

Radhika smilingly nodded-“Yes Dad..I have some urgent work..see u both in the office..”

Radhika took a cab and reached the destination Arjun had asked her to come….to her surprise, Arjun was already waiting for her leaning on the car..He smirked watching her coming-“welcome Miss. Radhika Khanna or Mrs. Radhika Arjun Mehra…Radhika stared him for few seconds..took out the papers from her bag and extended it towards him…Arjun smiled and tries to take the paper but Radhika moved her hand back-“first give me that fake paper”

Arjun smiled-“and u think I will give u those papers..just give me the paper Radhika or u know the consequences..”

Radhika-“what if after taking this paper u will ditch me and leak those papers..I don`t trust u..”

Arjun heart pained hearing that she don`t trust him…he controlled his feelings and smirked-“Ok…then keep this paper to urself..bcoz u have no choice other than trusting me..I am the one here who will put conditions…”

Radhika stared him and then handed the paper..Arjun quickly grabbed it and go through it..this was the best day of his life..the girl he loved so passionately is finally his legal wife..his eyes were filled with tears of happiness..but he was so much in his revenge that he ignored them..he opened his car..kept those paper and took out two garlands..he extended one towards her-“Now..we are husband and wife..So, make me wear this Mrs .Radhika Mehra..”

Radhika`s eyes were just having the pain…like every girl she also had dreams of her wedding to be a blast..she also wanted to marry by complete rituals with the blessings of her parents..but now, all her dreams remained a dream…

Arjun`s eyes were also having the pain..he always dreamed to make his wedding with her the best…but destiny had other plans for them.

Radhika looked at Arjun and made him wear the garland-“Arjun I don`t know why u r doing this but if u r punishing me without my fault then I promise I will not let u damage even by single hair…

Arjun smirked made her wear garland- “and I also promise Radhika that I will show u what hell means…now, seat in the car…need to take blessings from ur cheater dad I mean from my in laws..”

Radhika gave him a glance and took her seat quietly in the car..”

Arjun took the driver seat and drove off..Radhika was looking out of the window sobbing continuously..her eyes were red..Arjun noticed her and smiled-“Save ur precious tears
Radhika…this is just a u will shed them all ur life..

Once Arjun and Radhika reached Bird Song…he opened her door and extended his hand..she was surprised -“u don`t need to pretend to be caring and loving..”

Arjun smiled-“who said I am caring..I just want ur family to get 1000V shock after knowing about our marriage..

Radhika-“never thought that u r such a double face man..u know what I was right on our first day meet..U r a cheap Rascal..”

Arjun-“and do u think I will give a damn about ur opinion..what I am today is just because of u..u made me an, now only u will have to face this animal…now stop ur drama and come..”

Arjun grabbed Radhika`s wrist and dragged her inside Bird Song..She tried to protest but he was too strong in front of her…The receptionist dropped the phone after looking them…all clients and employee was shocked to the core…they started their gossiping..Samrat and Piyali who were in Samrat`s cabin discussing about a project heard noise coming from reception..Piyali-“what is this noise suddenly..”

Samrat-“don`t know ..lets go and check..They came out and Piyali shouted-“whats going on here..”all turned aside…they were hell shocked to see Arjun and Radhika holding hands and wearing garlands..Neil and Sam also came there with a confused look and was shocked…Neil dropped the file being completely shocked..Radhika was keeping her head down…she was avoiding eye contact with them…

Piyali confused-“Arjun Radhika what is all this…”

Arjun stared Radhika while she stood numb..Piyali lost her temper-“why u both are quite…just speak what is all this..”

Radhika without looking at them-“I married Arjun..”

Everyone were shocked to the core..Sam came to Radhika-“what nonsense is this Radhika…are u out of ur mind..”

Radhika-“this is not nonsense Sam…I loved Arjun…So, I married him…whats a big deal..why are u all making an issue..”

Piyali came forward and slapped her hard -“So, this was the reason why u refused to marry Saral..this was ur urgent work..U love Arjun….

Radhika hold her cheeks and Arjun smirked…

Sam holds Piyali`s hand-“let her speak first Mom..I am sure there is some misunderstanding..”

Piyali frowned-“what misunderstanding..can`t u people see that she got married to Arjun..”

