Manmarziyaan .. love ..revenge. destiny.. saga (chapter 11)


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Episode- 11

Arjun`s preparation for proposing Radhika with a unique style was going on full swings…Jai, Neil and Arjun were in cafeteria of BS…Jai had joined them for his final shoot which was on the next day…Neil was reading a Qutub Minar`s size bucket list and then looking at the duo to get an approval-“ Flowers…check… Music…check… Ring…check… Finally after two hour of their death tiring discussion, the trio sighed in relief and then burst out in a heavy laughter…

Jai still holding his stomach-“thank God…I m still single…proposing a girl is much more harder than studying for exams…God plz help Arjun..” Neil and Jai again burst out laughing giving each other a hi-fi..

Arjun-“shut up u both…anyways thanks a lot for ur help and support…without u both I would have done nothing…u guys are just amazing..”

Neil teased Arjun-“Gosh so much of brain eating things we have done for him and he is just saying a thank you…give us a blast treat when ur proposal get acceptance..”

Arjun smile got vanished thinking about Radhika`s answer..Neil and Jai noticed his pale face and understood…Jai-“don’t worry Arjun…have faith in urself…everything will be superb…just two more days..”

Arjun stared them and smiled-“yeah everything will be superb…afterall we all are doing arrangements from a week..”

Neil huffed-“not u only me and Jai…u were doing nothing but just finding every possible mistakes in the arrangements..’

Arjun-“okay baba..fine…only u and Jai..they continued their chitchats when Zubin called them back for work…Before leaving Arjun hugged Jai and Neil…His POV-“finally all set Radhika…be ready for my surprise…jst one and half day left…. god knows how will I wait till then…love u..”

Next day,
Arjun got ready and crossed one date in the calendar-“just one day left…” He came for breakfast in the dining area…Nandini and Abhinav were amused at his glittering face while Jai coughed-“someone is shinning a lot…” before anyone could react Jai changed the topic-“Mom Dad I am going to BS for my last shoot there…just bless me that this shoot goes fabulous..”

Abhinav frowned-“u will not leave ur bullshit modelling na…learn something from Arjun…he made us proud with his dedication and passion in education..this modelling and shootings doesn`t suit on a cultured and prestigious family`s son…”

Nandini and Arjun look on blankly while Jai got irritated…Jai -“plz Dad…not again…I m in no mood to argue..”

Abhinav-“fine…do what u wanna do…but get one thing straight in ur head Jai if our family`s reputation and prestige got ruined because of ur stupid acts then I will never forgive u..”

Jai got up with a jerk and shouted-“Enough Dad….why are u always against me..I know u think that I m totally useless..but I promise one day u will realize my value and will surely feel proud of me and that day u all will deeply regret for not trusting me..” He took his car keys and left..
Nandini tried stopping him but he didn’t turned back…She then turn to Abhinav-“why are u always after him…cant u just give him some space….I know why are u worried but plz try to understand him once..”

Abhinav-“why can`t he understand me….the path he is walking on will give us nothing but shame and embarrassment ..”He got up and left..

Nandini banged her head-“don’t know when their cold war will end..sometimes..I really fear that I might lose one of them”

Arjun-“don’t worry Mom…I will talk to both of them..” Nandini cupped Arjun’s face and blessed him and he left for BS..


Arjun eyes were desperately searching for Radhika without blinking…He had not seen her for more than two hours…He just got a slight glance of her when they were in the conference room discussing about the shoot…Arjun was still in his thoughts searching for her when Neil tapped his shoulder from left and moved to the right…Arjun turned left smiling broadly assuming it to be Radhika..when Neil again tapped from right-“she is not here..”

Arjun then turned right and blushed-“who..”

Neil coughed-“common Arjun..stop pretending..Chashni along with Bonnie, Zubin, Kritika and Sam went for Jai `s shoot to our set at Marine drive”

Arjun-“what…then I will only get her glance in the evening..Arjun realized what he spoke and before he could make silly excuses Neil smiled-“just 4 hours Arjun…don’t behave like a love stuck teenage boy..”

Arjun slapped Neil`s cheek lightly and they left for their work…


The team were busy shooting for the ad with Jai..Media were also gathered at the site for getting an interview from the aspiring model and Mehra’s heir Jai Mehra…Jai was giving perfect shots..Sam and Zubin were monitoring the sounds, Kritika was checking the arrangement while Radhika and Bonnie were analysing the quality and perfection of shoot…Bonnie`s eyes were watching Jai with attraction and lust…She came to Radhika and smirked-“don`t u think he is perfect…”

Radhika-“yeah..his every shot is just perfect..”

Bonnie-“m not talking about his shot but about him..”

Radhika gave her a confused look when Kritika came to her-“Chashni…one last shot left but for that Jai need to change…”

Radhika-“fine I will check his attire and inform him to go and change in the Green room..”

Bonnie listened them and then smirked…She excused herself for making a phone call and left..

