Manmarziyaan : Hidden Love! (Three Shots)

Ivy here! I would like to share a story. You can think it as of NeSam or AarDhika ff. I haven’t used names in particular. So, happy reading and do feedback.


I am again seeing him with some other girl. It irritates me like hell. Why does he have to go-around every girl he meets, except me? Am I not good looking enough for him? Well, I guess, the answer is no. He’s the most popular guy of my college and I, a simple behenji kinda girl. Why’d he even want to look at me?

Oh, sorry! Did I miss to tell you that I’m his best of friends? Yeah. I am. That’s why he doesn’t even look at me like I want him to. I want him to look at me like I’m his sun and he’s the planet. I want him to look at me like I’m the most precious thing on earth. I do the same, but he?! I don’t know.

What if I try to change myself, a bit? May be, he’ll notice.

Of course.

He WILL notice; after all I’m his bestie. He’ll think that I’ve gone crazy. Let him think that. I’m in crazy love with him.

Is he looking at me?
Oh my god.
He is.
Today, I’m wearing a pant upto my knees and a tank top. Though, they’re uncomfortable but who cares when your man is looking at you, lovingly?

No. Wait? It’s anger in his eyes. Anger? Anger! But why?


I see her today wearing a short pant and top. She looks lovely, even though, kurti suits her the most. But why is she wearing this? I can see she’s very uncomfortable wearing it. Is she trying to impress someone? Without even telling me?

How dare she?

To add fuel to my anger other guys are looking at her, lustrously. Shame on ’em. She isn’t someone to stuck you lust on. Back off.

The girl who is in my mind all the time, who is my best friend, who I’m in love with belongs to me. No one can look at her.

Now, she’s looking at me; with her beautiful hazels. I so wish I could tell her my feelings. But I know she doesn’t feel the same way. Why?

I even try to make her jealous by going out with every girl possible. But she always has a smile adoring her face without giving away anything.

Why doesn’t she feel the same way as I do? Why?

To be continued.
Thank you ❀

Credit to: Ivy Vinnie


    • Ivy Vinnie

      Yeah, it does. If you like Ardhika more, then do read it from their POV. πŸ™‚
      Thanks ya!

  1. Abbz

    its awesum…. but plzzz countinue regularly ….. people just start n write a few epi s n just stop completely PLZZZ DONT B 1 OF THEM

  2. RSR

    oh my goodness, its just amazing. loved it very much. love the way u represent their feelings. oh i just love it. waiting for the next update…

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  4. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding. …just loved it very very muchhhh. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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