Samrat hold Piyali-“calm down Piyali…let me talk to her..”he came to Radhika-“Radhu..what is all this..If u have loved Arjun then why were u quite when we asked u if u love someone or not..u should have informed us right then…what was the need to all this drama… ”

Radhika shouted-“because u all force me to do this drama…u both fixed my marriage with that idiot Saral..none of u were bothered to know my choice..but now its enough…I am too tiered of becoming obedient daughter..I too have a life..I too have dreams.. Now, I will do what I feel is good..I will do what makes me happy…”

Samrat was shocked-“and do u got happiness by doing all this…by insulting us in front of all.. today I got to know a different Radhika…we never force our any decision on every parents we also wanted to select a guy for u…tell me if that is wrong…we don`t have any right on u..Radhika today I am ashamed to call u my daughter..

Radhika was hurt..tears have already got their way down from her eyes.. Samrat continued-“ U want to live u life on ur conditions right..fine.. u r free for that…From today I break my all ties with u…U r no longer Radhika Khanna..U r just Radhika.. Sam tried interrupting but Samrat gestured her to stop-“a normal employee of Bird Song like others…go live ur life happily..we will not stop u…U r tired of becoming a daughter I freed u from every relation..enjoy ur life Radhika Mehra..wish u a great life ahead..”

Samrat turned to Piyali-“no need to shed tears for her..she even don`t deserve them…I will not stop u both from meeting with her..but don`t take her name in front of me..she is dead for me….He gestured all employee-“resume ur works now…I don`t want any more gossiping…” everyone left…he went back to his cabin in anger..

Radhika couldn`t control more..she removed Arjun`s hand from her…ran towards her cabin and closed the door with the bang..”

Piyali broke down on floor Sam console her and hugged her..She turned to Arjun-“ why didn`t u stop her for marrying like this..

Arjun was confused-“Sorry Sam.. I told her that getting married like this is wrong but she forced me by saying she will commit suicide if I will not marry her..really sorry..” Sam stared Arjun`s face and Spoked-“but…

Piyali cut her-“Its Ok Arjun …when our own daughter don`t care for us..then what can we expect from outsiders.”She got up and blessed Arjun-“just take care of urself and her…”she left..

Arjun smirked and headed towards his cabin but he found Neil giving a killer look…Arjun ignored him and left..”

Radhika was crying vigorously in her cabin..Someone touched her shoulder from back and she wiped her tears…Radhika turned back and found Sam..Sam-“Hide ur tears as much as u can..”

Radhika-“just leave me alone Sam…I don`t want to give justification anymore..”

Sam-“ur eyes are already giving I got it why u were asking such a wearied question yesterday…just tell me Radhika why u did all this..and don`t say it because u love Arjun..becoz I know very well that u don`t love him…

Radhika-“I said just leave Sam..if dad will see u talking to me..then he will break relations with u too..So, just stay away from me…take care of them..”
Sam unwillingly left…..

Neil barged into Arjun`s cabin-“Congrats bro…finally u married the love of ur life..”

Arjun temper rose after listening this-“Neil…don`t make me do something which I don`t wanna do..I already gave u a warning to stop repeating the past..I married her for my revenge…i want to give pain to her every seconds and for that marriage was the only option…”

Neil-“O common Arjun…don`t try to hide ur love in the name of ur so called revenge..accept that u marry her of love..”

Arjun-“fine..just think what u wanna think..I don`t care about ur or anybody`s opinion..”

Neil-“listen Arjun..u had had enough…u married Chashni..but now I want let u harm her..I am standing between u and her…just mark my words….”Neil closed the door in irritation..

Radhika saw Samrat and Piyali leaving being heart broken from her glass wall..she immediately wiped her tears and went behind them-“Mom dad just listen to me once…Radhika started running towards them but arjun blocked her way-“I am not here to remind u all the time that now u r my wife..U will live at my house from today…

Radhika-“just move from my way..what if I don`t agree to go with u..”

Arjun smiled-“u have no choice Radhika…ur family already disowned, only my house is there..and u r my legal, u will live with me only..

Arjun lifted Radhika up in his arms-“lets go now..I have to do ur welcoming as a new bride also…she tried protesting-“leave me Arjun…..he came to his car.. pushed her inside..took the driver seat and drove off..

Precap-“Arjun started torturing Radhika…

Credit to: Ritu

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