Radhika checked Jai`s outfit and then came to him with the dress-“well done Jai…all shot are superb..u are far more better than what we have heard about u..”

Jai-“thanx for the compliment Bhabh..he quickly corrected.. I mean Radhika..”

Radhika felt weird but ignored-“ok now one last shot…for that u need to wear this outfit…we need to complete the shoot within two hours…So, u plz go and quickly change in the green room ..”

Jai took his attire and left to the green room..”He came in the corridor and felt strange seeing all the lights off ..”He entered the room..locked it from inside and searched for the switch board.. Jai switched on the lights and turned but was shocked to see Bonnie sitting on a side table with her legs crossed..she was wearing white shirt and knee length pencil skirt and giving him a seductive smile..

Jai-“what are u doing here.”

Bonnie-“chill…are u not happy seeing me here..”

Jai frowned-“what nonsense…are u nuts..just go out I have to change..”

Bonnie got up and came to Jai…She brushed her fingers over his face and smirked-“I have no problem..u can change in front of me..”

Jai removed her hand from his face with a jerk and shouted-“aint u ashamed of urself..Such a shameless girl u r…just stay in ur limits”

Bonnie grabbed Jai`s collar and pulled him close to her-“anyone will become shameless for u.. Jai Mehra..the rising star in modelling…son of the great businessman Abhinav Mehra…girls jst go crazy for u…and why not..u r smoking hot that even I have gone crazy..I have a huge crush on u…and finally when u r with me I don’t want any limit..

Outside the team were waiting for Jai to come..Sam came to Radhika-“Chashni..all okay with Jai`s dress na..why is he taking so much time…Media is also creating chaos at the entrance to take Jai`s is becoming harder to control them plus we have to finish the shoot asap..”

Radhika-“don’t know…he said he will just change and come…fine Sam..u just look after the arrangements and Media..I will quickly go and check what`s the problem..”

Sam and whole team nodded..Radhika went to the building and walked through the corrider..She too was surprised with the darkness in corridor…

Jai hold Bonnie’s shoulder and pushed him hardly on the floor..Bonnie’s head got barged with the side of a stool and she got a cut..She hold her head and screamed..She then turned to Jai all burning-“u b*** dare u pushed me…

Jai-“m sorry I didn’t meant to hurt u..but u forced me to do this..I already warned u..but u r such a cheap girl…”

Bonnie got up and grabbed his coller-” what do u think of urself u will have to pay for insulting me.

Radhika came to the green room and knocked it-“Jai..its me Radhika…are u ready..its getting late..we have to finish the shoot now..plz do fast..”

Jai and Bonnie heard her voice and got shocked…Jai smirked-“good she I will show ur true colours to everyone..Jai removed her..Bonnie got scared..she wiped her forehead and started fetching ideas to save herself when something stucked in her head..she tore her dress from the shoulder.. messed her hairs up and rubbed her eyes..Radhika felt weird and again knocked the door-“Jai…are u there..”

Jai blankly looked at Bonnie’s act trying to figure out what she was trying to do and before he could understand anything Bonnie started screaming loudly-“Help..somebody help…leave me..plz leave me Jai…”

Jai was too shocked to react..Radhika heard her voice and got confused-“Bonnie…what is happening inside..opened the door..” Radhika banged the door..

Bonnie quickly pushed Jai..opened the door and hugged Radhika.. Radhika was surprised..she broke the hug and looked at her-“what’s happened..why are u all messed up..”

Bonnie- “Radhika…plz save me from this devil..he tried to molest me..”

Radhika was shocked to the core-“what.. Jai tried to molest u..”

Jai himself was completely shocked..He immediately come to Radhika-“no Radhika..she is lying..first she tried to seduce me and I pushed her..and when I threatened her that I will expose her cheap side to everyone…she is falsely framing me.”

Bonnie-“no Radhika trust me..just look at u think an lying..”

Jai-“shut up u b***h..Radhika trust me..she is lying..u just ask her what she was doing in my room”

Bonnie again screamed-“I heard some noise coming from here when I was talking on my phone..I just came to check but suddenly he locked the door from back and tried to force himself on me…he is such a cheap man…he tried to force himself on me…m lucky u came on right time and saved me from this devil…otherwise he would have taken my dignity..”

Radhika was totally blanked..
she gave one look to Bonnie and noticed her messed up clothes and hairs..She rubbed Bonnie’s back to calm her down and then turned to Jai and slapped him hard-“how dare u ruin a girl’s dignity…such a monster u r..I will not spare u for ur this cheap act..”

She removed her scarf and handed it to Bonnie to cover herself up..Jai hold Radhika’s hand-“trust me she is lying Radhika..Before Jai could give an explanation Radhika shouted-“enough…jst shut I will show what is the punishment for harassing a girl and playing with her dignity”..she grabbed his wrist and dragged him outside to the set indicating Bonnie to come along..


precap-everyone’s reaction on Jai’s act

Credit to: Ritu

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